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-Yams 3 points

Local artist Chuck Sperry is currently showing his poster art at Spoke Art Gallery on Sutter St. For t-shirts, check out Upper Playground in the Lower Haight. A few blocks from there is the Haight St Art Center.

rbevans 2 points

Upper playground is pretty sweet. I ended up getting a few shirts from there.

IPThereforeIAm 6 points

The mission has alleys with beautiful graffiti art

rbevans 1 point

Thank you! I’m going to try to check this out for sure.

rbevans commented on a post in r/running
rbevans 1 point

Finished up a 38 miler this week. Not really training for anything particularly, but trying to keep my mileage up.

Tuesday: 5 miler

Wednesday: 8 miles intervals

Thursday: 5 miler

Friday: 8 miles

Saturday: 12 miles

90sAOLScreenName 2 points

Do you usually run 5 days in a row with 2 days of rest? Are you gassed at any point during the week?

rbevans 2 points

Not usually, I typically will have my long run on Sunday. Sunday was going to be raining so I moved it up.

rbevans commented on a post in r/running
rbevans 3 points

Congrats on the PR!

csixty4 102 points

I was VERY confused (especially about the flat course) until I realized this was the OTHER Boston.

Congrats on the PB. Those are some impressive times. You earned that prosecco.

rbevans 19 points

I thought this was a hype thread for tomorrow.

rbevans commented on a post in r/running
rbevans 1 point

Ah the annual PT test. When’s the test? Don’t say next week.

Tehnoobinator 2 points

It's on May 24th or 25th

rbevans 1 point

How much are you running currently? You have time, but add weekly mileage will help. Running 10-15 miles a week and doing sprints for one of the workouts will help. I would avoid the treadmill and do outside of possible.

IAngel_of_FuryI 15 points

As a Guardsman I can make sure to moderate at least one weekend a month, two weeks a year.

rbevans 11 points

You won’t be reimbursed for travel.

CapnRogers 24 points

They better be Crayola brand crayons. None of that Roseart crap

rbevans 10 points

Only the best and we have the fucking sharpener!

chirpies33 2 points

So, be honest military people, is the world about to end or is it a whole lot of media hype? Or to put it better, is it too soon to start murdering people I hate? Asking for a friend...

rbevans 9 points

I’m not one to arm chair run this mission, but A strike against any foreign country runs risks.

Chaplain_Picard 106 points

Hope so. I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

rbevans 27 points

But it’s a great exfoliator. Really opens up the pores.

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Crunkbutter 9 points

I now have you tagged as "Easily Trump Triggered"

rbevans 1 point

I now have you tagged as Easily JerziDevil triggered

rbevans [M] [score hidden]

You don't have to go home, but you can’t stay here. It was fun while it lasted folks, but I want to eat dinner.


Thanks. You know who you are.

lsd_runner 1 point

Bought a pair in early February and have about 400 miles in them. Usually train/race in Escalantes. They’re very light but feel stiffer than I thought they would be for the amount of cushion. I thought they would offer a softer ride like the Escalante but they didn’t. That being said I ran a fast half in them (1:29) and a 25 mile training run in them with zero comfort issues. Small rocks do get in the soles like others have mentioned but it’s just a bothersome noise. My main concern is that I blew a hole in the uppers on both sides on the same day. All in all a pretty good shoe but I’m disappointed that 400 miles seems to be the upper end of life span on all of my Altras nowadays.

rbevans 1 point

Just finished my long run in them this morning. I really like them over the Instinct. They're super light and was really surprised my heel didn't move around even without the heel lock.

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