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TheMidnightRambler 2 points

The thing about these prefabricated plans is they don't take much of your current running into account. You have a good base to work with, so bringing your milage will waste some time. In general, I think ramping up your milage first to around 60 MPW, then adding some weekly marathon pace tempo runs and 800m to 1 mile repeats will put you in a great place to crush your goals!

rbevans 1 point

Thanks. This is what I was thinking and my goal this year is to get upwards of 60 mpw.

TheMidnightRambler 2 points

Is 40 pretty tolerable for you? You want to be sure that you arent over stressing your body too. Climbing with 10% increments should get you to that goal relatively quickly even with a step down week or two thrown in there.

rbevans 1 point

It's borderline with 5 days of running. I would need to add another day for sure if I were to amp up more.

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[deleted] 18 points


rbevans 10 points

Fuck those MUTAs that's how they get you. We're going to muta 8, two week AT, MOB up, then deploy you.

[deleted] 39 points


rbevans 14 points

Also got out around that time and shit was already picking up. More touch base calls in the evenings, more training to be done before you showed up to drill, and i'm sure there is other bullshit I'm missing. It was turning into a second full time job. Fuck that shit.

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rbevans commented on a post in r/running
rbevans 3 points

Last week I was moving so I only had about a 20 mile week from my usual 40. This week is a new hood, new routes to find, and more hills.

I haven’t been really training for anything specific except I have a half marathon coming up in June and will start training for Chicago around that time.

rbevans commented on a post in r/Military
rbevans [M] 1 point

Hi ShutMum, your post has been removed because:

I've removed your submission from Military as it is more suitable for /r/militaryfaq.

Please contact the mods if you need further assistance

rbevans commented on a post in r/gaming
Iokuas 4,581 points

EA says a lot of things that ultimately get proven wrong. Every time a particular type of game becomes successful they start turning every game they make into that type of game. Halo and CoD are huge successes? "Fans are no longer interested in single player games, they want every game to be a multiplayer game.", single player games continue to sell well.

"Fans are no longer interested in solo campaigns, they want every game to be a co-op game.", they put out a lot of co-op games and none of them sell well because most of them are for series that no one wanted to be multiplayer. (Fucking Dead Space 3)

"Fans want open, expansive worlds to explore, they want every game to be open world.", so they turn every game into an open world game and sales begin to dwindle, possibly killing the Mass Effect series.

"It's impossible to make money on traditional $60 games anymore, we need microtransactions to survive.", they stick microtransactions in everything and attempt to make every game a pay to win experience. They're caught admitting to investors that they don't need the microtransactions to make money, they just make it far easier to make far more money by allowing them to release games designed to discourage unlocking things the traditional way and encourage unlocking them via cash. Even the revamped Battlefront 2 is so grindy that it tries to force players to buy microtransactions even though all the heroes are unlocked by default.

"Fans don't want the $60 game anymore, they want games as a service." Fuck you, no we don't. We don't want every game to be like Destiny and you're probably going to kill BioWare if Anthem doesn't sell 10,000,000 copies and a fuck ton of microtransactions.

EA is just a fountain of molten bullshit run by avarice and arrogance.

rbevans 1 point

Mass effect 1-3 were amazing games. The last one just didn’t live up to the hype for me. I never felt attached to any of the characters or invested in any of them.

levelsixseven 1 point

Hey there, was this issue ever addressed by the team? I'm seeing slow load times on the corporate network and also at home. It makes using Reddit a much worse experience. I was going to make a post, but searched first. Wondering if the design team is planning on doing something.

rbevans 1 point

I’ve seen improvements in the redesign speed for sure.

rbevans commented on a post in r/interestingasfuck
Z0MGbies 4,248 points

I am colour blind.

All four of these are different to me. But the second one is similar ish to the first.

Its because of this that colour blind modes in games make things worse, and yet the default mode is also less than ideal.

rbevans 1 point

First and second one are almost exactly the same to me.

-Yams 3 points

Local artist Chuck Sperry is currently showing his poster art at Spoke Art Gallery on Sutter St. For t-shirts, check out Upper Playground in the Lower Haight. A few blocks from there is the Haight St Art Center.

rbevans 2 points

Upper playground is pretty sweet. I ended up getting a few shirts from there.

IPThereforeIAm 8 points

The mission has alleys with beautiful graffiti art

rbevans 1 point

Thank you! I’m going to try to check this out for sure.

rbevans commented on a post in r/running
rbevans 1 point

Finished up a 38 miler this week. Not really training for anything particularly, but trying to keep my mileage up.

Tuesday: 5 miler

Wednesday: 8 miles intervals

Thursday: 5 miler

Friday: 8 miles

Saturday: 12 miles

90sAOLScreenName 2 points

Do you usually run 5 days in a row with 2 days of rest? Are you gassed at any point during the week?

rbevans 2 points

Not usually, I typically will have my long run on Sunday. Sunday was going to be raining so I moved it up.

rbevans commented on a post in r/running
rbevans 3 points

Congrats on the PR!

csixty4 100 points

I was VERY confused (especially about the flat course) until I realized this was the OTHER Boston.

Congrats on the PB. Those are some impressive times. You earned that prosecco.

rbevans 19 points

I thought this was a hype thread for tomorrow.

rbevans commented on a post in r/running
rbevans 1 point

Ah the annual PT test. When’s the test? Don’t say next week.

Tehnoobinator 2 points

It's on May 24th or 25th

rbevans 1 point

How much are you running currently? You have time, but add weekly mileage will help. Running 10-15 miles a week and doing sprints for one of the workouts will help. I would avoid the treadmill and do outside of possible.

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