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i didn't mean the ranker premades that farm pugs 24/7, that's just brainless grinding.

there are many pure pvp players who like to queue with friends and have fun. completely disabling group queue would hit these ppl hard, so i don't think it's a viable solution.

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Me and my friends just que at the same time individually and more often than not find ourselves in the same BG. Non of us would mind a disable group que.

Shrooms are definitely not a party drug. The only time I did them and didn’t have a fun time was when my friends decided to go clubbing after taking some. It was just not fun at all.

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It can be a fun party drug if you are at the right party. Like a burn or a festival.

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Omg, what a bitch. You did nothing wrong man, she's such a shitty, toxic person

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We haven't heard her side of the story man. he could have said or done some fucked up shit and then blame it on a mental breakdown. Happens all the fucking time.

Bummer man, hopefully you get it resolved.

I like playing on eu servers that speak english because my grammar sucks

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Hahahaha so true.

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it's not like there are any alternatives

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Uhh... k3 I PVP there all the time on horde. Ques are 15-20 min on average and I don't mind. If you are alliance they are near instant ques.

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Good point but the title is not wrong 👍 😂

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I haven't heard of anyone talking about Elysium

Just hit level 60 in Kronos 1. Christ, it's boring ad hell. No one online and no one wants to run dungeons ever.

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Woah! Why did you level on Kronos 1 mate? Ouch that's a bummer. K3 is where everyone is at

Yet I spend an hour n a half looking for more for BRD runs just to get 4/5 and disband? Riiiight. And that was looking for 1 more dps spamming /world and LFG

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Let's not also ignore the fact that nobody wants to run 5 hours full BRD clears.

5 hours for a Lava run? Only on this server I guess. I must've leveled to 60 for no reason here

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No, I said full clear..I could get a lava run going in a flash.

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I vividly remember being chased by a lion up the stairs of my house. It's my earlier and most vivid memory, Im not one to make up memories, or ghost stories or anything supernatural, but it's such a real memory. I've never known what to make of it, obviously it didn't happen.

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And yet here you are. You know what I do when I leave a game? Never look back. You're some kind of special loser.

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Adding a random bg q would not make sense, ever since the one that gets filled up first is WSG. This way we would only get a bonified WSG battleground, which at this low point of AB we do not need.

.join for all levels caused this. It was a huge mistake.

The rest just sounds funserver to me. I think faction servers for a short period of time would make more sense. Let the factions go at it, and let pvpers be able to help balancing this out.

I can't see why anybody would be against this, outside of the ally premade of nolifers that we all know.

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Everybody I've talked to is in support of faction transfers. I agree. Don't make it a fun server.

Original Poster4 points · 20 days ago

"Another frequent and long requested ability from our community is the option to change race and faction. We have noticed how the population is not equally distributed amongst the two factions on neither Kronos I nor Kronos II. To combat this problem, which has effects (especially in the PvP scene), we have spent a lot of time and money investing in a new Account Manager setup which will allow players to change the race of their character(s). With race changes comes the ability to faction change. This would obviously mean the character as a whole from then on would belong to the opposite faction. Factions will be heavily monitored by our team, and when an imbalance is present, faction changes will be limited to help build up the fledgling faction in order to keep a healthy ratio. This ability has been in the works for some time, and while we’re not yet ready to introduce this; this ability is expected to be ready around Q2 2017. What this means is that it will be ready after Kronos has been unified."

Btw, this was already considered and its implementation announced for K1 back in the day. You can read the original post here:

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Ide be cool with it !

Comment deleted20 days ago

If you don't play Kronos and I quote, "I DONT PLAY KRONOS" then how do you know raids are easy? I don't know many people 5 manning and clearing UBRS on K3. And I've seen and heard of many people wiping on Rag, OnY and Domo. What have you personally EXPERIENCED? or are you just going off hear say?

Original Poster2 points · 21 days ago

i actually would not want a beta release, it would just tease me even more..

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Lol I'm right there with ya haha

-6 points · 23 days ago

I can't deal with the toxicity on other servers anymore

this may not be the server for you

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This has not been a toxic server at all from my experience, playing since release.

Welcome, glad to have ya. I would strongly urge ya to roll alliance for better faction balance. You're gonna like it here.

K3 baby. Still chugging along as lively as ever. For such a proclaimed "dead server" Im sure having a blast.

Sorry to hear that, I could only imagine.

People have been screaming about lights hope corruption for a long time now, it's hard to not say "I told you so".

Roll alliance, it's not to late at all, AV was just release this weekend and BWL isn't even out yet.

Roll alliance, K3,

LMFAO as a mage this is how I feel!

This question lights the fires under K3 and LH shills.

To answer your question, trying to be unbiased as I’ve played on both servers ( Northdale and Kronos) ND > K3 in terms of quality. It’s just fact. ND utilizes the revamped Nostalrius core, and has superior scripting versus Kronos. Kronos has banned VPNs, so there are no Chinese players. ND > K3 in terms of population. ND shows their population, which hovers at around 6-8k it’s hard to tell with BFA out. K3 is most likely around 3k pop, they do not show their population numbers. The Horde to alliance ratio for K3 seems like there are vastly more Horde than Ally from their subreddit, possibly 60% or more horde. The ND H to A ratio is 45-55.

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LH crashed all the time because of it's core scripting.

LH is filled with bots Chinese players and a larger toxic community with a corrupt staff.

LH does not implement a good anticheat, making hacking and cheating very easy on LH.

LH has much more gold buying, devilsaur mafia, and overall more shady community.

I wasn't gonna say anything but seeing all the LH sheep plebs talk all high and mighty about a shit server, I just had to say something.

Wow server is a horrible place, it's riddled with LH sheep that have nothing better to do than shill on K3 and downvote everything that mentions K3. While most of the K3 community doesn't even use Reddit.

anyways. K3 is the best place. I've made loads of friends, I PVP every day, very active awesome community, server has crashed only once, scripting is great, I love it.

I wasn't gonna say anything but seeing all the LH sheep plebs talk all high and mighty about a shit server, I just had to say something

I had the same attitude when Nost and Ely were live, just let it go man. You're only going to torture yourself, sheep won't change their mind. They won't even accept it's a matter of taste and that some people will genuinely prefer K3 to ND even if it is far from all of us. You say "It's ND or you're retarded" or you get downvoted and/or trolled.

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Too true

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We are semi hardcore North American guild (Horde) looking to fill our second raid group! Accepting most classes (full on hunters). Second raid group will run on Saturdays at 4PM eastern.

We are also looking for levelers pvpers and rankers. We not only actively raid but a good portion of us PvP and rank up together on a daily. Almost every BG will have a fellow guild member.

Please whisper Psytocrophic, Sheerbits, or grapes in game if interested.


So basically you'll go back down to 1 raid group when people rage quit because they're not getting a bwl spot?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

We have 2 MC groups, 1 BWL, once and when we feel we are ready for a second BWL group we will hopefully be doing a second BWL raid.

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