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KF2015 -7 points

To be honest, I noticed that many of those anti-digong "reeeeee" crowd are usually unemployed or tambays na graduate ng college pero palamunin pa din hahaha

Just being snarky :)

redditorialboy 1 point

no digong reeee are undergrad shits

chiviamp 1 point

FINALLY hindi lang ako ang may crush kay Leni!!!! I can't believe I'm normal

redditorialboy 1 point

No. We are both not normal.

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redditorialboy commented on a post in r/Philippines
_the_printer 3 points

Agree. Given na 86 lang ang baseline IQ ng mga Pilipino, I think ok lang na mag top ang mga mas magagaling at mas may tiyaga. Hayaan natin ang mga bobong Pilipino na magdusa. Hanggang call center lang sila. Papa ko call center pero ok lang, kailangan i divide ang love at reality.

redditorialboy 2 points

You’re just a printer

Kingbalbon13 -7 points

Babayuuuuu Ba bye

redditorialboy -2 points

Bye bitch

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ehrsam 5 points

Be smart about your investing and you will do well. Your up about 100% if u sell half now u have all profit rolling that tide. Then u can buy back if it falls or ride it up higher with the extra.

redditorialboy 0 points

It's so hard to sell. Every damn soul is bullish. We haven't reached the peak yet because of this healthy retracement happening now.

Cryptocancer 1 point

Is it listed or just available for deposit

redditorialboy 2 points

Deposit has open. Listing will be tomorrow.

filipinoleaks 1 point

brooooo 0.10 nato haha

redditorialboy 1 point

Onga e sarap. Worth it paghintay naten

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redditorialboy commented on a post in r/stormtoken
filipinoleaks 1 point

Pumasok ako sa 0.04 tol , 50% down puta.

redditorialboy 1 point

Hintay nalang tayo sa bittrex pati ios app

filipinoleaks 1 point

breaktout daw! hgahah double down!

redditorialboy 1 point

Sana mag tuloy tuloy na. Sa telegram nalang tayo mag usap. sali ka sa storm official

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superfreac7 2 points

I think your trolling. Or at least trying to get the price down. Either way your shit posts arent welcome so either hold or dont. Either way please do yourself and everyone else a favor and stop clogging up the feed with useless posts like this one.

redditorialboy 0 points

I’m not trolling. I have 950k storm that I got during 310 sats and I want it to go more than that price. I went back to this coin and gone all in when it listed on binance because it’s my most awaited listing. I just hate how passive everyone is when during the bloodbath last week, storm went down with the market and then now that the market is somehow recovering, storm is dead laying at 200 sats limbo.

Iskanderalx 2 points

Forget everything and check back again in 6 months maybe a year maybe two years? If you want quick earnings try sports betting! You can quickly lose or win, its 50/50. In crypto nobody loses until they sell, isn’t that great? But I guess there is a small portion of people who put 101% of their money in crypto and desire x2 or x10 overnight.

Read storm whitepaper. These guys are awesome and the project is superb!

redditorialboy -3 points

Are you crazy? 6 months is like 6 decades in cryptocalendar. In crypto, gains should be realized in a day or maximum, a month. Also, tell that to people who bought last month at thousand sats.

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redditorialboy commented on a post in r/stormtoken
redditorialboy 0 points

Storm do something you fuckers

Insider_Tips 1 point

storm was up more than 20% the past 24 hrs, i mean what the fak do you kids want? look at rest of market ?? stop this shit moon lambo when moon when lambo. cry babies I bought 1,000,000 two days ago to add to my portfolio of 33 coins. try to stfu??

redditorialboy 3 points

The problem here is not the price. The code is whack.

redditorialboy 2 points

I think the coin is final and does not need any update? They focus on developing the Storm platform instead.

Dirk4657 1 point

Take a look at the rest of the market, what a stupid post.

redditorialboy 1 point

There you go, you’re one of those doctors and nurses that I just said.

redditorialboy 2 points

The doctors and nurses say in unison, “It’s alright bloodied bro, almost everyone is bloodied, you should be fine. Just sit there and relax”
The boy’s name is STORM
STORM died like his friend VIBE, cannot be revived anymore, because duh VIBE’s dead

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