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The moderation team would be 100% open to working with you to prevent this. I personally am not fully aware of the content you're referencing.

Can we open a dialog to help us both avoid these kinds of submissions? From the sounds of it, that'd be a zero tolerance sub rule. I think we're just completely unaware the issue is occurring, or how fabricated is defined.

redditads [A] 40 points

Hey everyone, thanks for all the thoughts! Here is one example of something that was fabricated:

The subreddit in question does not have ads at all. If it were in the top 10 of /r/all or otherwise high in an aggregate listing then the ad wouldn't show. Again we'd like to reiterate, we support your ability to protest us on our platform we also take brand safety seriously and don't want incorrect information to cause confusion.

redditads commented on a post in r/stopadvertising
redditads [A] 92 points

This ad didn’t run in r/the_donald. The user who created the screenshot is a t_d subscriber, and the ad was shown on their home page. We have a whitelist of communities in which ads can run. t_d is not in the whitelist, so unless an advertiser explicitly targets t_d, ads will not appear there.

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