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QuasarNautalis 0 points

Taylor? :0

premiumnugz 3 points

taylor ganggggg but no my name's not taylor

SoupOfSomeYoungGuy 11 points

Very premium, much nugs.

premiumnugz 11 points

such wow

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premiumnugz commented on a post in r/AskReddit
premiumnugz 1 point

Barns Courtney! (Rock)

good_testing_bad 3 points


premiumnugz 1 point

Agreed! I had no idea who they were before I heard them live but it was electric, their recorded stuff is good but that was an experience. Probably one of the best live performances I've seen.

premiumnugz commented on a post in r/MakeupAddiction
premiumnugz 2 points

I do the same look every day because I can afford about one of each product but the fun is in perfecting the look! I only recently splurged on a second foundation and I still feel weird about having the ability to actually alternate between what I want to use that day lol. Plus what some other people said - my mom has given me gift cards to MAC for the holidays for the past few years and it's been really helpful when I need to replace brushes, and all of my eyeshadows are MAC as well.

premiumnugz commented on a post in r/AskReddit
premiumnugz 1 point

I once spent two hours walking back and forth throwing up in the toilet in my bathroom to throwing up in the kitchen sink, once I puked in one I'd turn right around and go straight to the other one. Turns out acid that isn't complete shit makes me trip too hard and get sick. I don't use acid anymore.
(Edit: this was after I made my best friend take me home and he dropped me in my room while he went to get me a drink. I thought it was taking too long so I walked out and he was standing there talking to my dad...I waved and then turned around and walked away.)

premiumnugz 5 points

This is Crazy Mountain's Mountain Livin' Pale Ale.

dougsbeard 4 points

Thoughts on the beer? I tried it once, very strong lingering hop bitterness (in my opinion), couldn’t finish it. Then again, not a huge hop-head so that could be why.

premiumnugz 1 point

Yeah there's definitely a little bit of bitterness, I'm generally not a fan of any sort of pale ale or IPA but I thought this was fairly decent. Not my favorite though so I'm going to have to try out more to compare it to.

xaviorhawk 5 points

+1 for Spotted Cow. Their Moon Man is great too.

premiumnugz 3 points

I've heard Moon Man is good, I want to try that as well!

ehoalid 2 points

I can attest to Moon Man too!

premiumnugz 1 point

So when are you gonna send me some?! (jk jk)

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NotThatOtherCreep 3 points

r/showerbeer would love this.

premiumnugz 1 point

I will x-post!!!

headbandolier 2 points

Drunk driving is bad friends. Wish I could provide the next round

premiumnugz 0 points

waiting till I sober up and then getting more beer :) Another round I don't have to get would be the tits tbh

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rizkybizcuits 6 points

Is that a ring pop? I thought they stopped making those

premiumnugz 5 points

hahaha yes that is a ring pop! they still make 'em and they're still pretty dank imo.

ThatFoolCara 15 points

I'd love to have the remote ;)

Do you use them in public often?

premiumnugz 57 points

My boyfriend just gave them to me yesterday! They stay with him, I don't get to touch the remote at all 😏

stegosaurus420 17 points

Still petite tho.

premiumnugz 10 points

What would you consider petite? I lurk /r/PetiteGoneWild and the general consensus over there is <5'4" or <125lbs, neither of which I am lol

fuk_dat_i_ply_halo 1 point

It begs the question, how tall are you and how much do you weigh?

Some guys will want to call you petite no matter what because that's their perception of an attractive girl

Personally I think Your body seems on the lower end of average sized

premiumnugz 8 points

I am around 5'5" or 5'6" (haven't been measured in a while!) and between 135-140 lbs :) I'm not exceptionally above average but I also frequently have the experience of being one of the tallest girls in the room lol.

premiumnugz commented on a post in r/AskRedditAfterDark
RealTwoToneMalone 3 points

/u/alwaystheshyones is killing it right now for obvious reasons

Also a big fan of /u/premiumnugz , she's hot af and seems really nice.

premiumnugz 2 points

ahhh thank you for thinking of me in this thread :))))

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