CMV: 16-year-olds should be allowed to vote provided that they pass a test on civics and the government. by deixj in changemyview

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I think in theory this is a fine concept, but in reality this system would only further marginalize disenfranchised voters and minority groups.

In America there is a significant gap in testing scores in children of different races known as the "Racial Achievement Gap". Hispanic and African American students score consistently lower than white students on mathematics achievement and reading achievement tests across all age groups. These charts illustrate the difference well. In addition to test scores, the High School dropout rates are higher for black and Hispanic students (it is lowest for Asian students) and the High School completion rates differ widely across races: 96/1% for Asian/Pacific Islander students, 91% for white students, 85.6% for black students, and only 65.7% for Hispanic students.

While there is less substation data, socioeconomic status also affects children's test scores, reading level, and mathematics levels. Students who are eligible for the National School Lunch Program (low economic status) consistently score lower on mathematics achievement tests in both 4th grade and 8th grade levels. SAT scores, while taken after the age of 16, are a good indicator for previous academic performance and show a strong positive correlation between family income and SAT scores.

I think we can assume that children will be more likely to both sit for and pass such a test if they are currently enrolled in school, plan on completing high school, and who have statistically tested well. If these assumptions hold (I'll bet they would), this method would be a misrepresentation of the population and would over represent white, higher-income voters and under represent black, Hispanic, and lower-income voters. While I didn't check the numbers I wouldn't be surprised if this concept also applied to LGBTQ, disabled, or immigrant voters.

My (26m) girlfriend (23f) of 1 year can never stay overnight because her parents are super Catholic and she doesn't want to break her heart. It's starting to strain the relationship and I'm fighting feelings of resentment for it and am wondering if I'm overreacting by spiffynsnazzy in relationships

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There is a compromise between your girlfriend never spending the night and your girlfriend staying over in your bed and it is called a couch. As someone who spent over a decade in Catholic school, I can tell you there is absolutely no religious teaching that prohibits you from sleeping on your boyfriends couch. If this is really an issue of her or parents' religious beliefs (and if your gf's parents trust her), I'd imagine this would be totally fine (its better than sharing a tent).

There is a good chance this problem isn't 100% based on her parents' religious morality. It may be her parents not wanting to loose their daughter. It could be that your girlfriend feels uncomfortable for some reason and this is an easier conversation. It could be a combination or something completely different.

Starting to think grad school isn't worth it. by wireddachrn in mentalhealth

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Meet with your advisor, look at the academic resources your school offers, and find a therapist. Most schools offer free or heavily discounted counseling so take advantage of that now, even if you decide to leave grad school down the line. Lots of schools offer academic counselors that can help you manage your time and schedule your week: this might help take away some stress and anxiety. Don't be afraid to get a tutor for any class you're at all worried about, it is reassuring to have someone who is there to help you succeed.

Don't feel bad if you decide to drop a class, go part time, or withdraw from grad school altogether. You are not a failure because you put your mental health first or because something was difficult for you. You are human and you are not perfect. And you are not alone: countless undergrad and graduate students have been in this position and have been just as stressed as you.

Like other people have said: school will always be there. You can put off school for a year. You can go in two decades. You can take one class just for fun. You can never go but always keep it as an option.

Can we talk about Aziz Ansari? by [deleted] in AskFeminists

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Aziz Ansari certainly comes across as forward and a bit boorish, but is it sexual assault? I don't know. I believe strongly in the #MeToo movement and understand that there can be different power dynamics at play. But this woman's insistence that this was sexual assault because Aziz didn't respond to her nonverbal cues is bullshit. If we lived in an ideal world everyone would be able to understand consent and cues without needing to be explicitly told. But we don't live in an ideal world and it's not always easy to know what your partner wants. This is especially true with a brand new sexual partner: you don't know their normal behavior, you don't understand their cues, and you don't know their normal comfort level with sexual activity.

I've had plenty of fully consensual sexual experiences where I could not understand any of my partners "nonverbal cues" and I've had plenty of experiences where my partner could not understand mine. That's why we have words. It might be awkward or ruin the mood, but (unless you feel threatened or at risk which ik can change the dynamic) you can always say no and be explicit about your boundaries. And for all intents and purposes, I think it was pretty reasonable for Aziz to assume she wanted to have sex. Even if it was the wrong assumption, flirting, going on a date, and going home with a partner is a pretty standard recipe for sex.

This encounter may have been sexual assault for other reasons, but not for the main reason the original article seems to be claiming it is.

How many of you believe in dating your own societal "class"? by PatMeGron in dating_advice

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I think the only times social class matters is when someone is snooty or feels superior because they are "upper class". As long as everyone is respectful and a halfway decent human being, class shouldn't matter.

CMV: Chelsea Manning is unqualified to be a US Senator and nobody should vote for her. by huadpe in changemyview

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I do think that Chelsea Manning is qualified to be a senator. However, you don't need to be qualified to hold a leadership position in the US government, especially in the current political climate and in relation to our current government.

  • Ben Carson is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. His past experience is a career as a neurosurgeon and running for president.

  • Al Franken was elected as the US Senator for Minnesota after a career of stand up comedy and talk shows.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected the governor of California after a lifelong career of acting a bodybuilding. His only prior political experience was serving on the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

  • Elizabeth Warren won a US senate seat for Massachusetts after a career as a Harvard law professor. Arguably this is political experience, but it wasn't a political position and teaching is much different than being a senator.

  • Bill Bradley served three terms as a US Senator after a career playing in the NBA.

  • Jared Kushner is a White House strategist ND advisor. Literally his only experience is poorly running his family's real estate business.

  • Donald Trump is president and has no political or military experience.

So basically my point is prior political or military experience is not by any means necessary or a requirement to be elected senator or to be a successful senator. Chelsea Manning may not have political leadership experience, but she does have military experience, a history of activism, an interest in politics, and good understanding of politics and technology. That's a lot more than many politicians and political leaders in this country have.

What is the biggest personality change you've seen someone go through? by -xystonulex in AskWomen

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My friends (now ex) boyfriend wanted to live a "more productive" life. In about a week he went from smoking weed and drinking a few times a week,m, eating a pretty normal diet, listening to lots of music, playing video games, and driving everywhere to being completely alcohol and drug free, vegan, only listening to political podcasts so he could "be in tune with the world", playing no video games, and biking everywhere. While his personality wasn't completely different, we couldn't do anything with him anymore because 99% of our activities revolved around smoking, going out, or cooking. My friend broke up with him about 6 months after this started and he had managed to stick to all of his changes - so good for him?

My rapist's fans don't know he'll be using their money to come after me legally. by PhotoandGrime in AskFeminists

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I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I hope you have a good support system, a therapist, and friends who you trust because this would be so much to handle by yourself. Going forward, I would try to stay off of the subreddits and YouTube channels that are devoted to your rapist and his fan base. Fans can be absolutely crazy and trying to convince them of your rapists guilt , especially through comments, will probably do nothing but incite them and add fuel to the fire. It will probably help your mental health to disconnect from all of the people saying hateful things about you and saying your experience isn't real.

If you do want to spread awareness about your rapist and the threats he's made against you, and I would try reaching out to a website like Jezebel (feminist news/opinion site) or babe.net (who just exposed axis anzari). These sites already have a history of supporting women and the me too movement, have a large platform, and are a source where you are likely to be believed. Other you tubers may believe you, but I doubt that many would be willing to come out against your rapist because it would bring pretty negative attention to their channel. If it is something you feel comfortable doing, you can make a video yourself about your experience and assault, and disable comments on the video.

I don't know much about the legal system, but make sure to save a record of every text, email, or message he has sent you in case you need it for a legal battle. Although you do have a lawyer (is it to prosecute your rapist?), it is probably a good idea to get legal advice in case your rapist tries to sue you.

What kind of shit comparison is this by urmomhatesme in crappycontouring

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"How much bronzer can I possibly make stick to my face"

I'm getting divorced [34F]. My son's [11M] teacher [30's? F] is friends with my ex husbands sister. She went behind my back and talked to my son about his dad and said she would be a go between messenger for him. Son was upset and uncomfortable and I am furious. What do I do? by readytohomeschool in relationships

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Go straight to the principle or another school administrator. This is entirely inappropriate behavior for a teacher, even if it was well intentioned. You want to make sure she doesn't do anything else like this, go behind your back, or treat your child differently because of this situation.

What is the worst thing about being a man that most men will experience? by GenesisRushtoff in AskMen

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I never got this. It makes sense to point out children and the elderly because they're more vulnerable populations, but pointing out women but not men is just sexist.

Our living room in San Francisco by toasties in AmateurRoomPorn

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Where is your sideboard/cabinet from? I absolutely love it!

Our living room in San Francisco by toasties in AmateurRoomPorn

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My TV is about the same height cause it's above our fireplace. You get used to it super quick and it's never bothered me.

8 years of braces time lapse by Jamtonisalon in interestingasfuck

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This is great advice and I wish I could convince myself to follow it. I hate my retainer so much and my teeth have only shifted slightly in the 8 years I've barely worn my retainer - so my motivation is lacking.

My amazing January Ipsy bag!!! by candy_cake in BeautyBoxes

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Maybe this is my next craft project

My amazing January Ipsy bag!!! by candy_cake in BeautyBoxes

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I'm really disappointed that most of my brushes are just black. I think link and glittery brushes would make my mornings better!

How do I [28F] talk to my boyfriend [30M] about pooping on the bathroom counter? (Yes, you read that correctly.) by [deleted] in relationships

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Your boyfriend is an an alcoholic. It's not normal to drink that heavily, alone (gaming does not count as socialization in my book), multiple times a week. His behavior is also abusive: he is downplaying his anger and violence, he screams at you for reasonable requests, he's blaming you for his anger, and he refuses to change. Maybe his behavior is related to his alcohol abuse, maybe it isn't. Either way something has got to give because this is not a healthy or safe relationship for you to be in.

Bad neighbor (very long) by Mistress_Jedana in pettyrevenge

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But will be arrested if he comes anywhere near them. I guess that is bad though if he's crazy enough.

What other podcasts do you guys listen to? by boozy_scoot in myfavoritemurder

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MFM is the only true crime podcast I'm listening to atm. I listened to Serial and S-Town when they came out before. My non-murder podcasts are:

  • Lovett or Leave it (news, comedy)

  • Hannah and Matt Know it All (comedy, advice column)

  • Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! (NPR news, comedy, trivia)

  • Ask Me Another (NPR trivia show)

  • Revisionist History (history, opinion with Malcolm Gladwell)

When Serena Williams faced a life-threatening medical condition after giving birth the doctors ignored her symptoms and she diagnosed herself. by rekreid in TwoXChromosomes

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It really concerns me if the staff was unaware of her medical history. Any time a patient is in the hospital, a medical chart is kept in their room that gives a lifelong history of illness and procedures, medications, vital signs, allergies, and lab tests. I guarantee you her history of blood clots was on her chart. My dad has suffered from several blood clots (including a pulmonary embolism) and one of the first thing the doctors have looked for when he's gone to the hospital since is more blood clots.