People are selling and the rest are HODLing. Shouldn’t we buy more now? [DISCUSSION] by White_Wolfie in CryptoCurrency

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Don’t have any fiat money left to buy. Waiting for my month salary to be deposited

Weekly /r/Kraken discussion January 16, 2018 by AutoModerator in Kraken

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Hi Kraken, thank you for the XLM distribution . Would you please consider to distribute BTG also to your loyal customers?

What should I buy during this dip? by Boners_from_heaven in CryptoCurrency

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All you need to buy is NEO. Chinese government is banning crypto for a reason, they want to control it.

NEO is already the standard for Chinese token launches. But the day will come that NEO will be the official launch platform for all Chinese ICOs and will be backed up by the Chinese government. That day will come in 2018.

NEO > 1000$ this year.

Why did all they all rally up at exactly the same time today? by biblybobbla in CryptoCurrency

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Most trading is done by bots that monitor the price of BTC.

But if price of BTC goes up very fast people will sell alts and jump on BTC wagon. If price of BTC goes down very fast people will sell alts and hold their BTC. Only if price of BTC goes up steadily and slowly you will see that most alts will also go up.

Description on Lunar New Year (from a South East Asian). How the lunatic spending looks like. by zzyamuraihazz in CryptoCurrency

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And some end up celebrating Lunar New Year in their car as they get stuck in traffic for 3 weeks (yes weeks, not hours or even days) while trying to go to their hometown.

Can you please tell everyone in that region that they should start buying cryptos again cause we are crying everyday when we look at the charts. Thanks.

NYT goes all in on Ethereum by twigwam in CryptoCurrency

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Am I the only one that realizes this guy is sharing his private key in the article? He only has $6 in there but still very stupid. Especially when newbies read this and assume it is OK to share your private key.

GAS for NEO by alsonchia in Neotrader

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I am not sure If kucoin distributes the gas. But as for amount of payment, no difference with Binance or keeping it in a wallet.

GAS for NEO by alsonchia in Neotrader

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On the first day of the new month. So next distribution is on 1 February.

While each coin in top 10 is still in the red with double digits NEO is about to turn green again. Unstoppable! by redddiablo in Neotrader

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The usual China bans Bitcoin shenanigans followed by panic sells. Some say it also has to do with the Bitcoin futures on CBOE that were at $11500 for 17 January so they could have manipulated the price for that. Who knows.

THEKEY.rip : The Story Behind the Worst ICO of 2018 by TheNewTreasury in Neotrader

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Glad I didnt stay up for this. bunch of incompetent people that most likely sold all tokens to friends and family. Meanwhile they store 50.000 passports due to the KYC

APPC - 200 million Existing Customers, plus an SDK for other App Stores! by ripcurldog in AppcoinsProtocol

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Sorry to spoil the fun but Google and Apple would never ever allow APPC to be integrated with their app stores. If they would want to go that route they would implement their own coin.

I just created /r/AppCoinsTrading sub for discussions about price. Please subscribe. by [deleted] in AppcoinsProtocol

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Sorry all, AppCoinsTrading is from someone else that wants money for it. I have created AppCoinsMarket.

No need to spread out, stay subscribed here and also subscribe to the new sub? Up to you. Just trying to help to get more awareness for APPC.

Kraken pulling a Mt.Gox would hurt the entire Crypto market and force regulation. @Kraken - Put a live video feed of your offices so we know what is going on ! 18 hours and no backup system ??? by mqrasi in CryptoCurrency

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Their latest update:

“Update - Inching our way to the finish line over here, devs mainlining coffee. Funds are all secure and protracted downtime has nothing to do with funding/reserves. Yes, this is our new record for downtime since we launched in 2013. No, we're not proud of it. Working hard to ensure that when we come back online things are running as smoothly and safely as possible. We'll give you another update in a few hours or as soon as we have something new to report. Jan 12, 00:43 UTC”

Why is Ledger nano S so expensive? by [deleted] in CryptoCurrency

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Trezor advertises with €89.

I click order and it says I need to pay additional €17 if I want it shipped within 5 days, else wait till February. So I accept. In the next window it says I can choose free shipping (can take up to 6 weeks and no tracking) so I chose paid shipping. Then it adds VAT. Grand total €152.

I have a question about blockfolio profit/loss calculation by 4384587 in CryptoCurrency

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I was never good at math but I wonder if you have the same issue when using Delta app instead of Blockfolio.