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What deniers? 40% of climate scientists?

Weak black and white fallacy.

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Why don’t you support your assertion with a source?

If a 3.5 pound difference causes you problems, then he probably has greater concerns than what firearm to use for SHTF. Yes I'm aware grains = OZ = Pounds. But putting yourself at an incredibly significant disadvantage in the event you (hopefully don't) need to use said firearm, that 3.5 pound difference can make the difference between winning and losing a gunfight.

Is it noticable? Absolutely.

Solution? Train.

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2 points · 1 day ago

If you find yourself in a gunfight when SHTF, things have gone so sideways that having 20 rounds over 10 and perhaps double the rate of aimed fire probably won’t matter. If you have to walk for 10 days until you find a safe place, 3 lbs (not to mention the wieght of however many 20 round mags you feel is prudent to feed an AR10) is going to be noticeable. I’d wager that any refugee would rather a bolt gun and 3 extra pounds of food and water. Actually, I’d bet the would forgo the rifle and just take an extra 10 lbs of food.

A refugee who hasn't trained properly for long distance marches and isn't disciplined enough to maintain said training.

And while I think you make a good generalization, I personally feel like they're are far to many LEO/MIL folks who'd be unwilling to part with a rifle.

10 pounds of food/water doesn't do you any good if you can't retain it.

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2 points · 1 day ago

I don’t see a lot of rifles or people who trained for their journey. Just saying that prepping for such a trial isn’t absolutely necessary.

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I thought it was Mark from "Empire Records"

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Damn the man!

After watching the first tower fall, my boss sent me down to the corner store to buy her a pack of smokes. I had quit a few months earlier. She had quit year before. While walking to the corner store I watched the second tower fall from 7th Avenue.

I bought two packs.


Here is advice from someone who survived the loss of home, family, country and innocence. His last piece of advice seemed to reflect our own thinking one way or another.

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Original Poster3 points · 13 days ago

I think that it’s a bit broader than each of us being personally truthful. I think we need to acknowledge and pursue truths as a society. Anything less than that and we are doing ourselves a potentially fatal disservice. Acknowledging inconvenient truths, if you will.

My take away was his last point. Anything can fall apart and to believe otherwise is poor preparation for reality.

The action is a lot of fun. Gives the feel of a Garand or M1A without the ammo cost. I prefer my Mini over my AR from the bench or prone. AR is more maneuverable when on the hoof.

#4, #1, or 00 buck. Mine sleeps with 00 in it.

Slugs overpenetrate.

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I heard once that leaving rounds in the tube for too long can compress them and cause trouble in the chamber. Is that true?

I occasionally grab the Mossberg instead of a .22 to deal with a troublesome raccoon (I live in the country) and I haven't had a problem so far.

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Good looking out. I guess this is an easy experiment for me to run myself. I’ll do that.

9 points · 15 days ago

I have a ball cap and sun screen in my get home bag. I also have an "outback" hat that is SPF 50.

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Keep a bandana in your bag as well to wear under your hat to keep the sun off your neck and sides of your face. As seen on construction and landscaping jobs all over the country.

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2 points · 16 days ago

I've seen a few options like that at Hoffman's, but just too far out of my budget. Kicking myself hard for not buying an AR lower (to build as time permitted) prior to the laws going into effect.

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Yeah. They are a touch pricy. But cheaper than a pre-ban.

Very true. Hoping to get into a better financial situation. Maybe I'll snag one before more laws pass to ban these lol

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That was exactly why I jumped on mine. I’ll bet they don’t close the loophole, though. CT politics has much bigger fish to fry.

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Prepping is about dealing with an unexpected reality. Politics is about trying to control the possible realities. While no one can fully be apolitical, a strong political bent offers no advantage during a crisis. Anyone who couches their prepping philosophy in political terms is unlikely to be truly flexible enough to manage a survival situation. This applies to both conservative and liberal ideologies.

As a dyed in the wool liberal, I ask that you peddle your political shit stirring somewhere else. I’m not interested in having this conversation here. It offers nothing useful.

Have you tried Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy? It’s takes place in after a plague wipes out most of humanity but each novel flash back and forth between pre and post apocalypse.

Similarly Station Eleven fits the bill as well, in the same vain as the book above there is a plague and has lots of flashbacks but is about a trope of theater performers traveling from town to town after said plague.

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I’m just finishing Station Eleven and am genuinely blown away. Despite the backdrop, I find this story lovely.

I. . . I don't like talking about it.

stares off into the distance

In reality the scar is from scraping resin from a bong drunk and the bong broke.

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I know someone with a bong related scar. You wouldn’t be the son of a preacher, would you?

Ruger Gunsight Scout. Not a semi auto but hits the other requirements. I get 1.5 moa at 100 meters with that cheap Malaysian surplus .308 that was floating around last year. Weighs 7lbs loaded. Put a long eye relief 3x scope on it and you’re good out to 300 meters.

Original Poster10 points · 19 days ago

TP is a seriously overlooked commodity.

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TP will quickly be replaced by any number of sustainable and cheaper ass washing methods. Primarily cloth wipes or more likely water.

Original Poster0 points · 20 days ago

You can say the same thing about cops who on their duty gear belt carry a gun, taser, mace, baton, etc. I've seen many who carry a knife and a huge Maglite. I attended security related lectures and training where the majority of cops said they all carried a 2nd gun on them. So they all Mall of America type and when SHTF' must decide which item to use for defense????.

You going to say same for soldiers who serve overseas in hot zones carrying a shit ton on ammo and gear on them and many whom never engage or see trigger time, that they are doing to much.

I rather be over prepped, then under, and in a dangerous situation where my well being is threatened, I will use any and ALL means on me to stay alive.

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So you’re a cop?

Original Poster-3 points · 20 days ago

No, I work in the field of private security and investigations.

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I prefer the DIG 16mm drip. It’s reliable. Also, it’s black which blends better with soil than the brown/orange 17mm stuff.

I work in Manhattan and live 70 miles away. I’d start driving home immediately. No fucking way will I be seeking shelter immediately unless they define the threat. I have a temporary bug out location just on the border of the Bronx that I would head towards. If traffic doesn’t come to a complete stop I’ll keep heading home. If traffic is at a standstill and The warnings keep coming, I’ll pull over, grab my kit, and start walking home. I have maps that will bring me to train stations or all the way home if necessary. If someone nukes the city my entire escape route is in the fallout zone so nothing I can do about that. If the problem will require an ultimate evacuation or quarantine of the city, I’d rather have a head start. If it’s nothing, short work day!!!

Vaguely into fantasy? There's literally magic in the series. I'm not talking about magic with any other name, either. They literally refer to it as magic.

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I struggled with the introduction of “magic” as well as the sentient earth. Fantasy novels will often have realism that stumbles when the fantastic is introduced. I think Jemisin was able to bypass that a bit through her world building and the scope of time between contemporary earth and the earth of her story. For example, the stone eaters were created about 40,000 years before the story starts. And, considering the level of technology that ancient civ was sporting, who knows how many times human civilization had risen and collapsed before then. What vestigial technologies would those civs had left. I thought Jemisin was just running with the idea that sufficiently advanced tech is indistinguishable from magic. Magic could be some crazy ancient civ tech gone wrong that the contemporaries couldn’t recreate but could use.

The thing is though, most people don't call it magic. It's only the ancient beings born 40 000 years ago that call it magic.

That is, only those that truly knows what it is, thinks it is magic.

It would be like if aliens visited earth and we were like "oh wow that's some seriously advanced technology, we didn't think it's possible to go faster than light. Your tech is so advanced that it seems like magic to us". And then the aliens go all "uhhh, this isn't technology. This is actual magic. Magic is real. How have you guys not noticed?"

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I’m suggesting that the “magic” that the ancient civ was using was just even more ancient tech that they themselves couldn’t wrap their head around. It is a thin explanation but it allowed me to tolerate the blurred line between fantasy and sci-fi. It was similar to Richard Morgan’s A Land Fit For Heroes trilogy.

I believe Peter Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn Trilogy had these. But they may have been grown rather than excavated.

I took a 13 mile hike with my kids and some untested gear through the backwoods of the Adirondacks.

My takeaways:

My kids, ages 12 and 15, are badasses who can take a licking and keep on ticking. They need good boots, though.

We finally used our Sawyer Minis. Water was mostly clear, maybe a little tannins snuck through, tasted fine and didn’t give us giardiasis. I need to buy or make an adaptor for a widemouth Nalgene container so we can speed our water refill.

A GPS is an excellent backup to a paper map and compass. I wouldn’t ever rely solely on an electronic device.

Carrying a sidearm on your hip for 10 hours can get uncomfortable. I didn’t really think it was necessary for our hike but I wanted to know what a day armed felt like.

I need to be in better shape if I want to remain fresh enough to hike a full day after hiking the day before. My get home from work route is 70 miles of sidewalks, roads and rail tracks. I gave myself three days to do this walk during distressed conditions. Mobility training is more valuable than strength training. Time to take yoga and walk a lot more.

Danner boots are wonderful. I was footsore from the miles, not the boots. They also kept me dry through some very wet country.

My Kelty Redwing 30 was much more comfortable than my old bag. I barely noticed any neck and shoulder strain.

Don’t underestimate the value of a walking stick. We cut ours from saplings and they made the walk less of a slog.

Cold is very disruptive to sleep. I haven’t camped much and never outside the height of summer. Our overnight, which we spent in a cabin, was miserable. I have emergency Mylar sleeping bags in our family bug out bag but they are being moved to the car. I’m investing in 4 season sleeping bags as soon as I can afford them. Each family member will have a BOB of their own rather than one large one for the entire family.

Ramen is great for breakfast.

Thanks for the ID! I found these on a hike in the Adirondacks this week and had never seen them before. Very cool structure.

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What's this song?

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Thankyou. Been tying to find out for a long time. Lol!

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I built a spotify playlist with this on it. You are welcome to it.

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