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readytopartyy commented on a post in r/news
Cinemaphreak 5 points

It will be 24 in the end, at this point it's pretty much "search & recovery" for those last 4 souls.

I might have to go to Santa Barbara in a few weeks, it's going to be very unsettling to drive thru poor Montecito...

readytopartyy 2 points

If you can, it may be until the end of the month before they open the 101 again.

kingsillypants 2 points

Man that's horrible.

And these things are going to continue to happen with greater frequency unless something is done about man made climate change, including not electing politicians that don't believe in it (most of the GOP).

readytopartyy -1 points

Yes I completely agree.

AB0MB 28 points

WOW, blows my mind. I heard on Howard Stern that this was because the fires burned away all the brush and trees etc... thats why it happened.

readytopartyy 18 points

Yeah there was nothing for the soil to hold on to.

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readytopartyy commented on a post in r/WatchandLearn
sneakytokey 45 points

In California you used to have to parallel park on the driving test, but not anymore. Now all you have to do is back up along the curb without going out into traffic. So we have all these kids who have no idea how to parallel park now... sad times.

readytopartyy 12 points

Yep, no one taught me how to parallel park. I think I'm okay now in my own car because I have a backup camera, but I am still very hesitant to try to parallel park, and if I do it takes me quite a while. I wish they made it mandatory, that way I may know how to do it!

readytopartyy commented on a post in r/hamiltonmusical
Himekat 52 points

I’m always affected by “Satisfied” (even though it’s one of the least historically accurate songs in the show) — I’m a sucker for a good we-can’t-marry-each-other-even-though-we-want-to story.

“Best of Wives and Best of Women” hits hard, too. Mostly because Hamilton pretty much knows what could happen, but he’s hiding it from Eliza.

“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” (especially Eliza’s part in it) also always gets me — her accomplishments and the pride she feels for Alexander and carrying his legacy is touching.

I’m not terribly affected by any of the men’s songs for some reason, although “Wait For It” resonates with me because I’m a lot like Burr in that I keep things pretty close and I’m conservative/risk averse about my actions in life and pick my choices very carefully. I’m very much a wait for it type of person.

readytopartyy 19 points

I always get chills hearing, "The orphanage," ah it's too beautiful

readytopartyy commented on a post in r/TheCrownNetflix
IkeaMonkeyCoat 23 points

It really is wonderful, the songs are some of my favorites of any musical of allll time. Once upon a december still makes me FEEL SO MUCH.

readytopartyy 2 points

They made a musical of it, you should check out the soundtrack. It doesn't have Rasputin as a demon story, but it's still really good.

readytopartyy commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Baddy001 226 points

This might explain why I get acne, even though I wash twice a day.

readytopartyy 2 points

r/skincareaddicton awaits you

Baddy001 1 point

Oh man. You guys are great!

readytopartyy 2 points

Go to the side bar and read the basics. It can get pretty overwhelming, start slow. It will change your life! Good luck!

readytopartyy commented on a post in r/space
iMegannn 494 points

The Vandenberg Air Force base (where this rocket was launched from) is about 3-4 hours from Huntington!

readytopartyy 2 points

I live in the city VAFB is and usually always get to see them. Of course this time I was at Costco in a nearby city and missed it. I'm bummed!

readytopartyy commented on a post in r/thisismylifenow

Here to clear up a couple things:

First things first. Names, breeds and ages clockwise starting with far left on the couch.

Duke - Siberian - 7ish (I found him in Golden Gate Park so no hard data on him) Abbie - Siberian - 10 Barkleigh - Boxer - 7 Lola - Golden Retriever/ White Lab - 13 Lucy - Golden Retriever/ Yellow Lab - 3 Pancho - Beagle/ Boxer - 11

Secondly, and to address those that are thinking I'd have to be a Bitcoin whale to be able to feed/ care for all of them - they're not actually all my dogs, technically speaking. Four out of six belong to my parents, but we've all evacuated due to the Thomas fire. Duke and Abbie are both mine, and along with Pancho they make the three rescues of the bunch.

Third, and to address the comment to which I am replying - Pancho. He is the second oldest, but truly couldn't care less if his life depended on it. Don't get me wrong, he's unconditionally loyal like the best of em - he just has that DGAF switch that he decides to throw whenever he feels like checking out. For example:

Several of our UPS delivery guys are the type to always have treats in the truck, and Pancho has become infamous for sneaking on board after the treats have been handed out. It's always treats, then parcels. He'll wait for the guy to get out of the truck and walk to the door, meanwhile sneaking around to the driver side and into the back hiding himself behind boxes. Then about 5 miles down the road the driver hears some boxes moving around in the back, and then the slow, confident tippy-taps of Pancho's paws as he saunters up to sit - ever so obediently - waiting for his second course. He also has a morning routine where my dad sits in the jacuzzi every morning with a cup of coffee, and Pancho sips from the cup when my dad sets it down to go through his email inbox.

I very affectionately call him Sancho Panza.

readytopartyy 3 points

Ah man that sucks you had to evacuate. As of this morning it was 60% contained so hopefully you can go home soon. The smoke and ash was insane. I live 50 miles north and it was crazy the first weekend. Good luck and I hope it stops spreading!


Thanks for the kind words. It's pretty superhuman what the firefighters have been able to do considering the conditions. If anyone would like to make a contribution of any kind, my friends brother (who has been fighting this fire with the other brave men and women in yellow) recommends this as the best place to send donations:

And if you don't feel like giving, maybe you could just do a raindance for them.

readytopartyy 1 point

It's sprinkling up here!!

readytopartyy commented on a post in r/politics
guy_breadmore 3,997 points

Instead of “science-based” or “evidence-based,” the suggested phrase is “CDC bases its recommendations on science in consideration with community standards and wishes,”

How about "based on the whims of our corporate or religious donors"?

readytopartyy 2 points

We are so fucked.

readytopartyy commented on a post in r/hamiltonmusical
gyrk12 2 points

Saw Javi in April, and now I get to see him in February! Hope more casting changes happen. When I saw the show the first time, my friend said Eliza has bad. I couldn't tell though. It was Mandy or Lexi, which of those 2 plays Eliza?

readytopartyy 3 points


lesourire 19 points

I love how successful he is!

People who have seen him, what did you think?

readytopartyy 3 points

So amazing

readytopartyy commented on a post in r/thisisus
WithoutLampsTheredBe -3 points

So Randall and Beth threaten Linda with a lawsuit over the return of Deja to her mother... and they think they're getting another child? This show is starting to jump the shark.

readytopartyy 2 points

You must not realize how desperate social workers are for good homes. It was their first child, the worker would understand. It's hard the first time navigating through fostering a child and they handled it well in the end.

readytopartyy commented on a post in r/politics
SchmucktheSchmolice 232 points

May you live in interesting times is meant to be a curse. You're supposed to want tge boring times because a lot of people tend to get hurt in interesting times.

readytopartyy 1 point

Man I just made the switch from Keurig to a regular coffee pot again. Bad timing.

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