Mountain View's proposed 'Google tax' reminds us that big employers bring not just jobs, but problems by nickdesaulniers in bayarea

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Seems you haven't noticed. Towns like mountain view and Cupertino are caricatures of actual culture. People go where the jobs are. These companies exist where they do not for the culture. They go to SF or NYC for that.

Santa Clara Water District Approves Up to $650M for Tunnels by Environmental_End in SanJose

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Personal attacks galore won't win arguments (not you, but everybody in this thread). Maybe it's just a bunch of trolls going back and forth, but for those who want a real answer...

During planning, planners of megaprojects always give their most optimistic cost and timeline analysis, which almost always only include the cost to build the project at that time. They do this because if people knew the true full cost, it would likely never be approved.

In actuality, it doesn't include the inevitable lawsuits from people who oppose the project from the beginning, those who later become disenfranchised (like yourself), or those who are trying to earn political points by opposing those in power. All of these add litigation costs not in the original proposal.

A project the size of HSR needs land, lots of land. This means that they will likely need to use eminent domain to acquire the land, more litigation and time.

Then comes the cost to build. After all of the litigation has reached a point that allows work to be done, time has passed and the parts and labor become more expensive. Usually fairly substantially. This leads to ballooned costs and guess what? More litigation due to people now feeling even more disenfranchised.

There may be problems in the environmental reviews during the phases. It's discovered that the path goes through some toxic waste site or maybe some habitat of a rare species. More litigation!

Litigation costs time and money.

In English, "never finished" does imply abandoned, which the HSR is not. "not finished" has a significantly different meaning which is why people are jumping on it.

Despite the opposition, I feel it would be a shame if it does become abandoned and "never finished". Having used HSR in other countries, it has the potential to make travel in CA much more pleasant. Airplanes, which is usually the advertised alternative, don't even come close in comfort, schedule, nor convenience. There's just something about being able to walk into a train station, buy a ticket at a kiosk, boarding the train, then being at your destination in a matter of hours.

Compared to planning to fly where you have to buy your ticket usually days, if not weeks, in advance, going through high security, waiting to get on the plane, waiting for the plane to take off, the noise of the flight, then waiting to get off the plane, then waiting for your stuff because you had to check your bag since you have a razor blade.

Tesla Gets a Vote of Confidence as Supplier Orders Accelerate by bobbyducati in teslamotors

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I'll look forward to the Semi release! Reduced road noise, no desiel fumes, faster... Can't wait to see the on the road.

Highway 9 Siblings by sunsource in teslamotors

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This looks to be highway 9 in California above Saratoga.

Elon musk is equally famous for having developed a vehicle with no fuel tank and a vehicle with largest fuel tank in the world. by Geek4lyf in teslamotors

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In a few hundred years, hopefully we can efficiently turn carbon dioxide and water into hydrocarbons to be used as fuel. I'm not talking about growing plants. That's not efficient.

My Bleeding Heart is in bloom finally by ff7highwind in gardening

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My parents used to have these. They always fascinated me as a kid. They look so unusual and unique for flowers. Thanks for sharing!

[Earth Sciences] Why can't they "tap" the gas coming out of the burning "door to hell" pit? by bonzai2010 in askscience

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The home is not a natural cavern, but a cave in that formed when a well collapsed. Really interesting hole.

The rest of what you said is still true.

One of my Favorite Summer Places-Opal Creek by Sinister_socks in oregon

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Anytime I see these posts I have to make sure which subreddit I'm in. There's a 50/50 chance it's /r/EarthPorn.

It’s a 4/20 Miracle: Sen. Chuck Schumer Says He Will Introduce a Bill to Legalize Weed Across the U.S. -- The move would likely be a boon for Oregon cannabis farmers. by guanaco55 in oregon

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Southern Oregon and North California climates are well suited to grow pot. Other states, not so much. Those areas also need a good source of income since living doesn't bring in as much anymore.

TESS | Landing by berrysardar in spacex

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I love the progress they've made. Seeing the grid fins survive unscathed gives me an odd sense of satisfaction.

I can't help but think how not sticking to a specific design had significantly helped drive down the costs of the falcon. If they had kept using the aluminum fins, we won't be close to block 5.

*edit: Thanks /u/hms11 for pointing out this uses the aluminum fins. Still awesome to see the precision of the landing and how normal it feels.

I plan on moving to Oregon. I have some questions by SexyBatman1939 in oregon

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Which part are you looking to move to? What are your preferences for lifestyle? Oregon is very diverse and you can find big, modern city (Portland) or basically nowhere (Burns, or even smaller, Antelope) and everything in between.

Mitsuwa Marketplace pop up hawaiian donut shop by artsyfartsy-fosho in SanJose

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They're mochi donuts, so not your average donut. They also have Matcha flavored icing.

Overall, they're very good, but the wait is too long.

It's fun to joke about "Jeff Who", but Blue Origin is still one of the world's most promising rocket companies. by IrrationalFantasy in SpaceXLounge

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These actions have put Jeff Bezos on the same level as Larry Ellison for me. I would love to see more competition to award progress and those actions do nothing but stifle newcomers before they can get started.

Anyone commute by small plane? by fakethrowaway0987654 in bayarea

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My uncle used to live in the Independence fly-in community. He hated his neighbors.

TIL the Japanese used "nightingale floors" to alert castle lords to enemy attacks. These floors were designed so that walking on them created a shrill chirping noise. To tell friend from foe, the lord of the castle would identify a set rhythm for allies to use when walking on the nightingale floors. by Captain-Janeway in todayilearned

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Yeah, this is a myth. They squeaked due to the nails being loose and crappy construction. If you have Invaders in your castle, either you already knew or you are having a bad day. Squeaky floors won't save you.

Source: visited many Japanese castles from that era.

The first comprehensive study of China’s STEM research environment based on 731 surveys by STEM faculty at China’s top 25 universities found a system that stifles creativity and critical thinking needed for innovation, hamstrings researchers with bureaucracy, and rewards quantity over quality. by mvea in science

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It's nowhere at the level of the Chinese education system. For instance, the Chinese language had thousands of characters. From day 1 of school, they're memorizing characters. There are many poems and phrases which must be learned word for word. Get one word wrong and you fail the assignment. These poems can be hundreds of characters long. That's almost their entire education.

How many times did you write an essay? Even if you got a lower score because the teacher disagree, you still wrote an essay. In the Chinese system, there are no essays, no chance for thinking. Even in math class, we had lots of story problems. They don't have those either.

Just because the US education system has some memorization, don't mistake it for only memorization.

The first comprehensive study of China’s STEM research environment based on 731 surveys by STEM faculty at China’s top 25 universities found a system that stifles creativity and critical thinking needed for innovation, hamstrings researchers with bureaucracy, and rewards quantity over quality. by mvea in science

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The idea is not to have them pass; it's to get them exposed. If they weren't forced into the classes, how many of the ones who passed would have been there. I'd guess much fewer. If they are forced, those secretly interested can tell their parents who don't want them there, "I'm taking it because I'm forced to."

It's the same as any other core class, including English.