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Exactly. Super light beer has a time and place. It’s great to drink when you’re out in the heat tailgating or walking down the Vegas strip. It can be served frosty cold, it has very little “pucker” due to the low alcohol content, and it doesn’t dehydrate you as fast as darker or richer beers.

I don’t know why people are so snobby about it. Fine beers and microbrews are great too, but it’s okay to enjoy both the basic and fancy version of a product.

I like to eat prime rib-eyes but I also enjoy skirt steak if I’m having fajitas or something. It’s fine.

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How dare you imply that skirt steak is comparable to Coors Light. Skirt steak is like a Henry Weinhard's, at least!

Seriously though, skirt steak is fucking delicious.

That is a GStar Wombat, for sure. Both the V-Cobra and V-Roc, as mentioned in other comments, are similar but much more round in the nose and wing.

This thread will be full of two are alike. I'm still trying to find a destroyer that throws like my first. RIP.

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Man, if you take any Destroyer, and throw it over and over and over, it will fly great for you. Maybe not exactly like that one from way-back-whenever, but it doesn’t have to in order to be a useful tool in your bag.

It's actually only four easy installments. Four easy payments and one complicated payment. We can't tell you which payment it is, but one of these payments is going to be hard. The mailman will get shot, the envelope will not seal, the stamp will be in the wrong denomination. The final payment must be made in wampum.

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Good luck, fucker!

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It's actually just over 30 ft. I agree the angle makes it look like less. That tree is 13 feet from the sidewalk where I'm standing. Pic from the throwing spot. And I'm 6'4" so maybe there's nothing for scale. Perhaps I need to put a banana in there somewhere.

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At first glance it does appear to be shorter than 30 ft, based on the camera angle, but judging by how long the disc is actually in the air, 30 ft seems entirely plausible.

I went with my female roommate to an artists studio who pays for nude models last week.... I thought i'd be waiting in another room... Nope... best day of my life, she's hot!

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Don't shit where you eat, man. Don't shit where you eat.

Rat, if you want something that flies straight with just a little fade at the end. If you want a more overstable flight, the Caiman.

It depends entirely what altitude I'm playing at. Most people in this sub are around sea level or a little above it. I'm usually playing between 4-11,000' so it really depends. Anything 8,000' or higher I'm throwing a 150g disc, either a boss, wraith or destroyer. Anything under 8,000' I'm throwing a 172g MVP relativity, Shryke or DDX.

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You bring up a great point.

I’m a sea-level guy. I don’t even bring my high speed discs with me when I play at elevation any more. It’s really hard adjusting to just how differently a Destroyer flies in really thin air; they fade earlier, they drop harder, and turnover lines flatten out. If your home course is at 7,000 feet, then you’re probably used to this, and have adapted accordingly. But when you are used to throwing in thicker air, where your disc has more resistance against it while it is flying, you get used to the way a disc responds to the stimulus you impart upon it, and this completely shapes the way you aim your shots.

Teebirds and Thunderbirds get all the love in my mountain rounds. They are already built to have added glide, as compared to a Destroyer, which kinda helps make up for the lack of glide that you would normally get in denser air. I have a super-beat Thunderbird that never gets used when I’m playing at sea level, but it never leaves my car just so I know it will be there for the trip into the mountains.

Also, this shouldn’t take away from how effective neutral-stability putters and mids can be at high elevation.

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It's very inconsistent and somewhat gimmicky

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What's the gimmick? Do you understand the purpose of the Groove in the rim?

So it's like a Condor?

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No, not at all like a Condor. Condor is a much larger diameter disc, faster, and more stable. The Sonic is a very slow flying, slightly understable disc that has a mild turn that just keeps turning over all the way through the flight. Sonic's are a bit deeper than most other discs you've probably thrown, so it takes some getting used to.

Leopard. Perfect driver for newer players, and a great turnover fairway disc for seasoned veterans. Literally everyone can benefit from throwing a Leopard.

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The golden rule is that you should always throw the slowest speed disc that you can make reach your landing area.

The fact is that each step up in speed rating results in a larger deviation from the thrown line, thus reducing accuracy. Putters are the most accurate disc in your bag, and if you have a shot you can reach with a putter, and you throw something else, you're doin' it wrong.

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Sure, if it's a straight shot and there's no obstacles to get around, it's almost always a putter shot for me if I can reach the pin with it. But you can't claim that you should ALWAYS throw the slowest speed disc. There are many, many reasons to switch up the disc selection, even if your putter can reach the target.

If you're giving disc golf advice, and claim that any one type of shot is ALWAYS correct, you're doing it wrong.

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If you need more lateral motion, it’s maybe a faster disc that’s the slowest disc you can get there. But overwhelmingly, he’s right. Hole 1 burns blue I started throwing a driver, moved down to a fairway, and now I can reach it with a mid. Forcing yourself to disc down will add power. Guaranteed.

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My comment has nothing to do with adding power. It has to do with disc selection. And any golfer that pigeonholes himself into thinking that there is a "rule" about which disc is the "right" one for a particular shot is not showing much awareness of the variables that can affect such a decision.

It's not just about lateral motion, although I feel that you are still oversimplifying that part of it, too. If I need to get more left on a shot, should I do it with a more overstable disc? Most people would say yes, because that's what the flight numbers say it should do, right? But that is absolutely false. Overstable discs do not carry the same way as a more neutral flying disc. If I need to get as far left around a tree as possible, I'm doing it with a TeeBird or Thunderbird thrown on more of a hyzer angle, not a Firebird. The Firebird will simply dump at the end of its flight, whereas the fairway speed disc will continue to carry on the hyzer angle and end up further left. But wait, what if there's a low ceiling? Then I'm going to the Destroyer thrown on a lower line at a lower speed, knowing that the fade will bring the left edge of the disc down to play the skip shot. But what if there's longer grass that I can't skip off of? Well then I'm probably going to throw the Firebird on more of a flex line, which would allow me to better maximize the height of the gap and still allow it to fall left at the end. But what if there's a left-to-right wind? Maybe an anny-sidearm with a neutral stability fairway driver can make the corner.

Only a Sith fool deals in absolutes.

Then you have guys like Danny Lindahl... No offense to Danny, but I'm a bigger guy and he out throws me.

Heck, I was watching one of those "Throw with a pro" videos, and dude comes out, puts up a good drive only to have one of the FPO gals destroy it. Like "Was that 350'? Here's 450' off the backboard, nothing but net." Jennifer Allen has a record throw of 568'. :o

Same token, I don't have any pitchers in my rec league who throw 80mph+ fastballs. And those last 20mph are hard to get. I dunno... If this was a baseball sub and every single guy was saying they threw 95mph fastballs... Why aren't you playing in the minors at least?

Same deal when guys come in here bragging about pro distance. Why have you not achieved local legend status by now? You suck at every other aspect of the game?

100mph fastballs are thrown by physical freaks who have gone through years of intense training, diet, computer simulations... And I don't think Disc Golf has seen it's version of that yet.

While pros may throw 450-550', your average rec league player is going to be in the 350' range, with a few going longer, but not by that much. And much like baseball, the difference between 350' and 450' is huge. That last 20% takes 2000% of the training and effort to get to increment by increment.

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People have been throwing 100 mph fastballs for a long time though; long before the intense training, diet, and computer simulations ever came into play. Guys like Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan, Satchel Paige, Bob Feller, Steve Carlton, Walter Johnson, etc. were breaking 100 mph in their time. Seems like too much credit on modern technology, and not enough on the pure talent that these people have. Human bodies are not all made the same. Some people are just flat out better at certain things.

This seems like a notable round by Will Schusterick in 2013. Scored a 36 for 18 holes during round 3.

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OK, that's just crazy. Josh Childs averaged 1038 golf for the tournament and still lost by 8 strokes. And Will shot a 956 rated second round.

Innova wedge and innova mirage both have this, as well as any V model (for example CobraV), as u/ElevatedDiscGolf pointed out. I'll post pics in a minute of discs I have which match this criteria.

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True, but I would add that all the V-series discs are beaded, whereas the Dart is not.

I can't remember the last time I jerked off in the morning, but like I mentioned in another comment about this by the time I'm actually that awake it's usually gone soft. Also, it's not like we jerk off every time we get an erection. I probably get a dozen every day just at work, largely because my job is boring and my imagination is not. It can go from soft to hard back to soft within a minute if I think of something hot then get distracted. Getting an erection for me is pretty much a non-event unless I'm already planning on actually doing something with it.

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Aww man, you're missing out. Morning jerks can be day-changing.

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To be honest, I prefer really big, natural boobs, but I find some smaller boobed women attractive too, Olivia Munn for example.

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I had never heard of her, but this was one of the first images that came up when I googled her. Hardly what I would consider small.

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You take a look at him and tell me what you think. If you can honestly say you think he's not an asshole, then it's a group decision.

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From looking at him? This is a very poor way to determine such a thing.

Ya done got whooshed.

It’s a joke on how Drew addressed the question of whether or not one of Eagle’s shots was OB at a recent tournament.

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Oh shit, I totally did.

Not gonna lie, I ate this particular onion until I checked what sub I was on. I got so enraged, now I’m chuckling at it.

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What is rage-inducing about a gift card made of linen?

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wow they're going quick

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Yeah, they're gonna have to run some more to keep up with demand.

You talking about the two commentators who happen to work for the same entity as Paul?

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Also, everyone else that has covered disc golf.

Just keep throwing man, we all started right where you are. Pay attention to what the disc is doing in the air. Correct flight patterns you don’t like by manipulating some angles. It’s gonna take lots of throws before it all comes together, but that’s the fun part.

I've thrown every brand over 20 years. Innova used to be the best.

However, I've just found that they're too inconsistent. I have 2 Champ Teebirds, and one flies like a Teebird, the other flies like a Whippet. When McBeast has 6 star destroyers in varying degrees of stability... When "flat-top" Rocs are much better than their domey counterparts... Yeah, they have a consistency issue.

In 20 years I haven't thrown everything... Can I tell you that the FD is better than the Getaway? No, because I don't have a Getaway. So, when people recommend the most popular discs, the question is, what else have they thrown? There's an instant suspicion that the poster only shops at Dick's, and may not have tried any of the other options. For all you know, I could be a guy who's been playing for a month and still has an Innova starter kit I got at WalMart.

And on that same note... 90% of people probably started with Innova and hated whatever distance driver they got long before they knew how to throw one. As they progressed, they branched out, and found "better" Teebirds, "longer Valkyries", and "more accurate Rocs". It's the problem with being the one everything is compared against.

For the sake of argument... Let's say from day 1 I started throwing MVP. I just got my first Teebird and LOVE it. Would I refer to the Teebird as a "shorter" Volt? Or is it a "longer" Servo? Anyone who's decided to bag a Teebird clone instead of a Teebird is naturally going to think it's a "better" disc.

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I get what you're saying about how frustrating it is to buy a disc with an expectation that it will fly the same as the one sitting right next to it. When you buy two of the same thing, and they perform differently, it makes it really tough to commit to that disc in the future.

I'm not sure which point you're trying to prove with Paul carrying 6 Destroyers, and flat-top Rocs being "better" than regular Rocs though. Paul carries 6 Destroyers, not because they were all different when they were new, but because they have been beaten in to different levels of wear. All 6 of those things fly a little bit differently, but now he has a Destroyer ready for any situation that comes up.

Flat-top Rocs fly differently than regular, more domey Rocs, but I know people on both sides of the fence on which version is "better".

I don't think either of those things relate to consistency of the production process.

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