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Why would you comment something that's been said 500 times?

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p_please_respond commented on a post in r/lebanon
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Not sure, I don't think kebabs are of Lebanese origin. Since meat kebabs (that I've seen in other countries) consist of ground meat paste with spices, whereas Lebanese shawarma is just beef steaks stacked on each other, my bet is that kebab is originally from turkey.

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kaffmoo -8 points

The mentality shown by this person shows a person who isn’t willing to discuss something but bash and insult them when unable to discuss a topic or an idea. It’s typical sjw mentality. The topic I suggested is controversial but that was done purposefully to test the mentality of the person on the other side. With one question their pathetic personality and ability to answer questions was revealed. Unable to discuss an issue insults are thrown people are called racist, Nazis, or bigots it’s typical herd mentality of sjw. And all it took was a question to get my answer.

thequeerarabs 9 points

As a queer person there's a lot of hate thrown our way, so when you ask about eugenics seemingly completely out of the blue, yes, I will recoil. And now I know you just asked it as a "test" and not out of genuine curiosity as to what we thought about eugenics. Here is my less curse-word-filled answer: I link eugenics to Nazism in my mind, and I believe that selectively breeding for certain traits is never done or thought about - on a mass scale - with good intentions. I hope that answers your question.

p_please_respond 5 points

Not to offend, best of luck to you, but as a person who in now making a podcast about gay people, you become a representative to that community,and as an aspiring representative you should have handled the eugenics question.

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I agree with you that he could've handled that question better, instead of reacting emotionally, it is a legitimate indicator. the nazi comparison is a bit much though.

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W aaiirrrr thanks for the memories! Remember this? https://goo.gl

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Serid remembering my childhood of the late 90s early 2000s, remember when downtown was closed to cars on Sundays w it was all biking? They also had horse backriding and hoops basketball, and at its peak it had go carting.

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Fucking Dunes man

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p_please_respond [score hidden]

Once when I was a kid, like 9 or 10, I poked a hole in an arcade token and ran some fishing wire through it, got the idea from old cartoons where they'd put the coins in the machines and pull the coins back, I used it on the shooting game called "time attack" I think, the coin went it but it wouldn't come out, which was fine because with every tug attempt it would register as 1 token, I got like 20 something credits, but the wire was double knotted tightly to my index finger and I couldn't break it, way too strong of a fishing line, I started freaking out because I was stuck looking like I was fingering the coin slot, and with every tug it would register another token and go "pppsshhheewwwwsshhhhhh" to indicate that a token was inserted, I started panic-crying and decided to nibble on the wire to cut it, people were starring, the wire weakened and I tugged one last time and it snapped with the final "pppshhheeewwwwwsshhh" and I ran away with 60 something credits in the machine and one very purple index finger.

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sparkreason 1 point


Actually here is an interesting story, there's like this Palestinian restaurant here and it's awesome, they have pretty much everything, shwarma toum, Shish Taouk pretty much all the good stuff right?

So I go there and I ask if they have some Kenefa and they say "Yeah of course!" I was so excited. Then they brought me something that looked like this!

So I was like WTF is this? This is not Kenefa?!? This is like some orange clown thing?!? Where is the ka'ak bread?

Where is the brown crust?!?! And they were like we don't know what you are talking about.

I was SO upset. I couldn't eat it. I felt bad, but I was like this false kenefa I will not eat.

p_please_respond 1 point

Ah that sucks, gotta admit I love those kneife, idk to which country that kind of knefe belongs to but I had it in Qatar and it's the shit, I'm sure you can make knefe at home, if I remember it's super easy, could be very wrong though

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Hey, you meant to reply to someone but it got posted as a comment

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Nice job, the angles of the two plates poking out the front aren't symmetrical though, thought I'd point that out friendo.

thepangolin59 1 point

Its not, if you own a ZSR like i do, on the main menu of rocket league pan the screen around to look at all sides of the ZSR. The way the front grille and flares are built makes it look like they are asymmetrical from a certain angle, its how it is in the real game. He did a perfect job in my opinion!!

p_please_respond 1 point

Checked it out,I was wrong, you were right, no I don't own a zsr yet :(

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No, I wear a watch because I'm not a juvenile.

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zammy95 10 points

Yeah, but it makes sense a lot of the time. Our society relies on being on time, so people always have to make sure they are not late to different engagements. You're not checking what time it is, you check what time it isn't yet.

p_please_respond 5 points

That's pretty neat acctually.

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