T-Mobile Tuesday Discussion for March 20, 2018 by AutoModerator in tmobile

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Yes. The purpose of these giveaways is to drive people into the stores. These folks are trying to make a living and therefore increased traffic means more income potential for them.

Coming back with 9 lines by isdias in verizon

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If 5 of the lines don't use data just take advantage of the $10 kickback discount per line from Tmo. For the 9 lines you would pay $220 That's $160 for the first 4 lines on Auto pay and $60 for the remaining 5 that don't use data. The 9th line costs $20 assuming the $10 kickback. And the $220 will include taxes.

EDIT- Also Tmo has an add a line for free now so you essentially can add 5 more lines for the price of 4.

Happy Birthday to the greatest of all time by sterngleek in howardstern

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My birthday does not live infamy, you hooked-nosed jackass!!!

$25 for a SIM card, and another was in the box. Why not call it an activation fee? by whatusernameisntalre in tmobile

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They should call it am activation fee. In order to avoid confusion, the rep should just activate the SIM inside the box, since every box has a barcode of the included SIM.

Remarkable show of athleticism by numerrik in blackpeoplegifs

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Holy crap. The young man makes it loom so easy.

Rainbow Room...Before the Storm ! by keefstickyfingers in howardstern

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Favorite quote from the argument. Alison: He's dead to you Freddie. Howard: Dead? You don't even know him.

Porting our then back to take advantage of $700 promo. by [deleted] in tmobile

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Yes but wait a couple of days or get a cheap pre-paid plan from a non-Tmo MVNO.

iPhone down payment still has not posted to my Amex and it’s been 3 weeks now. by cougs1217 in tmobile

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If it was a ship to order they sent your EIP paperwork to your email and if you didn't sign it within 24 hours then your order would have been cancelled. If you received your phone at the store, the card could have declined. Go back to the store or check your receipt.

Daughter's Student Loan by reevee69 in personalfinance

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I realize that part. I was hoping I could get it restructured to a lower payment.

Daughter's Student Loan by reevee69 in personalfinance

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I will check the paper work to see if it has that clause.

I picked up 2 Galaxy Note 8s 44 days ago. I was told after 40 days I can unlock them. by dickbutt13 in tmobile

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Just say you want the phones unlocked. If they are paid off, you should have no problem. If not, then you can do a temporary unlock. And I've seen the app fail a few times. Sometimes the system doesn't have the right info so th erefore the app fails.

Is this the crossover year for Jackie and Artie? by Makerbot2000 in howardstern

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To be fair, Billy has been pretty successful post the HSS.

Cell Phone Retail Store Help by reevee69 in smallbusiness

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That's a good idea. I'm going to try it out.

When did Howard Tv stop being filmed? by MasterCarey in howardstern

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He doesn't wear diapers you big-nosed jackass. He's just club-fucken footed. (I miss the little guy.)