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Tell this to the people in California.

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Not to try to downplay the hazards of a grass fire, but it is difficult to compare the California fires to grass fires. Most of the wildfires you hear about in California are forest fires in mountainous terrain, not grass fires.

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It's quite hot and dry there. The climate dries out lots of the underbrush, making it easy fuel.

Areas like that are also supposed to naturally burn. Forest fires are actually quite beneficial as they clear out the underbrush, fertilize the ground, and actually cause some species of trees to start growing (the fire is a vital step in their reproduction). However, many people stop fires from happening so the dry underbrush builds up for years. When it finally does catch there's several years worth of material there and the fires get large and out of control.

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To add into this, the Northwest part of the state gets a lot of rain in the winter. This makes things grow in the spring to dry out and burn in the summer.

Honestly, this looks like the owner of the 3 is being an idiot, or smart ass. They are parked on the curb next to the rest stop building and used the home charger to charge the car. Would likely have to be plugged into a 110v plug, so they be there for a good while to get any decent charge.

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The rocket is only 7m tall. The Grasshopper was a full stage 1 Falcon 9, sitting at 32m. The two are barely comparable. Even New Shepard stands at 18m. The Japanese rocket is more akin to a lot of the smaller rockets during the X Prizes.

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Well, considering California is south of us and has been dealing with much more severe wildfires since at least the nineties, I would assume California's "normal" status predicates a sense of normalcy given to those fires. For us, the severity of the last few years has been a new occurrence. It's been better this year for sure, but I haven't had a "normal" summer since 2013-14. Until 2015 regular smokey skies were something I hadn't seen since the '07 fires in Victoria, Aus. And while '09 was patently worse it was also, once again "normal" to Aussies at that point. It's not normal to us, and therefore should be of high importance to us in order to make sure our forests stay green.

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Even in California, wildfire seasons have been substantially worse the last few years. Granted, some of that is perception because they're closer to large population centers compared to previous years so the fires are more obvious, but they are burning hotter, larger, and more frequent.

The sections close to the coast that are marked 'normal' have a lot of coastal air with lots of moisture keeping the threat relatively normal. The section in the center of the state is the Central Valley and is all farmland.

Part of the problem is also the shape of the fire districts. In Oregon, the fire districts go from ocean to the Cascades, which is a huge area with radically differing climates. California's is more closer to the climate pockets.

I had taken my 3 into the service to replace a missing undercarriage panel that was missing at delivery. They had the part and car back to me the next day. Much faster than anticipated. I was super happy.

A very shiny thing on a roof, most likely solar panels. It's causing overflow on the camera sensors.

Needs more upvotes at the end.

Military jets. They flew right overhead. Things are damned loud but harmless otherwise. I wish I knew they were coming so I could watch them.

66 points · 23 days ago

No. The service center will take care of it but it is just terrible for it to happen in the first place. Doesn't look good on them as a company. The good will they enjoy from enthusiasts is not going to cut it as they attempt to appeal to a wider clientele.

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18 points · 23 days ago

That's the same experience I had. We pointed out lots of things at delivery and the delivery person just kept saying to take it the service center. Scheduled an appointment the next day

Original Poster72 points · 23 days ago

Took delivery at Fremont.

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21 points · 23 days ago

I picked up my car last week from there and the car needs some work. They had issues with the contract systems, which pushed back delivery 4 hours! On top of that, the car was not prepped at all. It looked like it had been sitting out for a while and was extremely dirty. The worst is the front suspension undercarriage panel is completely missing.

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correct but article implies dragon 2

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I read that as BFR is closer than we think. We're not used to a rocket company developing new rockets in less than 10 years, so it feels of to know the rocket is so close.

Score hidden · 27 days ago

The signage looks kinda like one of those towers from Half-Life 2 from this angle.

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Score hidden · 27 days ago

That's the first thing I saw in the photo. Took me a long time to figure out what exactly I was looking at.

Thanks for posting this, but I agree with the other comments that the format didn't feel right for a car review. It constantly felt like I was missing most of the frame. The autoloop of IGTV also made me wonder if I really had seen the whole thing or if it was just starting over.

Vertical video is mostly for videographers on phones and IG made it easier on themselves to support mobile videos. No reorientation means no scaling of the video and no handling the transition between the orientations. It's a mobile first app, but it's only great for videos of individuals.

Vertically filmed for igtv, works best on phone

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No, no it doesn't. Turning your phone to landscape works best.

Just came from /r/simulated. At first I thought I saw another simulation. Awesome shot!

41 points · 1 month ago

It's interesting the age distribution. Looks like a lot of young people are interested in launching rockets, which is great news for the space industry at large!

That's... not really a good thing.

That little thing at all the other strawberries? That cannibal! Your dog should have been a better guard.

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So everyone explain factorial and you already start to grasp the logic. Now imagine a deck of cards and all the possible combination you can shuffle them: 52!

Here's the explanation of how big that number is.

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That was a fun read. Thanks for sharing!

And I'm sitting here with mine configured still waiting for a VIN. It's been 1.5 months now...

There's another thing where they would leave envelopes of money near where an unmarried child died. If you picked it up and kept it, that was the dowry payment and you were married in the afterlife.

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19 points · 1 month ago

My wife always warns me to avoid picking up random red envelopes on the grounds for the fear that it is such an envelope. Same with jewelery.

Close off the airspace permanently and now it's no longer a delay.

ATC here :)

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This sounds like a great approach. There's already restricted airspace around large airports for small craft and building height restrictions due to takeoff and landing paths. Once the number of flights gets high enough, there's no getting around closing the airspace anyways.

Cthulhu rises!

10 points · 1 month ago

We (local SJ Redditers) should consider not using Mercury News, their ads are aggressive, and if you use a blocker they redirect to nonsense pages. They should be a good citizen (some ads are okay) or move to purely subscription based.

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Mercury News has become really annoying. They say there's a free quota, but it seems to be set at one or resets sporadically.

134 points · 2 months ago

Totally downvoted at first because I thought it was faked. Extremely well done! You bent my mind in a new way today.

Original Poster14 points · 2 months ago

lol thanks. Did you mind unbend afterwards?

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Nope! Still throws my mind for a loop (in a good way). :)

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