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Moderator of r/UpliftingNews, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 18 days ago · Stickied comment

This was admittedly borderline for this subreddit, but we support people out there making a difference to make the world a better place, which is why we too support Terry Crews

Why didn’t you say something?

I did.

Why didn’t you push him off?

I did.

Why didn’t you cuss him out?

I did.

Why didn’t you tell the police?

I did.

Why didn’t you press charges?

I did.

Why did you just let it happen?

I didn’t.

Why didn’t you beat him up?


Amazing. Not one but two incredibly selfless and generous acts!

Why the lowlife who got shot is being lauded as some sort of SF hero and martyr is absolutely beyond me. It is like we are living in bizzaro world sometimes

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Politics aside, the fact a Mario Woods day was declared by the city while not a single public comment was made by any public official regarding Kate Steinle was disturbing.

SF has quite a way to go to fix its homeless problem, and its drugs in public problem, and so on. It's partly because SF has historically been a place of great tolerance where the instinct is to leave people alone -- even anti-social people or problem people. Leaving people alone is a conservative value. The upside of tolerance is a great deal of freedom to be who you are. The downside is what you see here. Add to that a fairly nice climate (no snow in winter, etc.) and SF tends to attract homeless people and others.

On top of that, because of its political liberalism, SF has pretty much become the conservative whipping boy used by Fox News and others to "prove" how bad liberalism is. The irony is pretty obvious that a city that has historically had tremendous tolerance for people being free and unhampered by the police and by government which are bedrock conservative principles becomes the conservatives' example of how bad liberalism is.

Clearly, though, the street problems have to be addressed in SF. But they exist, perhaps to the same extent, in many other American cities where the public just ignores the problem and no one does anything, also. Picking on SF is a little unfair given the extent of homelessness and drug use in many parts of the country. For example, drug use in West Virginia is massive due to opioid addiction, and I don't see Fox News getting outraged about that.

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This is partially right with respect to tolerance and freedom but you are omitting the biggest issue here.

There are no consequences for open injection, masturbation, shitting on escalators/sidewalks etc. in San Francisco, whereas these culprits would be jailed with convictions in other cities.

In SF, they don’t prosecute quality of life crimes and don’t make much of an effort to address auto breakins either which has created a significant and escalating mess unseen in other cities that go after these culprits and punish them.

33 points · 3 months ago closed because it failed in rectifying one incident 3 years ago even though there were no other further incidents that have been reported...

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Original Poster9 points · 3 months ago

This tweet storm from Bell probably didn’t help matters:

The irony is, this is exactly what Uber and AirBnB did. They ignored these exact threats and fines from the city and became tremendously successful as a result.

The difference is, this isn’t the “sharing economy” and you can very easily impound a scooter or toss it into a fountain/lake.

But why won’t these elected officials spend this kind of attention and effort on the out of control heroin epidemic with needles and feces everywhere like they did with these silly scooters??

1.0k points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

Apple Cider vinegar reacts with the low pH of cat urine to virtually remove the smell*. I mix 1:2 Vinegar to water, spray or coat the surface, let it sit for a few minutes, then follow the dab/baking soda strategy to dry it out. The smell of apple cider vinegar goes away with a lot less effort than cat pee

Edit* A few people have pointed out that my science is not science. I cannot refute any of the claims against nor can I really back my own science. (What I had read said that cat pee smells like ammonia, ammonia is a base, ACV is an acid, base+acid=yay)

I'm not a "how does this work" guy, more of a "does this work?" - and it does!

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Used this exact formula with toddler vomit and it worked amazingly well. Was planning on burning the couch, but this last ditch effort did wonders for both the stain and the stench of bile.

This guy did something very similar in Iowa 5 years ago, so it seems a bit premature to call him a local SF man:

Hope the victims make a speedy recovery...

What a crazy asshole. So was there no real notice, he was just a lunatic?

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Original Poster8 points · 3 months ago

Pretty much. It appears he did something similar in Iowa 5 years ago:

Moderator of r/UpliftingNews, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 4 months ago · Stickied comment

His reaction below shows you how special this young teen is:

"If I could get the ones that were stolen back, that would be great. If I honestly can't, then I'll just have to get some new ones," he said.

"We're just going to put it back together and make it great again."

Here is the GoFundMe page to help him replace/rebuild his collection:

Moderator of r/UpliftingNews, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 4 months ago · Stickied comment

Remaining creddits were given to the top posts from 2017.

Comment deleted4 months ago

You got the wrong mods lined up with your scope here, but I know exactly the type you are referring to and couldn't agree more, isn't that right /u/randoh12?

The first post got removed by the auto moderator due to a high number of reports. Trolls do that. The time between removing your post and reinstating the other one was about 15 minutes. That wasn't good enough for you. Therefore you respond with

Why? Just lock the thread. That's why the functionality is there.

EDIT: This goofy ass dude just locked this thread and didn't undelete the original and lock that one. Amazing mods we've got here at /r/UpliftingNews.

Mods volunteer their time. We wade through hundreds of troll posts trying to keep subs like uplifting news as free of hatred and bigotry as we can. It takes time. In addition we have to deal with entitled, butt hurt dickheads who can't stand having the rules enforced and demand that everything happen the way they want it right now.

Throw your little fit and stamp your little feet all you like, it changes nothing.

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Technically the site is pretty much blogspam as well. just re-posts other stories with some lazy editorializing on top.

They knew Terry Crews is all the rage on reddit at the moment, so they led with him even though the post was about Brendan Fraser and it wasn't really very uplifting at all, hence why the reports were probably made that caused it to be automatically removed.

This is a little misleading, though. Cities are aware of the issues with true rent control, so most rent-control policies actually in place are a strongly watered-down version called "vacancy decontrol." For instance, in San Francisco:

  • It only covers buildings before 1979. This means the incentive to develop and build remains intact. Buildings in the last 39 years are not subject to rent control.

  • As I said earlier, it's not true rent control, but rather something called "vacancy decontrol." This means that new tenants can be charged the market rate, just like any non-rent-controlled unit. Only, after the tenant signs the contract, the rent is capped to a percentage a little higher than inflation.

  • Landlords are allowed to raise rent up to 10% for capital improvements.

  • To lessen the impact of supply issues, where people rent out rent-controlled units, sit on them for decades, and sublease them out, landlords are allowed/encouraged to put a clause in the contract preventing subleases or any resident not in the contract. This makes it so that anybody actually enjoying the benefit of rent control has to be living in the unit.

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If you reference San Francisco, you had better also reference Prop 13 and the significant impact this variable has in the equation.

I just referenced SF because I live near there. Prop 13 says that property taxes for real estate in California are to be kept fixed at the 1975 level, except for remodels or new developments. Care to enlighten me on how that had to do with rent control?

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Properties have appreciated dramatically in SF over the years but property taxes have been 'controlled' via Prop 13 in the same manner as rent control. Which is all fine and dandy until there is a sale of the property and the assessed value resets to current market prices.

At what point do people notice the more money is thrown at this issue, he worse it gets. Jennifer Fiedenbach does nothing productive to address the real issues at hand and only resists any attempt at improving a situation growing worse each year.

Original Poster23 points · 5 months ago

Pretty incredible given how invasive the bone marrow donation is and the impact it might have on an elite athlete's training etc.

How the hell does this not have more upvotes or comments!? What an awesome outcome on a number of levels!

-10 points · 6 months ago

Don't do that. Makes you sound like a Seahawk or Patriot fan. I watched those games... And re-watched them after the controversy broke. Looked like playoff football to me. Also.... Almost a decade ago. Be better than that, or you will ways be the little brother in the North.

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Sean Payton was banned for a year and Gregg Williams was banned for life until he appealed. That speaks for itself. Now go bait some other team’s sub, as that little troll tactic doesn’t work so well here.

-4 points · 6 months ago

Not trying to troll. As I said, I'd love to see the Vikings in the SB. But the reaction by the players and the fan base is like you've already won it. Taunting the other team shows poor form, and tends to karma out. Look forward.... All I'm saying.

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Nobody here is smug in the slightest, and everybody respects and is anxious about going into Philly. This post and the comments here are purely karma, retribution, redemption etc... all stemming from the NFC Championship game in 2009 that has been etched in the memory of every Vikings fan that witnessed it.

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Here's what I pieced together from the two witness statements gathered by the media:

(From Witness 1 inside the Mexican restaurant) Younger guy and older guy are arguing and walk into the restaurant. Younger guy is filming older guy with his cell phone and yelling at him about what he did to some kids. Older guy is shielding his face while trying to walk away. They both go outside and she hears one gunshot... a pause and then multiple gunshots.

(From Witness 2 outside the Mexican restaurant) Younger guys shoots older guy in the leg, BART cop comes running over from the parking lot and shoots the younger guy dead on the scene.

Based on the non law enforcement gun recovered at the scene and the witness statements, it seems a personal dispute led to a non fatal shooting right next to a BART police officer who engaged and killed the shooter.

If this happened at a casino, they'd nullify every winning ticket and claim there was a malfunction. And nobody would bat an eye, because that's a private entity. But if the same thing happened at a public entity, suddenly paying out $20 million is a realistic option because who is going to complain about such a payout?

DPOY would be the ultimate rebuttal to the Pro Bowl snub

This is an egregious amount for nothing more than a slight shove and a personal dispute that comes down to pride, yet Oakland taxpayers and the neediest citizens living there will pay the price yet again for these shenanigans. How can there ever be progress when you only see ridiculous outcomes like this?

Since gas stations are the primary targets for card skimming machines, I would err on the side of this being sketch.

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