What item do you own that is ultra rare? by xholdsteadyx in AskReddit

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An SS Ehrendolch (or SS honor dagger).

After the battle of the river plate, off the coast of Uruguay, many of the German sailors were intrered and later settled in Montevideo and Argentina. One of these was an SS guard the somehow evaded capture and settled in Buenos Aires. During the dirty war he came into brief contact with my grandmother, and gave the knife to my uncle for reasons unknown. Now it sits with me for display when the time is right.

Legit question by shinemaster in houston

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Growing up in Connecticut, there is definitely an emphasis on winter driving. Where I lived most of the lacrosse mom's were driving big SUVs with 4wd, and winter tires (err...at least all terrain tires). It was something that was taught from a young age. The way my dad taught me was disengaging the 4wd where upon we did some doughnuts before avoiding a pole. The main reason however why driving is somewhat better up there is salt. All the roads were heavily salted and sometimes sanded as well. The ice just didn't from as much. Hence why Houston is shut down.

Ice or zombie apocalypse? 288 at 7:30am by myplayprofile in houston

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If it was the zombie apocalypse all the pickup trucks would be out right now.

Is METRO running this morning? by Captainussopp in houston

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Nope. Only the rail lines are running every 30 mins.

Stupid 19° Weather Question by slickyslixter in houston

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Rule of thumb: Pipes inside your home should be okay provided you keep the heat at a reasonable level. It's the pipes outside that you should maybe turn off.

Houston outside-dog owners: Let's discuss this, please: by OnlyProfoundComments in houston

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Some specific dog breeds are meant to be outside. That's why you see those sled dogs and Siberian bear dogs sleep outside even when it's snowy, its just what they're bred for. Now, why you would bring one to houston...

at work. when's the best time i should leave early? by [deleted] in houston

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An hour ago, if it starts snowing, even a little, shit will get real.

tomorrow? by beford in houston

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Depends on how cold it stays overnight. Below freezing count on some black ice.

Some of my online classes are missing on Canvas (HCC). Anyone else having the same problem? by SRaccount1 in houston

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Confirmed, today is when they were to show up. Mine are not posted yet either.

Edit: Got in touch with my professor. Apparently some of them are having trouble accessing canvas due to the weather. Should be posted by tomorrow night.

How many of you pet stray dogs and cats when you travel? by KaiserChavez in travel

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Depends on the situation. When I was in Nicaragua strays were fairly aggressive in Managua, but super chill on little corn island.

Maybe ask around first.

Going see the Doc by CuriousWhoDat in puppies

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Dog: "Is this where they cut my balls off?"

Yo Houston, can y'all recommend a Chinese buffet in Bellaire/ Chinatown? by TexasStateStunna in houston

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Near bellaire: Hunan chef by the 59 feeder. Little sketchy on the outside, but oh so unhealthily good on the inside.

Pre Gaming the room with some scotchka by prankster335 in drunk

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I cheated with Tito's, but the scotch is the cheapest I could find.

Whats the most overhyped food? by procaineforthesoul in AskReddit

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Avocado toast. If you make it at home fair enough, but your literally paying $10-15 for a tiny smothering of avocado and MAYBE some sesame seeds.

Dog park/bar by juncel123 in houston

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Not really what you may have in mind but Piggy's does allow dogs on their outdoor area.

People who use the Downtown YMCA, could I have your opinions on the facilities? by htxcountrymuffin in houston

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Can't speak for the child care program, but the facility itself is one of the best I've used, and I've been to all sorts of YMCA's across the country. The the Y account is city wide as well.