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peachlinen 6 points

Good on you for seeing that T20s aren't the only way to success.

I started in the process wanting to apply to like 20 schools, not because I actually liked the school, but because they had the name, which is so stupid. Only apply to schools you KNOW you'll be happy at and you'll enjoy! Or else you'll spend hours writing apps for schools you don't really care about and there's a big chance you won't even be accepted

DrMartich 2 points

What type of cancer was it? Congrats btw you’re awesome

peachlinen 2 points

It was a germ cell tumor, thanks so much!!

Kshtzgupta151 1 point

Oh I study about it

peachlinen 1 point

I looked through your profile and saw you’re a medical student. Have you heard of it before, what all do you know if so?

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hesiii 1 point

Wonderland Trail in Washington state is 93 mile loop around Mt. Rainier in Mt. Rainer National Park. Great trail:

They do have a permitting process to get campsites. They're currently accepting applications up until April 1, at which point they'll have lottery to assign sites, although 30% or so are saved for "walk up" reservations on day you leave. Need to read about the process, it's a little complicated:

peachlinen 1 point


FarAwayLove265 1 point

Elk Lake Resort to Ollalie Lake in Oregon! Gorgeous scenery :) going to do it this July and I know someone who also hike that part with her father and it went well :)

peachlinen 1 point

thank you 💜

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runninger 8 points

You can do a lot of things with a polisci major, and I don't think it's a bad idea. At schools like Stanford and Harvard, you have the chance to make a lot of connections. But no matter where you go, experience matters, so just make sure to have internships and experience. Any major is what you make of it, though.

peachlinen 2 points

Yeah that's what I'm worried about, the connections part. I know it will be easier at those schools, and less so at other ones. But you are right about any major is what you make of it! thanks!

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