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Are they continuing the Soul EV as well in the same markets the Niro EV will come available?

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Original Poster0 points · 5 hours ago

Hm, good question. I haven't seen it been officially discontinued, but I would very much doubt it's kept around with the Niro's arrival. It's a thorough-bred compliance car.

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N. America debut in Q1 2019


Best Selling Models

Model June Sales Year-To-Date
Tesla Model 3 6,062 24,367
Toyota Prius Prime* 2,237 14,255
Tesla Model S 2,750 10,820
Tesla Model X 2,550 9,525
Chevrolet Bolt 1,083 7,858
Chevrolet Volt* 1,336 7,814
Honda Clarity PHEV* 1,445 6,669
Nissan Leaf 1,367 6,659
Ford Fusion Energi* 604 4,302
BMW 530e* 942 3,515

*Plug-in Hybrid

Source For EV Sales Estimates: Inside EV Scorecard

Source For Total Vehicles Sales: US Bureau of Economic Analysis (PDF Warning) - Table 6, Light Vehicles, Not Seasonally Adjusted


What happened in April?

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Original Poster2 points · 5 hours ago

Tesla (and GM now as well) reports deliveries on a quarterly basis. So sales typically surge at the end of every quarter (March, June, September, December). This also has the impact that sales are typically depressed the month thereafter (January, April, July, October). That's really all that happened. Model S sales were 3,375 in March, and 1,250 in April. X sales went from 2,825 to 1,025. A few other models also dipped less dramatically for likely just random reasons.

April 2018 still beat April 2017 by over 6,000 units.

Where are my Hyundai Ioniq figures lol .. my car prob appreciated in value if they can’t manufacture anymore lol

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Original Poster4 points · 2 days ago

Lol Inside EVs has them if you go there. They barely sell any, because they barely ship any to the US

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Only for US (and Canada?) for premium long range versions. Still plenty of queue overseas and for Short Range.

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Yes, this is right - US and Canada only. Tesla is nowhere near demand limited yet for the 3. They might be demand limited in the near future for long range PUP configurations within North America...but that's very different from demand limited overall.


What do you guys think? Does OG still fit in it?

Original Poster1 point · 13 hours ago

The reason is that the point of leasing a Leaf now would be to have an electric car until one hits the market worth buying that I can afford (something like the Base Model 3). As I said, I need a car starting in August.

As for why not the Bolt, I've said above but I just don't think it's worth $400+/month.

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Bolt's your best option imo. A 135 mile stretch on 150 mile rated range is cutting it way too close imo. You have to be prepared to get significantly less that the rated range at times due to driving behaviour, weather, etc.

The extra cost does suck. Your other option is a PHEV.

The fact that people are "forced" to pay the tax is exactly what makes it efficient. If a tax were easy to avoid, that means the economic distortion created by that tax would be great. Pigovian taxes excluded - we don't want people to change their behavior to avoid a tax. I think the real world issue with applying the Ramsey Rule is the goods that are most inelastic tend to be necessities. This means real application can end up with a tax structure that is highly regressive in nature.

Original Poster1 point · 11 hours ago

Exactly, that is true. Which is why commodity taxation is second best. But this is not about if it is efficient or not, or what the government wants, it is about what the people want. And they do not want taxes that they cannot avoid. If the government asks me if I want a tax on all goods or just on some, I would say on some only because then I can avoid to tax (not efficient, but I don’t want to pay taxes). And my question focuses on what is in people’s interest and not the efficiency questions.

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On an individual level, people always want someone else to pay taxes. But a loss in efficiency means the average person is worse off. I think we should tax with maximum efficiency in mind and then use government transfers to offset the regressive impacts.

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Would you say that focusing on writers is just your preference or do you think it's usually a better way to get econ related news?

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In my opinion its better once you identify good writers. Most the people I read from are actual economists who just write a bit in their spare time.

Just make sure you venture outside of them sometimes too. Even the best ones have beliefs and biases, so you need to keep some variety.

Can you please name a few?

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Sure. I'm Canadian though, so many of the writers I read from are Canadian/Canada focused.

American economists I mainly read from would be Paul Krugman (NYT column) and Gregory Mankiw on his blog. I find they can compliment each other nicely, because they will often have competing perspectives. Neil Irwin of the NYT is also really good, but I should note he's not an economist (but he does have a degree in economics).

Canadain economists I read from include Trevor Tombe, Stephen Gordon, Andrew Leach, and Kevin Milligan. The Worthwhile Canadian Initiative is really good as well, any of the economists that write on their are worth listening to.

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Yeah ok they make the biggest SUV’s that sell well. They aren’t trying to dissuade people from buying those

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The people responsible for the Escalade, lol

Hell yeah brother, here's to a Spurs/Raptors Finals

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Golden State veto's this idea for the next 3 years.

42 points · 2 days ago

If we can handle Vince's mom, Uncle Dennis will be a cakewalk

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What did Vince's mom do? Someone fill me in here, I have no idea

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I wish my dog liked water this much :(

Lucky, mine is a bath/shower. My dog just jumps right out mid shower and tries to make a run for it. You can lock your dog in. Genius!

Yeah so if you're rich you should always be happy. You should never be upset.

It's ridiculous. Dude had his life turned upside down. If your job mandated you to transfer to a different country with an entirely new group of people after you poured your heart and soul into where you are now, you have a right to be upset. It's part of the job, yes. Doesn't mean he can't feel emotions.

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Doesn't mean he can't feel emotions.

Exactly. Fucking people here act like it was a bad thing he loved Toronto all of a sudden.

Correction, it will result in job losses for the UAW. Electric vehicles mean simpler, better cars. Yes, a consequence of something improving is it will take less hours to manufacture and service. But for society as a whole, it's a net benefit. The benefit comes not only in the form of lower emissions, but vehicles that have a lower total cost of ownership as well - freeing up more money to spend on other things. The job losses are fully offset elsewhere in the economy.

This kind of worries me about the UAW though. The UAW has steadfastly proven they will put their industry and workers above the well-being of society as a whole - they gladly supported Trump tariffs on foreign automobiles to "protect domestic manufacturing". I do have a fear they will decide electric vehicles are bad for them and potentially fight against them. They can be a very powerful group.

Too many variables as play. Sweden does not have a national minimum wage. But if the US removed it's minimum wage laws, I would not expect the same results as Sweden has.

It would depend what country/market you're looking at and if any other changes were made in conjunction with the minimum wage removal.

Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

People Say to me that without a minimum wage people will have more jobs , but having a 5$ wage doesn't seem like a job to me , and even if the wages are measured by economics law of offer and demand , if they get below living wage its the same as not having a job , and if they get Over the minimum wage it kinda makes no difference if a minimum wage exists or no , get what Im saying? I could be totally wrong tho

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People Say to me that without a minimum wage people will have more jobs

At what point, and to what degree a minimum wage impacts the number of jobs available is a big point of debate. If you haven't read the sidebar, it dives into this topic.

if they get below living wage its the same as not having a job

I think the issue here is a "living wage". Thats more of a political concept than an economic one. A "living wage" is usually just an arbitrary minimum standard of living a politician has decided everyone deserves. Livable wages don't really exist in the economic world. You can phsyically live on very little money - just to a very low standard.

Original Poster3 points · 2 days ago

Ya I probably didn't do as good of a job describing my question as I could have. My question is if the two parties in the example agreed to that wage then how would that person be able to survive on such a little amount of money (this would be the argument of someone opposing removal of minimum wage laws)... would the gap be bridged by some type of welfare program or otherwise?

I only ask because I understand the economics of artificial price controls on labor but everytime I debate someone they throw this in my face and I have no real examples in the world to point to being able to say "look in country X they removed minimum wage laws and did A,B, or C"

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would the gap be bridged by some type of welfare program or otherwise?

It can be, or can not be. It's a normative question, so if you support the removal of minimum wage laws, would you then support an alternative to try and compensate?

If you're looking for real world examples, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway all have no minimum wage at the federal level. However, they have higher unionization rates and well funded welfare programs.

1 point · 2 days ago

Sweden, Denmark, and Norway all have no minimum wage at the federal level.

It would be strange if they had a federal minimum wage when non of them is a federation.

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National - lol you get what I mean. I'm Canadian, I'm just so used to saying federal.

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I'm surprised that a far left, anti-science and anti-maths opinion like this managed to get heavily downvoted in /r/politics

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It got linked to at /r/badeconomics. Thats why.

1 point · 3 days ago

I sympathize with the argument you're making and agree with much of what you're saying. Communication of ideas is a hugely important topic and - in the age if internet bubbles and clickbait journalism - conspiracy theory garbage is drowning out the good stuff. Solving this problem is a huge deal.


We're talking past one another here.

Academic papers aren't meant to appeal to outsiders. They're designed for people well versed in that field capable of understanding the material presented

Exactly! They may as well be written in a foreign language to outsiders. That's why the insiders need to take the time to explain them to the outsiders

which is exactly what /r/economics is supposed to be, but that got lost somewhere.

This is r/askeconomics

It's the job of journalists to take that information and turn it into something a normal person can understand.

They're outsiders too. They can't do this job.

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That's why the insiders need to take the time to explain them to the outsiders

Well, some of them do do this. Paul Krugman is likely the most well known example. Here in Canada, Stephen Gordon is a prominent economist that regularly writes columns as well. I have a few other economists I follow that write regularly as well.

This is r/askeconomics

Agreed, and this sub should be geared towards helping people understand economics at whatever level they are comfortable with. If you go back to my original comment you replied to first, it was criticizing /r/Economics though, which is supposed to be a place for more sophisticated economic discussions.

They're outsiders too. They can't do this job.

I somewhat disagree. Journalists aren't supposed to write about just anything that they barely understand. The best journalists usually have fields of expertise in which they operate in. Take Neil Irwin of the New York Times for example, one of my favorite non-economist economic writers. He doesn't write about complex legal cases. He writes about almost solely economics-related topics. He has a degree in economics and business journalism. He understands economics on a pretty deep level, and he can can interpret data and research in a way normal people will understand. He is fully prepared to translate economic lingo to layman's explanations as best as possible.

Now, journalists without deep understanding of economics will sometimes cross into the field, and in those cases, they will of course need help from people more familiar to understand what they're writing accurately.

I think the key issue I have though, is even when you have knowledgeable people (like the ones mentioned above) writing, they all too often get passed over by readers for one of the abundance of columnists who has many very strong opinions, but sadly lacks any real expertise to back them up. Sadly, the narrative of "Rich people and corporations screwed poor people" wins over any more nuanced pieces in the eyes of many readers.

1 point · 3 days ago

"Rich people and corporations screwed poor people" wins over any more nuanced pieces in the eyes of many readers.

Can't agree more.

Thanks for the reasonable discussion by the way.

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No worries, anytime. Feel free to ask any questions you have down the line.

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Raps fan here. DeRozan is still my favorite player even though he's not with Toronto anymore. I think enough has been said about the good and bad of his game. But DeRozan the person is fucking amazing. The guy works hard - you won't see him at the club or bar. He'll be in the gym at 2 am putting up shots. All his team mates love him. After he got traded, we've already seen Terrence Ross, DeMarre Carroll, and Lou Will come out just to give him props. Never heard a single negative word about him.

The guy is a pro through and through. You won't see any of this Kawhi-Uncle Dennis bullshit. You won't ever hear about any controversy with him. He just shows up and does his job. And he'll put his heart on the line every single night. Watch him when he plays, he'll get hit and you can tell he's physically hurting. But he'll take a minute and then get up and keep going. He's only missed 47 games due to injury his entire 9 year career - for a guy that plays as many minutes and gets hit as much as he does, it's outstanding.

I'm glad the classiest guy in the NBA got traded to the classiest organization. DeMar deserves that respect. I know you guys will do great things with him. I'm just lucky I got to see him as long as I did.

But DeRozan the person is fucking amazing

and you're still underselling it. I can't even begin to describe his level of commitment and tenacity.

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I definitely am. You gotta experience it though to get the real idea

Same, dude. Is there any hope for us?

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Its never too late. You just gotta put yourself out there

I'm done mourning. I get if some people aren't

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It's gonna take me a bit longer fam, lol

All season? You must be fun at parties.

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Nah, I'm exaggerating. He was my favorite player though, so I'm really bummed out about it.

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