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It's got what plants crave.

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It has electrolytes

Shield is a good pistol

I drove my father to the ER when he sliced his finger, just to avoid the ambulance.

To be fair, a sliced finger isn't all that bad or in need of an ambulance....

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He needed 15 stitches...

2 points · 7 days ago

The 629 is only in .44 Mag.

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In fairness the 629 can also chamber .44 special.

I have a 4in 29. It really depends if you want to be able to holster it better. I'm sure the 5in is a little more accurate and might absorb the recoil better, but with such a small difference that's what it really boils down to.

I think mandatory civil service is a neat idea. Conscripts rarely make good soldiers (look up the Falklands war). Military service could still be used in lieu of civil obligations however.

  1. Fudd-lore that steelcase = steel core and will mess up backstops and cause fires

  2. The range sells the brass people leave and don't want to have to sort out the steel

  3. They want you to buy their ammo

  4. In rare cases the bi-metal jackets can spark and cause fires if the backstop is shitty

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4 is somewhat overblown but not as rare as you think. Also goes into secret reason 5; OSHA has extra regulations for ranges that allow steel cased ammo.

Just the landing laser for the UFO...move along...

Wait- are untrained puppies known for chewing? Is that a thing?

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When teething they will chew through things that will leave you confused for the rest of your life.

500 magnum or get out.

Canadians are just a myth...

-32 points · 14 days ago

Isn't this why you are supposed to ride AGAINST traffic so you could see something like this coming?

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Does no one read the DMV manual? Cyclists are required to follow all traffic rules while keeping to the right side of the road when possible.

Be lucky you don't have to deal with gas cards. We're constantly switching them out cause they get skimmed.

This still looks like arrakis...

hit by train

Now, now, he might be okay-


Nah, he ded.

Now put him in the tub...


You got that spice, bro?

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The spice must flow...

I watch “The Patriot” every Independence Day and you need guns in case the British show up, burn your house down and murder your son.

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44 points · 17 days ago · edited 17 days ago

Jokes aside, that movie is so fucking inaccurate.

Would you mind sharing exactly what you mean? What specifically are you referring to? I'm honestly curious.

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When you have 20 minutes watch this. He mostly gets everything right. The biggest issue has to do with one scene where a British commander burns down a church with civilians inside. The are literally no historical refrences to support this and the closest comparison is to a similar event done by the Nazis in WW2.

Original Poster7 points · 17 days ago

You are technically correct, the best kind of correct.

-26 points · 17 days ago

I feel bad for you. First, because you got robbed. Second, because nobody sat you down and told you a few basic rules. I'll go over them real quick.

  1. Don't bring more than two guns to the range unless you want everyone who knows what they are doing and how to shoot to look down on you. The range is there to learn your weapon and become proficient with it, not just to hear the gun go boom. I'll get downvoted, but real shooters know what I'm talking about. Nobody gives a shit how many toys you have and what outfits you have for them. I see "range day" pics all the time here and just shake my head. You think you're bad ass, but everyone else finds your shooting to be nothing less than annoying. If you've got a piece of land to go to, go bang away there, otherwise be respectful of those that are there to practice with their firearm.

  2. When leaving a gun store, gun range, jewelry store, electronic shop or any other place where people buy or carry expensive things - watch your surroundings. The very first time ever went to an indoor range the guy behind the counter reminded me to be wary of who was in the parking lot and what they were doing because you're an easy target if you're not paying attention. Once you are set to leave - GO HOME. Do not drive around with expensive shit in your car. Not just because people may follow you, but because some random car thief may get lucky. Or you get towed mistakenly. Or a plethora of other things that are way more likely to happen to your car than to your home. And don't give me this shit about them following you home and coming back later. Cars are much easier targets than homes - especially since they'll assume they have to deal with a safe... and or and armed homeowner. Don't drive around with expensive stuff in your car - way too many variables. Why you never thought of this at a gun range when it's the oldest trick in the book is beyond me.

  3. Don't make yourself a target. You got a nice midway competition bag, do you? Well, that's why these criminals picked you and not me. I have two awesome range bags I can't take to the range here in Austin. My cop buddy told me early on that a thief wants the best possible return on investment and he ain't going to chase down a guy who looks like he's got crappy shit. I carry my two guns in a high school book bag I have had for 20+ years. Yeah, it's not as easy and cool as my nice range bags, but every guy casing me assumes I'm shooting grandpa's .38 detective special and a .22 revolver. Nice things make people envious of you, but they also make you a target.

  4. Don't live in Houston. It's a shithole. Life is too short and Texas is too big for you to be in Houston longer than a day.

commence downvoting. (at least you'll have learned something)

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Don't live in Houston. It's a shit hole.

Any point you may have had was instantly negated by this.

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