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panzecrypt commented on a post in r/NEO
dimas001 1 point

In neotracker i see nothing too - use neoscan

panzecrypt 1 point

Nothing on neo scan ;)

Jimstevens33 1 point

It did not show on my neotracker. When I added the hash on my ledger then all those nice new coins showed up

panzecrypt 1 point

It’s alright, got the airdrop of 8000 mct somes hour

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panzecrypt commented on a post in r/Travala
Velociripple 1 point

In the first week of the main sale (there was a discount during that week, which is when I bought it) it works out to about $0.14 Canadian per CGE, but that was based on the NEO value at the time which was half of what NEO is worth today.

panzecrypt 1 point

Neo was 50 $ and I got 436 CGE so arround 0.114$ for first week on main sale for me

panzecrypt commented on a post in r/NEO
tr287 2 points

How do I purchase it?

panzecrypt 1 point upcoming icos

SmellyFrontBum 1 point

you meant bags not choices....

panzecrypt 2 points

Not really, I mention ico, I can’t got them atm... and got Aph, ont, gala, swh, tnc just didn’t mention them, because don’t like them as much/ think they got potential’ growing, have a nice day di...head/ Kid ( and I didn’t talk about my biggest NEP5 holding CGE, got more CGE than all my NEP5... CGE/AVA ;) just got rebranded!

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panzecrypt commented on a post in r/helloicon
panzecrypt 3 points
  • I am TKY holder since 3 months and don’t got any selfkey so no need to convert me!
jakethemuss 4 points

The key is a chinese company, and brand new, selfkey is a new company with no entries into the korean market. Chain ID has been confirmed as being used by 25 banks and securities companies. Which one do you think will be used in Korea?

panzecrypt 1 point

I agree with u! I just ask, no need to downvote me, those sub are sick... and selfkey is kyc too, so I don’t say totally shit, i didn’t says they gônna use it I say’d « more tky or key than icx » have a nice day !

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panzecrypt commented on a post in r/zilliqa
mica280amg 2 points

I still have mine in exchange, didn't withdraw because the exchange charges ridiculous amount to withdraw, only have few coins there bought recently... So hopefully exchange does the conversation

panzecrypt 0 points

U need to send them a mail if u wanna do « conversation » with Binance 🤣😵 french joke

panzecrypt commented on a post in r/Vechain
powerbrows 30 points

I regret not buying when it was in the 2's. The whole market was losing its ass and I didn't feel it was wise to pump more money in there. Feelsbadman.

panzecrypt 22 points

!remind me 1 year when vet gonna be 100$ and people says « I regret don’t buying at 80 $ » feelsbadman 🤞😅🤔

panzecrypt commented on a post in r/NEO
panzecrypt 0 points

U mean NEP5 ? In this case u can see them on

xitag 6 points

No, NEOx is the interoperability layer on the NEO chain. This is the way that will be used by OTN to share informations with the NEO chain.

Phantasma will be a NEP5 token and then will develop their own chain but with the NEOx interoperability layer.

panzecrypt 1 point

oO thanks for learning mate, do u got links with more informations about NEOx ? Thanks

panzecrypt commented on a post in r/OntologyNetwork
panzecrypt 3 points

Desktop? U mean neon wallet?

U can use 03 mobile wallet to store ur ont and any NEP5, it’s official mobile wallet on iOS and android by cityofzion -> until mainet and Ont wallet launch I don’t see any other options

Xnitegreen 1 point

I got neon because I'm not in a hurry to have ONT on mobile. But I hope that we get a mobile wallet from ONT team after mainnet launch.

panzecrypt 1 point

I use neon and 03 with the same key, it’s just an interface to access ur coins, u don’t need to choose, and yes they gonna make a mobile wallet it’s in their roadmap!

panzecrypt commented on a post in r/nanocurrency
bnco 0 points

Nowadays Visa process around 150 million tx per day. And visa is pretty big. Your estimation is more than 10 times bigger than Visa. I think would be more realist to consider a magnitude of transactions similar to Visa.

And network will keep improving, hardware will improve. To reach this amount of transactions it may take some years. By there, hardware and protocol will be considerably improved. Gladly, nano has no limit of tx/s in its protocol, this will make scalability easier.

panzecrypt 2 points

Where do u got ur numbers? I read something like visa process 2k tx/s and can reach a peak of 56k tx/s... not 150 millions

bnco 1 point

My bad, it was a typo. I will fix and edit I meant 150 million transactions per day Source is visa website. In the website they say also internal tests show that it’s possible to reach 24k transactions per second

panzecrypt 2 points

Ho ok, yes per day looks better ;)

panzecrypt commented on a post in r/NEO
panzecrypt -4 points

Just a glitch, have u looked on neotracker they should be there no? Just wait 24 hours u should claim them without problems, or use research function there is post about it! No need to worry if ur not rly good with computers, and u don’t know how to see ur wallet on neotracker or use research function on Reddit, just sell ur crypto! It’s not for u! Cheers

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