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realpanicatthecisco 1 point

You need to first identify the calls to the main line, then by using the date and times as well as the originating, terminating and global IDs you can match up the corresponding legs and determine where they were routed to... Take my word for it, this is a PITA to do manually. Check out, ask about their cradle to grave reporting which does just this. If you tell them realpanicatthecisco sent you can get a 30 day eval, use this time to build and run your report... you don't have to purchase at the end of the trial.

cacticaller 2 points

Currently got about 3000 devices (2500 on cluster a and 500 on cluster b) and will possibly be looking to spin up another cluster in the US as we expand.

We only buy the spark pack for webex at this point (in the only spark user bar my manager haha) but I’m hoping in the future I’ll be able to get rid of all my on prem licenses and just have the spark client as it’s a pain that I still need an on prem phone (jabber or physical) that has to be licensed. Hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of my presence and unity servers too but who knows.

I really wanted to get to Cisco live this year to see what the roadmap for spark looks like as I really hope it something like what I suggested above haha

realpanicatthecisco 1 point

I highly doubt there are any deployments your size that are running Spark at the moment. From all my customers there is only one that has taken the leap and they are only about 500 users. Granted they are running a hybrid environment, but every user is a Spark user and there are Spark boards in every conference room. What I learned from them was that the biggest concern was Analytics. Currently Spark Control Hub has limited reports and there are no 3rd party vendors that provide detailed Call Analytics like there are for CUCM CDR.

jonnyt88 1 point

It sounds like the voice part of spark has become pretty solid? and your remaining issues ware with the other features?

We are opening a new location that has no analog cabling and Spark was presented to us. We only have three outside lines, and about 7 total phones because the facility is just large {some internal calls}. Spark was the cheapest hosted PBX solution... Actually cheaper MRC than getting ATT analog lines.

realpanicatthecisco 1 point

Yeah voice is pretty solid, way better than it was last year. Since it is a hosted solution you need to make sure you have decent bandwidth, if you haven't seen it yet Cisco offers a tool to test your connection:

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TimHughSmith 2 points

Yeah, sorry maybe that's a little misleading. It's actually more about keeping track of the previous states.

So now in devices screen you can see - Last registered - Last active

So it's helpful to answer things like, when was a phone online, what phones are really in use etc.

realpanicatthecisco 1 point

Ah yeah, very helpful feature. I've been tracking these changes with a different tool, but I'm glad there is now a native way of doing it. Thanks for clarifying.

TimHughSmith 1 point

Yeah that's it prior to this you could have gotten the info and tracked it somewhere else, or looked at CDR to guess, but this is very nice to have built in now.

realpanicatthecisco 1 point

Yup, Cisco leaves plenty of gaps in their reporting. I'm still surprised they don't have a device utilization report that breaks down usage by device model type. Would be helpful with CUCM upgrades as they deprecated phones.

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vtbrian 4 points

I think most people just don't like the built-in stored procedures which isn't really an issue with CUIC. Having an easier way to build stored procedures and allowing you to make custom reports on co-res CUIC would fix a lot of people's issues. Plus just finally unifying the 2 different CUIC interfaces.

Also rebuilding any Flash reports/charts to HTML5 needs to be done.

realpanicatthecisco 2 points

Yup ok I agree. I kind of feel that Cisco leaves all this "fine tuning" to their development partners. Kind of the same with CDR, they offer CAR, but we all know that's just one step above Raw CDR.

vtbrian 1 point

The Agent All Fields and CSQ All Fields Reports seem to have helped a lot here in that you can customize within CUIC much better. It's still a pain for customers when we tell them we're going to bill them a bunch of hours to make some custom report that they think should be a simple change.

realpanicatthecisco 2 points

Does your team like to take on these "custom report" projects? Most of the VARs I work with avoid them like the plague. They do seem to take up many dev hours, plus most customers expect support for future report changes.

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chasingpackets 5 points

CUIC as mentioned

realpanicatthecisco 1 point

I haven't worked with CUIC as much as I did with the old historical reporting client. From what I hear from my customers it's gotten better, but sounds like it's still a bit difficult to navigate/understand, would you agree?

chasingpackets 2 points

There is an initial learning curve but no worse that anything else UC wise.

realpanicatthecisco 1 point


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realpanicatthecisco 1 point

I know this is a bit side tracked from your initial post, but it may come handy in the future when trying to run reports against calls answered by your line group members. There are 2 Flags in your Enterprise Parameters that you want to set to true: "Show Line Group Member Non Masked DN in finalCalledPartyNumber CDR Field" & "Show Line Group Member DN in finalCalledPartyNumber CDR Field". This will make your life easier if you plan on doing any type of CDR reporting in the future.

realpanicatthecisco commented on a post in r/ciscoUC
malchir 6 points

Cisco has an end-to end solution. If you go for Microsoft you will have to collect all the pieces together yourself (network, end points, compatible ISPs). I both cases you can make a UC solution. Technically I’d say always Cisco but there are always other factors on which choices are made.

realpanicatthecisco 1 point

I agree, I also feel that most Collaboration Partners will push their customers to Cisco VoIP as they have the most experience with the solution and can benefit of slightly better pricing by "bundling" Cisco products.

walenskit0360 5 points

I've been in the professional VOIP realm for a few years now and I've never heard of a client using microsoft UC, if that's means anything. Cisco is an industry standard.

realpanicatthecisco 3 points

I'm also in the UC industry and I've only ran into a handful of companies that strictly use Microsoft UC. Typically when MS is involved it's usually in a Cisco Hybrid deployment. In fact I know of some "Microsoft Companies" that use Cisco UC. What happened with eat one's own dog food?

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