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I have conversations with new runners that are discouraged that their pace is slow in the summer and a fairly common question here. I try to explain that this is expected to happen in the summer months. I got to thinking that I thought this was be interesting to see the visualization break down.

Here is my analysis of ten months of my monthly average running pace vs the southeast weather temperature changes. I hope this puts some confidence into newer runners discouraged running a slower pace in the summer months.

  • This over roughly 2000 miles of running and sourced my data from my Garmin.
  • Weather was sourced from here for Charlotte, NC.
  • To graph the data I used excel.
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I'll be honest we don't do this enough, but we wanted to give you all an update a bit on where things are at.

We're growing for sure, back in July 2017 we were sitting at 101,828 and now we're just over 144K. With growth comes the need for more mods for to do our bidding. Welcome new newish mods.

New mods:

We attempted to gather a mod from a foreign branch, but that did not pan out well as most applicatants were US military. I can only assume they were Marines and could not that I think about it that's on us as we should have used pictures.

Back in July we made some changes to the link flair available as we saw many folks were using MISC and we optted to change it to Discussion as it seemed more fitting as majoirty of the posts were discussion based and not actually linked based.

Some fancy graphs:

  • Graph 1 - Granted we just moved posts from MISC to Discussion, but this in hopes to fine tune it a bit more with other flair possibly.
  • Graph 2 - Gives you a breakdown of what our content looks like since June 17th when I started collecting the data.

We'll stick around here to answer any questions.


I recently purchased some exterior cameras and finding decent placement with easy access to power is a bit challenging. The power cable is 3 meter's so I have some decent length. There are motion lights on the corners, but not sure if I can tie into those. The power cable is hardwired into the camera and terminates to a USB.

Any suggestions on getting power to these things?


We ban, user creates a new account, ban, new account, and it repeats. We're over 57 alternate accounts.

We've reported this to the admins on numerous occasions and the user is suspended. The user then has a script to edit his comments with vulgar comments.

We've setup automod to filter out edited comments the user has been known to use, but still some get through. Admins have suspended their accounts, but some how is able to create a new one. In addition the suspension informs which community suspended the user and causes backlash to us.

How do we manage this from a mod perspective? Do we just shadowban this new account?

removes edited comments with particular comments.

type: comment
is_edited: true
action: filter
body: ["N|g.gers", "F@g.gots", "nigger", "faggots", "faggot", "Admins", "mods"]
action_reason: "edited comment"

Straight to pics.

My wife and I purchased a new house with some land. This area was overgrown and I would come to find a lot of down trees. Overall we have 3+ acres, but the area I cleaned up is about .75 acres I would guess.

  • This took me about a month and a half over weekends mainly. Came across multiple snakes some good and some bad, lots of rocks, got a nasty case of poison ivy, & lots of burning.

  • Tools I used: Lawn mower, rider mower (towards the end), shovel, weed eater, and a rope to move the larger down trees.

My wife and I have some ideas on what we want to do, but nothing solid yet.



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