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I didn't change the wording. I just saw your response now and am responding to it. I also didn't downvote you. Did you know that edited posts have an asterisk beside them to show they were edited?

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Nope. That doesn't even show up on my post, and I did edit it. Do people realize that not every iteration of Reddit looks the same?? I find it the weirdest thing.

It shows for me. just using plain old reddit.

[–]readerf52 [score hidden] 26 minutes ago*

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Are you using android, iOS or Microsoft? Reddit looks entirely different on Fire, vs the computer, vs my iPad. It drives me crazy, plus, I can't find stuff "to the right" where, evidently you can do magic. I just have a blank screen to the right.

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Kids got better calves then most men. Rock on

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The "better calves" are common in DMD. It affects the muscles of the upper legs first, and they often lose the ability to walk (completely) by age 12. The muscle weakening is what gives that rolling gait, some hip turn out and often toe walking. It doesn't usually manifest until age 4, so it seems this child has started therapy right away with some good results.

The life expectancy for people with DMD is dire: usually early 20's, possibly 30. I'm wondering if the therapy strengthens all muscles; choking or other respiratory problems can be life threatening.

Honest question: what search bar on the right? To the right of this post is a blank screen. Not everyone is in the same "Reddit" evidently.

The commercials for Wells Fargo Bank professing their sorrow at the their bad behavior and their commitment to customer service, especially as they show young professions--their target audience?--preparing a meal, possibly from Blue Apron, is the absolute definition of a cringe-worthy attempt at rebranding. Too little, too late.

Can you give an estimated number on the Scoville scale? I'm very interested in what other people consider spicy, too spicy and uneatable etc

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Since it is a "red pepper" dish, I'm gonna guess habanero, and they are 150,000-400,000 on the Scoville scale, right under the hottest peppers, and about 140X's hotter than jalapeño. Does that help? If this guy is used to hot food, I'd say the peppers were in the hotter end of the scale.

I don't know where you are, but the berries at the San Francisco Bay Area farmers markets are amazing right now. I've been adding them to yogurt, making toppings for cakes, and muffins. This is a whole new idea and it looks terrific!

I love sugar snap peas, and those look really vibrant and fresh. Nice job on everything.

I've never considered Monty Python "offensive comedy," so this whole segment confuses me. I can understand Cleese being offended by people that railed against the humor of Life of Brian; they saw the insult before they saw the innocent humor. But while Python may have made fun of people, institutions and things, their humor was never aimed at hurting people or actually being offensive.

"Life of Brian" and "The Meaning of Life" were considered extremely offensive at the time, to the point of being banned in several countries. They were kind of kicking against a lot of things considered sacred by catholics at the time.

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" the point of being banned in several countries."

That says more about the countries than the movies. My husband remembers a talk show that invited John Cleese and maybe Eric Idle and an Archbishop to discuss the movie, and he remembers it being hilarious. Some people got it; the cleric found it funny, but understood how it could shake some people's faith. And, again, doesn't that say more about their "faith" than the movie??

Can it ever be offensive to make people think?

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I'm glad you were able to get scholarships and find a way forward! I sincerely hope you get the job you've worked so hard for!

I don't have much choice but to continue working my butt off and hoping for the best. I got one verrrrrry small scholarship (seriously, a drop in the bucket) but my school wasn't very interested in backing poor, rural med students if they weren't a racial/ethnic minority (apparently a poor female going into surgery isn't minor enough, lol).

I HATE public speaking. Unfortunately research is a way of life in academic medicine and you are expected to give oral presentations at conferences. Being up against shiny young and hungry people sucks, but nothing compares to the dread of presenting to a room of stately, polished surgeons who know more about what you're presenting than you probably do. I am acutely aware of my knowledge deficit in comparison to them. Say something stupid once and risk multiple potential employers from all around the country rejecting you. They also get to grill the shit out of your presentation when you're done and you have to come up with answers on the spot in front of everyone. Bleghhhhh.... talk about palpitations!

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The best presentations I've ever attended were given by people who obviously loved their subject matter. Also, people who know their stuff, but aren't afraid to admit that they don't know everything. I heard a doctor who specialized in the digestive system presenting to a room full of parents of kids with Angelman Syndrome. Those kids have terrible constipation problems, and he started his talk by admitting he'd never heard of AS and had to look it up, but there wasn't a lot out there. So he simply talked about severe constipation and answered questions later that had to do with our kids, with AS. He was funny, smart, knowledgeable but easy to follow.

I guess all that was just to say, if you can choose, talk about something that interests you! That is always evident in your presentation, and I think you will be comfortable. Remember, some of the audience actually wants to know, so tell them.

Isn't this just another cartoon predicting the future. I barely remember the song, but remember the catchy phrase: "Blame Canada, blame Canada..."

It doesnt matter in this case, and is nothing like the Monty Hall problem. The monty hall problem relies on asymmetrical information, where the host knows what the winning door is. The first person in this game has no idea what colour ball he is choosing, and his outcome, even if you know it, has absolutely no impact on you winning the game.

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Thank you. You were the first person to point out just why I was confused. I didn't realize it depended one someone knowing the outcome.

11 points · 1 month ago

The Monty Hall question doesn't apply here, because there is no outside information introduced; everything is random.

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Well, I did say I wasn't mathematically inclined. To me, it was just a statistics problem that changed once some information was given, and other information was still hidden. And I did say if the color of the ball was announced when drawn in sequence.

Perhaps I'm still confused; I may have misunderstood both questions.

I'm never quite sure what is prog and what is not, but I remember Ramey Malick on a talk show talking about his favorite Queen song, and the interviewer just skimmed past it. I agree, though, this is a really beautiful song.

Original Poster4 points · 1 month ago

Here's another beautiful Queen song:

"Dear friend, goodbye. No tears in my eyes. So sad it ends as it began."

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That was very beautiful, indeed.

Funny how some of us saw different other artists. I saw Edward Gorey first, but I can see Turner, too, now.

Why mayonnaise though?

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13 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

My husband is Dutch and is always appalled that he can't get mayo for his fries at some places.

A lot of potato salad I've had over the years is just potatoes and mayo. I guess it's not so weird, but it still seems strange to me, too.

The Postman was a great film.

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Your comment caught my attention for two reasons: it seems so random, and is it? I loved the book and was having a complete "hate" going on for Costner at the time, so I refused to see it, but it's available somewhere now. I'm seriously wondering....

yes it is. Costner was ahead of his time by releasing 2 post apoc movies a decade in advance. Both are solid in my opinion, not my favorites but well worth watching.

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Thanks. David Brin is a good writer if you ever want to check out some of his other things, though I realize this is r/movies, not books. What I loved about the book was its hopefulness. So many post apocalyptic books/movies take you to the depths of despair with no way out; Brin's survivors had a plan.

As an aside, DB has a solid science background with degrees from MIT, I think.

People suspected, once upon a time, that there would be spin off with Jimmi Simpsons' character (Pierce) and his team, the one we met in Washington, DC. But then Nolan stole Jimmi and put him in Westworld.

I'll give the serious answer here, rather than the canned pro/anti Trump responses:

Because a big part of his campaign promises and the whole "#MAGA" brand was restoring manufacturing jobs. The intention behind the tariffs would be that it makes it more expensive to import foreign aluminum/steel than make it domestically.

Will this be the effect? Honestly probably not. I think foreign trade deals certainly contributed to the decline of trade jobs and have been shit to workers worldwide (and the dems' failure to acknowledge this is frustrating to no end) but with automation being what it is now I can see American companies taking advantage of the benefits with none of it passing on in the form of new/better jobs. It is tempting - especially for certain people - to see all of the problems of our modern society as the work of foreign devils but there are just so many homegrown issues being ignored and exacerbated.

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Isn't part of the problem, for steel at least, that it is an economy of scale? It's not a process one can turn off at night, everyone go home and go to bed and we'll start again in the morning. To maintain the temperature needed for steel manufacturing, it is a 24 hour business.

IIRC, one of the biggest problems with steel manufacturing in the US happened shortly after WWII. Germany, and many other countries, got the shit bombed out of them, so they had to start from scratch. Because of that, their factories and processes were more up to date, more efficient and produced a better product. The US had a hard time competing way back then; this isn't something that started 10 or even 20 years ago.

Umma Gumma, pretty sure that's prog.

6 points · 1 month ago

It probably would have done better initially if you gave it a catchy name like the "leftorium"

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As long as he didn't go with "Leftovers."

61 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I am having a fucking ant problem right now and Borax isnt doing it no idea why.

I keep cleaning everythig with bleach/vinegar but they reuse the same path, I tought the pheromone would be cleared.

I need help reddit.

Edit : Yes Ive had a borax syrup mix for a week now. It slowed down but came back in force maybe there are more than one colonies.

Ill try the Terro Traps.

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Diatomaceous earth. Put it in their path, they walk in it and take it back to the hive. It's safe for pets and non-poisoness to humans, but it kills insects with an exoskeleton by getting between the body and exoskeleton and taking their poor little ant lives. This takes a while, but gives you a chance to find their entrance(s) and caulk it closed.

Something that takes even more time is the unpasteurized beer trick. My husband learned it as a beekeeper in the Netherlands, and it's best used outside, out of sight. Put sugar In beer that has live yeast in it. They drink the beer to get the sugar and take it back to their hive. The yeast starts to get active again, and pretty much explodes the hive. But ant hives have gotten so huge--miles and miles of tunnels--that this has become less effective.

If they would pay rent, I might let them live, but they just come in and help themselves to all the sugar they can find and give me the creeps.

Did he arrive in a blue police box? I mean, even the suspenders!!

I love that they named the murderbot Norman.

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Cue the screechy aack aack aack, while the knife goes down, over and over....

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