It only took me 190 ‘Remix 10’ levels and probably hundreds of ? Blocks to finally get 69/69 gifts. I received the golden Yoshi statue after completing area 190. by TangoHotel04 in SuperMarioRun

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I’m on area 137 and I still have two gold statues left. And I’ve had those same ones remaining since like area 90something. I wish there was a curved probability on getting the ones you’re missing as you progress through areas.

I would like to ask everyone. Is it difficult to understand this web site? by yumil12 in web_design

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You’ve gotten plenty of advice about the design so I’d like to pass on a couple of non-design ideas:

  1. You should have a native or fluent English speaker proofread all the content. Some things just read a little wrong, some are hard to understand. Please note, I mean no offense by this. Second languages are hard.

  2. Somewhere near the top, tell us what this app does that others don’t and why we should use it.

Mouse issues - only right clicking by mramnesia in windows

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I’ve had this problem when ctrl gets stuck but you’d also notice keyboard issues in that case. I assume that’s not the case?

It’s not necessarily hardware. Some kind of keyboard or accessibility software could have ctrl locked.

If you have a windows setup disc/drive can you boot that and see if it persists?

Roses are red.. Oscar is gay.. by dwide_k_shrude in DunderMifflin

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There’s an iOS update out that’ll fix that ? box problem.

Happy: Got the second last item I needed halfway through level 90. Angry: Got a second one as the gift for completing level 90. by karmichoax in SuperMarioRun

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The gold Luigi statue and gold toadette statue. I have multiples of all the other gold statues, including 6 gold yoshi statues (I was wrong, not 8). I wish we could trade multiples in for a chance at another item if the same tier!

Happy: Got the second last item I needed halfway through level 90. Angry: Got a second one as the gift for completing level 90. by karmichoax in SuperMarioRun

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I’m up to 120 and only at 67/69. I have like 8 of some of the tier 6 items. I just can’t get those last two!

Disqus or another commenting system? by AllahuAkbarSH in rails

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If they’re unique addresses (cars/1, cars/2, or whatever) they will be unique in Disqus. It’s been a while since I’ve set this up myself but there was no extra a work to do that. Disqus just knows it’s a different “page” on your domain.

xkcd 1913: A � by Beowoof in xkcd

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It’s apparently common but not super common. I didn’t get the bug until a few days after updating. Some people I know on 11.1 don’t have it still. It’s affecting a ton of people but may have been easy to miss in testing if it takes time or some seemingly unrelated thing to trigger it.

In Virginia, your vote matters. Polls are open til 7 p.m. by Lemon_Lyman_ in Virginia

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I pinned this as the second announcement for today. It’s a great way to illustrate that message.

And btw, I love your username.

What was up with the interracial relationships in the show by [deleted] in TheLeftovers

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An attractive girl moves in next to an attractive boy and they hit it off. They are so incredibly different and show how each handle grief and the mystery.

Two very broken people find comfort in each other and help one another rebuild.

They moved the plot along just fine. You’re the one making it about race, not the show.

When Did Britta get Britta'd? by FeelTheBernOTF69 in community

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I believe she said something was "oedible" because they were talking about mothers or something at the time

The point was that she mispronounced it. It should have been pronounced “Oedipal” “Oedible” isn’t a word.

Unless I’m missing a point you’re making in which case I Britta’d it.

Happy: Got the second last item I needed halfway through level 90. Angry: Got a second one as the gift for completing level 90. by karmichoax in SuperMarioRun

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I’m on area 103 and still sitting on 66/69. A friend of mine who struggles with the levels way more (he got about half as many medals as I did by this point) had all the items at area 80.

RNG is neither kind nor fair.

2014 13-inch macbook pro webcam issue by elmono74 in Ubuntu

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I have not used this myself so I can’t guarantee anything, but the developer’s site you linked to has different installation instructions than the official doc. Could have been updated since then, or maybe just a typo. Maybe try these steps:


I find it very annoying when having an invincibility star actually prevents me from getting all three coins in a Remix 10 stage. by Third_Ferguson in SuperMarioRun

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This is the worst. I hate the ones where it’s just a random choice of path— one way leads to all three star coins, one doesn’t, and it changes every time. But at least you made a choice on that.

The ones where the star prevents you from getting the star coin are just impossible under certain conditions, and considering how much time you spend invincible in these levels, it’s like a 50% chance that it’s just going to be impossible to get.

2DS or PC? by Baldish in ShovelKnight

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I know that is was originally for the 3DS so it should be better that way, right?

It came out on the same day for 3DS and PC, so I wouldn't say that's true. There are a few differences in content, which you can read about here: http://shovelknight.wikia.com/wiki/Version_Differences

Conference Room Door Locks Both Ways by 50gangwitme in DunderMifflin

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Another example: Jim locks Dwight in when Dwight is using the conference room to decide the health plan.

I finished it. by Ccaves0127 in DunderMifflin

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If you haven’t watched the blooper reels, hit those definitely. They’re a good way to cap off the series.

Then rewatch ;)

Remix 10 bug: This should be unlocked no? I got this from Remix 10. by NullOfficer in SuperMarioRun

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Not necessarily, at least as I interpret it. You need the toad requirements to unlock it to purchase it, but Remix 10 can still give them to you.

I'm kinda surprised R10 gives you things you haven't unlocked.