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philpips 18 points

For me the week is going ok. I've had a couple weeks off so I'm rediscovering my running legs at the moment. I'm also thinking about jogging to the lido this evening for a swim... Do you think I could just swim in my running shorts? Or should I run there in my swimming shorts? Maybe I'm overthinking this.

sloworfast 2 points

So what did you do? Lasse often runs in his "swimming trunks" as he calls them, so he can jump in the lake along the way. Personally I've been for countless runs in my running shorts.

philpips 2 points

I decided to swim on Saturday!

Also running in your running shorts is what you're supposed to do.

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philpips commented on a post in r/programming
philpips 4 points

So is the point of this that mango was faster with RST where the others were slower?

t0rakka 18 points

The interesting part for me was the reason why that was the outcome. Even on a single-threaded case the Huffman takes more than 50% of decoding time and that percentage just grows when the iDCT and color conversion are optimized more. If you make MCU processing infinitely fast, the Huffman/Arithmetic processing time is still limiting factor and very difficult to make faster as it is serial; you have to decode the previous symbol almost completely to know where the next one begins..

The decoded symbols begin at arbitrary bit positions in the stream and there is no obvious way to decide which of the 16 possible candidates is the right one to choose and commit, until you decoded the previous data up to that point. This means it is impractical to jump some amount ahead in the data randomly and start decoding from there in another thread(s).

The point was a bit off-tangent from the result; I been sitting on this information since 2012-2013, or so, and figured I probably should write a little bit about it. I am sitting on quite a bit of useless trivia like this and now and then, I see someone else write about it while I been just thinking it's too trivial to write about. This is pretty obvious thing now that it's out there. It's been sitting there in the format for 20-30 years.

Another obvious thing that was going unobserved for decades was that the Huffman Symbol Sign Extend could be done branchlessly.. the IJG "reference" ITU implementation was doing branching for decades and it was not a problem per se; it doesn't really MATTER how fast or slow the image loading is; computers are getting faster every year, right? But the thing was, that I noticed that that if the extension was expressed differently compiler (msvc, gcc) could use predicated move (cmov) to select the result. I posted about this in my FB (posts deleted years ago, sorry) and one cool local coder dude, Jan Achrenius got into the groove and we were ping-ponging optimizations to the original optimization, removing 1-2 clock cycles every time, until the Final Form was concluded as it is in the source code today. I am still not convinced that it is the best possible way to do it but back then couldn't get it any better. ;-)

So it's just about stating the obvious. I am so ashamed and disappointed that I cleaned up some of my old FB junk, because that discussion thread would make pretty sweet blog post about the topic. Long story short, I might write more about obvious stuff in the future.

philpips 10 points

Maybe you should try to include this in your article? It was interesting but when I got to the numbers at the end I wasn't really sure what I should make of them.

philpips commented on a post in r/Breadit
miasews 8 points

I was super pleased with the soft airy crumb and the crust smells great and has a good crackle. This slice is off the very edge of the bread so it’s quite slim but I did have trouble with getting the bread overall to tighten into a rounder taller shape. I’m thinking maybe the dough was too wet from me wetting my hands to fold and shape it?

philpips 4 points

I'm finding the shaping part to be a bit of a black art myself. I guess I haven't really figured out when I should stop tightening.

philpips commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Huz647 6 points

Sounds like the fasting we have in the Islamic religion. 30 days every year, and also voluntary fasts on Mondays and Thursdays.

philpips 2 points

A fair number of the Muslims I know say they gain weight over Ramadan.

Fuzzy_Potato 8 points

Thats because alot of us end up breaking our fasts with fried foods and other sugary foods. 🙃

philpips 2 points

That sounds awesome.

philpips commented on a post in r/Breadit
philpips 153 points

This happened to me yesterday. Even though I rubbed loads of flour into the whole basket. The worst part is that it's the very last step in a day long process.

I baked the dough anyway and it still tastes good. Just looks like a cowpat.

What should we be doing differently?

MegaDeKay 1 point

Do what I do:

  • use a kitchen towel to line the basket but pull it so it is taut over the basket (like the skin of a drum)
  • liberally dust the kitchen towel inside the area of the basket with wheat bran. Don't use rice flour, because rice flour tastes like grainy crap, and nobody wants good bread topped with grainy crap
  • drop the shaped ball of dough onto the middle of the taut towel. As the dough drops inside the bowl, the wheat bran automagically gets between it and the kitchen towel as the towel gets pulled inside the bowl.
  • sprinkle a little more wheat bran on the sides of the dough, so that you are covered as the dough rises.

Works every single time.

philpips 1 point

I ended up conditioning the basket with wholemeal flour a couple of days before baking and then just topping up with white flour for the proof. Seems to be falling out ok now.

I did buy some rice flour but I guess I won't use it if it doesn't taste good. I was a little suspicious about that. Being a half Chinese family I'm sure we'll be able to find some use for the rice flour. Wonton skins or pan mee or something.

philpips commented on a post in r/AskReddit
satanshonda 58,519 points

When you're trying to look up a recipe and have to read through this person's entire life story just to figure out what temp you preheat the oven to.

philpips 1 point

Yeah this is really annoying. Also it seems tutorials always have to be videos recently where only the last 30 seconds or so will be relevant.

Also found a pizza dough recently that was accurate to the gram for every ingredient - like it said 536 grams 00 flour - and then the final instruction was to 'add more flour as necessary'. Rage.

CheatyDM 2 points

Although I loved the game, I had mixed feelings about the ending. I'd figured that the final scene would involve the first puzzle we'd run across, but the structure of it suggested we'd need four keys. I was left wondering whether some content had been cut.

There were too many plot threads left dangling for my comfort. Some, of course, might be answered by making different plot choices than I did. Off the top of my head:

  • For the first half of the game, we got strong indications that Sosi is working on a significant scheme with a specific time limit, and then that was just kinda dropped. If he was just searching for the Raven, his actions don't make a lot of sense. Sosi mostly fades out after the attempt to get Shawn expelled. It felt like a waste of a Malfoy.

  • Until Joel's disappearance, it's strongly implied that Sosi's hold on Joel has a strong element of coercion and violence, but Joel doesn't even move into a different room if he's rescued and reject's Sosi. (Emergency dorm assignment changes are absolutely a thing that can happen in real life.) When Joel rejects Sosi, there don't seem to be any negative repercussions for Joel, which makes earlier plot points baffling.

  • I needed something else regarding the undead(?) librarian(?). This is probably all intended for a later game, but the living librarian seems to know something about it, and even if you're his BFF, you never get any more on this story. Maybe I left this element of the game unexplored?

  • All the portents about the return of the Dark One are clearly stuff-for-sequels. Some of the optional quests you can complete imply that they'll have a direct impact on the current game's plot. Unless the Coles intend to implement some reactivity between saves from different games, these leave those solutions relatively unsatisfying. (Also, given how Bioware struggled with reactivity regarding the big choices players made in the first couple of Mass Effect games, I'm not sure it's a good idea for the Coles to tackle it.)

  • Terk is a problem. All the stuff leading up to getting blackmail material against Terk is really satisfying. I chose "Have Terk fired," but then Turk calls you into his office and threatens you again anyway, and Shawn just accepted it like Terk hadn't gotten either fired or neutered a couple of days prior. Since there's zero post-game Terk denouement, it doesn't feel like those elements of the plot quite worked out. Turk is at least less abrasive on the last day of class, I guess? Regardless, we really, really needed a post-credits frame involving what happened to Terk after the term ended.

  • A lot of the plot in the early game implies that if Shawn is kicked out, he'll be homeless. Later, we learn things suggesting he lives with his mom? It's really unclear what Shawn is going to do until the next term at Hero U. Where is he living? Is he destitute? Does the couple thousand Lyra I won matter to his standard of living? How will the Dursleys treat him?

  • The head of the Thieves' Guild knows Shawn has the Raven. (Depending on the choices we made, of course.) Even if we mollified him in the his house, are we to believe Shawn is in zero danger? Shawn should probably have had the option to do something to hide the Raven. Maybe give it to the presumably-undead librarian?

  • Nothing at all about Sophia? The game makes it pretty clear to an attentive player that she's either a mastermind or somebody's agent, but there's no follow-up.

  • Nothing at all about the Librarian? C'mon.

  • It's nice that stealing items from the Hall of Heroes don't leave your inventory when you use them to complete quests, but given that a huge plotline revolves around a missing display-case item, it's frustrating that (a) nobody notices or cares, and (b) we couldn't put them back afterward. (For that matter, we've got LOTS of access to bones, so replacing the bone in the first display case should've been feasible.)

  • Thomas never comes clean with anyone else? I eventually got baffled by the why the pretense was kept up.

Now, it's entirely plausible that the Coles intend to address many of these concerns in later games, but that presupposes those games will actually be made. I VERY much want that to happen, but there are no guarantees. (I wish sales had made a sequel to Jane Jensen's Moebius feasible.) It's also possible that some of my concerns might have been addressed if I'd made different choices during gameplay.

I'm still very happy with the game, but I do quibble a bit with where and how the game ended. Days 49 and 50 happened a little too fast, and I was left with more questions than I wanted given how invested I'd become in the story and characters.

philpips 1 point

This is a pretty comprehensive list. For some reason during my playthrough I wasn't really aware of Thomas. Did he tend to hang out in the Library?

I think you can actually put the things back in the display cases. I'm pretty sure I put the horse bridle and medal back.

CheatyDM 1 point

Yes, Thomas often studies in the Library after dinner. Also, occasionally, if you head upstairs after dinner and move near the door to the Darla wing, you'll (depending on your Perception) hear talking. On those days, you have an opportunity to learn more about Thomas.

I'm surprised you were able to put the items back, and I can't quite work out how you might've done so. I broke back into both cases, but was given no option to return either of the items in my inventory. Maybe I encountered a bug?

That or design. The Coles seem to have built a lot of contingencies into the story, and while some people have pointed out when the seams show, they're sometimes relatively seamless. For example: If you defeat the Wraith (so you've found Joel) but don't locate the phylactery before 1am AND you show up to class seriously injured/poisoned AND you tell authority figures about what happened, you get serious help in resolving the quest, and still get full credit for having completed it. The sequence of events makes perfect sense.

My point is just that I never know what was an oversight and what was deliberate.

philpips 1 point

Yeah I've no idea. I think I did it quite quickly after I used them because I was worried about the missing hat from before. If that makes a difference.

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philpips commented on a post in r/roguetoredemption
philpips 1 point

Maybe the Coles didn't want people to be able to speed run the game. The video where they commentate on a qfg speed run is in this sub somewhere.

Personally I enjoyed the game for what it is. I guess I don't mind some grind in my gaming.

glorkvorn 1 point

Fair enough. I don't hate the game, I'm having fun with it, it's just a bit too much grinding (and too many slow animations/cut scenes) for my taste.

philpips 1 point

Oh yeah I don't like dismissing stair screens particularly. There's definitely fat that could be trimmed.

philpips commented on a post in r/running
sloworfast 6 points

I've had enough of these upstarts and their take over of weekly threads, who do they think they are eh?

/u/philpips called me in tears, saying "I've been kidnapped by pirates! There's no one to post the thread!" I told him to get you to do it, but he didn't have your number. So here we are.

philpips 2 points

Good job those pirates let me have that phone call and I could call you instead of the police or my family.

philpips commented on a post in r/running
morfruns 2 points

I noticed this on another sub as well. Also doesn't list the other subs you may be interested in.

philpips 3 points

I believe those will be at the top of the sub in the redesign. Otherwise I wasted an hour of my life copying them over.

philpips 7 points

Paging /u/mattack73. He's our redesign expert.

EDIT: Also the best way to get the attention of moderators is to message us directly. You should be able to do this by sending a PM to /r/running.

philpips commented on a post in r/programming
Ameisen 2 points

And it didn't work on other chips of the same kind.

Which is why you have to train on multiple devices simultaneously.

philpips 1 point

I assumed ideally you'd train on each chip individually. It'd be the best way to take advantage of or avoid the vagaries of that particular chip.

Ameisen 4 points

You'd be relying on transient behavior. Might fail in new environments or otherwise spuriously.

That'd also be really slow.

philpips 1 point

Slow for the moment yes. But imagine if you could get the chip in situ and then train it. Or automatically retrain if it became damaged. That'd be cool, no?

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philpips commented on a post in r/running
Notshadow_ 1 point

Running room is the name of the store :(

philpips 1 point

Yep and 'running room' by itself won't mean much to most people.

philpips [M] 1 point

Removed for vague title. If you want to repost can you make it clear what it will be about from the title please.

jangle_bo_jingles 25 points

Ive been in excel training for the past two days and havent been able to talk to anyone about running :(


So, as far as this week goes...  

  • Monday - 2 miles
  • Tuesday - 8 miles
  • Wednesday - 5 miles


Ive entered a 10k on Sunday - but im still not sure if im going to turn up. I have an number of rules i live my life by, one of which is..

#28 Never enter a pub if you're not going to drink

...and i kind of think the same about racing - if im going to do it, i want to go 'balls to the wall'

My last two weeks have been great - 36-37 miles each, and my next HM training plan is due to start next week. I think i would prefer to power on through to that, rather than racing and then taking a hit on my mileage with the recovery? (im getting old!)


But then on the other side, i would get a tshirt, a medal, and a 99'er on the finish line :)

philpips 18 points

A 99'er is an ice cream in case anyone was wondering.

Maman_Brigitte [score hidden]

...just because I like someones posting history does not mean I am in a position to judge if they would be a good Mod or not. Being a good poster to the sub, and being a good Mod on the sub are two very different things.

This route of selecting a Mod should be via interview with people who pro actively want to do it. Pushing someone forward for the job will just lead to more dead weight.

You want pro active people who actually want to do it.

philpips [score hidden]

Moderating is by invitation. You can't force people to become moderators.

ChickenSedan 64 points

I, for one, welcome our new corndog overlords.

philpips 26 points

There's something wrong with all of you.

richieclare 4 points

it's only to mask my own crippling insecurities

philpips 3 points

If you don't behave I'll make your brother mod so he can boss you around.

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