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I have recently switched my phone weather app from AccuWeather to weather underground. I didn’t like what the AccuWeather owner was suggesting we do with NOAA data. I haven’t seen any flaws in the app but I don’t know what it was like before. Can somebody fill me in on why their app is not serving me? I use this information on the daily for work.

That is a great idea. But wont you set your pocket on fire? My olight Was accidentally turned on in my range bag and the only reason we noticed was because of the smoke rising from the bag. That was a terrifying moment.

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Considering that your DMV experience is dictated by state government, I’m curious as to what state you live in.

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Mn. Small town. Maybe sometimes one person is ahead of me but 80% of the time it's faster going to the dmv than any other task I've gotta do. One time I waited 5 mins because they didn't realize someone hadn't changed the number thing in a while so I didn't know if I was waiting on invisible people or if I took a number from the day before since they rarely use them.

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I think the examples that OP cited are mostly local issues. I live in Connecticut where the taxes are relatively high but the services are extraordinary. Police and fire come quickly. The schools are for the most part effective. The DMV, when I first moved here was somewhat disorganized and had longish waits but I was used to the absolute shit show of New York City DMV. Any bureaucracy that has to serve 10+ million people is inevitably going to become bloated and slightly inefficient.

Also, pointing to Detroit as an example of systemic failures is unreasonable as their failures are rooted in a collapsed tax base. OP’s position would have been better supported if they had used examples that weren’t so specific to their locations.

I am an irrigation contractor who specializes in quarter inch drip systems so I’m doing four or five of these a week. I’ve found that plastic specialty tools like the one you link it will break. If you’re looking for a reliable punch, use a metal scratch awl.

I am curious why you were dismantling your drip system though. Especially why you would need to do it more than once.. If you explain that to me, I may be able to help design a system that is more permanent but dynamic enough to meet whatever need you’re trying to fill

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Hello all you irrigators!

I'm a new home owner and noticed this in front of my house this morning. I think this is part of the irrigation system but I'm not positive. Do I need to replace whatever part this is? Or can I get some leakproof tape/caulk or something to stop this from leaking?

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That weird shaped piece is a pressure reduction fitting. And it is most definitely leaking when it shouldn’t be. You should replace it.

Based off it's location above ground, I think it's a dual check backflow preventer. I've never seen a pressure regulator above ground or running in-line with the pipe. But it's hard for me to say because sprinkler systems vary so much by geography. This could be some bullshit pressure regulator from Home Depot, but I do think it's a backflow preventer.

Dual checks are no longer an approved source of backflow prevention, so I would look into your local codes to see if you can use a DOUBLE check or a Reduced Pressure Principle backflow preventer.

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It is definitely a pressure/flow regulator.

Blue cheese grilled portobello caps.

Lightly oil both sides of large portobello caps. Grill over medium heat gill side down for a couple of minutes. Flip and put as much blue cheese as you’re comfortable on the cooked gills. Remove and eat when melted. Delicious hot or cold.

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It sounds like these are the dudes that will be the roving bands we all fear in a eotwawki scenario. My prep advice to them would be to seek mental health counseling now before it disappears altogether.

I have used some type of body armor almost every day of my 32 year career (combined military & federal law enforcement).

I would never go with the "cheapest" ...

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Would you put you body armor on your short list for absolute necessities if the end of the world came?

I absolutely adore my Ruger SR22. I have the 4” model which is crazy accurate with cheap ammo but a laser beam with quality ammo.

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Seriously. Who has time to be that mad about something so mundane?

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Im pierced by blind rage at least a dozen times on my commute home. The trick is to let it go immediately. And also not try to kill the person. It’s not their fault they are from New Jersey.

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What do you suggest? Manually turning it on and off?

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If your issue is that you do not have electricity, there are quality battery controller’s out there that you can use with a proper irrigation manifold. The only difference is you must use a DC latching solenoid on your valves. If this is a solution you want to pursue let me know and I will give you a parts list. This is not the cheapest solution but it is the most secure an effective solution

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Why has the mom never met the teacher when her son is on a 504?

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Considering that both parents work in most households, maybe the father met with the teacher and administration for the 504 meeting?

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It was purchased legally, although the story makes it sound like the car may have been bought (in part of wholly) for the purpose of selling drugs. Possibly (just my theory) to give off the impression of a rich, successful dealer, someone you'd want to buy from.

I don't know what kind of weight that has on the case, or if it is true, but the story alludes to the idea that the car was procured as a specific means to drug sales.

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I thought the point of civil forfeiture was to deny you the use of material procured as a benefit of illicit activity. The article clearly states that the purchase of the vehicle was made with money from a life insurance policy. What he intended to do with the vehicle has no bearing on that.

I’ve been using DIG 1/4” drip line for 8 years and have never had a problem.

You should look up your local laws. The vendor has 50 states to attempt to keep track of. I think the vendor is assuming your FFL will be more aware of those laws, if you aren't.

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Thanks for the advice. It just struck me as odd that they listed CA and NY but left some of the other restrictive states out. I would have imagined that, if they were trying to sell this as a “compliant” rifle, they would have done the research already and been able to give a yes/no.

CA + NY are some of the most strict, so in general if a gun is good there, it's good anywhere else too.

Please note this is a gross generality, and not necessarily true

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Sadly I just got this email from my LGS.

“Unfortunately this would not be CT legal. Although it is essentially “featureless” (no pistol grip, folding/telescoping stock, no bayonet lug, flash hider etc.) CT state law bans, by name, AK-47 “type” rifles. This throws a blanket over all AK platforms firing 7.62x39, regardless of whether those rifles are post ban “featureless” rifles and even extends into pre-ban rifles (such as the Mak-90).

I’ve talked to the detectives at the CT State Police Vault regarding a similar issue. If it shoots AK-47 ammo, looks/functions like an AK-47, and/or uses AK-47 parts it is therefore considered an AK-47 and subject to the ban.

In closing, we would be unable to transfer this item to you.”

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Can anyone comment on these double decker pouches versus the singles? I'll be running them on a Ronin belt.

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I can’t speak to the stacked rifle/pistol hybrid but their stacked rifle pouches are great. Excellent retention, manipulation of one mag leaves the other in its place. Reloading empty mags into them is effortless.

Can you speak to the Ronin belt? I’m in the market for an inner/outer belt system but Ronin seems kinda pricy.

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Same here but mine is to get me the 25miles or so from downtown Chicago to Southside suburbs. The only really tough part I'm still working on is finding the safest routes home without doubling my distance. There is either the "risk it" and go straight through some of the worst parts of South Chicago or stick to the lakeshore and follow it closer to IN then backtrack in once I'm past the southside bits or stay west and work my way back through suburbs which would increase the commute by 10-20 miles. I think my best benefactor is time. Bugging out as fast as possible straight through the southside would probably be best before sticking out like a sore thumb on foot if things are really bad is even an opportunity.

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My worst case scenario is a chemical or biological or nuclear attack on the city. If 9/11 was any indication of how people respond to such crises, I wouldn’t worry about going through “bad neighborhoods”. I lived in Brooklyn at the time And had to walk home from Manhattan. Every single person I met was helpful and supportive despite the neighborhood I walked through. NYC really shined as a community during the weeks and months that followed. Look at the crime rates for the city at that time and you’ll be amazed.

In the unlikely event of real social disorder, an event that would be born of some intractable injustice, then it would be wise to tread carefully regardless of where you live.

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Yeah I hope to be able to quickly identify if it's something chemical/bio i would likely hunker down as best I could somewhere. I feel better having a bag that I know might atleast somewhat help me in any situation over nothing. But I also realize full well I'll likely still be woefully unprepared if anything hits the city greater then just rioting/civil unrest. TBH I use my get home bag more as a "have everything I need out on a tinder date and staying at her place overnight" bag then anything. Not even gonna lie it's handy as heck sometimes you'd be surprised. Women be crazy.

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You’re living the life, kid. ;)

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Not sure if this would work for you:

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Can you speak to its efficacy? Have you used it or seen it used? My water table is relatively shallow and this would be great to have in reserve if effective.

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I don’t have one but a friend of mine does and it works great for him. I’m thinking about getting one. Last time I looked they were like $200 for the kit. Seems pretty cheap to me for the peace of mind of having a reliable water source even if the normal infrastructure is compromised.

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Agreed. Thanks for mentioning this.

Standing or supported?

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Original Poster3 points · 27 days ago

Standing. Very slow trigger pull.

If you don't carry turn it single action. I did. Lower poundage recoil spring, target sights, G10 grips

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I kind of like double action. I still practice holster draw drills; my favorite being Mozambique drills. If I ever get into competitions, I’ll consider your advice. Thanks, homie.

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Is there one zone that is always running while the others cycle? If that’s the case, you could have poor pressure in the other zones. Or it could be a problem with your supply overall. Is there a filter that might be clogged?

I’m not familiar with Rainbird but all controllers tend to use similar language. When a controller reads a fault, it usually means that the circuit is open, usually at the valve itself. I would first make sure that the wiring is solid. Check for a pulled wire or perhaps a corroded wirenut. If the wiring is sound, you may have a bad solenoid at the master valve.

I’m compulsive about ensuring a cleared chamber as well. Despite having put the firearm down moments before, I check. I don’t trust my brain.

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It's easy to get a job as a cop?

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Maybe it would have been better to say it’s easy for power tripping racist thugs to get jobs as cops. You’d think departments would screen them out but sometimes it seems a requirement.

You need to tap into the pvc line. Working with pvc is relatively easy. Personally, I would tap into it using a pvc tee with a 3/4” female middle. Attach to that a piece of polyethylene tubing using a 3/4” male x insert fitting. Run that poly to where you want your drip and drip away.

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