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Gotta say, Wendy's' PR is second to none.

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*Tied with dbrand

Can you swipe cards away again yet?

Very good, haha yes.

Give me a pcb plz

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I may make a pcb if there is enough demand

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No filters.

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Just to clarify, he wasn't talking about digital filters/photo effects. ND (neutral density) filter is something you place over your lens to tone down the intensity of the light when it's bright.

Jelly Key is quite reputable, they're good people. However if you're strapped for cash you shouldn't be looking at artisans.

Site is dead :(

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Still? I've just done a test purchase for sennin and it went through

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It's up now!

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Just to make this clear, the image shown here is just an early mockup to consider how the GUI could be reworked. The current GUI implementation is pretty similar though, but there are some big differences.

For anyone wanting to try the current state of the game, I now have a system set up where any push to the master branch triggers automated builds, hosted on GitLab.

Here are persistent links to download the latest builds:



I will strive to keep these builds as bug-free, balanced, and well tested as I can. The next version (20.0) is going to take a long time, but there will be new content available in the meanwhile via these automated builds (it will be like a series of mini-releases, instead of gigantic releases with months or years between them).

I have also posted the same links as above on the game's web page.

One change since 19.2 that I'd like to point out is (quoting from the changelog):

Removed many "superfluous" traits (especially chains of identical upgrades, such as level two and three of "Marksman"). The set of traits is now much more focused, where each trait gives a significant and distinct bonus. Traits are only picked every second character (starting from level 2), but each trait is generally more powerful than before.

I'm not so sure about this change, and I'm considering reverting it. But I'll leave it in for a while and see what people think.

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Caves of Qud messed up their UI in the redesign. This on the other hand is something I didn't know I needed.

Plate doesn't support alps stabs though which really limits keycap compatibility.

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SP alps caps should support mx stabs, but they need to be trimmed to not break your stems.

Interested in the pretool BOX Jades but not in for any of the sold items. PM me?

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Hey there. Was keeping them as a bonus for buyers on this one. But will PM you if they don't get bundled with others.

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Totally fine. Glws

I love that you're writing for Medium

I've heard that Alps sound good on acrylic, which means if you hav access to a laser cutter you should be able to make one yourself. Or just message /u/jolimon

Could you describe the difference in feel between the Skys and the Outemu Ergo Clears?

/u/Oblotzky better watch out, we out here taking photos cleaner than the renders :p

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Bongo Cat!

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i love bongo cat

This is a fallacy. Respond and I'll explain later.

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Interested to hear more!


I am not making a claim about free education per se, that is kind of a separate issue, mired in the context of public education that precedes college level as well as the decisions that prospective students make. The fallacy, I believe, is that increasing the amount of skilled workers will lead to a shortage of professional entry jobs, at least in the long run.

The founding principal behind this is that there exists a finite amount of resources, however there is essentially no limit to the level of transformation that can be done to those resources to meet the demand of the population. For example, 1000 years ago a couple pounds of various metals could be transformed into simple tools, but now the same resources can be assembled into an iPhone, a tool that is of much more "real wealth" than its millennium-old counterpart. 1000 years from now, the same resources will be in a far more valuable good/service. The difference in wealth is due to skilled workers innovating a process of product implementation.

With that in mind, if we had an excess of plumbers, it wouldn't lead to any type of significant innovation and that would certainly lead to a shortage/depreciation of wages because there are only so many pipes. However with STEM and some other fields, having a large increase in skilled workers would lend aid to the near-limitless transformation of resources. There may be adverse effects at first, but over time the increase in skilled workers would lead to the creation of many more productive organizations, leading to greater overall jobs to withstand the new supply of labor.

I'd love to get into the related issue of free education, as there are some subtleties in implementation that successful countries have performed that aren't well-discussed.

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Great answer, well written and you have me convinced.

Can anyone tell me:

  1. Why is vim so hard to exit that it generates these memes? Why is any program that hard to exit?

  2. What would you need vim for? Old languages? Seems like there are a ton more modern IDEs without a million memes about how bad it apparently is.

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1) it really isn't. Some people freak out when there's no [x] button at the top. vim is only keystrokes.

2) Vim is more powerful and flexible than any modern text editor. You can use it for anything, not just old languages. I write my English essays in vim.

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How can I tell if my WiFi antenna is bad?

I'm a little suspicious that it might be broken, but I can't tell for sure. It does work. But I had ridiculously bad reception with our previous router, to the point that WiFi barely worked in the kitchens (router was in the middle of the living room, which is attached to the kitchen). Now we have a new router/modem, and WiFi is still bad. Possibly even worse. It's a small house, just an apartment, but I might as well turn WiFi off.

It's not always a problem. I have great connection at work but there's probably a router very close by, though there have been more places where coverage was just not very good. It could be a problem with the something else, but it could be my phone.

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You should be able to run a speed test from Google, do that right after you measure from a computer you know works.


Hey /r/mk,

Back in mid-February I shared my design for a 28-key keyboard, naming it Alpha. After a lot of positive feedback and a few modifications, I improved my design, and then spent "too long" learning PCB design. I finally finished and feel satisfied with my design, and also have learned lots about being a first-time vendor along the way. Today I'm finally opening the public group buy!

The GB details:

  • The group buy will be open for roughly 3 weeks. It will close on Friday, May 11th.

  • Here is /u/AuthenticDanger's great prototype build! Your build will probably have a top/bottom plate from the amazing JOlimon! Unless you buy a case for it sometime down the line (though there will be no other options for this GB, my designs will be open-sourced and I plan to run the aluminum case that I shared previously over the summer when I have more time!)

  • The price of a kit is only $24 USD ($27 with an RGB strip)+shipping. Here is a breakdown of the parts of the kit so you don't have to flip through that pesky Google Form.

  • Shipping is a flat fee of $8 CONUS and more ($15?) elsewhere. This will be added to your order when you receive the invoice.

  • I will have limited to no internet access from April 23rd to April 30th, but I will make sure to respond to everything I miss when I get back.

  • This group buy does not include switches or keycaps.

Without further ado:

>>>>GB FORM<<<<

Thank you so much for your support <3


POST-DAY 1 EDIT: you guys are amazing, we're currently sitting at over 70% of the amount of orders I had estimated. Let's see how high we can get this!


is it ok to ask for a progress update?

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Updates are being posted here. It's shipping. Slowly but surely. I have very limited time to pack and make post office runs now that I'm at school for almost 10 hours a day.

i agree

I got this Cyrillic set off of Amazon like a year ago, it was only like 20$ but I really like it:

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ePBT will be a lot thicker probably

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