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Escalating income inequality and installation of a billionaire as president made me realize that, as a corporate lawyer, I was part of a system that has been hijacked by the megarich to entrench and expand their power and turn the whole world into an oligopoly. I retired early last year at 48.

I have nothing against free markets, capitalism or democracy per se — I’m just saying that they’ve been co-opted by the global rich for their short term benefit. I’ve seen it (helped it) happen from the inside over the last 20 years.

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This may be to avoid a copyright violation. Google has been sued for scraping photos from their original sources and placing them without context or creator details on their page. The settlements have led to limits on how Google can present images in search results.

I think it’s good because it encourages clicking through to the presenting webpage. In exchange for a little more convenience, we are giving Google too much power.

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Reminds me of: A blind man with a seeing-eye dog walks into a store, and suddenly starts wildly spinning the dog around his head by the leash. Dodging the dog whipping around in circles around the blind man, the store manager says “Sir! Sir! What are you doing?!” The blind man says “Oh, just looking around.”

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I think that we retreat to nothingness whenever we are not expressly having a self-aware moment. Consciousness is just the brief feeling you get in those rare moments when you turn your attention to your own existence. At all other times you don’t exist. Your mind and body just go through the motions of life mechanically.

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That is a difference, but not the biggest difference. The biggest difference is that you live in a world controlled more firmly than ever by the megarich for their short-term benefit, to the detriment of your generation and future generations.

I just retired. It’s not my problem. You kids better get the fucking revolution started because there is not much time.

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Did some quick searching and it looks like a production company called Frank Meets Wolf makes lots of EDM videos like this. I think these are actors, not random girls at a concert.

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But, Elon, she says that Tesla walked it back. So the journalists didn’t sign NDAs. So you were okay with the info going to competitors?

He is being so stupid. He doesn’t have to apologize or fabricate why his companies want to control the information flow. Every PR person would want to if they had the power.

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You should get Xtratuf Sharkbyte deck shoes. Similar look to these, but they’re amazing. Really light, durable, totally waterproof, comfortable, basically sneakers that look like casual dress loafers. I bought them randomly while just browsing for new sneakers, and I love them a lot. (This sounds like spam or hailcorporate, but I’m just saying.)

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There is a potentially non-racist interpretation where the commenter is accusing Dolezal of being racist (that is, she is a clueless white woman trying to be black so she acts in accordance with racist stereotypes because she thinks they are true).

But that is being more charitable than the comment is worth.

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Thank you for sharing this. You did a great job conveying what it meant to you. It’s so nice when someone who is deserving gets something they didn’t feel entitled to or expect, but appreciates.

I think I’m quitting Reddit today on this high note.

The_Chonto 47 points

Nah, it's not sexist. He gave it to you cuz he knew you'd appreciate it the most, which is obvious to anyone who reads this. You deserve it.

pmmeyourbackhollow 18 points

Just to clarify, she says she feels like it was sexist of her to assume that he’d give it to a son. It actually makes it nicer (and, as you say, more deserved) that the person who got it didn’t feel entitled.

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