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The O.P.'s username is "poo_on_the_wall", but is 'poo' a noun or a verb, here?

Are you the feces themselves, smeared upon the surface of a wall?

Or are you instructing us to actively defecate on a wall?

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Original Poster5 points · 3 days ago


How old or new is this?

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I bet he makes a great hobo chicken chili

333 points · 12 days ago

This sub in 12 hours: "So, fat and out of shape at 52, I decided to get in shape. I went to a BJJ gym, and as soon as he saw me, some roided-up guy started screaming for his friends to dogpile me..."

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lol beat me to it!

This is almost as surprising as when Bob 'Beerchugger4Lyfe' Jones of 10th Planet Beer Chuggin Jiu Jitsu won the Beer Chugging Jiu Jitsu competition

Can you tell me more about this competition?

I would like to participate.

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Takedown = chug a beer

Get taken down = chug a beer

Pass the guard = chug a beer

Get your guard passed = chug a beer

Sweep or submit = chug a beer

Get swept or submitted = chug a beer

Disqualification = chug a beer

'Just go to Sizzler'

Good god what's up with the music. Would rather have listened to 16 minutes of Smoke Serpent (not really tho)

When my coach clicks the round timer to 10 minute rolls, I die a little inside. 11 hour roll would probably make me die for real.

I downloaded Hyper Light Drifter yesterday for our review and haven't experienced any issues like OP is stating. So far everything has been silky smooth. Now I am only about two hours in right now but have been through a couple of areas that have large numbers of enemies already.

Not saying OP is wrong, just haven't had the same experience. I'll stay on the lookout though and report back what I find.

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This reminds me of Yelp reviews that are totally opposite from each other:

Review 1: 'This place was horrible! Saw a cockroach in my food and it spit on my face!! Never eat here again!'

Review 2: 'This place was excellent. You could eat off the floor it was so clean. I will eat here again.'

4 points · 23 days ago · edited 23 days ago

Call them berimbrolos. Done!

Been there too brotha. Worse yet is that it further sucks the life out of you by making you think twice about laughing! How you sleeping? I couldn't even lay down with mine so I had to sleep upright in a sofa. Good times!

I am still excited but jesus christ I hope the chores and camp maintenance aspect is not too overdone. There are definitely some games where things like that can definitely take you out of it and just be grueling to get through. I am very worried about that

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'Hey cousin, let's go bowling yes?'

I feel like this is the first good game that’s coming out in sooooo long (at least for Xbox).Serious gaming drought right now thank god for red dead

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You don't own a Switch do ya?

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7 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Well said. Anything else to add?

Edit - setup worth the downvotes

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I want to share my experience with trying Kratom for pain relief in a BJJ related injury.

Quick little history:

  • I was prescribed Norco (Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen) about 2 years ago for a serious lower back injury. Couldn't stand, sit, or lay down without excruciating pain. Took one pill and was like, 'What injury?'

  • On Norco, I enjoyed muting the pain and being somewhat functional during my healing period, which would otherwise be to 'just wait and heal' in pain like most doctors prescribe (in addition to RICE, Rest Ice Compression Elevation).

  • Very pleasant healing period on Norco. Actually changed my whole perspective & philosophy on what 'healing' is for me. Stopped the pills after a little over a week. Did not get addicted, and haven't felt the urge to take any more since. I've been back on the mats injury free for about 2 years.

  • Recently injured my neck on a smaller scale, wanted more Norco from the doc but was denied because I guess doctors feel uneasy about giving these things out upon request. This is medical politics bullshit that I'd rather not get into.

  • Heard about Kratom from the Joe Rogan podcast and other sources. Since I couldn't get conventional pain killers from my doctor, I ordered some Kratom online.

I took Kratom for 4 days and I think it's a pretty good pain reliever, almost comparable to a medical grade opiate like Norco. That's pretty impressive given that it's just a ground up leaf in a capsule. Definitely tons more pain relief than taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen paired with RICE. It worked very well for me and I will keep this stuff handy if I need it in the future. Probably won't ask the doctor for pain pills ever again.

I'm not going to say I recommend it because I'm not a professional, and it is an opiate, which people react to very differently. However, I do want to share my experience so you guys know about this option - especially if you're in the same situation. You should definitely do your own research and come to an educated conclusion as I have before you try 'alt medicine' like this.

Also, I'd like to ask if anyone else here has any experience with this stuff too and would like to share similar stories?

TLDR: Took conventional opiate painkillers for an injury once, tried Kratom for a new injury and it works almost as well. Will use it again if needed.


Thank for this post! I've been training pretty regularly for over the last year while also working in the kratom industry as a political consultant and lobbyist. If any coaches or gym owners are interested in trying kratom, hosting products at their gym, and or have questions about it's legality, feel free to hit me up. Along with CBD and other safe, natural, alternatives, I think there is a huge opportunity for kratom to make it's way into the BJJ scene. Although it's not as socially sexy as cannabis, I think it could easily give cannabis a run for it's money in terms of popularity and practical applications.

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

If any coaches or gym owners are interested in trying kratom, hosting products at their gym...

Good god no haha

Is kratom something that you have to use for a while for it to be effective, or can you just take it randomly as needed?

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

I hope people would only take it when they need it, as I have. It's worked very well for me that way, and I don't plan on using it when I don't need it.

From these comments it looks like people are taking it long term, but that sounds like a bad idea.

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And at the top there are people waiting to kill you

164 points · 2 months ago

Know the guy in question and he is both level headed and professional. For context here is his original post: “So this happened...this guy harrased me for a block and half kept calling homo, told me he's going to kill me and swung...Thanks to the forever 21 security guy for filming and not even trying to help!!”

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Shout out to Mozart too! This guy has the sickest, most dynamic barimbolos I've ever felt. Woooo!

120 points · 2 months ago

Next post in this dramatic series, "I am a fire escape and I witnessed a jealous wife break up two breakdancing men ama"

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It all started with an elevator. Never forget

this is like the Inception of shitposts.. always another level

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I fucking love this shit


Some 40 year old guy attacked me last night because he thought I was trying to get his girl or something. I was just minding my own business at a bar celebrating my last round of chemotherapy, when I thought I saw my favorite female celebrity. I couldn't make out if it was her because it was so dark and the chemo makes my vision blurry, so I went in for a closer look. Next thing I know, the guy jumped on my back like a monkey and tried to strangle me with some crazy karate choke or something. He barked at the woman to flee while he was grunting and sweating all over me. I felt very violated and didn't know what the hell was going on, but he just let go of me and ran away. In retrospect, I think they were working as a team to rob me.

Then I saw the woman run up a fire escape. Very odd, she must have been on drugs or something. I tried to apologize for the misunderstanding but next thing I knew I was tackled by a crew of bouncers for no damn reason. One of them even groped my genitals while they were holding me down. And my wallet is missing! Thanks a lot for the worst night of my life you assholes!


I give this shit post a B +. It was well written, but I’m marking you off for the low degree of difficulty. You picked the lowest of low hanging fruit.

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Original Poster173 points · 2 months ago

Who among us has not feasted on low hanging fruit?? I regret nothing :D

This is a great gym. I appreciate all they do for the Oakland and Jiu Jitsu community, both very close to me. Shout out to Josuke!

Original Poster34 points · 3 months ago

I fuckn hate it when this happens

How is this event any different then all the Beer and BJJ events that go on?

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Yeah that's what it reminded me of when I first saw it, those Beer Chug Baseball Leagues. It is kind of more complicated though because BJJ is a ranked system, and black belts did participate in this event, which can be problematic for any outsiders seeing this and making that association. However, did anyone outside of BJJ even know this event happened?

As an aside, I watched some clips from the event and it was pretty bad. It was actually very frustrating to watch these guys roll because they weren't moving very well and didn't accomplish...much (hey, I guess that's a lot like watching Baseball Beer Leagues too). That being said, I would imagine that kids would be turned off by the lack of talent and skill displayed rather than turned on by the fact that they're smoking datch heefer on the mats. Skill probably has more influential currency.

105 points · 3 months ago

This clip was from the High Rollerz tournament this past weekend. Gi + EBI rules. Everyone smokes before starting their matches and 1st place wins a pound of weed 😂

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Original Poster57 points · 3 months ago

Round earth = disqualification

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