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workswimplay 6 points

Me too but I can’t read Russian anyways

pear235 1 point

One state, don't remember which, has passed a law that requires potential candidates to present tax returns before being eligible to actually run for office, wouldn't this alone prevent him from reelection? (Might be I'm wrong, too many news in this age, but I remember seeing something like this)

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tdurty 61 points

Sadly, it seems there are no lengths to which they are unwilling to go to protect their own. Look at the shit Nunes just pulled with the House Intel probe.

We can only hope that upcoming elections continue to swing Dem, and that ultimately the Republicans who supported Trump and let this happen are held accountable. I'm banking hard on Mueller bringing the house of cards down.

pear235 32 points

I'm banking hard on Mueller bringing the house of cards down.

I think everyone is at this point, because what other hope is there? Republicans are in majority, visibly they aren't keen anymore on righting the ship, the orange idiot might as well cancel the primaries for some made up reason, even if he doesn't, practically no action is taken against "someone" influencing them so this potentially wouldn't help either.

And if burrito fires Mueller, or appoints someone in Sessions' place or fires Rosenstein and replaces him with someone who would be able to curtail the investigation, then you / we are fucked. Even more if November doesn't bring change.

If this situation prevails in the US, other countries' right wing governments will take it a an example of "proper" behavior (which some already do), which will not end well.

As a non US citizen, i can't do anything other than hope that you get back on track. So you know... no pressure.

thebizkitz 8 points

Most European right-wing governments wouldn't want to touch the donald with 10 meter (of course it's meters, we're European) pole. He's more aligned with the whackjobs over here like the LePens and the Farrages.

pear235 3 points

Maybe, but he's still THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA - doesn't really matter that he's a clinical idiot, the title still has lot of sway.

Muurtne 2 points

Looks prettier if you slice the green onions more thinly =)

pear235 1 point

Perhaps, I rarely make them, will try next time though :) I just wish the I could find the soft kind instead of these hard shells, had them once from a food-truck and they were delicious.

Jahazlefraz 3 points

Looks like there's something in the sour cream? Or just pepper on top?

pear235 1 point

Yup, pepper

LadyAmazon333 2 points

No Siracha ! Otherwise looks incredible

pear235 1 point

Thanks :) I like things spicy :)

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murkar 246 points

A lot of interesting things to note about this article:

Firstly, this reveals that fox news has a hotline to Trump's lawyers. As the headline notes, minutes after the report, Herridge had already spoken to Trump's representatives [1] - and begun issuing criticism of Rosenstein. Also, although Sessions has been reported to be next on the chopping block [2], Adam Schiff has expressed concern that Trump might instead fire Rod Rosenstein [3]. Fox news is already building a pretext of criticism here for Rosenstein's removal.

The problem for Trump is one of optics - if he fires Rosenstein now, it will be clear that it was because of Mueller 's subpoena for documents from Trump Org. earlier today [4]. This will in turn become a part of Mueller's obstruction case - and even with Rosenstein gone, Jeff Sessions is still recused [5] from the investigation. So the job of approving Mueller's requests to lay down those charges will fall to the next Deputy AG. A likely person to fill this spot would have been Rachel Brand [6], but she exited from the position only a month ago in anticipation of having to fill Rosenstein's shoes in the event he was fired [7]. So if Rosenstein is fired, the next person in line is associate attorney general (currently Jesse Panuccio [8]). However, while Trump can choose a separate acting associate attorney general for up to 210 days, that person will not fill in for Deputy Attorney General without senate confirmation [9]. As such, the next person in line after Rosenstein (since Pannuccio is also only an acting AAG) is actually Noel Francisco: the current solicitor general, a Republican and Trump Appointee [10]. It's unclear whether Francisco would allow Mueller to continue to bring charges as part of his investigation; as a Trump appointee, it's possible he should (but might not) recuse himself as well from overseeing the investigation into the president's alleged criminal activity. If Trump chooses to fire Rosenstein, it will be up to Noel Francisco to uphold Mueller's authority to prosecute.

Trump has demanded loyalty from others in his adminsitration [11] [12] on multiple occasions - so it's possible he made similar demands of Noel Francisco. Regardless, Francisco is a staunch defender of presidents over-extending their executive privilege [13] and would likely take issue with Mueller investigating the President's business and personal financial records. He has also taken strong stances on conservative issues, and in one case tried (and failed) to uphold law allowing religious organizations' right to deny birth control for employees [14]. As such, it's likely that Noel Francisco might side with Trump and attempt to limit Mueller's investigative freedom (refusing to approve indictments or possibly even dismissing the special counsel).

In short, firing Rosenstein would be much more devastating for Mueller's investigation than firing Jeff Sessions, which Trump was yesterday reported to be considering [15]. If Trump fires Sessions, Mueller will still have the opportunity to file charges in the time before Sessions' replacement is confirmed. This will not be the case if Rosenstein is fired; it will immediately fall to Francisco to approve (or, more likely, not approve) Mueller's recommendation to indict the president.

pear235 51 points

Isn't it possible that Rosenstein has preemptively approved the indictments? So in case he's gone, Mueller would still be able to send them?

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Heirsandgraces 3 points

Even by this administrations standards, today has been a whopper! It’ll be interesting also to see whether Trump responds when May’s deadline passes regarding the nerve agent attack.

pear235 3 points

Spoiler: No. He will only condemn Russia if he agrees with the "facts". So...

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pear235 1 point

"As soon as we get the facts straight, if we agree with them, we will condemn Russia or whoever it may be, but I have not spoken to [May], I'll speak to her some time today." — Trump, when asked about Russia's responsibility on Tuesday morning

Ain't that convenient. Seriously, when he was "elected", it started out as (not very funny, but still) a joke. Recently I'm thinking that this fat orange stable cretin will actually bring the world, or at least some not insignificant part of it to a catastrophe. Regular people be damned. US folks, go out and freaking vote at least and let's hope he'll soon choke on big mac. Rant over.

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Bongwaffle 43 points

7) Adam Schiff says there is evidence of Collusion Intel Dems to release their own report

8) Paul Manafort is put on 24 hour emergency lock down - told by Judge he faces the rest of his life in prison

9) PA looks like it's about to flip to democrat for the special election

10) Russia tells US it knows of another Gas attack in Syria, any evidence to blame them will result in retaliatory action

pear235 1 point

Apparently Trump now says he will condemn Russia? Really? Or SHS will walk it back in hours?

wiggintheiii 29 points


pear235 7 points

I honestly can't say if first o is crooked or not

MissPrincessKay 2 points

How was it? It's hard to wrap my head around the thought of kim chi pairing well with mango!

pear235 1 point

Surprisingly... bland I must say, kimchi with chicken were the most prominent, mango wasn't really perceptible. Would be better with hot sauce probably, but I (wrongly :) ) chose the sweet one.

pear235 commented on a post in r/politics
jasred 9 points

Trump: Look, it was about adoptions, Small, tiny, itsy, bitsy babies is what it was all about

pear235 3 points

Considering how far he's willing to go in order to hide / deny any kompromat on him, chances are this phrase might not be far from the truth.

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ScholarOfTwilight 92 points

At what point will he realize that he is the problem moreso than anyone else around him. Yes, he's decided to surround himself with shitty people but he's also led them poorly and keeps making decisions that screw him up.

Firing Comey resulting in Mueller: his fault.
Fucking Stormy: his fault.
Fucking the playmate: his fault.
Hiring Omarosa: his fault.
Hiring Jarvanka: his fault.
Hiring McMaster & Kelly: his fault.
Creating a trade war with stupid tariffs to distract from Stormy: his fault.
Are we sensing a theme here? This isn't a family business where you can do what you want, it's the U.S. government which has rules and norms you have to follow if you want to be successful.
Go ahead Trump, fire everyone around you, but it's not going to fix the situation.

pear235 8 points

"If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole."

sirenstranded 2 points

what if you're in nazi germany

pear235 1 point

In Nazi Germany, assholes were kinda the norm, weren't they? So then you'd be an asshole, as the abnormal one. Luckily / hopefully, USA isn't there yet

BoredSoFT 2 points

Try Movie Label 2018, unfortunately not free.

pear235 1 point

Thanks, but it has the same issue as Emdb and All my Movies - works perfectly for movies, but won't import / scrub multiple TV titles at once, must do it one by one - which, with over 500 shows, each multi episodes, isn't really doable.

pear235 commented on a post in r/funny
pear235 5 points

Can confirm - Source: Am a math graduate. On the first year we had a prof who simultaneously, wrote with his right hand and at the same time erased what he put there 10 seconds earlier with his left. Another had a habit of changing variables, as in you're accustomed to e.g. y=ax+b, he would dictate it as x=by+a, so you couldn't really learn it by "memory", you had to pay really close attention to pass his class. Some of the smartest people I ever saw in my life taught there, yet almost everyone had some quirks. Fun times, though I'm surprised to this day that I actually finished it.

pear235 commented on a post in r/politics

I bet she lied to Mueller and was caught.

pear235 11 points

But was she testifying before Mueller already? I thought it was just the House committee, no?

Also, it's strange, being Polish and having more knowledge what goes on in the US politics than in ours. I hope you guys get on the right track after midterms

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