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Me have no main class but my race is ORC

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Some guys came from Hawaii to a surf competition in Rio. Between them was Byron Amona (the guy giving his point of view on the video, Mike Hu, etc).
One of the local dudes named Foca has borrow Malibu's board and hit, by accident, Byron's head. Byron got pissed and broke the board's fin.
Malibu got pissed his board was broken and he was good friends with Rickson. Next day they were on the beach again and the Hawaiian guys were there too, so Rickson told Malibu to make the first move but he was hesitant. The Hawaiians left the beach and went to Rico do Souza's house (another local surfer) and Relson Gracie told Rickson - "I told you, they didn't trust we'd handle the situation, you shouldn't help out these guys", so Malibu told everyone to pay them a visit at Rico's house.
When they got there, everyone were on the backyard but their boards were in the front so Malibu got Byron's board and brought back to the front of the house and the crowd that was with him (about 17 people) started breaking Byron's board. Byron heard the noise and all the Hawaiians came check it out.
He got there and saw his board destroyed and told Rico someone would be hurt for that. Rickson stepped up and said the only words he knew in English back on those days "F**k you, I'm gonna break your face".
Byron agreed to a 1 on 1 with Rickson and as everyone opened a big circle. Rickson blocked some punches and got his back while he was standing. Byron blacked out and felt. Rickson let it go the RNC and started punching him... He oxygenated and woke up then Rickson got him on a RNC again and got him out again. Relson's telling Rickson at all time to keep the RNC tight.
People broke the fight and Byron ended with two cracked ribs, internal bleeding and a purple eye.
Some days later Rickson and Byron happened to be at a surf party on a famous local Hotel and Byron came towards Rickson and said that before he returns to Hawaii he'd hurt Rickson. Rickson went home and spoke to his family about what happened during dinner with Helio Gracie and his older brothers. They then went back to Byron's hotel and Rorion, who would speak English well, went to have a chat with Byron and told him that if he wanted to fight Rickson again, just come outside to the beach and they could kill each other on one on one BUT if he touched the "boy" or anything bad happened to Rickson as far as ganged him up with other friends or any other coward attitude towards him, that he wouldn't be able to get back to his country because he'd be buried on the local cemetery.
Sorry that English is not my first language, but maybe you can get and idea of what was told. Cheers

BCAA (ratio at least 3:1:1)
Beta Alanine
Whey Protein
At least 8hs sleep / day

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This is how some people at the gym roll when they are injured (but still don't want to miss the roll) or can't put too much energy...
I think is a good way to muscle memory some positions and have more time to react to your opponents position
Maybe rolling with him kinda like that, you will be surprised by many techniques you will learn from him that you had never seen before.

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100% right... when you feel the things that really matter are at risk is when you realize the rest is just the rest!
All the best to you and family!

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I'll give you my point of view, may help you in anyway...
We have different goals while rolling, my goal is not "beat" my rolling partner, my sense of achievement is when I perform a technique well and that works (i.e a sweep, or defense or etc)..
I try to "plan" my roll in advance and I do it according to my partner, if I know my open guard sucks and I want to improve it then I want to play open gard (no matter if I have a better chance to "win" playing top game or close guard for example), so if I'll roll with a lighter and/or same level opponent I see it as a great chance to play open guard (even if that means she passing my guard many times and me not tapping hem out or even if that means she tapping me out) but I'll probably be able to recover the guard pass and keep improving my open guard again and again (more repetition more learning). When I'm rolling a heavier/more skilled friend I feel pointless trying to do things I'm really bad at because I will get into a bad position and never be able to recover from there so I try to improve my most comfortable game and test their abilities.
When the roll ends, I definitely didn't count any points and barely knows how many times I was tapped out or I tapped out, my sense of fulfillment is on the things I tried to do and worked and my attention is on what I tried to do and didn't work, that's what I try to keep a "mind note" to have 5 minutes after class with my professor to what did I do wrong.
I honestly feel that this way is a win/win for me and my partner as I'm learning and getting more skilled and she has the choice to do her game the way she wants and I believe as I'm getting more skilled, the "harder" opponents (training partners) start getting "easier" and the "impossible to win" opponents become just "harder".
It is working for me!


Every time I bump into his video, I google for some news on this funny dude but can't get anything!
Anyone from near Marlboro, NY saw if he's still teaching his unique techniques?
Anyway... Thank you for coming my school!!


Hey Killers!

I never really went into detail about how bizarre of a situation it really was.

He worked as a line cook at a local strip club, and told the owner he was a black belt in BJJ and wondered if he could transfer from the kitchen to security. The owner upon hearing this, not only transferred Jay, but he made him the head of security.

In addition to this the owner helped Jay open his school and get his program off the ground. In return, Jay promoted the owner to Purple belt after a whopping 3 weeks of training!

I can go super in-depth, but I’ll keep it short for now ;-)

To answer your questions, Jay closed down the very next day. He called me the night I busted him to apologize for the confusion, but he was still adamant that he was a blackbelt(this was before the video was released). The next morning, I released the video and it went viral. Jay called a meeting amongst his students and closed down the academy that day.

The student who was in the video, whom I had never met before going to Jays, was accosted upon arriving at the meeting. Jay and the other students thought that he set them up.

Jay had about 10-15 students including kids and adults. The majority of his students were employees of the strip club(none were strippers), a few cooks, two valet boys, and the rest of the security team. However there were 3-4 students who had no affiliation to the strip club, they just lived near his gym and they came to me after everything went down.

The employees stood by him, saying he wasn’t a fraud, and as one fellow said to me “Jay ain’t no fraud, cuz I ain’t no bitch. Jay beat me and made me look like a bitch, so he ain’t no fraud” I kept it civil and just laughed.

It was kind of a sad ending for Jay. Marlboro, is a small village where everyone knows everyone. So when the video went viral, he lost a lot of respect from the locals. He was fired from his job and began working as a cook again in a town called New Paltz. From there he went back to Brazil.

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Wow...that's a crazy story.. thanks for sharing and for exposing.. It is not fair to anyone and as you mentioned on the video, specially for kids!
In the end he got what he deserved! Not that easy to make a carreer out of a lie.

Well, let's ask the man who exposed him himself, another fellow redditor. /u/teesunami

Any update on what's been happening with him, or has he disappeared into oblivion?

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I didn't know Mike Palladino was on reddit =) What a hero!
And thank you for coming his school!

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and... the one loss was because two guys from the same gym got to the final and decided not to fight against each other :P

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Maybe, I can't really remember!


Hi Guys, I develop in .NEt for quite sometime and I'm very familiar with the tools.. I want to play around on the Java world and I realized the variety of tools and frameworks are much larger... I'd like to know from someone that knows both worlds, as far as the market standards, what are the equivalent for: - NuGet (maven? gradle?) - Visual Studio (Eclipse with pluguins?) - ASP.NET web api (spring?) - ORM (nHibernate? Java Beans?) - IIS (JBoss? Tomcat?) I know that probably many alternatives are good...I'm not getting into what's the best, but I'd like to know what's the market standard, what should you learn if you want to try to find a job to develop full stack in JAVA for example. Thanks in advance


You're welcome. Feel free to poke me when you need help. I am a professional Java dev and also use this stuff for my pet projects and my blog posts so I have plenty experience with these topics :)

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that's great...I saw you have an example of using jwt...I also use this in .NET ( claims serialized) and consume via angularjs single-page-app. Will be interesting to see how it work in Java.. And I'll clone the spring-rest-jpa-seed as start point.. Again, thx a lot for the help!

Great! Let me know if you have anything that you think would make the seed better :)

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I will...much appreciated

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