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I think the remake will have online play and I would be willing to pay Nintendo for it since that's what model they are using

This was one of my most fun I have ever had as a child

Is anyone else triggered by the amount of unread emails because I sure am

Is it a trick of the eyes or is the picture moving


So I just started playing again. You don't need my back story with wow but I am playing warlock as title says. I have gone with demo talents so far I am liking that the most but what I'm confused about so far is felguard vs voidwalker. It seems like both can tank for me I'm guess felguard since it's from demo tree but not sure if I am missing something or not. Thanks for the help


You need to start some place and it is a grind. I'm happy for her something that is inspiring to many

I love how we never see him again and also the slow towel slide out of frame

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I agree that slow mo towle

Hello Hbmcint,

so IMO the game is far from dead. i have played on a few servers Quetzalcoatl and Odin mainly. I know Asura is the main NA server because of the reddit LS. I'm on Odin now. as for a LS for leveling honestly you dont need one the leveling is so quick you can take a job from 1-99 with in a day. when i started fresh it took me maybe a month for me 1st 99 needing to do genkia quest but i also did a lot of missions and quest. most people group for end game stuff. as for how to do content i just do what i feel like all of the older stuff you can solo when i first hit 99 i killed all the avatars and sky gods to get back at them. last thing is level what you want to. i can tell you a lot of pros and cons about when job to level but just have fun it is a game after all

so for getting 119 AF, Relic, and Emp gear its not that bad. follow the fresh 119 guide and you end up with a full set of 12 chapters which does 1 of two things 1 set of AF to 119 or 2 sets of armor depending on how upgraded your armor is for ex. war af mask NQ takes 10 chapter 1's to upgrade to 109 but if you have war mask +1 from doing sea its only 5 . after that there are 2 ways to get chapters trade sparks at 7.5k to 1 chapter or farm BSNM's with 20 Sacred Kindred's Crest orbs.

links for guides to make it easier:


i cant seem to find the answer in other post or on bg-wiki but is there a way to trade skirmish gear for other skirmish items at like a 3 to 1 i know like JSE capes from reives you can and emp feet you can. thanks for the help :D

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Hey not sure if this is the issue. But ages ago I hide stuff on my iTunes and thought it was lost but support did not show me this but I found it on the apple site.

I hope that fixes it

I should be rather quick now a few months back stores did not have the battery's in stock. Now the stores prob still have tons of battery's now

Reminds me of the kangaroo things from tank girl

My vote would be for gaming PC desktop. You can build someonye far better then a Xbox for the same cost or less. With steam sales you can get games far cheaper or pay full price when said game comes out as others have said can use for school work and over all other projects you maybe thinking of


With Windows 10 you can buy many Xbox one games from Microsoft store so really you have an Xbox as well

If 3D can do this what will happen when she used VR.

Is it a rock if it's eating other rocks?

I mean I guess better then leaving them in the hot truck but I still want to beat their ass for doing such a thing

My Cor is only level 70 but I don't think it's a gil sink with doing RoV you can buy ammo from a moogle in town and it's seems rather cheap but sure if moogle sells 99 119 ammo would have to look it up


Greeting fellow players I wanted to pose a question. I was talking to some ls mates about getting into endgame/ group stuff and I was on my pup but they suggested I use Geo to gear other jobs now I get that Geo is the in job and it's used in a lot of content but for some reason I hate it's play style and like bard much more I know it better and have invested some time into it. My question is can I do the same on brd or would Geo be the better way to go for faster invites and over maybe needing less stuff compared to brd and input would be great



I know your face prob hurts but still look good

I'm not a cop or know the law but from what I know talking to a emt friend about this before if the victim us alive they try to save then. So I think it's just showing he's a dick


So I was looking to pick up destiny 2 and I say on humble bundle that it was or is coming as monthly it looks like this month is hearts of iron but it says June was destiny 2 just a little confused my bad if post should not be here


So this already happened. Let me try to clear things up. Destiny 2 was in "Junes" humble monthly. What this means is that usually you have until the first Friday of the money to pay the $12.00. At 12 central time (if you live in the U.S) the next month games are revealed and you have until July to pay for it. Once this happens the previous months games are no longer available. I hope this helps. Probably could of explained it better

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Ya that helps out a lot thanks

D2 not worth it

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Was not sure if it would be that's y 12 bucks I'm ok spending on it but not retail

I thought the mildly interesting thing was the iPhone 4, I haven’t seen one of those in a while lol

I’m kidding, but that’s a big chapstick

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

Haha ya I just had it chilling on my desk I use it once in a blue room for an MP3 player

hey, im apart of a linkshell that is well for a streamer community but we are a nice group of chaps and like to mess about we take any and all friends Callfour is the name we are happy to take you in. if you message Linkherooftime will be happy to get you a shell

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