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pomosexuality commented on a post in r/beta
Madbrad200 1 point

Are messages retained permanentlt, like in current PMs, and more common chat apps like FB, Discord, Slack, etc., or will they be more temporary like Steam or IRC, that only store until viewed and are gone?

This isn't true with regards to irc. There are many ways to store pms, like using a bouncer/znc.

The irc client irccloud does it all for you.

pomosexuality 6 points

These are all third party solutions. Nothing is guaranteed to be temporary, but the IRC protocol at its core is solely concerned with getting the message across, not what happens with it afterwards.

Madbrad200 1 point

The power of irc is that you can access it through hundreds of different clients and configure it how you like. IRC is capable of saving messages, is my point.

pomosexuality 4 points

I guess I'm conflating clients with protocols. Most of these companies wrap up their chat in a proprietary client and don't really give you the freedom that IRC has with what happens with your conversations. Its very easy to run a bouncer for IRC but since it often is an extra step outside the default I think of more transient chat platforms as 'IRC-like' in a way that might be disingenuous to the protocol as it is used today.

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pomosexuality commented on a post in r/changelog
pomosexuality 88 points

This is extremely disappointing to hear from a company once considered at the vanguard of a free internet and advocates for a healthy future for software. There are plenty of alternative procedures you could have chosen, but you have decided to take the most selfish path.

pomosexuality commented on a post in r/modnews
pomosexuality 59 points

Frankly, this is an atrocious decision. I was okay with fumble after fumble your team has issued for most of the last decade. Your team has slowly but surely turned every new feature into a bland bloggish ripoff and I held my tongue knowing that anything I don't like I can fix for myself in the end. This is a joke, excuse me for not laughing.

Removing CSS for some stupid banner image and color scheme will suck the soul out of your website. I hope you're real proud of your direction because someone has to be.

pomosexuality commented on a post in r/modmailbeta
powerlanguage 4 points

Thank you for the detailed report, I've filed a ticket for this bug.

pomosexuality 1 point

When you fix this bug, can you have it just not erase the modmail that's out of sight at all, rather than only fix the fact that it messes up deleting modmails in sight after enough scrolling?

pomosexuality commented on a post in r/changelog
pomosexuality 20 points

It would be hypocritical of me to voice concern over this new batch of filters and not the old batch, but if we will expect additional filters every two weeks and eventually a continuous filtering process once the system is automated, I do have one important question which has not been addressed yet:

How do subreddits get taken off the filter? Is there a decay to the 'level' of desire to hide a subreddit when users filter it?

For those who don't believe /r/popular is more than a placeholder and is intended to last for, say, ten years, let's assume so for a moment. Let's say a filtered subreddit 'cleans up its act,' whatever that means, and becomes a worthwhile community to browse again in the eyes of the average user. Does it ever get off the filter list? It isn't like the users who filtered it will ever see that it's improved and take it off their filter...they explicitly hid the sub.

Is it dependent on how many new users go out of their way to filter a sub? How is that processed? How do we prevent a cycle of:

  1. subreddit filtered heavily
  2. subreddit removed from /r/popular
  3. subreddit loses attention of the many users who don't browse /r/all or is drowned out by the subreddits who get the boost of views from /r/popular
  4. subreddit doesn't get filtered much by new users anymore, gets unfiltered

Or is that cycle supposed to be considered healthy? In this cycle there is no evidence that the subreddit community or mod team has made any efforts to change it for the better, so I personally wouldn't agree with that assessment.

pomosexuality commented on a post in r/VXJunkies
pomosexuality 2 points

We know a lot more about Russian VX than it seems. It is true that many of the state projects are considered 'lost' to the industry but you should recall how closely US-Soviet-Sweden VX braided together. In the VX Race there is a peculiar tale of rebellion, I'm certain you've heard of it, that Koalitsiya leaked US and USSR developments to one another under the threat of the regime in the name of a pure and open truth...if you haven't read The Iron Drum it's incredibly informative and gripping to boot.

The point I'm getting at is that while many specific Russian projects are still wonders of engineering, a lot of credit in VX development in the US goes to the USSR, and vice versa! The VX Race was much closer than either side wishes to admit, because so many theories we take for granted today are essentially collaborative works of equal parts genius and espionage. In the post-Soviet era you've seen the accreditation of numerous Russian visionaries in efforts to recognize a lost industry.

Translation troubles are overblown in my opinion. What with all the doc rot the US suffered in the 70s' and 80s' commercialization boom, we're just as bad as they were. Plus grey ops VX work just casually leaking into applied processes in the bigger firms...all I mean to say is Soviet data loss is nothing new or special to the industry. A the real big issue right now is module loss: Soviet modules are all special in their own right, and while a number of them probably don't fit OSHA or VXRR today they're incredibly interesting for study in how they push the limits of material sciences, like the rVoyun 9-100. That baby is a marvel of capacitance, glows blue and heats your house in the dead of winter of course, but what a design! There used to be a whole warehouse of V9s, and when the curtain dropped they were scattered to the winds. Only in 2007 with Dreman's essay did anybody stop and notice: all the V9s are gone, burned themselves out, and nobody knows where to find another. Lost! And it's happening for modules across the board, unarchived because there's no profit in learning from something 'dangerous,' what a joke.

If you'll allow me to indulge in a little pet theory, you remember how flexicite suddenly dropped in price in 2003? I always figured NATO/SWE groups had developed alternate detection forms (cloud/stream signatures perhaps) for years and propped up the flexicite as 'incentive for Western efforts' when really they wanted the Soviets to feel comfortable with an inferior radar avoidance. When the jig was up, state flexicite wasn't worth a fraction of its old price, but we've had it propped up as top-of-the-line so that private firms can gobble up the excess and earn back some of that dumped revenue. I never corroborated this theory with any of my friends in direct MILVX work or Boeing though, it's just wild speculation ;)

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pomosexuality [M] [score hidden]

EDIT: Looks like the situation is rather stabilized. If anything comes up past this point, it will likely warrant a new thread.

Credit to /u/BlatantConservative here, /u/ImPinkSnail for the live thread, and /u/Hazardous-Drunk for the original thread and the subreddit, as non-mod comments cannot be stickied.

Additional news streams:

Additional primary sources (though not the best way to parse the situation):

Please reply to this message or PM me if there is additional information or information streams worth putting up here.

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mannyrmz123 610,014 points

Alexis, although your words are kind, I believe the best way YOU can help reddit cope with this kind of issues is to improve the modding staff/etiquette/regulation in the site.

Places like /r/worldnews, /r/news, /r/the_donald and other subreddits have grown into cesspools of terrible comments and lots of hatred.

PLEASE do something to improve this.

pomosexuality 1 point

/r/news mod here. The default subreddits are very large and very active, especially ours. We are diligent when it comes to cracking down on the sort of comments that make the subreddit a cesspool as you suggest, but even as we grow our mod team to scale with the community it is simply not feasible for us to catch every racist, insulting, inflammatory, or false comment that one of our millions of users makes. We encourage you to report these comments and help us catch anything that violates the subreddit rules.

pomosexuality commented on a post in r/graphicnovels
pomosexuality 3 points

I read it a long time ago, so my memory on it is hazy. My strongest recollection of the story is that "this is an incredibly Scott McCloud-esque book," like, it isn't that I could see where the story was going (not at all!), but as it unraveled I remember thinking "of course Scott would make it this way!" Though not in a literal sense, I think in that regard the comic can subtly be taken as a portrait of the artist.

The book didn't jive with me 100%, just out of personal preference. Scott is someone who I also disagree with on a lot of points when it comes to comics but I have an absolute respect for the man and the principles to which he holds his art. I don't love the Sculptor, but in the same way I really do respect it.

madlee 10 points

Thanks for the feedback, but keep in mind that this is not a beta feature, this is a really early test. The design has actually iterated a couple of times since we started testing this version!

pomosexuality 3 points

Good to know, and great work! I did notice that, for example, an earlier iteration someone ported to their own subreddit did not have the hover on comment buttons as early as a few days ago. If I knew the details though I probably wouldn't have treated each point like it was already finalized for a beta. Thanks for all you do :)

FFSnipe 1 point

This isnt a beta thing. This would be an a/b testing thing reddit is doing.

pomosexuality 4 points

I've posted A/B feedback here before. There's no other subreddit for it.

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pomosexuality commented on a post in r/announcements
spez [A] 2,003 points

admins (employees) can't do this in general. It's because I had access to everything as an engineer, which we are limiting going forward.

pomosexuality 2,754 points

Alternatively: can you make a subreddit where every user can edit every other user's post? Then we can all powertrip.

/u/powerlanguage pls

powerlanguage 441 points

April Fools' Day 2010 did something like this (t'was before my time). Users thought they were given the power to ban each other and edit titles: /r/

pomosexuality 104 points

I'll give you credit for that anyways.

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pomosexuality 1 point

Oh, it gets even better! Scrolling doesn't sync with the freaking offloading so if I scroll far enough the text that loads gets higher and higher up the page until it disappears!

pomosexuality 1 point

Also: middle-clicking on the permalink in any list of modmails doesn't open the mail in a new tab. The design is going out of its way to gut the fundamental functionality of plaintext. I just don't understand.

pomosexuality commented on a post in r/news
[deleted] 8 points


pomosexuality -1 points

I hope it didn't really come off that way. I was furious with the guy through and through and lashed out at him and the subreddit in question. I may have come off as nicer later on but that was after I gathered my composure, had a moment to think. I realized that, whether or not his reputation is salvageable, he isn't wrong that there has to be a third option to just banning the sub or not...something that ultimately has nothing to do with his screwup, which was shameful and catastrophic.

EDIT: Also honestly posting in my user history is kinda a jerk move, feel free to PM me if you have something to say that I should hear.

usechoosername 1 point

I have noticed more mods giving a comment of blessing to the winning article. The one that won't be deleted as a duplicate. Is this a thing now or did I not notice before as it was hidden in the rest of the comments?

pomosexuality 2 points

I think it's something akin to a reddit in-joke at this point. Major events flood the /new queue with duplicate posts but only one of them is going to be allowed to stay up in most subreddits. I'm not entirely sure when that sort of thing started!

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pomosexuality commented on a post in r/news
2th 9 points

Dear mods, how the hell are you doing the gradient for Nebraska?

pomosexuality [M] 3 points

The CSS is a huge mess, but I walk away from this election with a bit of pride for being able to wing the styling on a whim. Note that the gradient for Nebraska looks great in Firefox but in Chrome the gradient tiles across each cell and I'm not sure how to deal with that. The dummy element is also something I can't explain, but apparently the first element in my styling just doesn't acknowledge the CSS.

.stickied .expando .md table tbody tr:nth-child(0), /*dummy element*/
.stickied .expando .md table tbody tr:nth-child(28) {
  background: #ffb2b2; /* For browsers that do not support gradients */
  background: -webkit-linear-gradient(left, #ffb2b2 , #ffb2b2 , #c2c2ff); /* For Safari 5.1 to 6.0 */
  background: -o-linear-gradient(right, #ffb2b2 , #ffb2b2 , #c2c2ff); /* For Opera 11.1 to 12.0 */
  background: -moz-linear-gradient(right, #ffb2b2 , #ffb2b2 , #c2c2ff); /* For Firefox 3.6 to 15 */
  background: linear-gradient(to right, #ffb2b2 , #ffb2b2 , #c2c2ff); /* Standard syntax (must be last) */
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