Americans waste 150,000 tons of food each day – equal to a pound per person. USDA research shows people with healthy diets rich in fruit and vegetables are the most wasteful. by mom0nga in science

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Until about 4-5 years ago, our "green" garbage was to be only yard waste. They now allow regular composting items, but I'd say only about 25% of the residents actually separate compost material from landfill garbage. I suspect that people don't understand the environmental impact that simply putting fruit waste and coffee grounds in their green container can make.

I've often wondered how our Recology workers could be more proactive in educating the public. They send out flyers and give every customer a small recycle bin to use in the house, and that bin has pictures of acceptable items on it. It still hasn't made much of a difference; the people that have composted in the past continue to do so, and those that haven't do not pick up the habit.

TIL the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous demanded whiskey during the last few days of his life. by Living_Granger in todayilearned

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I know the feeling. The first step, that you are powerless and your life is unmanageable gets out of control. I met an active member once after not seeing her for a while and asked her how she was and she replied that her life was in "crisis"--her job was possibly changing, the landlord raised her rent and she and her best friend were having problems. And I looked at her and said, "Soooo, normal life changes, then?" She didn't get it. It had to be out of control and unmanageable! Yet, every thing she mentioned was just life, not even in the fast lane, just life.

That was the conversation that made me realize people can use the program as a crutch just like drugs or alcohol. "Crisis" becomes their new drug of choice, and every simple thing is blown out of proportion.

Life isn't easy, but one doesn't have to make it hard.

3 Reasons why Person of Interest isn't as popular as it should be. by Mr_Irrelevant_Asset5 in PersonOfInterest

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I read your comments and then decided to finish the paper where I found a glowing review for the second season of Westworld, and realized it could also have been written about PoI (also Nolan).

The reviewer praised the show for taking the long view, challenging the viewers, addressing the major on-going problems but never forgetting all the interesting side arcs which often flair into importance from time to time. The show feeds the audience's need for drama and conflict, but never lets them forget the underlying metaphysical question: what is life? Can an AI evolve to be alive?

So, yeah, PoI probably would have done better on a premium channel with more flexibility, but I think the real bottom line is that CBS and Nolan just didn't get along. CBS made them continue the "number of the week" format in season 5, even with only 13 episodes to cover things well. I think CBS, being in the business of trying to entertain the highest number of people with a minimum of dissonance, couldn't wrap their head around Nolan's search for a greater truth at any cost. Money vs art: I think that may have been a real problem.

But I really enjoyed your theories, especially as it lead right into such an interesting review. Nice timing!

ELI5: Would it kill/hurt me if I only ate cereal for the rest of my life? If so, how and why? by urboyJerome in explainlikeimfive

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Reading through the comments, I think your question is a good one, but vague. The responder that pointed out eating a muesli type cereal--one with whole grains, fruits and nuts--and adding milk or yoghurt would provide pretty good nutrition is right. Would it kill you if you ate only that for the rest of your life? You may die of boredom first.

The only photo to ever make me want to have a child. by Lontology in funny

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That is a brilliant use of every ugly bridesmaid dress his mom ever had to buy. The colors....so expressive.

[AMA Request] Casted Ugly Actors & Actresses by mcknightnorth in IAmA

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There are a couple more, called, "That Guy from that Thing" and "That Gal from that Thing." Character actors lead a tough life, and sometimes barely make ends meet. That's not something that we think of when we see people on several tv shows in a season.

[Homemade] Lemon and rosemary lamb chops with baba ghanoush by pear235 in food

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Do you peel the eggplant for the baba? It so smooth and creamy looking, I thought it was hummus at first glance.

The average Redditor by WaterPineapple112 in CasualConversation

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A lot of comments make me think the poster is a bot. Especially political comments that add nothing to,the discussion except deflect attention away from the original post.

Other than that, I've never really thought about it, unless the person has an extremely entitled attitude, then I think white male. Sorry, that's my own prejudice, I guess.

Milwaukee Fire Department implemented a mobile health care unit to assist their chronic callers. 911 calls from those 100 people dropped by 62% in two years. by FrancisFriday in UpliftingNews

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It's not just covering expenses, though. We had neighbors that called 911 frequently, and they actually were in crisis. Finally, someone thought to have a home health nurse come in and set up their medication for the week so it was being taken in the correct dose, and at the correct time. And that did it! If a city can save the time and expense of 911 calls so simply, then it is a better, much less costly solution.

But someone needs to make that assessment to see why these top 100 callers are using emergency services so often. Some people don't have family to intervene, and money doesn't help if no one has figured out just what needs to be "purchased" to make their life simpler.

It's not that I disagree; I just like the idea of a much less expensive (to the taxpayers) intervention. That simple home visit may be all that is needed to get things provided for them, things they are willing and able to pay for, but didn't understand was available.

Milwaukee Fire Department implemented a mobile health care unit to assist their chronic callers. 911 calls from those 100 people dropped by 62% in two years. by FrancisFriday in UpliftingNews

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Response to a 911 call means fire department, EMT in ambulance and sometimes police. Sending a health care assistant to help them manage their chronic illness means sending a person. That single person can help them make a huge difference.

What we don't alway understand is how simple things, like adding bars in the shower, better handrails on the stairs and enlarging the words/numbers on things like the hot and cold water or the stove/oven can make a huge difference at very little cost. There are even groups like Shriners or Lion's clubs that will go into homes and help make them safer, for free, but someone has to instigate the activity!

So, yeah, it costs the taxpayers very little to save them a lot over time. The rate of those top 100 callers dropped a small percentage in one year, more the next, and even more the next.

You, or your parents, may need help some day. This help, a single person to help manage things, gives a lot more dignity and independence than making someone dependent on 911.

Research shows that affluent Americans tend to overestimate their knowledge about health and nutrition. by snikrepab_ in science

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I think knowledge about health and nutrition is dependent on education, experience and how your physician handles his time. I'm not sure knowing about chemicals, GMO, or organic vs non-organic is important. As many people have pointed out, the wealthy seem to eat better, even if they are confused by the overload of divisive information about "healthy" food.

Good nutrition is important in good health, but essential in those with health problems. People with celiac, kidney or heart disease need to understand that their food choices can help or hinder their well being. This study didn't address that at all, and I found that surprising.

SNEAK PEAK 3X21 (GIANT SPOILER) by 3mateusz in lucifer

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You mean the video wasn't enough?!?

[I Ate] Diced Dragonfruit and Zombie Dust by HarryTOMalley in food

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It's definitely an acquired taste, but once a person likes it, it kinda takes off, and breweries actually make it with grapefruit or orange rind! I'm with you, I like a Belgian type beer or Pils, but I have a lot of friends that love IPA's. I say, let the beer revolution continue; it just means more tasty choices for all of us.

Lucifer makes top 20 "Most Popular TV Shows" by VisceralVarys in lucifer

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People don't pirate NCIS. It's baseline fans skew older; most watch on tv. When you look at their ratings, they (the original, and often NOLA) are not number one in their time slot, but often have twice as many viewers as the show that is number one. Its audience isn't that much chased and desired demographic, the one that generates "ratings."

Lucifer makes top 20 "Most Popular TV Shows" by VisceralVarys in lucifer

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The list was compiled based on desirability, especially pirating. That's why GoT is #1, it's the most pirated show on tv.

What is something that people think is illegal, but actually isn't? by adaminc in AskReddit

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You can make a left on red from a one way street to a one way street. I'm not sure it works any other way....

Street Art in Eccleston, Lancashire by Yamamba78 in pics

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I expected to see a man standing by a blue telephone box in the eye's reflection.

Just started POI on second season--does it get better? by br4ve-trave1or in PersonOfInterest

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Haha, well, I started PoI because of JJ Abrams, and his involvement with Fringe. So, yeah, I thought you might feel the same way!

5 years go on this day, I had a grand mal seizure in the bottom of the Grand Canyon and had to medevaced out. I felt like crap, but i'll always be grateful for the EMT that comforted me and took this! by brydy23 in pics

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I thought it was the OP's first grand mal, but that's not clear from the title. A grand mal, coming out of nowhere can be frightening, and I think emergency treatment is appropriate. But you are correct, if one has a history of seizures and has a breakthrough grand mal, keeping the person safe and comfortable are important. When they have returned to a normal state, then they should definitely seek medical guidance to reevaluate their medicine regime, or perhaps do an MRI to see if a new lesion is causing problems.

Just started POI on second season--does it get better? by br4ve-trave1or in PersonOfInterest

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At some point, I read an interview with Nolan and he said they knew how the show would end from the beginning; he even had the final song picked out! (He later changed it; their music choices were always as important as the dialogue and action, so he must have felt the song they went with was better.)

Like Fringe, there are clues. I think a lot of fans, or I speak only for myself, really noticed the clues on second watching. The first time I saw something, it was interesting. The second time I watched the whole series I had to smack my head and sit in awe at the brilliance; damn, they told us this way back then!?!?!!

I had a similar experience rewatching Fringe from beginning to end. The clues were there, and watching with knowledge of future episodes made me more aware, not only of things to come, but to the smart, clever writing on the show.

Shoutout to the PTA at my kids' elementary school for the most hilariously honest fundraiser I've ever seen. by Charlie_Olliver in funny

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It's a PTA fundraiser. The PTA pays for things like busses for school outings, play equipment and some even help create a community garden area to teach about fruits/veggies and nutrition. Sometimes the PTA pays for instruments for music classes and mats for some sports.

Education is a right, available to everyone, but schools cannot afford to meet the needs of the students alone.

[Homemade] Applewood smoked bacon and garlic fried mushroom cheeseburger by Shamal209 in food

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I know this is blasphemy, but the cheese looks wonderful--soft and heated just enough to really bring out the tang and creaminess, but not melted lava on the tongue.

I know other poster, I'll leave now....

S02E10 frustration (spoilers?) by paul232 in lucifer

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I had the same hopes. Like Person of Interest, bits and pieces of information were presented to the audience along the season, and in the end, it all came together to make a very satisfying conclusion. Things that didn't seem important--the constant, seemingly nervous tic of flipping a coin, Chloe being under that cloud because of her involvement in the Palmetto case, the obvious history between Amenadiel and Lucifer--all of it came full circle and each piece of the puzzle fit together, I thought for sure I had found a show to watch after the end of PoI.

I was wrong. I've hung in there, and at times I've seen glimmers of greatness, but the cohesion is just no longer there.

It continues to entertain, but not challenge. I miss that.