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Not just the Siege of Mandalore. 12 more episodes. And it seems to include some of the unfinished stuff that we have seen, like the Bad Batch.

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Yes, but now the chances are high we'll actually see it in action. The shows could cover a lot more visually than the novels could. Personally I'm extremely hyped for this, I just don't see anything yet saying if it's a movie.OVA or an entire season?

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lunch party? It’s supposed to launch party!

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Maybe you could just change the "u" into an "a.”

I met him in a swamp down in Dagoba

Where it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonated soda

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Those are three of my favorites in the new canon. You should thank your friend profusely!

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I did! He says Tarkin is the best

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Yep, that’s probably my fave out of those as well. Good taste! :)

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Didn't really want to get into THAT.

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It’s worth a look. More general and specific demographic data points about living situation, political affiliations, religious upbringing, education, parents’ education... like the same kind of things they ask on Pew and Gallup polls could be very interesting.

BUT I totally get why you wouldn’t want to touch it.


So I know we’re all hyped up for NEXT week but did we ever get any info about what the codes on those atlas pass v4’s were all about? Or is that yet to come?


I think they were just a cool collectible tbh.

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Original Poster3 points · 1 day ago

If that’s all it is, I won’t be upset at all. It’s a cool part of the game’s history. But the unique codes at least seem to hint at something else.

She’s hilarious in Scream Queens.

The first season of that show was fucking amazing.

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So was the second, but ... it just wasn’t the same

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All three Aftermath books and Bloodline will help address what you want.

Push through the first aftermath novel (some say they find it boring), the second and third are great! Mostly covers what happened to the remnants of the Empire, the establishment of The New Republic etc..

Remember where the First Order came from exactly is meant to be a little bit of a mystery. But Aftermath and Bloodline (along with others) do add context and paint a much better picture surrounding the mystery.

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For me it’s mostly the writing style. The second and third Aftermath are just so much easier to read. I liked the plot of the first one but had trouble connecting with it

I have more of an issue with the Resistance being referred to as Rebels.

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I don’t love it either but the Resistance was resisting the rise of the First Order to power. They are now rebelling against the de facto power in the galaxy.

You got super lucky! I'm on area 234 and still missing Golden Toadette.

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This is disheartening. I’m on 141 and still missing the golden Luigi and golden toadette. I got to level 130ish very fast after the remix 10 release and have just kinda been popping in occasionally. Every black coin, basically everything I could possibly do, but those last two statues taunt me.

Toad/Toadette event starts tomorrow.

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Wow ok. It took probably about 50 spins but I got the gold Toadette statue. Now to hoard spins for the gold Luigi event (if it comes back).

I have enough toad/toadette topiaries to fill my kingdom now.

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aka the side project you give your interns and c team while your A-B teams make the main game

gearbox does a lot of these.

MAE is the same thing

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What is MAE?

Mass Affect Endromeda

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Ah! I thought it was about another Gearbox game so that was throwing me off. Thanks!

Aren't all bases [WIP] though? Are we ever really done?

This looks great!

Is it strange to anyone else to think about celebrities just going to the store to buy some produce?

I mean yes, I know they’re human and have human needs and all that. But at a certain fame level you’d think it would be worth paying someone to do it just so you can keep from having to be constantly on.

But that said, he’s always seemed to adore fans and his place in the universe so maybe he hopes to find fans when shopping for broccoli.

Is he particularly super rich?

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I have no idea. Shopping services aren’t prohibitively expensive for someone of average means but if he’s frugal he may not want to do that.

Plus he does genuinely seem to love fan interaction

But I was speaking more generally than his specific condition.

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Original Poster8 points · 6 days ago

Spicy stuff is my favourite! I love Korean food because it's so spicy, my ultimate favourite food is tteokbokki, which is what I had for dinner tonight!

I like bibimbap a lot, but a lot of restaurants make it with meat. When I make it at home I like to put seaweed, marinated tofu, beansprouts, carrots, king oyster mushroom, kimchi and fried egg on top!

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Ok I’m coming over for dinner.

How do you get the yellow and black striped blocks? Is that a painted candy cane? It looks like it would be yellow paint but yellow and red don’t make black (though I’ve seen paint in terraria do some eccentric things)

Original Poster2 points · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

I used topaz gemspark wall and blocks hammered diagonally with shadow paint. The blocks are actuated offline gemspark.

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Sweet, thanks!

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That is definitely an outlier. The 4K version of Annihilation as far as I can tell is a Best Buy exclusive. They have it for way cheaper.

I haven’t paid over $30 for a 4K Blu-ray and I have bought a bunch of them around release time.

Original Poster247 points · 9 days ago · edited 9 days ago

Psychologically, everything is fine. After I read some studies on cognition and the ECMO machine, I started questioning my cognition, but after getting all A's the past two semesters, I can say with confidence I dont have any problems in that area. I dont have PTSD, nor do I have any memory problems.

edit I will add that the first few months were rough because of the anxiety of getting sick again, but other than that, everything is good. I randomly developed this fear of someone breaking into the house; I have no idea why.

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I had the regular flu, a particularly nasty strain but still just influenza. For a couple months afterward I had crazy insomnia and regularly questioned whether I was actually awake. During that time I developed paranoid fears about people breaking in. What is it about flu and fears of people breaking in?

We were watching the West Wing at the time and I had some crazy fever dreams about the show that I could never fully remember but it took about a week of watching it after getting better to stop feeling kinda uneasy about Sam and Toby. Nobody else, but whenever they came on screen I got a weird sense of dread.

Flu is a helluva drug.

Wow this is gorgeous.

The perfect order: 8-1-6-Rogue One-5-2-Solo-3-7-4

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A yes, the rusted-machete-with-a-broken-handle order.

Its a Video, sure. But you can mistaken it for gif and it supposed to look like a gif.

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3 points · 10 days ago · edited 10 days ago

What the person who replied to you is saying is there is no .gifv file format that would be recognized by the os. Gifv is a web wrapper imgur developed to make mp4/webm files act like gifs.

Basically the .gifv at the end of the url just tells Imgur’s servers to wrap it like that. The actual file format is not gifv but some other video format.

That may be entirely what you were saying in shorthand, and the ultimate result is the same (it downloads a video because it’s presenting you a video). It’s just some extra technical info for those curious.

Edit: and I probably overexplained it ;)

Yeah and these images are a great example of why I hope we get a 4K/HDR release. Based on how stripped down the release of season 3 was, I kinda doubt that will happen though.

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