Benefits of being a Trusted Tester by Assassinkiller5 in LocalGuides

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If you're just a daily user of Google Maps, there's probably little benefit to you.

On the other hand, if you like to try out new things and make Maps better, being a trusted tester gives you early access to new features which are not generally available. You'll often get to work closer to the eng teams as well in reporting issues.

Blame California's cities and counties for housing delays, not state environmental law, new study says by bloobityblurp in bayarea

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Anytime somebody complains about affects on traffic, I automatically label them a NIMBY now. It's too easy an argument to make but isn't difficult to solve as a part of the development process.

Approval needed for pic upload by casemodsalt in GoogleMaps

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Likely just re-messaging of the thank you message.

ULA presentation to the 2017 Off Earth Mining Forum by Sknowball in ula

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If we can find resources that require less processing and can harm our planet less at a cheaper price than terrestrial mining, there should be no shortage of demand. That's a big if, but a space economy is a matter of when, not if now with the reduction in launch costs. All players should see a huge boost.

Urban Footprints by playfieldearth in Maps

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The population of Tokyo seems way off. Even the article you highlight mentions the populations is 38m vs the 13.1m you have listed.

Everyone Deserves the California Dream. It's Time We Build Enough Housing to Provide It. by Eurynom0s in California

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In the SF Bay Area, a 2 bedroom single family home would be considered a McMansion.

B1032 is going to roar one last time | Teslarati by TomCross in spacex

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According to the other post... maybe not? It seemed to survive the landing okay. (I know it's not going up again, but it survived)

Winter finally decided to show up in Yosemite [OC][3627×5440] by franklinsteinnn in EarthPorn

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Finally. I went there in December and it was dry as could be. It was also light jacket weather. Way too warm.

Map of major Japanese brands [2045x2200] by xpika2 in MapPorn

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It's correct, but for two different languages.

Japanese also uses Chinese characters. Google is just not detecting the language right because the characters are the exact same in both languages. When separating them, it has no idea that it should be Japanese since the exact same words are also Chinese.

Map of major Japanese brands [2045x2200] by xpika2 in MapPorn

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It's not wrong. Google's just not detecting the language right because the character set is the exact same. When separating them, it has no idea that it should be Japanese since you have the exact same words in Chinese.

Would you invest in SpaceX? by R-3-D in spacex

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I've neven thought Starlink made much sense. It feels like a Musk-dream at best. It'd be awesome if we could get global connection, but I really don't see how it helps get people to Mars. As such, I see it as a distraction to their mission at best.

This would be one of my largest concerns in investing in SpaceX. They need to concentrate and spend their capital very wisely and not chase side projects.

Spotted on US-101 Heading South in Cambria, CA. 1/22/18 by treldib in spacex

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101 was closed just south of Santa Barbara in Montecito due to the mud slides. It reopened yesterday. Likely detouring around that.

Women's March, Oakland by jmdugan in bayarea

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It's great to see all the guys there as well.

First dusting of snow in the North Cascades, Washington [OC] (3593x4492) by Elliothawkey in EarthPorn

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Playing Skyrim my reaction would have been to wonder what's in the crypt.

ELI5: How does Nintendo's labo work? by Doublebow in explainlikeimfive

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The point of this seems to be to not regulate it. They're making the stuff out of cardboard, so it's hard to imagine somebody making a cheaper, less sturdy version.

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket launches and lands in this 472-second single frame photo from Michael Seeley / We Report Space [1280x1920] by jardeon in ExposurePorn

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Yes, the 2k kph slowdown is entirely air resistance. Terminal velocity is only around 500kph max, so that's quite a bit slower than the 3k kph it was starting out after the initial reentry burn.

Note that they initially didn't have the first reentry burn and the rocket came in too hot.

My experience buying a house in Silicon Valley by gburdell in RealEstate

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At that income level, they were hitting AMT, so the interest deduction probably wasn't a factor.

San Bruno says no whale mouth on carwash by _patashnik in bayarea

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I really don't get this decision. The whale head looks to be a huge improvement over the current view. In the back in the armory, filled with crates and old military vehicles just rotting there. If the gas station owner wants to cover up this blight, why not let him? He should definitely appeal this decision or sue the city.

SpaceshipTwo test flight today (Jan 11th, 2018) by billtg in spaceflight

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Do we know the profile of the test? Is it just a drop test or will it be powered?

This subreddit does attract executive attention on occasion.... by SomeGubmintGuy in teslamotors

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Not surprising really. I imagine a lot of employees are on this subreddit (one even admitted it). I monitor the subreddit for the product I work on regularly and will sometimes escalate things if I can. I'll also quite regularly use Reddit as a source of feedback.