[I Ate] Andouillette with bearnaise sauce and french fries by pear235 in food

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This so much - I ordered it not really knowing what it is exactly, just that's a "delicacy" in the region... Thought that it does look nice, should taste like some normal sausage, maybe with more spices or something... One of my biggest mistakes :) Tasted awful and I didn't finish it.

[Homemade] Pumpkin risotto with Chanterelles and cider by pear235 in food

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One of my New Years resolution is to learn to cook a good risotto. Any tips?

Use a big pot, HOT broth (lots of) and don't get discouraged when the rice will stay hard for some time - it'll get to the desired consistency eventually. You can also add some butter along with cheese at the end. It's rather difficult to screw up - good luck :)

"I'm a professional slider now" by GallowBoob in thisismylifenow

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Love how he happily smiles on the way down. Good boi.

Any good quality leather case for the note 8? by nivShmuel1 in GalaxyNote8

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I use this one and highly recommend it. Before N8 i owned N2 and used the same make of case from them, it lasted me for 4 years and is still in very good condition.

Anyone Root? by Veruca5alt in GalaxyNote8

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Sorry for possibly stupid question, but what's "visual voicemail" ?

Case and a screen protector? by CypriotMaster in GalaxyNote8

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Currently using Mocolo TGSP + this

However, Whitestone is sitting on the desk now, waiting for this - From HK to Poland it'll take some time, though the first one came rather quickly (2 weeks from the order time). Once it'll be here, my N8 build shall be complete :)

No issues with the current setup, and from what i saw, there shouldn't be any either with the new one.

They recently opened a Lidl here. It's a goldmine. by IDontWantANewUser in crappyoffbrands

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No wonder roads in EU are congested, what with all these caramel cookie bars with the chocolate and vegetable fat coating aficionados trying to eat it as the package suggests...

Reinstalled Firefox, and now RES no longer works by Dnyxm in RESissues

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RES 5.7.5beta from development channel did the trick for me, as i was in the exact same boat as OP