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Aside from having a lot of tabs open? Not really... Ctrl+F only helps so much.

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"Turn on your TV."
"What channel?"
"Doesn't matter."
"... So?"
"Still broken."
"Turn it off."
"... Try it now."
"What ch-"
"I said it doesn't matter! Just turn it on and tell me if it works!"
"Fine... No need to yell... It's still broken."
"Dude, I give up, just get a new TV."

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Magic Detection Bell: Rings incessantly if a magical item (including itself) is nearby.

Bag of Hauling: A big bag with straps for carrying it around. Not a shred of magic.

Dagger of Healing*: On a successful hit this dagger heals the victim for 1HP. 1D4 damage.

Bottomless Quiver: Any arrows you fire immediately return to this quiver when released.

Tower Shield of Hiding: A very big shield that a normal size or smaller creature can hide behind. When not being held with both hands by the hiding creature it immediately falls over. Can only be held or carried by large creatures.

Resistant Armour: This armour magically resists being worn, and cannot be equipped.

Ring of Nourishment: This ring is never hungry.

Cloak of Levitation: When not worn this cloak levitates at an inconvenient height for being put back on.

Boots of speed: Regular boots but with go-faster stripes

Gloves of Thievery: These gloves constantly steal things from your pockets when you aren't looking and put them in other pockets.

Speaking Stone: Never shuts up, impossible to silence. Makes derogatory comments about the owner's clothing.

EDIT: Tower shield improved to avoid being useful. Dagger defeated in the comments below!

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Magic Detection Bell: Annoying, but constantly emits sound... unless in a magic cancelling zone. Used to ward off wild animals, old deaf hermits also use this to ward off people.

Bottomless Quiver: Used to safely teach archery forms to children. By the time they have learned their forms, they are usually proficient and mature enough to use a normal quiver of arrows.

"These cloaks were created for the Mason's Guild. Bricklayers wore these when repairing roads, and the carriage accident rate dropped significantly."

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"Additional applications include the uniforms of convicts, which also incorporate the use of glowing, orange dyes"

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Send an email/call the company/UCF about it, if UCF doesn't have a pile of them stored at the alumni place, the company should send one to you.

UCF should still have it if it's only been a few days.

~If your mother also sent one to you, despite you telling her to just send some homemade food instead, and wrote a letter as prompted, that letter is attached to the one that UCF should have.

~Your username is way to similar to Boblit678 for it to be a coincidence, if we can find space on memory mall, we will be practicing on Friday

It was forty years ago, when I first thought of the question. Forty long years ago, when I, as well as the other new designee, were given our tour of the facilities. We walked past rows of them. Each still, silent and waiting until the end of their sentences. Unable to voice their opinions or plead for freedom... not unlike the rest of us.

My companion at the time did not speak, or seem interested in the dusty speech rehearsed to a perfectly stale drone. Nor did I. Not until I saw the souls transferred between vessels behind the thick cold glass. Their resemblances stretched and skewed by the refraction of a material as thick as a grown man's waist. We watched several transfers. We had to learn of the variations that we could face after all. Each had distinct characteristics reflecting the nature of the individual and the cruelty of the crime. They were all unique. Even now, not a single one escapes my memory.

When I saw it, I had to ask.

"What about that one? It looks innocent."

Our lecturer stopped the scripted speech, almost as if he expected the question, as if he was waiting for that question. He said no words after. He didn't need to. He nodded and showed us. We who were behind the thick cold glass watched as the soul was transferred not into a vessel, but into a fully functional body.

We learned very well from the safety of the other side of the window, how fearsome someone without remorse could be.

I made sure that my reminiscence hadn't made a mistake out of my work. I made good sure of it. Then I checked the paperwork. Five terms. Just two more terms and this one would be free. I added an extra zero.

Wait, nonono - it happened exactly once before.

"Of course, you've heard the story of the Magocalypse?"

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I thought not. It's not a story the wizards would tell you. It's a milliner legend. Magocalypse was a crafter of wondrous items, so skilled and so had working he could use coverings to influence the wearers to create miracles... He had such a knowledge of fashion, he could even keep the ones he cared about from social disaster. The profession is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his touch, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice ruined his wardrobe in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from shame, but not himself.

The Towers are definitely anti-social, you can hear the games, and you can get a black "Towers Has Its Privileges." card that gets you this stuff:

Towers 1&2 : IDK
Tower 3 : Honors and Athletics Overflow
Tower 4: Athletics

Thanks for replying. Badminton seems interesting but I've never played before. Do they accept beginners? And what's swing knights?

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Swing Knights teach swing dancing (lindy hop)

Knight's Blade meets 3-6pm on Mondays at Memory Mall. We also meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

We study medieval german longsword out of Joachim Meyer's 1570 treatise. No prior martial arts experience needed.

Okay, class, settle down.

I'll assume everyone's gotten one of the universal translators, yes? Good? Good.

Okay, so now that you've taken a few years of history, you can kinda' look at that as a primer of sorts. That was how we got here. Culture is kinda' like the history of now.

Now, you'll find that despite that we have drastic differences in biology, geography, and technology between our two worlds, there are some surprising similarities. For example, we have tacos filled with meat and vegetables, and they have tacos filled with meat and vegetables, except their tacos are called 'tacos'.

Which... I now realize means absolutely nothing to you since you all have your translators in already. And... that's fine, I guess. I mean, you really should at least try to take the elective language courses, but I suppose I can't blame you for how tempting the option of using technology to skip that step must seem.

Well, anyway, culture. You'll notice that, just like us, the aliens like to greet each other by extending and grasping a limb in a "handshake" just like ours. However, be careful to note that you don't shake one of their "hands", because they are absolutely covered with diseases that, while harmless to them, are lethal to us.

That's a fairly standard greeting for them, although it's more common for them to push air through holes in their body - again, I want you to keep in mind that this is a huge vector for diseases, so keep your distance from their blowholes.

It's common for them to travel using a series of small explosions they create while they shield themselves using a sort of armor. This armor factors heavily into their culture, acting as a status symbol. They take this armor everywhere with them, use it to create colorful displays, and even incorporating it into their mating rituals. And... oh, yes, in the back?

... mmm-hmm.... ah, no, we won't be detailing mating rituals today, though we will definitely cover it throughout the semester as it factors heavily in their culture.

Anyway, before we go on, I have a surprise for you. See, you thought you were coming here to learn about the alien's culture, but I have some news for you - you'll be learning about their cultures. That's right, there are multiple cultures, all wildly different, although you'll find they all share some basic commonalities. And yes, the armor is one.

To start, we're focusing on the dominant culture. They have divided their culture into sub-classes based on their genetics. Currently, those sub-classes are not rigidly enforced, but they are definitely still present, and when dealing with the aliens you need to be very careful to keep them in mind else you might cause a faux pas.

This genetic branch, for example, is often considered to be more hostile, although our analysis hasn't really shown that to be the case. Nevertheless, they are often treated as the warriors of their culture, with many even placed in barbaric arenas where they fight for dominance. Outside of these arenas, they are often adorned with precious metals declaring their status as formidable warriors, some even inserting the metals into their own bodies. They also create unique vibrations that are said to be their signature of sorts.

Another genetic branch is generally associated with a highly developed breathing apparatus, and the aliens tend to associate this branch with superior resource management skills. You may have learned this in your history classes, but about a century ago, the population of this genetic branch was reduced to reapportion these resources. Be aware this is a touchy matter for the aliens - they are very sensitive about their resources. Do not, under any circumstances, make it appear as if you intend to reapportion resources.

Moving on, this genetic branch... yes, back in the... yes? ... Ah, no, they don't subsist on just one resource, they have many. But you'll find that their resource management system is extensive and highly developed, making use of the vast network of these aliens to adjust for the various kinds and changes to their supply and demand. It is extremely intricate and many of our best researchers have theorized that its place in their society is possibly even religious in nature, though there are different schools of thought on the subject.

Anyway, moving on, where was I? Ah, yes, the differences in genetic branches. Well, this branch here is the most common, albeit highly centralized. The aliens tend to associate these ones with superb intelligence and poor physical skill. Many of those visiting our planet come from this branch. Again, our analysis doesn't reach these same assessments of inherent skills, though there are theories that the societies themselves not only nurture a belief in these associations, but nurture the skills themselves. A sort of self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

As an aside, one genetic trait that is found in roughly half of these aliens actually does tend to lead toward stronger physical features, and we can verify that. Yet the aliens behave as if all of those with this genetic trait have that enhanced physicality, even though it absolutely does not extend to all that bear the trait.

Of course, not only are these qualities not universal, but neither are these cultural beliefs. I think you'll find it quite surprising to see what a wide range of beliefs these creatures have on this issue, and while these cultural "stereotypes", if you will, remain prominent, there is also a counter-culture that argues exactly the opposite.

And... yes.... yes.... okay, for those in the back, the student in front here just asked if we should treat the aliens any differently based on their genetic branch, and while we don't have any official policy, my personal recommendation is that you play the part of the "oblivious tourist" and act like you don't notice and can't tell them apart. Those who oppose the claims of the existence of these differences will appreciate this, while those who believe in those differences will likely dismiss you as naive and uninformed, which the student in front here surely will be if he doesn't put away his device and pay attention.

Look, class, I know this is a lot to take in, but we're talking about a potentially dangerous planet with some complex, often irrational, and sometimes hostile aliens. If you can't be bothered to learn the ins and outs of their society, I'd much rather hold you back a year until you do learn than risk your lives by allowing you to go on this trip without the knowledge you need and never come back home because you made a dumb mistake and upset one of those aliens. I do not want to be the one who has to go and tell someone's parent that their child died a million miles away on this planet Earth.

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I see tacos, handshakes, speaking, cars, and ... the Y chromosome?

Are the genetic branches references or just made up?


Hello, I am Brian Chau, the current president of Knight’s Blade, an RSO on campus. Many of you likely have no idea who we are, despite seeing us on campus regularly, we are the guys with plastic swords on Memory Mall.

We study Historical European Martial Arts(HEMA), or more specifically Book One of Joachim Meyer’s The Art of Combat(1570), which focuses on the art of the longsword, or federschwert(feather sword).

I plan on holding a live IAMA on this post, Thursday, AUG 16, 1:30pm EST, and hope to answer any questions you may have about our club. I hope to increase recognition of the club as fellow students practicing an old and history filled martial art, and recruit new members. I will also be at table I3 on opening knights. We will be on memory mall at 3:00-6:00 pm for the first week of school.


I will not be name dropping any professors, outside of mentioning which classes I have taken and which research groups I have been part of. Feel free to also ask about: out of state, national merit, Burnett honors college, research, and living on campus.

Edit: This IAMA is now live!

Edit: This IAMA is no longer live, but I will still answer questions if they are posted here. Any other questions that may be had can be posted directly onto our Facebook page.

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What are your thoughts of people looking at you while you practice?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I think that the majority of people who watch us practice are shy.

We are fine with people recording us or taking pictures while we practice. We don't bite. Rather than just watch, we would like more people to wave or shout out at us, or ask questions if they are curious.

Some people jeer, and occasionally the middle/high schoolers passing through campus will cheer and shout about lightsabers or call out to see a match, but very few people actually approach us. Most seem to pretend they weren't watching us in the first place.

Since most people never meet us, they often never find out what we do. The few who do talk to us often say that they have known that we have existed, as "The People with Swords at Memory Mall" but not what we did as a club.

When we are approached by photographers, we are often asked for poses or if we could spar at certain positions for pictures, and I assume that those photos tend to come out better than those that stay far away. Likewise, I believe those that ask us questions leave with a better understanding than those who don't.

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do you ever hear people talk about you guys as youre just going about through campus. Like while in line for food or something

I think it is awesome we have a HEMA club. I wish I could join y'all but other commitments have me tied down for the next foreseeable semesters

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

During campus tours, when at the memorial, the guides seem to point us out. Other than that, not really.

Thanks for asking questions!

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Plan out your class order for the next four years on a spreadsheet. Look up the program catalog and check the degree audit on my.ucf copy and paste all of the options, then color code them.



Hello, I’m Brian Chau, the 2018 president of Knight’s Blade, a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Central Florida (UCF). As a Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) Club, we learn medieval longsword. More specifically, we study Joachim Meyer’s treatise “The Art of Combat(1570),” in order to pass the Meyer Freifechter Guild’s Fechter Exam.

I am hosting an IAMA on this subreddit on the topic of my club and being a UCF student in general, I am now live here:



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Hello, I’m Brian Chau, the 2018 president of Knight’s Blade, a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Central Florida (UCF). As a Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) Club, we learn medieval longsword. More specifically, we study Joachim Meyer’s treatise “The Art of Combat(1570),” in order to pass the Meyer Freifechter Guild’s Fechter Exam.

As the fall semester approaches, I would like to welcome incoming and returning students to learn about us as a club. Feel free to ask me, or any of the other club members participating, about our club or being a student at UCF in general.



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"For our next game, I think we should come up with some big socially significant events within a few decades to separate our characters into pre/post X generations" ~Me, July 20, 2018 10:22PM

25 years ago the world was still in a deadlock of eternal warfare between the living and the undead, then a group of the living turned the tides. With a greater power, they turned over every opposing piece. Every undead in the world was revived.

Mindless undead woke from their once eternal slumber to find themselves in a new eon. Those cursed to resign themselves to an unlife of constant war found themselves suddenly at peace. Willing immortals found that the countdown to permanent death had resumed. Those in stifling crypts needed to breathe once again.

The population exploded overnight, tripling in a single moment, and halving over the next two weeks as food supplies depleted and the ecosystem collapsed.

Some unundead were reunited. Many found themselves in foreign lands in the midst of a battle they were forcibly conscripted into. Most dropped their weapons and failed to reintegrate into society. Some gladly reclaimed the gift of a second life. Others wished once more for the soft embrace of death.

Many factions sought those responsible for the miracle, or cataclysm, this is tale of one such party.


There's one problem with returning undead to life that you'll need to address. Their bodies have rotted. Often losing a body part or several. Does that part regenerate? What about the original piece? Did it disappear? If a headless zombie grew a new head, what happened to it's original head/skull? Does it reattach? Is there a second identical skull now somewhere?

Also, what about the soul? Is it ripped against it's will from whatever plane it's afterlife was in, back into it's new body? If the soul was in eternal torment in the Hells, is that person able to function in life? What about the anger of the Demon that owned it for it's pleasure?

Something to think about.

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I was thinking of something along the lines of true resurrection, with no time limit, and only affecting undead, but not the regular dead.

Well, I wasn't referring to regular dead either. Undead do not have the souls of the original occupant, the soul has gone on to the afterlife. The undead is only an animated shell. Except for ghosts and whatnot, they are tormented souls with no shell.

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I was thinking that the circumstances behind the revivals were unknown to the world, and that the party needs to discover how and why it occurred by following the clues left by the original group. Learning if everything was part of a greater plan or a temporary affect caused by a slip of the tongue, "I bet the war would end if the undead remembered what is was like to be alive."

Perhaps a deal was made with hell with the idea that thousands of sleeper agents would wreck all havoc to vie for a chance to get out of what they had experienced. Bringing the ditizens out of hell temporary to mold the world of the living into a hellscape as well.

Or everything is a massive illusion, the unundead are still just undead, but the rest of the world interacts with them as if they were still alive. After 25 years, some towns and countries have become suspicious as they have all been converted to undead, and the illusions are getting much harder to believe.

Maybe the last 25 years as well as the next 25 are a massive collective hallucination, and when it ends, everyone finds themselves where they were.

Thick, clear framed glasses with two stripes of metal embedded within. The clear coating prevents silver to skin contact, the outer stripe of metal hides the inner silver stripe and allows others to see standard reflections on the outside. The inner silver stripe is angled to allow extended peripheral vision and reflect various blind spots.

In an emergency, the vampire can purposely break their own glasses to expose the silver or create glass shards.

Deus Medius, "David" lesser God of middle children (younger brother of Deus Minimus "Deimin" [of lesser gods] and older brother of Deus Maximus "Deimax" [of greater gods])

All over the world, a single broadcast displayed the contents of a single room, the remnants of Earth's leaders kneeling. Kneeling to strange green creatures with bulbous heads and spindly limbs. Rather, half of them were attempting to mimic an uncomfortable posture, that may have been more accurately referred to as a plank. The other half were slowly being removed from the frame.

Many viewing the broadcast were silent. Shocked. Fearful. In less than 96 hours, every one of humanity's beacons of hope had disappeared from view. An entire class was removed from the social structure. Some disappeared silently, some without a trace, many loudly, with far too many traces.

Those on the sidelines dared not speak out.

Prominent organisations had been crumpled.

Some had guessed, some had made preparations. But what good would it do, in light of the power and demands of the invaders?

They had been struck at their strongest and lost. There was nothing left to lose.

All under the world, many broadcasts displayed their contents into a single room, a surplus of evil sitting. Surrounding a mahogany table stained deep red. Rather, a few of them were sitting, the majority were forced to stand watching faint holograms float in comfortable looking chairs.

Many viewing the broadcast were silent. Still. Anxious. In less than 96 hours, every square foot of the room had been filled. Entire sections carved out and filled overnight. Some were distraught, some jubilant, many tense, with far too much stress.

Those standing dared not breathe. Most didn't need to anyways.

Most of the organisation had been hastily and hazardously compiled.

Some had surrendered, some had been captured. But what more evil would it be, to follow orders by will or by compulsion?

They had been struck at their weakest and lost. There was nothing left to lose, but everything to regain.

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