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soccerflo 1 point

Congrats on an awesome accomplishment!

The feet falling asleep doesn't sound good. Is everything ok with your lower back? Hamstrings ok? Sciatic nerves ok?

Was the pulse pounding in your head a headache?

ramrod1 1 point

Yeah everything is ok now.

soccerflo 1 point

I don't think the electrolytes in Powerade Zero are balanced or measured for recovery. I think that product is created for taste.

I drink it myself but I don't rely on it.

It's possible the NUUN tablets are similar.

ramrod1 1 point

They're certainly not made for taste either.

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ramrod1 commented on a post in r/altcountry
Tighthead613 3 points

Unrelated but since we have some traffic here - have he and Isbell fallen out? Adams seemed pissed about the Isbell song about his divorce.

Love them on the stage together. Hate when bridges get burned in anyone’s life.

ramrod1 1 point

which song

ramrod1 commented on a post in r/NASCAR
ramrod1 1 point

Does NBC have any of the In-car stuff that fox does on the app?

dev6on 2 points

Yup there's a Dale Jr and Harvick cam, a battle cam and an overhead simulcast cam

ramrod1 1 point

cant find them in the app, any tips?

ramrod1 commented on a post in r/triathlon
osteogenix 1 point

These are all awesome suggestions, thanks! Wish philly was a little more tri friendly. I was spoiled growing up the pocono area - always a pool or lake to swim in and countless empty rolling roads. I've been living down this way for a little over a year and it's a pretty big change from what I'm used to. Thanks all!

ramrod1 1 point

I'm going up there in August. What's a cool place (near the race track) to swim and picnic for the day when my SO gets sick of racing?

ramrod1 commented on a post in r/100DaysofKeto
ramrod1 3 points

4th year of keto. 3rd 100 days. Had my first cheat In over a year. Went all out, did a bang bang. Gained 12 pounds.

bpjacques 1 point

I'm doing that like every weekend haha. I go up and down the same 5 lbs (probably mostly water weight)

ramrod1 4 points

Commit. it's 100 days. That stuff is for non 100 days

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