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Tmobile talk and text only for $20.

I'm going to throw something out there. I am wondering if a voucher system would work. That way you get the best of both worlds. In this scenario, an individual would get say $1MM in a voucher that is kept in an interest-earning account. The interest goes back into the general fund but the $1MM stays in the account. It can't be touched by politicians for any other use. Any unused voucher due to death goes back into a voucher pool that again can't be touched. The amount gets reassigned to another person.

In this system, a person van select any medical group or doctor he or she desires. The medical groups with the best service will get the most customers. Supplemental private insurance will cover anything over the $1MM. The $1MM is managed by the person. A government agency or insurance company can't tell you treatment is not covered etc... A person would have to shop for price and quality of his or her healthcare.

Please note that this is just an idea. I have not vetted it and stumbled upon this subreddit and topic. Is an idea like this economically feasible?

John's podcast is horrible. He would have to beat current podcast kings like Rogan, Carolla, Maron etc . He won't even get close. Jack and Rod have a better chance.

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Which I don't think T-Mobile One has included lol

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It does have theft protection. Deductible depends on when you bought it.

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You are making assumptions that all TPRs are crooked. Perhaps the store you went to has badly trained reps. I've seen and heard of shady stuff happening at corporate stores as well. It comes down to training. My store is a TPR and we are the highest Google rated store in our area.

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wait what the fuck i submitted an Assurant claim and paid 175

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That was probably because you got JUMP prior to mid 2017. If that wasn't the case then you probably weren't told that you had Apple Care.

Dino style?

i wonder who eric took to their wedding since neither carrie underwood nor kelly clarkson nor diana degarmo were able to be his +1.

looking back, eric dodged a bullet with carrie underwood since she ended up being a nutcase given her imagined face disfiguring injuries and equally dreamed up fertility challenges.

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Well she did get him to rub his shrinky dink on the phone once.

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Smurf cock actually.

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She called it that also. Lol. One of the best prank calls ever.

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My business can't get anything but DSL service due to our location. We are in the Los Angeles metro so we aren't in the middle of nowhere. I get up to 10 Mbps downloads. If this comes to my area I'm getting it.

Found it.,k:tmobile prepaid,m:e,p:1t1,d:m,ai:31743863182,ad:293492564132,s:g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuJX41Mqr3QIVT21-Ch3AtQGBEAAYASAAEgLRCfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Tmo essentials plan. 6 lines for 150

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Lol it isn’t a bait and switch. It is a store (or rep) that doesn’t know what they’re doing and activated him using the wrong system.

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It's not possible to activate a new prepaid account on the old system.


The 5 year anniversary of the immense effort by Gonzoshitcock to #saveEricsButthole. Rest in peace little buddy.

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This is what he wanted to do with Howard and Beth that one time he wanted to spend the night.

Stuff like this gets me very excited for the eventual “Tell-All” books from various staffers.

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You need to pay attention to Stuttering John, Artie and Jackie to some extent.

Go the fuck back up to Canada, you worthless piece of shit!

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I hate Langford - ETM

Something doesn't add up. Why has there been no promotion on Howard's part? Wouldn't he be talking about it incessantly by now? There is no book IMO.

That's not an alien. That's a cantaloupe.

100 S Mission in San Gabriel. Good reviews on Google. Also one in Pasadena. Can't recall address right now.

Everyone is kind of right.

Here are the requirements: 1. Trade in a 5S or higher. 2. Port in a new line from a non Tmobile Carrier during the promotional period. 3. Finance 2 phone on EIP during the promotional period.

The promotional period is key. You can activate one day and finance the two other phone on another day AS LONG as it is during the promotional period.

When will actors learn to keep riding the gravy train until it stops. The chances of him getting another hit show are small. The chances of him becoming a hit on the big screen are small as well. There are so many examples of this.


..called Howard a pelican due to Howard's big nose and now Artie's nose is ooooof!!


Yeah, I'm not a retard.

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And I hope you aren't club fucking footed either.

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That means either they are using a fake ID or the reps didn't follow protocol.

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