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CamenbertKarate 2 points

No hate but i don't like thoses kind of paper the ocb hemp paper are sooo smooth

palendines 1 point

are they flavorless or whatsup lol

palendines 1 point

probably the other copious amounts of weed and wax im in the works of killing lol

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ThePeskyStoner 0 points

( tripped out ganji bro!! )[]

palendines 1 point


[deleted] 3 points

Love the duct tape idea as a quick add on to make it more air tight. Right on.

palendines 3 points

yup just a little extra freshness lol

[deleted] 1 point


palendines 2 points

yes , its indeed gelato .

Abcdefgofvckoff 2 points

Dope asss setup dudeeee! Cheers 🍻

palendines 1 point

thanks 🙌🙌🙌🔥 just always sharing the Orange County Gas

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sharksnshit 3 points

Same here. Can’t even sign in and I tried multiple accounts. Silly thing is that my husband’s Xbox is working perfectly fine right now and they are right next to each other.

Bottom of this page is says there’s issues with Xbox one sign in.

palendines 1 point

same, got the worst morning ache for youtube as i potato out

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