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chrisinator13 -2 points

You should be in jail.

purdypainter 1 point

Take me to church.

VermillionSoul 3 points

Many many years ago in like middle school I could not figure out for the life of me what gender someone in my grade was.

It became an insane obsession for both me and my mother. She constantly asked if I had new information on "it."

I didn't figure it out for the whole year and nobody else talked to "it" so there was no way to find out.

Near the end of the next year I finally saw it emerge from the bathroom...

...just like me, it was a dude.

purdypainter 2 points

How did that interaction go lol.

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purdypainter commented on a post in r/The_Donald
padaos42 117 points

That's spicy

purdypainter 15 points

Es fuego 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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ShuffKorbik 730 points

Tonight on the Discovery Channel: "Top 10 Most Extreme Nazi Ghost Aliens"!

purdypainter 1 point

Fucking Nazis

EnduringAtlas 4 points

And you delivered a shitty answer. Statistically, we live in the most peaceful era of history... ever.

purdypainter 2 points

Yes, I'm very aware. Thank you mother technology and education for a peaceful future.

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purdypainter commented on a post in r/The_Donald
Deplorable_Kim 9 points

A lot of Mexicans would qualify then. Their race is usually a mix between Spaniard (white) and indigenous Indian. Some are more indigenous and some are more Spaniard. Spaniards colonized Mexico in 1500-1600s. Also while most illegals are from Mexico not all illegals are Mexican. They are also coming from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala , etc.

purdypainter 2 points

It's sad you have to explain this to people.

imdrunkandfuckedup 2 points

I thought I was texting my mate, in my drunken state accidentally texted my mom... To pick up some coke... And it went like this: Me: 'yeah kl' '1 bag though' 'I did a bit too much bike yesterday- feel like shit'

Bike should have been coke. At the moment I'm pretending she doesn't know because I haven't been confronted about it... but I'm sure she knows I like a wee bit of the old Bolivian marching powder.

To be honest this whole story is a lie - I'm just high right now and want to make shit up. Sorry

purdypainter 1 point

You got to stop lying bro. Hehe

imdrunkandfuckedup 1 point

Haha yea... I'm a bit fucked up now and just want to talk / type a bunch of arse at people. Sorry..

purdypainter 1 point

I'm drinking some Apocalypse IPA. Cheers

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GoGraystripe 1 point

1) Tax Plan

2) Jerusalem Is The Capital Of Isreal Crisis (I know it's not really a policy, but...)

purdypainter 1 point

1) His tax plan is fine. The government needs to stop spending money. We are in debt. China will make that debt be paid one day, one way or another. 96% of Americans will see a tax cut. The rule of economics says that when people receive more their propensity to save more doesn't change. Saving is a skill it has to be learned. The standard deduction will be twice what it was.

Overall, it benefits most people. As a whole, humans aren't very good at saving the extra money they will earn as a result of tax cuts. People hardly change, they have to really want it.

Edit: Our issue isn't taxes, it's spending.

2) Jerusalem was a Jewish and Christian holy site long before Islam was created. It's kind of like the Mormons getting pissed off at Native Americans for taking Utah from the natives.

Jews and Muslims have fought each other in those areas for more than a millennia. You're just more aware of it because of technology and the speed of information.

GoGraystripe 1 point

Also, the tax plan will cut off aid to immigration specialized parts of the country, and drop taxes for the top 5-2%. It will also see the shut down of things like airports in Midwestern places in the US to pay for the MILITARY. Don't get me wrong, the military is important, and you can't have a country without one, but I dare you to look me straight in the eyes and tell me the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA needs MORE funding for its military.

Islamists might be irrationally angry, but they're STILL angry, which can lead to the exact opposite of what Trump promised: peace in the Middle East.

purdypainter 2 points

We know he's not a racist Nazi as he is supporting the Jewish community. Some people will be mad until they compromise, but this takes two willing parties. I have a feeling that Israel would love to have neighbors that were all friendly. You got to remember that people are killing each other ALL OVER THE MIDDLE EAST. The shit has been happening for hundreds if not thousands of years.

They're angry. Mostly, they are angry when they are without. Look at Saudi Arabia. They have money, the people are fed and basically get a check from their government for oil reserves. It's all about the haves and have nots at the end of the day. If people hungry with little resources, low education, and less than 1st world technology. Eventually people start feeling jealous when they see their neighbors who have things.

Education is key to a comfortable life. When a society is educated they make informed decisions. People who make informed decisions have things. People who have things are happy.

It's all about the have and have nots.

Edit: In response to your edit. We need to train better soldiers. Also, Saudi Arabia spends something like 3.5x more money per capita on their military.

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purdypainter commented on a post in r/Ripple
Collective82 5 points

You know, it really bothers me that the government takes our income tax, then when we take what's left over and do great things like invest soundly, it feels obligated to another share of our once taxed money.

Its just a personal gripe I have about retaxing us on already taxed income. Hell I even understand sales tax, but capital gains? Just bugs me.

purdypainter 1 point

You're telling me. Government jobs are easy, zero creativity, and hardly any creation of wealth for the vast majority government careers. The Federal Reserve just prints money, but it has little value. We literally just need to stop spending money, define infrastructure goals, and down size the government. Education would be great to invest in if they weren't brainwashing kids in public schools. We got fucking high schools football building multimillion dollar stadiums and leaving STEM, music, and art programs behind. It's ridiculous at least.

We are surrounded by idiots. That's why you're being taxed.

purdypainter commented on a post in r/AskLEO
Deadlifts-And-Donuts 2 points

thats up to the home country to figure out. once they are deported thats the end of it as the US is concerned.

purdypainter 2 points

Their home country still has to accept them. Which puts sovereignty into question. Although, we could probably put sanctions on countries that fail to accept their criminals. Honestly, some criminals are better spent behind bars here. It's cheaper than deporting them 4-5 times in some cases; including the cost to society.

purdypainter commented on a post in r/IAmA
Pilebsa 5 points

It's not that "Louisiana hates education."

It's that Louisiana was among the first to figure out a political formula that works well for certain people (that we're now seeing manifest on a national level with Trump), that is, if you keep the population largely un-educated, it's easy to control their minds and make them do what you want.

It's not the state. It's the parties. Different parties attribute different levels of significance to education. It's clearly reflected in the legislation. Red states are states with much less resources divested to education.

purdypainter 1 point
purdypainter commented on a post in r/AskReddit
TopBeer3000 706 points

This really shouldn't be a problem. Use the same rules as vehicle traffic and (in North America) veer right. I find most people naturally follow this but you always get those people swimming up stream in malls or other busy places.

purdypainter 2 points

Usually in areas where salmon is part of the local diet.

purdypainter commented on a post in r/AskLEO
Deadlifts-And-Donuts 8 points

50/50 for me. Depends on if Im on my way to something, or in the mood for traffic. In general I dont "look for any reason" to stop someone. Big things draw my attention, license and reg status, major equipment violations, wether your car looks like a "stop me" or not.

purdypainter 1 point

Do you pull over those gangster cars; the ones that you know are strapped and would rather kill you then go to jail?

Former veteran here, from the city of Dallas. Even after touring the world I wouldn't mess with some of the gangsters I've seen from my city without having backup. I know a trap when I see one, but I'm also not scared if I can see their hands.

How do you deal with this scenario?

Edit: I love your user name , lol.

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