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rbevans 5 points

Trust me bot we all know what the USMC sub is

rbevans 11 points

Someone took the vegetarian MRE even though that morning I saw them eating bacon.

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film-man 1 point

How did you first get to hear about the events that led to "Horse Soldiers"? And are there any particular hurdles to writing about the modern military history of the War on Terror?

rbevans [M] 2 points

The following AMA is happening in r/book. Click the link above or here.

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The following AMA is happening in r/book. Click the link above or here.

rbevans commented on a post in r/Military
Yodaman626 317 points

I attended Peter Wang's memorial service in Coral Springs, FL. The JROTC did a great job pall bearing their fellow Cadet. Some professional Army Honor Guard folded a flag and played taps while various other ROTC, Honor Guard, military riders, etc. stood by to show their support.

The traditional portion of the service included continuous chanting, the burning of some of his possessions, and the release of some doves.

I spent a good amount of time talking with his fellow Cadets and all the other people who showed up to support this hero. RIP.

rbevans 56 points

This is really amazing. Thank you for sharing this and really happy you could attend.

GodofWar1234 4 points

Can I still try to send something? I’m not sure if I can, but I want to at least try to see if I can send my Marine Corps Reserve Association challenge coin.

rbevans [M] 1 point

Sure! Be sure to sign the roster and we'll send out the final email tomorrow.

mrsbundleby 5 points

Hey, I'm a DoD civilian but I would like to send a patch and challenge coin from my base.

rbevans 3 points

Thank you! We’ll be sending another email tomorrow with the address.

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guitarhamster 30 points

Hi, I got the email with the address and will be sending him a patch and jump wings. Are his parents Chinese? I am Chinese American and would like to write a short letter in Chinese but I just want to be 100% sure they will be able to read it. thank you.

rbevans 14 points

They are Chinese, but please forgive me as I don’t know if there are different types.

J0kerGh0ul 3 points

It was a tweet by Jarad Keller who is a senior editor at Task and Purpose.

rbevans 3 points

Ah yes! I did see that one.

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rbevans commented on a post in r/Charlotte
nexusheli 2 points

The only thing I'm aware of right now that's actually being funded is completion of widening of 160 to 4 lanes from the SC state line up through to 485, but that's not even expected to begin for another 4 years or so.

There was talk of finally taking Carowinds across S. Tryon to 160 where it would meet Sam Neely (IIRC), which would then be extended to meet Winget, which would itself be completed to connect past McAlister Park to the current neck connected to Shopton Rd. West. Problem with that is that while it's been in the plans for a long time, the Sanctuary neighborhood and surround lands have been/are being developed and there's some high-dollar properties there, and those neighbors are fighting that completion for fear of traffic issues.

There's also supposed to be a mixed-use greenway/cycling path put in along Westinghouse Blvd between 160 and S. Tryon but I don't know any details on that, probably a few years off at least.

rbevans 2 points

If all that is a few years off it all maybe worthless to an extent with as quickly as Steele creek is growing. Although the greenway would be nice to have.

andrewthemexican 1 point

Not that guy but they do seem to be expanding patches of 160 here and there in that area. Also South Carolina has expanded it a few times through their part of it.

rbevans 2 points

I’ve seen that going on. It’d be nice to see Tryon expand.

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rbevans commented on a post in r/army
dubyawinfrey 18 points

How is this being worked, exactly? Don't his parents barely understand English?

Ah, looks like son is helping to translate.

rbevans 11 points

Mod here from r/military. It’s a family friend that I’ve been in touch with. He’ll be the POC for patches and will hand off to the family.

WollyGog 12 points

I've just caught up with the updates, I'll apologise firstly for not being of the military or from the US, but I'm so glad this hero gets the burial he deserves. He exemplifies everything not only a good soldier should be, but the best traits of what it is to be a human. It's absolutely tragic an event like this had to happen for us to learn of his selflessness, but I have no doubts he would have gone to the top in life.

I hope his family can manage a smile on his funeral, because he's done them so proud.

rbevans 15 points

I’ll apologise firstly for not being of the military or from the US

This not something you have to apologize for.

thexfs 53 points

I never post on reddit, but I need to see if anyone would want to work with me on doing something for this brave young man and his family. I don’t have much to offer monetarily, but I do have a couple of my patches around still.

It sounds like he was on the military track or at least had an interest in it, if a bunch of us could get a contact in FL and send our patches there, I don’t know.... we could find a way to get them to his family or have them presented to his family at his funeral. Some way to show his family that their country, and it’s current and former service members know how heroically their son lived, and died. That our country lost one of its sons and will forever be the poorer for it.

rbevans 7 points

Let me follow up with my POC.

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rbevans commented on a post in r/bestof
rbevans 4 points

One of the mods from /r/military and we have a decent post up now. We hope to have more in the morning.

BobRoberts01 1,798 points

I see a bunch of folks talking about doing something, but I don't see an actual plan for a military burial on the thread you linked.

rbevans 6 points

Mod from the /r/military and we have something going on now.

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