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Im sorry but how are rivers of plastic and garbage flowing into the ocean from Haiti not a threat to humanity already? On top of that the planet is being roasted and entire species are dying out along with the reefs. How the fuck are we not on red alert now???

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« The economy, fools! »     Famous line amongst Europa Universalis players

First time I've heard of this project, and this is really impressive!!!

Lots and lots of respect for the amount of work you put in this awesome tools! Just Wow!

Remind me of Aviary Attorney for some reason.

Nice work

Now, I want Psyonix to make a "D.Bag cap" topper…

I am under the impression that piracy will still be a thing for shows and movies if all the networks keep wanting to each launcher a streaming service of their own...

So… this game takes place on a terraformed moon, or… ?

I got 1k hours and can barely do it

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I can… In free-play consistently… But never in matches for some reason…

Comment deleted12 days ago

Yep, I regularly do the dribbling challenge #2. I have No big trouble going through the 25-ish first levels.

It definitely is. But the problem with certifications is you don't see it in game, it doesn't add anything tangible, so to everyone else it's just a regular painted item. The White Hat however you can notice and you immediately know it's rare.

But yes, certified painted BMs are in the short term (and probably even in the long term) all rarer than a White Hat (this includes Burnt Sienna Turtle Singularity, that doesn't make it worth that much).

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I never understood why they never gave anything tangible and visible for certifications.

I mean, something like even a shiny gold/bronze/diamond badge under/next to your gamertag would do the trick.

My ball chase instincts don't like this

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Same. I had unexpected spasms watching this, lol.

I makes way more sense with the batmobile for some reason…

Like at all? God if I forget to brush my teeth feel disgusting.

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Yup. I wouldn't be able to go to sleep if I couldn't brush my teeth…

On the other hand, if you want the ball, bloody go for it!

If you're willing to wait motionlessly for a high ball to land on you, or if you hesitate too long, I may not have the patience to wait for the opponent to outplay you.

You are right, but I prefer my chat like I prefer my alarm clock: off.

Too lazy to turn it back on at the end of each game. Sorry =(

I can’t wait until NPCs have true AI and their suffering is real.

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Nah. They'll pay you a few bucks to make a digital copy of your conscience and transfer it to the game to live an eternal role as an NPC. Until the server shuts down that is.

That’s what he gets I guess for being afk

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Probably a salty kid that quit when his forfeit was rejected at 4-1 lol

Longest by one minute. People oversell that fact.

Nice pic' though!

This just shows how large the ISS really is. If the moon is 3,474 km across then ISS must be 50km minimum

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Tell me you're joking…

What do you mean? 3,474 / 50 = 69.48 Just by looking you can see that it would take less than 69 space stations to span the moon

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Nice troll. FYI: the real ISS dimensions are 72.8x108.5x20 m (239x356x66 ft)

I use it to sip water.

I'll accept to make an effort whenever I'm asked to skip replays, but you better ask nicely and say "please" or be sure that I won't ever skip them again.

From my experience, even in Diamond, nobody in 3s will ever trust you for a 0 sec shot/dribble.

They will take their 95% chance of hitting the ball directly to the ground against your 25% chance of making it to the goal every single time.

Note to self: don’t piss off the police in France

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Sidenote: especially if you don't look or sound "european enough", or look like you'd be the kind to protest the government policy.

So if I’m American I should just keep my mouth shut and not make eye contact?

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I guess you'd be fine as long as you positively look like a tourist.

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0 points · 21 days ago

Maybe I'm just not old enough yet, but I never stumbled my toe into anything. Like how are people doing that? You gotta stop walking when you approach a wall/table/chair/...

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Oh it'll happen. Just remember your comment when it does.

Original Poster55 points · 22 days ago

We're going to be doing the same for Rocket League in China soon. Because rates, etc. for RL China are different than the Rocket League you're playing, we didn't want there to be any confusion once that information becomes public.

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Come on, you know we know why you're really publishing this info now…

Rocket league doesn't have a big enough pool of players to perma ban

I'd rather have to wait a bit longer and always have nice and fun games than having to deal with extremely toxic people. Quality over quantity.

that will ban someone if they say these kinda of things.

You do realize that they just get banned from using the chat, and that only for 24 hours? I doubt anyone actually cares for that punishment. At least a sort of game ban will be more annoying

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Rocket league doesn't have a big enough pool of players to perma ban

I'd rather have to wait a bit longer and always have nice and fun games than having to deal with extremely toxic people. Quality over quantity.


Also, Psyonix needs impulsive kids to buy keys…

Really? I never knew that

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I'm pretty sure he's actually wrong about that.

I'll re-check later.

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