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This is a great gym. I appreciate all they do for the Oakland and Jiu Jitsu community, both very close to me. Shout out to Josuke!

14 points · 9 days ago

How is this event any different then all the Beer and BJJ events that go on?

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Yeah that's what it reminded me of when I first saw it, those Beer Chug Baseball Leagues. It is kind of more complicated though because BJJ is a ranked system, and black belts did participate in this event, which can be problematic for any outsiders seeing this and making that association. However, did anyone outside of BJJ even know this event happened?

As an aside, I watched some clips from the event and it was pretty bad. It was actually very frustrating to watch these guys roll because they weren't moving very well and didn't accomplish...much (hey, I guess that's a lot like watching Baseball Beer Leagues too). That being said, I would imagine that kids would be turned off by the lack of talent and skill displayed rather than turned on by the fact that they're smoking datch heefer on the mats. Skill probably has more influential currency.

105 points · 13 days ago

This clip was from the High Rollerz tournament this past weekend. Gi + EBI rules. Everyone smokes before starting their matches and 1st place wins a pound of weed 😂

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Original Poster60 points · 13 days ago

Round earth = disqualification

5 points · 23 days ago · edited 23 days ago

I don't know man I take this as some kind of weird defect in a small number of units. Very unusual. You can see people literally doing board slides on rails with Lou boards and they're still working fine to this day.

Still though, pretty annoying to have this happen and have to deal with shipping it back, etc. Have you contacted Lou?

Original Poster7 points · 23 days ago · edited 23 days ago

When you slide a rail it pushed the board up, massive difference in tension. Take the lead of a plastic box it will fold much easier if you fold it inside than outside.

Edit: Seriously? Downvoted for physics 101? A concave object folds 10 times easier on the inside than on the outside.

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Did you watch the video and notice all the other brutal things he was doing to the board while standing on it normally? He was doing that shit over and over again too and the thing didn't budge. That was a year ago and he still rides it to this day without any problems. It seems like you just have an unusually defective unit, and I agree that sucks. Contact Lou.

Yes chaps this is the tea on belly. SPOT ON!

"Parenthood will be fun, they said."

No they didn't.

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Fuck that, parenthood is fun. That dude is just a weak ass dad ;P

Your name says otherwise.

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the name refers to my own poo thankyouverymuch

Ollie. Turn. Slide. And ride away clean.

Nailed it.

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This board is hottt. Did he say that grip tape was foam? I like that it's a alternative to traditional grip tape that seems less abrasive, but I thought it would be some other kind of material. Hope it's durable. Otherwise, pretty slick!

Damn, surprised how many people on this sub have come from no history of traditional skating

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Generally, these guys aren't skateboarders - they don't know how to do this kind of shit and possibly don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. They're e-skateboarders which I've found out is something completely different.

But I know what you're talking about since I used to skate too! Crack nollies aren't as easy on my board since the nose is pretty short (Acton Blink). I do little bumps off of the same cracks with my back wheels instead when not accelerating. Pretty chunky though! I think with something like a Lou Board it might be easier, even with the nose cause it's so light.

Wrist locks make people leave reviews for restaurants?

1/5 stars, will not visit this eatery again due to painful wrist injury

This is hottt. I prefer non-grip tape decks for commute boards. Grip tape is pretty abrasive and doesn't play well with clothes and skin. Lou did a good job with their Penny waffle-esk surface but I like this too!

Sounds like one of the most level-headed approaches to teach a lesson that's ever been posted on this sub.

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Yeah I'm used to old school Brazilian method of The Enforcer™

This guy says such polarizing shit sometimes.

Did anyone see that video he released to promote his Sheepdog training course thing? In the video, he's pretty much just dominating these guys with wrestling and Jiu Jitsu from on top and telling them stuff like 'This is not Jiu Jitsu! You feel that? I just tore your eyes out. Old man Jiu Jitsu is for old men to fuckin die!' It's kind of weird to watch, especially since he was dominating them with Jiu Jitsu and wrestling, as a black belt under Gracie Humaita, UFC fighter, and former wrestler. By comparison, I'm sure none of those guys matched with him even closely in terms of hand to hand skill. It's like if he were punching a bunch of helpless dudes in the face while telling them punching is for pussies.

It's some cringe shit but I understand that he probably has good intentions.

Holy crap who cares about the bjj diss. That video was freaking insane. "I guarantee if any of you pulled out a gun, I'd take that gun and beat you half to death with it". This guy is crazy.

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Yeah and he's right, because he's a top level UFC fighter, BJJ black belt, and accomplished wrestler. He didn't take a Sheepdog course to become like that, and none of the guys participating will either. My point is that Tim is a fucking killing machine no doubt, but I don't think you can become a Tim Kennedy or even remotely like him with any kind of weekend seminar (or week, or even a month long one). You have to dedicated a lot of time to this stuff, and it's kind of weird to use that training on these guys while simultaneously dissing it.

Hopefully his intentions are to at least expose these guys to what they can become with similar training. Anything to increase training for military or law enforcement is a good thing.

When he was getting shot at and scurried behind that well, I actually said out loud that he moves pretty fuckin' fast for an old man

Ah, I didn't realize when you posted this on the r/carrotweather sub that you didn't have a Premium Club membership. That's really recommended if you want to use the complications, otherwise the app doesn't update its data in the background very often. That's likely the cause of the issues you're experiencing as I haven't really gotten any reports about the complication data not updating correctly.

The reason the subscription is necessary is because the complications need to update automatically in the background every 30 minutes. Unfortunately, my weather data provider charges a small amount for each weather data request - and this quickly adds up when the Apple Watch complication is requesting 48 updates per day. (For comparison’s sake, a user who doesn’t have a complication installed typically uses only 1 or 2 update requests per day.) Without charging extra for the subscription, in just 1 year it would cost me more to supply you the weather data than you paid for the app. So I either had to offer a subscription or not make an Apple Watch app at all!

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Hold on, doesn't the complication update manually if I go into the Carrot app on my Apple Watch? This was always the case for me, but recently I'm experiencing the same problem as OP - the info on both the watch and the iPhone app do not match the complication.

God bless the Canadians, nature's friendliest mistake

166 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

BJJ competitors aren't fighters. They're BJJ competitors. Doesn't mean they aren't dangerous in a fight or can't fight, but merely being a BJJ competitor does not make you a fighter. By definition a fighter is one who fights. There is certainly disagreement over what constitutes a fight, but I think most people would agree that an MMA match is much closer to the Platonic ideal of what a fight is than a BJJ match.

Lots of people are tough as hell, in good shape, mentally strong, would do well in a fight, but are not fighters. Football and rugby players, wrestlers, Judoka, and BJJ competitors would all fall into this category as would plenty of others.

Edit: Adding in this from my own response later, because it's an important part of the equation that I should have thought of when I first posted:

I'll tell you why I don't consider grappling matches to be fights, but I do consider boxing to be a fight: the intent of a grappling match is not to hurt the other guy. Dominate, yes. Take to the point of injury, yes. But actually injure? No. We have a whole culture built around not hurting people. Contrast that with boxing, Muay Thai, full contact Karate, etc. All those sports involve actively trying to seriously hurt your opponent in the normal course of competition.

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It's funny because if you look across this spectrum of combative definitions, you have people like Tim Kennedy hating it when fighters call themselves warriors. Because he's in the military and all that, and has been in actual wars n shit, he's expressed on many occasions that he considers it ridiculous when fighters call themselves warriors. Food for thought

I imagine his inconsistency is because of brain damage since he refuses to wear a helmet.

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You're a fucking dork

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