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2 points · 17 days ago

The PCPC does the same pressure as the IP (11.6psi) at its highest setting. Any IP recipe can be used with this.

The older model does not have a manual button though, so there's that. My friend has to hit random buttons to get a time as close to his recipe as possible and then remember to shut it off at an appropriate time.

Lmao, Hillary is really stuck on your brain, huh? This is 2018. You Hillary supporters are out of control, always talking about her and bringing her up.

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0 points · 1 month ago

The originating comment in this thread brought Clinton up. Obviously, you see that. Bizarre.

Why wouldn't my comment apply to both comments. Do you need me to reply to both? Does Hillary want me to reply to both? Will that appease you as a Hillary supporter?

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0 points · 1 month ago

Super weird.

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3 points · 1 month ago

Just a fun personal fact about me and this indian. When I was very little, my mom taught me how to take the bus in case I ever needed to or got lost somehow. I loved the library when I was a kid, so once I knew how to take the bus, I decided I could bus it to the library on my own. The library was just down the block from the indian west of 63rd. When I was little, it was a little storefront on the south side of the street. When I got a little older, they built the big one that is on the north side of the street today. Anyway, I'd steal a token for the bus from the house and head to the library on the bus. It was about 7 blocks from where I lived near Pulaski. I knew when to get off the bus by looking for the indian. I'm talking like 6 years old and taking the bus. My mom should probably be in jail. Things were a little different as far as kids growing up in the city then. We had vast amounts of independence that would absolutely horrify parents I know today.

How long has the statue been there?

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3 points · 1 month ago

I can confirm personally that it has been there since at least the 70s. It used to belong to the cigar shop when I was a kid. I think at some point in the 80s the cigar shop went away and an optometrist moved in. The indian stayed and also got a nice pair of glasses added.

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Info from the two most prestigious scientific institutions in the world:

Wikipedia on the current extinction event:

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2 points · 2 months ago

This exchange is how I would love for all climate change debates to go.

Kudos to both of you.

You can call it whatever you want, I'm still only following good science, observable reality & rejecting kneejerk hysteria & wholly impractical/pointless/ineffectual policy suggestions.

On the other hand if this is climate science and environmentalists declaring they're purging their institutions of alarmists and other anti-human "green" radicals, new-age spiritualists, and everyone else with an agenda that isn't rational ecology, go for it.

I'm all for anti-pollution, so I look forward to environmentalists putting their weight wholly behind modern nuclear power.

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-1 points · 2 months ago

I like to think I'm a very very rational super liberal.

I literally agree with everything you said. Logistics, real world scenarios ,and enforcement must always be considered.

Any law/policy without teeth to enforce is just politicians pandering, one way or another.

Of note, I barely gave a shit until I had a daughter to leave this plane to. I more or less would just like her to continue eating steak.

4 points · 2 months ago

So now he's against football, motorcycles, and whiskey. Please wake up, conservatives.

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What's the whiskey story?

People are frying their bread (for grilled cheeses) in mayonnaise? That sounds unpleasant.

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It's actually great. The mayo, as an oil and egg emulsion, is a really great frying and even better grilling substance. It does not make things taste like mayo either.

It's perfect for fish on the grill actually. No more sticking to grill grates.

I don't think you should heat mayo with the eggs in it.

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You're right. Eggs should never be cooked. :D

4 points · 4 months ago

Are you sure those asparagus aren't green beans?

I started earning a lot more money around that age, but spending increased at the same time. My quality of life has gone up significantly, but I was having more fun when I was poor. Now I have a family and that makes me legitimately happier than any concert or bar I went to when I was in my 20s. My little girl means the absolute world to me. A lot of of my motivation day to day and at work revolves around trying to be the best husband and father I can be, which has its own rewards.

For example, I literally just got done kicking the shit out of her in Monopoly. It was super fun.

4 points · 4 months ago

I fell asleep constantly all over my campus while doing homework. I've also fallen asleep in several public areas while drunk. Never even spoke to a cop. No one bothered me or said one word. That grad student is a busybody. Police should be called for actual crimes or if someone is being threatened or hurt. That's it.

2 points · 4 months ago

I've gotten these a couple of times from my local Costco expecting big things. Wasn't a fan the first time and went for it a second figuring maybe just a bad cut or something. Same results. Cooked for a couple of hours at 131 and then hit them with a hard sear on grill. Doneness and sear was great. The meat was not. Like others have said, just too much silverskin and tendons still around.

our favorite bang for your buck steak at Costco is the prime sirloin baseball sized chunks. You can usually get like 5 of them for 25 or so. They are really versatile. We treat them like normal steaks for break them down for stir frys. One steak is enough to feed my small family of 3 with some decent sides making them quite economical as well.

My journey took me from being the new guy to the IT Manager of my organization (You can read about it here).

One the things that I've tried to do was to motivate my team when and however I could - even though some of them would have gotten me in trouble. This is a super long post, it was not intentional. Sorry, no TL:DR :(

1- Gave credit when credit was due. I would get emails about how X Person was fantastic helping them with something a lot and I would forward that email to X Person. As the IT Manager, I'm the one always getting the praises for the departments efficiency and I honestly reply that I didn't do it alone. Without the help of my team, I wouldn't be getting the kind words. Every praise I get, I would push it on over to the team and more often then not, I wouldn't take credit at all.

2 - I would bring in food or take them out every payday Friday. We got paid every two weeks, so on those fridays, I would hang up a sign to our department saying "Team Training In Session: Return in 2hrs". When in reality, we would be out for lunch. Yes, we sometimes had team meetings so it wasn't BS with that sign.

3a - Provided training. Because of how our organization ran, evaluations were strict to whatever job responsibilities were written in your job description. This is the reason why a lot people there have the "that's not in my job description" attitude. They don't want to do something they can't have a good evaluation for when it's time for bonuses and raises. Also, *I* would get in trouble as well. However, that never stopped me from enabling them to cross-train and learn things out side of their bubble. If Software Dude wanted to learn about AD, I'll teach them. If DataBase Dude wanted to learn about Python, I'd tell Software Dude to teach him and he'd get a day off, or something.

3b - I built a library for them. Every book I purchased usually came with an electronic version (Powershell in a month of lunches, for example) I would print them all off and put it in a book shelf for them. From when I started up til now, there are 17 books? I lost count, but we need a new shelf, which is why I stopped for now.

4a - I gave them a 4-day work week. I told them that I expected 5-days of work and this system would only work if everyone pulled their weight. (This is where #3 and cross-training became most valuable). If by their dedicated day off, they had all their tickets done and responsibilities taken care of, they took that day off. They would come in the morning to check in and by 10am, they were off. This not only made them happy but they actually increased in productivity.

4b - We aren't allowed to use sick-days for vacation time. This sucks because new guys had only 5 days off and senior guys (Software Dude) would have like 45 days off. Secretly, I allowed it as long as everyone kept quiet and it wasn't abused. They'd have to be honest with me when they were going to do it however. No BS. I had their back as long as they were honest. It was also up to my approval. If things were getting too hot, Id stop this for a while.

5 - I was honest to them about EVERYTHING and included them in EVERYTHING, even about the stuff they weren't really apart of. Unfortunately, the hire up the ladder goes, the less communication reaches the bottom. I knew what that felt like and I tried my hardest to not follow suit and be another broken link.

6 - I got my hands dirty. I was NOT the type of manager that just told them what to do. Fuck that. I was right there in the grind with them wherever I could help. 80 new computers came in? Cool, Database Dude unpacks, Software Guy labels and inventory, JRSysAdmin install windows and software, and I would add objects to AD and assign equipment out to users. Yes, I was the manager but I'm also part of the IT Department. Never would I left my teammates drown.

I'm still learning as a manager, but this is what I found to work for us and so far we've been accomplishing everything on time and together as team.

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3 points · 4 months ago

There is some solid stuff here that I am going to incorporate.

I am new to being fully management. I've had one foot in engineering work and the other in leading teams for years. This is my first full year of doing nothing but management and reporting directly to a C-level.

I've struggled with finding productive things to do, because I shy away from all the things I hated from my managers when I was not one.

That said, I've found value in some things I hated, so there's a balance.

I still make sure to get my hands dirty not only because I like to, but it also shows my teams I will do actual work with them and I'm legitimately technically competent.

I make sure never to give anyone a hard time over being sick, and going to the doc/dentist, kids stuff (school, emergencies, whatever).

I hand out flex time liberally. I don't make a big deal out of making sure people's PTO gets reported to HR. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

I have found that while people like getting gift certificates and food, they LOVE being given time.

In return, my team has my back in every way. They work hard for me not because they are afraid of losing their jobs but because they do not want to disappoint me. When there's an off-hours emergency, they pretty much all make themselves available if they are physically able to do so.

13 points · 5 months ago

Used to be friends once removed with the owner. I've been to his house to hang out.

This was early 00's. He seemed a nice enough guy then. Granted, I was only on talk about the weather and Bears terms with him.

I do know he had a pretty great house on the north side not terribly far from the bar (that I've never been to). One time while at his house he busted out a bottle of tequila he claimed was 1k per bottle and poured us all a shot. It was pretty good, but I wouldn't pay 100/shot for it like he says he charged.

Anyway, my point is that at the time I thought the dude had a pretty sweet life and he also wasn't political at all. It never came up.

I feel like a lot of people have gotten really into politics as a sort of hobby and it just isn't healthy. This guy strikes me as a good example of that.

Racism isn't "politics" I mean it's not like if he didn't get into politics he would be totally not racist.

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-1 points · 4 months ago

Oh I agree. I am quite sure he's always been at least low-level racist. I think his politics hobby has spun so out of control that he equates anyone of color as an enemy due to their probable opposing views to his own. Anyone who uses the term "snowflake" like it's an actual insult kind of proves that out. To them, it's either you agree with literally everything they think they believe or you're the goddamn enemy. To them, they are "real Americans". It's bizarre.

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I do 6 hours at 132. I have found that the tri-tip doesn't turn out that great when cooked at lower temps. It needs that bit of extra cooking to really break it down and render some fat. Most of the time I go simple on the seasoning with just salt and pepper. Sometimes I'll do a coffee rub or something like that. I like just salt and pepper best though. I sear the hell out of it on all sides in ghee after it's done in the SV too. I go light on the salt pre-SV because if you heavily salt it, it will start to cure in the bag.

Costco loin chops?

I made hot dogs in Chicago for a living in highschool...Westmont, IL!!! Those are NOT Chicago dogs

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Jimmy's Dog House?

I am pretty sure that place closed.

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3 points · 5 months ago

The amount of delusional and paranoid fantasy in this post are off the charts.

Is this how the average mind of the Trump base works?

Be aware that this looks like shit on an iPad. Everything except the character sprites look washed out and muddy.

3 points · 5 months ago

This subreddit was much more interesting when it wasn't mostly a T_D subreddit.

I only call someone stupid when it's clear they are, like you.

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You're unhinged and delusional. It's the existence of folks like you that makes me think really strong gun control laws are necessary.

You keep trying to imply I am somehow a dangerous or violent person with no evidence. It's actually hilarious. Did you join the military because you were too dumb to go to college?? Because it certainly seems like it.

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Interesting. You seem to believe being in the military and getting a degree are mutually exclusive.

I honestly feel bad for you. You seem like a miserable little shit. That is its own form of punishment.

Good luck to you. There is more to life than being an overzealous dick on the internet.

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2 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Nice whataboutism. Everyone you probably dislike has always cared about people getting gunned down, including in Chicago and including Sandy Hook.

What's happening now is that people are so fed up with people like you, that they are moving into the streets. It's people like you whose inaction caused this. If you had made some effort to do something, anything then this might not be happening. Instead, when Sandy Hook happened, people like you harassed the parents of those children who were shot to death. Real class acts, all of you.

So sorrynotsorry, but your triggered snowflake bullshit is just that. Bullshit.

So I saw this was in regards to the Columbian chicken stew. I agree that the recipe as followed is underseasoned. What I do for this recipe is take the chicken out, pick it off the bones, shred it, add it back in, add a TON of cracked pepper, and add kosher salt.

At the table, I make a lot of add-ins available. Sliced avocado, crema or sour cream, limes, chopped cilantron, chopped green onions, pickled jalapenos, etc. It's open to your imagination.

I also think there are very few soups/stews I've had that lend themselves so well to being served with bread & butter. Get a baguette and slice it up. Serve it in a pile with some softened butter.

Everything about this looks ridiculous. Well done.

1 point · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

First off i get where you coming from.

But let us face it every other regular person would've probably got charged espacially since they have no information service that tells them hey you forgot to pay may i ask you kindly to come back and pay.

I don't say i'd have liked you to be charged because you seem like a cool officer.

But also as a police officer you should be in your right state of mind and a 100% mentally and physically at any time of your shift including early mornings.

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2 points · 6 months ago

Not sure why you've been downvoted. Everything you said is 100 percent legit.

You're still operating on police privilege here. Most other people would be arrested and then have all the bad things that go along with that as a result (lose job, etc.). Your crummy excuse of zombie mode sucks. If you can't remember to pay for a fucking burrito, you shouldn't be on the job or driving.

When is the proper time to salt a steak? I usually take mine out of the fridge for a few hours before cooking to let them get to room temp. I typically sat right before putting on the hot cast iron, but I’ve heard something about salting >1 hr before cooking.

Anyone have any advice?

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Lately, I haven't been salting when cooking sous vide, reverse sear, or traditional sear. Of note, this is only with really good cuts, like ribeye or NY strip. I don't with SV because I don't like the curing that can take place, even minimally, that produces a texture I don't like.

The other two, I salt with Maldon sea salt flakes after slicing, but prior to serving. This way, I don't oversalt and the cut slices get a better and more even distribution of salt. Of note, Maldon flakes don't really melt into the steak, so you get pops of saltiness when you take a bite. Others may not like it. I've never served a steak like this that didn't floor people. It also helps with portion control. I can feed my family of three with one 1lb NY strip easily.


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