I'm falling more in love with Minecraft 1.13 everyday by AntVenom in Minecraft

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Ever since 1.7 I’d have a knack of saying to other minecrafters that the ocean needs more content so it can not be “basically a giant puddle with squids” (quote by me)

but legit this is awesome, gg mojang

Do females in STEM need him? It seems to in school. by patcomen in MensRights

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I don’t think we should generalize females like that, but I don’t know. I’m sure that those girls most likely chose the class just because they assumed it would be a pushover or something. There are such girls that are interested in STEM careers, and they are just as good as males in that department.

1st time escaping spawn (care to share?) by The_Grand_Lotus in 2b2t

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Tried three times, in early October of 2016. First time I fell down to bedrock in a waterfall, because of interest, decided to /kill because I was too lazy to go back up. Second time, I found a portal almost immediately with my x-ray (the only hack I had), but was immediately murdered by some dude with a Vet shield. Finally, in my last attempt I found an actual tree buried at spawn, mined it, planted a sapling, took a few, harvested it when the sapling went, and collected some dirt, the remaining saplings, and even an apple. I made stone tools from mining some of the lavacasts, and got some rotten flesh from some zombies. I went into a portal, instantly encountered some random newfag donned with only leather pants. I killed him, took them, and encountered another random player. We both turned and ran.

For the next several days I traveled by nether (not the tunnels) and sometimes the big-ass ocean around 30k too, living off of zombie pigmen and making quick resource stops in OV at every portal I encountered, slowly building up to god gear. I decided to stop and settle when I reached 40 - 60k, and I still have some nice coords from my journey. A few weeks after I stopped I found out about the Society who let me in, and that made my 2b experience infinitely better because traveling for me sucked ass.

protip for ants: Don't just travel to 300k and live by yourselves. That's literally laggy singleplayer with cancerous chat. Go to 50 - 100k, build up good gear, and go to spawn and make friends. that's the real way to get in on the experience.

Whats up with Withers -.- by Reisbrot in 2b2t

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The “good guys” you’re talking about and asking for help from are the ones that put them there in the first place

Why is weed illegal? by ChikaraPower in NoStupidQuestions

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I’d say that, if possible, the government WOULD ban cigarettes and alcohol (they already tried the latter) because of health issues, but it doesn’t work because they’re too widely distributed and part of our culture. Weed is banned because most recreational drug use is, and I’m assuming they don’t want to add more onto their plate

What is the most annoying "card" people play to try to "win" an argument with you? by stereovictrola in AskReddit

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When someone is arguing and realizes they’re losing, so they somehow push it into a final statement that either you’re both wrong, it’s all up to subjective, or it never even mattered in the first place.

The Flying Dutchman, Scourge of the Seven Seas and Conqueror of Gravity by f3x3f in Bossfight

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kinda difficult level, lotta robot guards

at least I got the gravitonium