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pixeloid00 commented on a post in r/overlord
pixeloid00 3 points

This whole part was tense, I think demi is unto something but he just doesn't have enough data, and it's quite dangerous in a real battle demi has no chance to defeat albedo, her defense is the strongest of all guardians and she also have her world item that causes massive area damage.

pixeloid00 commented on a post in r/overlord
Historicus-Maximus 6 points

I have a problem with the "scary eyes" bit, because I can't comprehend how a person with scary eyes look. Tried searching for different kinds of intense eyes, but nothing showing up that'll make me think "wow that's creepy eyes". I understand it conceptually, but it makes no sense to me. Which is why it's always weird in japanese anime/manga to have those kind of characters.

Only thing I can relate to is if it was an aversion to staring at people, but that's something different.

pixeloid00 2 points

It's a common trope in anime and manga

pixeloid00 commented on a post in r/overlord
littlevictim 66 points

Nferia torturing Ainz telling him how good sex is while fully knowing he is a skelleton

pixeloid00 10 points

Like a drowning man talking to a man dying of thirst, how ruthless are newworlders

KHlover 101 points

Lmfao King Ainz #24. Ainz-sama is such a lovable goofball.

LMFAO Nfirea. I had hoped we'd get some kind of update on Carne, but I'd never have expected Nfirea to brag about his sex life to Ainz. Sasuga, Maruyama-sama.

pixeloid00 8 points

General enri must squeeze him to death

pixeloid00 commented on a post in r/overlord
DaedLizrad 5 points

Yeah I use to point this out in Superman threads all the time, it's actually grossly hypocritical of him to not conquer the world as he has the power to do so and he has a personal moral code that lets him justify to himself being above the law.

In a sense if he thinks things are okay as they are he shouldn't be fighting crime(saving the world is fair game though) and if he thinks his vigilante actions are justified he should be enforcing his will over the widest reach he's capable.

pixeloid00 3 points

Just like those who defend batman putting joker In jail instead of Killing him for any retard reason, in the long run he'll kill more people Cuz he can't change or be reformed.

pixeloid00 commented on a post in r/mexico
zeruel01 -8 points

el pleno Senado de la República aprobó reformar la ley para dar licencia por tiempo indefinido y con goce de sueldo, a los trabajadores con hijos que tengan algún tipo de cáncer.

solo veo formas de explotar esta madre lol , quizas se necesitan mas reglas en el juego , tal ves como si es fase terminal o si es realmente incurable

pixeloid00 9 points

Repentinamente diputado y senadores yéndose de vacaciones porque sus hijos les dio cáncer

pixeloid00 commented on a post in r/overlord
hellpunch 3 points

Do you mean when the young girl suddendly was able to do almost the same actions as the Mc that spent like most of his life there?

pixeloid00 1 point

that's what you didn't like? yeah maybe LH isn't for you.

hellpunch 3 points

along with the fact that they were highly annoying?

pixeloid00 1 point

whatever man, i get it, you don't like LH.

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pixeloid00 commented on a post in r/overlord
MysteriousShepherd 13 points

ah ok i see it now , he can be very strong when 1v1

pixeloid00 24 points

strong and flexible, he can be all classes, magician, brawler, healer, tank.

pixeloid00 1 point

All of them, he is best boy.

pixeloid00 commented on a post in r/overlord
SOlsWyx 89 points

Then ainz woke up

pixeloid00 63 points

that's sad.

King_Of_The_Cold 21 points

We should all be hurt

pixeloid00 17 points

i took critical damage.

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pixeloid00 commented on a post in r/mexico
eleazargdl -22 points

Los homosexuales no pueden tener una relacion normal. Por que ser homsexual es una perversion, asi como la zoofilia, necrofilia o pedofilia. Cualquier desviacion sexual es prohibida por Dios, inclusive tener sexo que no sea con el fin de reproducirse es pecado... Todos los normiellenials en este sub piensan que "es normal" por falta de valores

pixeloid00 6 points

Low quality bait.

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