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nomoreCogDis 1 point

Is this class offered through their Book of Mormon studies department?

regulartoaster 1 point

I'm not sure. I just edited the post. I was just a guest, not a student.

Searchfortruth1 3 points

You need to get out of byu

regulartoaster 1 point

I am, I forgot to put in the post that I left years back. Was just attending out of curiosity with someone I know.

BoolinBenny 1 point

It really depends on the dosage. If you take the recommended amount than it could feel like that but if you abuse it you will feel the depressant in it

regulartoaster 1 point

Yes. While very different from Kratom, they both have varied effects depending on the dose. Large doses still knock me out.

What_Is_Pizza 3 points

I don’t feel physically stimulated but sometimes when i get barred out I do shit I wouldn’t normally do, like rearranging my entire room on two separate occasions at 2am.

regulartoaster 2 points

Yeah that's the type of stuff I'll do too. Stimulant isn't the best word. It's a "motivator" or "elucidator"

grove_doubter 3 points

Sandra Tanner is far closer to being a latter day prophet than any of the Q15. With intense dedication, dogged determination, and at great personal cost, she's been exposing mormonism for more than half a century.

Though their work has been partially eclipsed by others in recent years, she and her husband were the 20th century pioneers in debunking the LDS church. It was their book Mormonism: Shadow or Reality? that helped me figure out that mormonism is a fraud.

God bless them. They are my Latter-day Heroes.

Thank you, Sandra—sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart brain.

Anecdote: I encountered my shelf-breaking data point in one of their books. It was a quote by JS to Hyrum about what he was planning in the "revelation" about tobacco and alcohol that became the WoW. Hyrum was concerned about the banning of booze. JS told him, "Won't Emma be surprised when she finds the Lord has banned her precious tea and coffee, also." When I read that quote, the light bulb clicked on and everything came tumbling down. I realized JS was just a con man. Some years later, I recalled the quote but had forgotten where I had read it. I called the Utah Lighthouse Ministry. She answered and I asked her if she knew where it was documented. She said she recalled the quote, but didn't know the source. Some weeks later, she emailed me. It turns out it was in Mormonism: Shadow or Reality? She provided me with the page number in the book and a scan of the page. It was clear from her email that she'd spent many hours trying to locate it for me, a stranger. She's nothing short of amazing.

regulartoaster 2 points

Incredible! I just ordered that book yesterday so I'm excited to see what other gems like that are in there. In the interviews she often quoted things word for word from memory. I can't say it better than you did. Amazing woman.

callmeonmyzelphone 3 points

I started watching yesterday--I love the story of her being freaking relentless at going to get the document with the supposed first vision evidence at the genealogy office! She's such a badass.

regulartoaster 2 points

Yeah she is. I can't (yeah I can) believe LeGrand Richards was so obstinate with her.

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regulartoaster commented on a post in r/Ozark
crumpetsinyoface 45 points

I like it, I think it adds a lot to the universe they're trying to build. A constant oppressive reality following the characters throughout the plot.

regulartoaster 5 points

I feel the same way. It adds to the dark feel of the show, which I really like.

LukariBRo 0 points

I'd be interested in listening as long as it was objective and not 100% pro kratom, censoring negative experiences and problems with addiction, GI difficulties, dangers, etc. The negative stories are rare, but they're important. Any negative experiences would be amazing opportunities to discuss their solutions.

regulartoaster 2 points

This is a good point. I find myself pushing the "pro" side to combat myths, but I would like it to be very objective. Kratom is abused and it's used healthily. If you hide one side of the coin it will only hurt the cause long-term. Thanks for pointing that out.

7jetta4 1 point

Write a letter or email to the manager or Highest staff member you can get ahold of explain to them this and let them know they lost your business

regulartoaster 2 points

I may do that. Hopefully it can help people in the future to feel less judged when picking up meds.

Hellbreaker23 39 points

Pharmacist are under a lot of pressure to check and make sure controlled substances are being filled properly, and are being “controlled”. Doctors/psychs are not held accountable for a prescription being filled too early, the Pharmacist is. They can face very heavy penalties and even loose their job. This makes pharmacist very reluctant on filling any controlled substance prescriptions. I have even heard of pharmacists just skipping over controlled prescriptions to fill “safer prescriptions”. This is very backwards and I know it creates a lot of frustration when trying to get your prescription filled, but pharmacists work very hard for their degrees, and don’t want to risk their lively hood on filling a prescription early without a direct note from the doctor saying it can be filled early. Source: Mother is hard working pharmacist who struggles with this daily.

regulartoaster 10 points

Like Billynabs said, it wasn't the pharmacist just the techs. The pharmacist was super friendly and quick to correct the amount when I pointed out the error. My experiences talking to pharmacists have always been positive so far.

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divinepolygamy 3 points

I owe a lot to FAIR, they confirmed everything I had read that the church was accused of

regulartoaster 2 points

Yep. It's a perfect "gateway drug" into hardcore "anti" material, haha

rwfly27 4 points

Did you attend the one about the historicity and Authenticity of the BofA? I truthfully wanted to hear something profound and insightful. I got nothing. It was a horrible presentation. I am actually very disappointed in the lack of answers I thought I would receive. Serves me right for thinking Fair could help me during my time of “crisis”.

regulartoaster 2 points

Yes I did! That speech was the reason I came. I was looking forward to hearing something new but he spent most of the time simply stating the different perspectives and making fun of people who don't accept its historicity. I wish I would have put in a question. I didn't know that's what the note cards were for.

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regulartoaster commented on a post in r/Drugs
I_Am_The_Gift 58 points

Lexapro got me out of the worst depression/anxiety episode of my life. I ended up recently tapering off the medication, and while I only then realized how much of a zombie I’d been emotionally during that time, I also realized just how much the drug helped make my brain feel...”right”, even now that I’m not taking anything anymore. Hopefully this feeling lasts.

regulartoaster 1 point

EXACTLY my experience

Cvsorange 2 points

I know your wife (recognize you from Facebook!). We were on the same floor freshman year. Small world!

regulartoaster 1 point

Wow! Idk how close you both were but feel free to reach out if you want!

Ausefultruth 3 points

Great to see a face I know on here! Hope everything is going well for you man.

regulartoaster 1 point

Accidentally responded to the wrong person. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat!

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regulartoaster commented on a post in r/exmormon
ImTheMarmotKing 7 points

He actually charged people money to look at the papyri.

regulartoaster 3 points

I believe you but do you have a source?

saffron_sergant 3 points

9th East Taco bell ftw for me

regulartoaster 4 points

That's ours too. :)

greenleo33 2 points

Just about anywhere will be an amazing choice. I get up in southern Oregon, in Klamath Falls. It’s a great place to raise kids and is a farming/ranching community. It’s pretty conservative but growing.

The coast is gorgeous and can’t be beat but it’s expensive and touristy.

Eugene is fun and big but with the small town feel. It’s a huge college town though.

Eastern/south eastern Oregon is a high dessert with tiny farming communities strewn through out, but again the sights are something to behold.

I chose Portland because it’s big and has amazing culture and tons of activities.

Basically anywhere you choose in Oregon is a good choice (though I’m sure some might disagree with me).

regulartoaster 1 point

Excellent summary!

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