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Mr. Bucket.

"Put the balls in my mouth."

A perfect example of why to do your own oil changes.

Avoiding shit like this is worth it.

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Go up the ladder with that. They will buy you a new motor if you bitch enough

One ring to bind them

I experienced the effects of having the English lastname Gay. He was the most shitty person I worked for / with.

Moral is, dont fuck with shit people have no control over.

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Original Poster8 points · 1 year ago

The fun part is.. his last name isn't science... real go getter

Great buck. Awesome story. Cheers man, hope I can post one soon

Ontario county

Original Poster2 points · 1 year ago

Nice! See anything yet?

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3 doe a spike and a turkey. Weather was crazy. Buddy got an old tired buck. Back at it sunday.

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Hey hanni, the invisible bug has been around before as I'm sure you are aware. Take your nose out of day breaks prostate.

1000 bottles of beer on the wall pass it around

I was on for a while spamming the fire station and I asked about the storage container issue, just after, I crashed to desktop with no errors. Thanks guuys.

nah not always

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no they give you a notice of server shutting down

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No. That is an inconvenient bug, hardly game breaking.

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Considering the storage container being around for so long and all a sudden not craftable, is more than a bug. They are just showing their true colors

What about the storage containers? Or that neat shed?

Part of the nostalgia you feel might be the lighting and atmosphere. It's been all blue skies and clear nights for awhile that I think takes the rush away.

This was just a posed player character model for a marketing piece.

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False marketing?

Aww you wanna prize for playing a game. So cute.

I'm OK with the bullet thing (wish they just changed the crafting) but the vehicle decay is bs for pvp rule set. The only ppl complain about vehicles were the pve players.
Also this implement will absolutely require a wipe.

They are intended to be cumbersome to manage.

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Thanks dev


I have been noticing players in vehicles are not taking damage. almost like it was long ago. players seem to be safe while inside cars.

Original Poster1 point · 2 years ago

Yep the middle is what people would assume. But how would they get out with the loot then? Like I write in OP I can also think of a way to do this glitching in, but not a way to get out again. As you can see on the Screenshots there is no way to get out with the loot (unless you can explain it ofcourse :)

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They probably dropped it in the opening and others picked it up from the roof.

It sucks when you work hard and grind the game and get thousands of rounds for three weeks and then find out there is a dupe glitch. Personally taking a break until duping is gone, its terrible with the hackers with unlimited ieds.

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Shut the fuck up forever.

This game is almost a joke at the moment.

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