Daughter's Student Loan by reevee69 in personalfinance

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I realize that part. I was hoping I could get it restructured to a lower payment.

Daughter's Student Loan by reevee69 in personalfinance

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I will check the paper work to see if it has that clause.

I picked up 2 Galaxy Note 8s 44 days ago. I was told after 40 days I can unlock them. by dickbutt13 in tmobile

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Just say you want the phones unlocked. If they are paid off, you should have no problem. If not, then you can do a temporary unlock. And I've seen the app fail a few times. Sometimes the system doesn't have the right info so th erefore the app fails.

Is this the crossover year for Jackie and Artie? by Makerbot2000 in howardstern

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To be fair, Billy has been pretty successful post the HSS.

Cell Phone Retail Store Help by reevee69 in smallbusiness

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That's a good idea. I'm going to try it out.

When did Howard Tv stop being filmed? by MasterCarey in howardstern

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He doesn't wear diapers you big-nosed jackass. He's just club-fucken footed. (I miss the little guy.)

Your first memory of the show by zelticgar in howardstern

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The dude argunent with Fred ringing a bell whenever Kinison or Howard said dude.

I’m watching private parts and a lot has changed since this biography of his life . How would you write a follow up to private parts? by zikajuice in howardstern

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I would write about his divorce, his sort-lived single life, and move to the satellite years. I would end with the merger. Kind of how they ended part 1 with the conquering on WNBC.

Thanksgiving was delicious!!! by ShotGunsNRoses in howardstern

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Those turkey legs are club fucking footed you ass wipe!

Beef stew by a_tron in howardstern

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I believe that's gangster talk

Transferring contacts onto a new SIM card by cosmicweiners in tmobile

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Or you can download the Tmobile Conent Transfer app from the Play Store on both phones and transfer whatever you want to the new phone via wifi

Eric, would you play a cantankerous midget that looks like a plucked chicken? by kyle4640 in howardstern

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Is the new unlimited plan right for my family? by quantum_spintronic in verizon

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Go Tmo for 160. 50 GB 4g LTE. Get the $10 kickback discount for each line that uses less than 2GB of data. So you could be paying $130 a month for 4 lines. If your area is a good area for Tmo then don't waste your time with VZ.

VZW Indirect Employee feeling :( by encorporate in verizon

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Well I can tell you that you need to maximize every visit. If they come in to pay their bill or for tech help, you need to discover the opportunities. Your goal is to try to hit 30% conversion and you should be ok.