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I turn 31 today, my man. How do you think I feel?

But guess what, I had an okcupid date last week and she said yes to date #2 today on my birthday. So don't give up hope, it may take many many years but something will click if you keep trying. I'm still keeping the fire alive

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Thank you! 💕

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Are you habesha?

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Me too. What city?

If the workload is that light, consider keeping this job and pursuing a degree in programming at the same time; best of both worlds.

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Do you mean like an associates degree at a community college?

I would tell Boss you will stay if you can work your way into more interesting roles that add more value to the company. I would also see if you can get equity or share options in the start up.

Good luck.

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Yea, I would certainly be taking on more responsibilities. But equity is not to be talked about and not likely.

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game is called VRchat. Real people interacts with others in virtual reality environment using Oculus Rift or Vive. Very nice to hang out if you meet right people. Very bad if you meet meme-focused group.

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Can you use an Oculus Go for this game?

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It's also pretty crazy you have to pay for a glass of water in Germany. Or pay 1 euro to use an establishment's restroom like you do in the Netherlands. Tipping sucks but euro countries make you pay for dumb shit too

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idk, i work best if i just STOP thinking too much. I tend to like look TOOOO deep into problems and make it more complicated than it should be. So taking my mind off the problem for a minute or two and coming back to it help me figure out the correct answer quicker, if you get what i mean.

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You're right diffused mode thinking is actually super helpful. This is why I go out sometimes to work, to a cafe or bar where there is some noise and movement that makes me look up from my computer and allows my mind to drift from the problem for a couple of moments, then come back to it again.

Here is a good video about it:

Most places in Germany and here in the Netherlands do this as well, I never thought about places where this isn't possible to be honest as I haven't really known better or worse.

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Idk, when I was in a small city in the Netherlands, I was looking at merchandise on the patio of the store and the clerk followed my every movement, a foot or two away from me, expecting me to run off with something I imagine. It was super awkward.

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if (backofHead == brownHair && shortHair)

this is horrible. Why would brownHair be a possible value for backofHead, but shortHair be a free variable? backofHead should be a class or struct with hairColor and hairLength being members, if you're going to go that way /s

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if(backOfHead.hairColor == brownHair && backOfHead.hairLength 
== shortHair)

Like this?

After spending roughly $63 not including any bonuses you may earn. They changed the program a year or so ago to help give more benefits to people who spend more.

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Damn, that blows.

Eh, I get a lot of gift cards from surveys and product tests, so I use it a lot. You get 2 points per dollar spent and at 125 points you earn a free drink. Drinks cost anywhere from 3-5 bucks on average depending on what you get. There’s tons of chances to earn bonus points and such.

I wouldn’t tell anyone to go out of their way, but if you frequent Starbucks even kinda it’s a good option.

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Oh ok. Yea I frequent Starbucks quite a bit so I should consider it. Where can one find these surveys and product tests that offer you gift cards?

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Hmm how is it cheaper to fly to Frankfurt vs sayyy Berlin???

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Not sure about Berlin. From where I live I know Frankfurt is usually cheaper than Munich though.

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Personally I love it because it has a cool co-save option, which lets friends and family help save towards a goal. So my uncle pitches in when I'm saving for a trip or my parents for a car.

I'm a writer of screenplays, prose, and comic books.

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Hey, writing is my thing. How does one become successful in that enterprise?

It's simple really. It's about knowing what to do, and doing it, until the list of tasks gets shorter. You have to work on it hour by hour and day by day. Make a schedule for the day and promise to follow it no matter what. I personally like the sense of power and discipline I get from my ordered days. Here is what I do:

Make sure you start off your day right. First thing in the morning, after breakfast, I sit on the sofa and quietly read a little bit while having my tea. I avoid the computer at all costs.

Then I look at the day's schedule, which is broken down in 15 minute increments. So for about 30 mins I do some cleaning around the house. Usually I'm done in about 20 mins, so I move on to the next task.

When I get on the computer, things get a bit challenging. So internet time in the morning is only reserved for productive things (checking e-mail, paying bills, etc.)

Then I move on to getting work done, in my case working on my book. I follow my schedule and write for as long as I have planned to do so, taking one lunch break.

I make sure to turn off my computer by 11pm and try to get to sleep before midnight. This leaves an hour to do some more reading.

Try this for yourself. Strengthen those reading muscles. Follow a strict schedule. Limit your internet use.

We sat in the dim lights, Dr. Eichmann was lounging on his cot and holding a pistol, stroking it and testing its weight. He had silver-gray hair and wore a brown turtleneck and flannel trousers. His black wool beret and a glass of brandy sat on the wooden table next to him. I stood leaning against the wall near the shutters. I had ankle length gray trousers with distended pockets and a blue sweater with a torn hole in it. How did it come to this, I wondered. Light from the glowing oil lamp etched our grizzled faces, some of it spilled onto the ocean-blue walls that had flakes of paint chipped away. A black cat came into the room, she slipped between my feet. I crouched down and caressed her rough fur, she looked at my with wild eyes and hissed.

We were the strange foreigners in a strange land. I looked out the rusted shutters of the window. It was stifling hot and I couldn't stand it there, especially with Dr. Eichmann around.

“I’m going for a walk.” I said to him.

Dr. Eichmann gave a drunken laughter, a bit too loudly. “Oh, yea? In the middle of the night?” he asked.

“Yes.” I said. I stammered some stupid excuse as I reached for the door knob. When I stepped outside, I could see the street was a dismal gash. I saw men in the half-light, moving silently with dull eyes and sallow faces. I missed Louise so bad, I felt melancholic rage deep within. People were glancing at me as I walked past. Faces half desperate, half defiant. As long as I hurried along I didn't have to worry about anything. I was shabby, shrunken, and sad to the point of misery. The doctor had lost all his senses and I was losing mine.


Slacker - a person who habitually avoids work. Slackers may be regarded as belonging to an anti-materialistic counterculture, though in many cases their behavior may merely be due to apathy or laziness, the history of the slacker.

Hikikomori - a Japanese term to refer to the phenomenon of reclusive people who have chosen to withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation like Chinese monks in the mountains hundreds of years ago.

Dumpster divers (known as skipping in the UK) - Dig through residential trash to find items that have been discarded by their owners, but which may be useful to the dumpster diver. A similar process known as gleaning was practiced in rural areas and some ancient agricultural societies, where the residue from farmers' fields was collected.

Refusal of work - is behavior which refuses to adapt to regular employment, working for a wage under threat of starvation, poverty or social stigma

Parasite single (パラサイトシングル, parasaito shinguru) - a Japanese term for single person who live with their parents until their late twenties or early thirties in order to enjoy a carefree and comfortable life. In English, the expression "sponge" or "basement dweller" may sometimes be used.

Freeter (フリーター furītā?) - A Japanese term for persons in the age of 15 and 34 who lack full time employment or are unemployed, excluding homemakers and students. They may also be described as underemployed or freelance workers.

A Tramp - a long term homeless person who travels from place to place as an itinerant vagrant, traditionally walking or hiking all year round. In the east, they would be a shadhu. In Hinduism, a shadu is a common term for a mystic, an ascetic.

I'm interested in hearing if anyone associates with any of these terms, or if they do some kind of labor that subverts, or provides an alternative to, capitalist control. I find these economically-alternative lifestyles fascinating!


Thanks. I probably should have made it as a stand alone post to the OP so it didn't look like I was missing your points. At any rate, it's an important distinction and a cause I am very happy to help when I can. I'm still a bit miffed that OP lumps volunteer gleaners in with slackers, parasites, hermits, etc.

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Original Poster0 points · 4 years ago

Hey, these are all simply different paths to living alternative lifestyles. Each has its own subculture, philosophy, and access to resources. Sure, some might be more admirable than others, but I still think they're all very interesting modes of living.

Furthermore, many of these are not really a 'choice' the way we might chose to join a club or a fashion subculture. In addition to the obvious mental illness connection, Freeters and Parasaito represent demographic shifts towards later marriage (if at all!) and lack of employment in Japan.

"Gleaning" was a post harvest practice of the very poor that was permitted as an act of charity by landowners, and is once again, not precisely the same as someone dumpster diving just because they can.

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Original Poster0 points · 4 years ago

Certainly we can take these terms and loosely apply them to our own lives. I would consider my unemployed friend a parasite single, he's almost in his late twenties and he still lives at home simply because of the huge cost benefits and how close he is to his family. And in the US young people also tend to later marriage because of economics and employment.

The description for all these terms were taken off Wikipedia since I'm no expert. And the page on Wiki for dumpster diving refers to gleaning as a related practice. Along with sadhus and tramps on the wiki page for that.

Music from every single culture known uses the pentatonic scale.

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I thought it sounded more Ethiopian than oriental.

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Hey aquibc10, I noticed in one of your posts that you've been participating in more FA threads to help people out, I love your enthusiasm and positivity towards life, you're a great chap. I don't know much about your FA situation, but you seem the type of person that deserves a high quality female in his life.

But my problem is that, i have a high sex drive, I've had it since High School, and as days, weeks, months pass by, my interest in "other hobbies" start diminishing, not entirely, but subtly.

Like, all those great nights hanging out with the male buddies, drinking, walking up at 7-11 corners, sneaking into movie theatres, dodging cops, etc... All those "nights out" with the guys are just not fun anymore unless i have a women by my side. I need companionship, i need warm, affectionate, compassionate, warm loving sex. I need to blow inside a girl's vaginal section, I need her to bend down-like the women she is-so that i can feel like a man again, I need her to swallow it all whilst enjoying herself at the same time. I need it, I need it bad.

You may think "sex is not everything" but to me, it's everything. It's classified as the same food pyramid as "breathing" I just feel that, no scratch that, i know my life could be fuller and 9000% better if i have a loyal decent women in my life. That way i can enjoy company with the males more better, I can enjoy my hobbies more carefree and relaxed, I can have a fuller smile on my face, I can actually feel happy for once in my life.

Life nowadays just seems like a grind. A grind to something that seems virtually impossible to attain.Something that you are absolutely certain that won't come without taking a critical leap to quantum. If that's the case, what's the point of it anyways?

Nothing says acceptance to a man more than a woman opening up her vagina to him.

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Well, damn. That sounds like me.

When, lord, when will it be my time? And when will it end? Both concerning women.

I know what you mean. I"ve adopted the darkstyle look and I feel more confident in my clothing!

I like Alan Watts' view on this:

"What will it be like to go to sleep and never, ever wake up. And if you ask that question long enough, eventually you will find that it poses the next question to you: what was it like to wake up after never having gone to sleep? That was when you were born."

So the way I see it, we shouldn't look at death as something absolutely final, the period at the end of a sentence. We don't know what happens after we die. We can't know that. But we do know this: people everywhere are constantly being born and waking up. After people die, others are constantly being born. So when you die, that void left by the absence of your memories and consciousness is simply filled by other people, who are "I" just as you feel you're "I". Know what I mean?

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But we do know this: people everywhere are constantly being born and waking up.

Hehe. I like this.

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