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8.6k points · 3 days ago

Shared Facebook accounts creep me the fuck out. Am I speaking with Jimmy, or Jane? Can I crack a joke, or will they go insane?

Facebook pages for uteri also creep me out. I wasn’t allowed to get Facebook because my dad told me they were just going to steal and sell my info (way to call it, daddy-o), but at 15 I rebelled and made one at a friend’s house. So like, when the baby is born so they inherit the account? How do they explain to their friends that their FB account is older than they are? Why don’t the parents just post the US pictures to their own page like a regular person who’s waiting to meet a little person they made? It doesn’t make sense at all to me.

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23 points · 3 days ago

My grandparents had a shared Facebook account until my grandma passed away. It was very cute and much more practical as they were both technologically inept. Plus they were only friends with their children and grandchildren on Facebook.

If you’re young and actually use Facebook beyond your grandchildren, don Sher your damn accounts.

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That still went better than I expected.

224 points · 4 days ago

Did anyone else find the Tia plot line so annoying! Like girl, you can’t say your relationship wasn’t serious and you are totally okay with you friend dating a guy and weeks later be like actually I have serious feelings for him! It felt like a plot to get attention and stay relevant.

Also weren’t they only together for like 2 weeks? Wtf Tia you crazy

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26 points · 4 days ago

Yeah, I can’t imagine having serious feeling for a guy months later after only knowing and casually dating him for 2 weeks!

You are way overthinking this. The store I go to sells dildos in all sizes from 4-5” to 11” and most online stores I’ve looked at have been the exact same way. Sure, there are stores that only sell big dildos, but there are also stores that only sell fantasy creature dildos. Does that mean women only enjoy sex with dragon dildos?

Okay but the picture of her wound was not even that bad. “Almost cost her her arm”... yeah right

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2 points · 10 days ago

It looked like a mild dog bite, it’s really an exaggerated story.

Your brother is being so unreasonable! I assumed in the original post that he was flying into an airport that didn’t have many bus/train options. It is so easy (and cheap) to get a bus from New York to Montreal, so he is just being lazy.

Almost any student could have told you this. My grade school had no AC and used to literally cancel school or let us play outside all day if it was too warm because it would so unproductive.

6 points · 11 days ago

Not exactly a medical condition, but I had pneumonia two years ago. People treated it like it was a cold and constantly assumed I was exaggerating my symptoms for attention/to get out of work cause it was “basically a cold”.

It was misdiagnosed at first so by the time I was on antibiotics I was incredibly sick. I barely ate for a month because I would nauseous from the antibiotics. I couldn’t sleep through the night because my breathing was terrible and my coughing got worse at night. I would cough so much I would vomit. I could barely walk with how bad my breathing was combined with how weak I had become (walking a block to get to a pharmacy took 30 minutes). I had terrible headaches and debilitating chest pain, it wasn’t “just coughing”.

By the time I was cleared a month later, I had lost 20 pounds (I’m only 5’4” and was already small), I had been on three rounds on antibiotics, I had been to the hospital 3 times, and had been at the doctors 10+ times. I was almost hospitalized because of dehydration and malnutrition. It took me six months to recover and two years later I haven’t fully recovered the muscle mass I lost and my long capacity is permanently decreased. And I was 20, literally at the peak of my health and fitness.

People always role there eyes at me because I go to the doctor every time I have a bad cough or respiratory symptoms, but I literally can’t go through that ever again. It terrified me.

I'm sorry you had this horrible experience - I went through a very similar one with pneumonia when I was pregnant. The coughing until you vomit or, on a couple of really bad nights, pass out is what sticks with me, but reading this reminded me just how crappy it was. Not helped by doc assuming pregnancy + cold until I was in a bad way, then prescribing antibiotics that cause birth defects! Thankfully I read the blurb in detail for once in my life and got them swapped. . . This was nearly 7 years ago and my lungs are still shot. On the plus side I'm back to not feeling the cold so much after five years of shivering at every breeze.

Take good care of you and your lungs, sod any eye rollers, and I hope you'll find things improve over time x

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2 points · 10 days ago

Wow you’re doctor sounds terrible.Thank goodness you read the labels, I know I usually don’t!

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Your life will change when you become a parent, but that doesn’t mean your life is over. Yes, you will have less time to yourself and your hobbies (especially at first with a newborn) and you will have more responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean that all you will ever do is parenting.

Experiencing mental illness will not make you a worse parent. That being said, becoming a parent is a huge stressors and life change, and may potentially exacerbate any mental illness or anxiety that you currently experience. Making sure that you are at 100% before your child gets here is a good idea whether that means medication, therapy, or just having a plan in place to help keep your sanity. I know that people can be quick to throw out the idea of therapy, but it might be a good short (or long term) help for you. While doubts about parenthood and personal anxieties are perfectly normal and common, they might not be the easiest topics to discuss with people close to you ( don’t dump all your doubts on your girlfriend). Working through some of your thoughts and fears with a trained professional can be incredibly helpful even for just a few sessions.

If you are anxious about friends or not being prepared to be a parent, parenting classes might be a great idea. You can meet other expecting parents, learn how to do basic baby tasks like changing a diaper, and it provides a good play group for your future kid. I know a lot of expecting parents who babysat friends/coworkers/family members young kids a few times before their baby arrives to help get their feet wet and feel comfortable around a baby.

2 points · 11 days ago

I go to a local salon where every hairdresser is covered in tats, heavily pierced, and has weird colored hair. I am significantly preppier and less cool than anyone there - and I love it!

I get a wash, a cut, and a solid hour of gossip with my stylist. It’s reasonably priced, never a wait, and always great service. I think the punkish appearance of the staff and the black walls of the salon turn some people off, but honestly I could ask for a better experience.


I’m in Massachusetts. I leased an apartment along with 3 other roommates for 2 years, with the lease ending in May. The landlady and apartment was terrible, but we managed with minimal drama and all bills paid on time. Flash forward to now, she told ya she was planning on keeping $800 of our $3400 security deposit for cleaning, painting, and an unpaid water bill.

When we moved in 2 years ago it looked like the tenants hadn’t cleaned in years and the walls were in terrible shape. While it wasn’t explicitly stated in the lease that our landlady would repaint the walls prior to move in, she repeatedly assured us verbally and over email that she was repainting the whole apartment. Knowing that the apartment would be cleaned and repainted were a huge reason we signed the lease to begin with. When we moved in nothing has been painted and the apartment was disgusting, she refused to do anything and insisted she did have the apartment cleaned and that she never agreed to painting.

We were pissed but dealt with the cleaning and decided to paint the living room ourselves since it was by far the worst walls. I know that we weren’t allowed to paint and expected we might get fined when we moved out, but the walls were just so bad and we weren’t expecting to live with them. The living room is small, maybe 10 by 10, and we repainted the walls in a similar (but noticeably different if you look) neutral color and were careful, laid drop clothes and used painters tape. We did a great and clean job painting that room.

Flash forward to now, she is withholding $300 to paint the room, $150 for cleaning, $100 since our rent increased from the first to second year, and the rest for an unpaid water bill.

  • there is no way it would cost $300 to have that room professionally painted. And the kicker is my old roommate is still living there (subletting from new tenant) and the walls haven’t even been painted. They have not even brought up painting with the new tenants, which would be relevant since they have furniture and stuff on the walls which would need to be moved.

  • We seriously cleaned before moving out, the apartment is significantly cleaner than when we moved in, and people living there are almost positive a cleaning service never came.

  • I’ve never seen this water bill and she’s never mentioned an unpaid water bill until now.

Mitigating factors:

  • our lease technically isn’t legal - we had 4 unrelated people on one lease when the local law only allows up to 3

  • it’s been more than 30 days and we haven’t gotten the rest of our deposit back, if I read Mass state laws right she needs to return it within 30 days.

  • she never did made us fill out a condition report when we moved in.

  • Edit: also our landlady never mentioned returning the interest that our security deposit incurred over 2 years

Do we have any legal ground to stand on? We really need at least some of this money back, as were broke new grads.

5 points · 16 days ago

Sex and masturbation are completely different things. They can be hard to separate in your head since they usually have the same end goal, but the mental connection we make between masturbation and sex doesn’t mean that they are the same thing.

  • masturbation can be more private, and you don’t need to stress about yourself (performance, your body, your hygiene, etc) or focus on anything besides your pleasure

  • masturbation can take a lot less time and physical energy

  • masturbation can be convenient

  • masturbation can be just about orgasm, and it’s the fastest way to get there

  • some people just masturbate when they’re bored

  • masturbation is just a different experience than sex with a partner

28 points · 16 days ago

There isn’t a happy ending for you here, sorry.

These people you’ve met through your girlfriend are primarily her friends. That doesn’t mean that they don’t like you or don’t consider you a friend, but they are her friends first and your friends second. It is really hard to stay friends (or at least close friends) with both partners after a breakup. It’s awkward, it’s really hard to not pick sides or play favorites, and it can be hurtful to your friend to stay friends with their ex. And your girlfriend also will get all the sympathy because she was the one broken up with and she is the one who was hurt.

Your best bet is to try to stay friends with her more casual friends or acquaintances, but I wouldn’t expect to stay close with most of her friends or any of her close friends.

But please don’t use this as a reason to keep dating her. Use your experience getting to know her friends to make new friends and expand your own social circle.

What store did you find these in? Thanks!!

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Original Poster1 point · 17 days ago


Original Poster2 points · 17 days ago

Just realized I made a mistake in the post! The Watermelon Lime pops are only 40 calories!

3 points · 17 days ago

Oh I need to have my boyfriend try this, he cannot seem to find a way to get a good clean shave

Freshman year of college (when I was still doe eyed and innocent) I befriended this guy, Tyler. We had the same major and were in a tough intro class together. He was always a bit intense and socially unaware, but he was genuinely nice and we would work on these terrible problem sets together so we bonded pretty quick. Some of my friends thought he was weird, but I’d tell them “ oh thats just Tyler” and keep hanging out with him.

After a month or so, I could tell he was crushing on me a bit, but I ignored it. I though I was pretty obvious we were just friends - I had never led him on and I talked openly about guys I was casually dating. So I assumed that he’d move on pretty quick and fuck was I wrong.

A month or so later (I assumed he was well over his crush) we were working on a problem set together, alone at like 1AM. Out of nowhere he tried to kiss me and I pushed him away and was like “WTF Tyler!” He went on about how I obviously liked him because we’d spend so much time working together, alone, and late at night. And I was like yes - WE ARE PROBLEM SET PARTNERS and the assignment is due tomorrow at 8 AM. He started to go on about how I had led him on and by “spending so much time with him” and I noped out of there real fast.

I started doing problem sets with my other friends and avoided him fervently for 4 years. He would try to corner me at parties and talk to me in classes and I’d smile and get away as fast as humanly possible. My entire friend group ended up thinking he was nuts and avoiding him too.

I never tought of OP as a villain one bloody second. She is pregnant, and scared for him, and for her future child. I get it.

I already said that the tree stuff was stupid.

As for the safer way to get an adernaline rush, thats EXACTLY what i told OP she should discuss with him.

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3 points · 18 days ago

I know that you suggested OP should discuss safer options, but you’re also framing the suggestion with “OP is asking her man to change who he is! He doesn’t understand him! Didn’t she understand who she was marrying???” That’s putting OP in a pretty bad light.

You're blatantly and purposefully dramatizing what LeFlahute said.

First and foremost, yeah, she did know who she was marrying. If she follows most of the advice in this thread then her husband will never be able to do anything outside other than mow the lawn or plant a few vegetables - so yes, that is a fundamental change of who he is.

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2 points · 18 days ago

Essentially every response in this thread says OPs husband should think about safety and stick to outdoor activities that are less risky or done in groups.

So how about you stop “blatantly and purposefully dramatizing” most of the advice in this thread.

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3 points · 19 days ago

I mean even if an erection and a period were comparable, one lasts like an hour max and one lasts 4+ days, and one is (at least somewhat) within your control and one is completely out of your control. I’d still have negative sympathy for people with penises.

3 points · 19 days ago

No matter your legal argument, I can’t possibly understand how you can rule that kids don’t have the fundamental right to literacy. In this time, you so obviously need literacy to get anywhere in life from higher education to even a basic unskilled job.

By not guaranteeing literacy as a fundamental human right, you are setting these kids up to be second class citizens.

I know this isn’t your exact point, but I think flopping adds a ton to the game. I think it’s funny, adds entertainment value, and gets fans and players riled up.

Yes it “detracts” from the purity of the game, but it’s fun. Not everyone watches soccer and wants it to be an strict sport with heavy handed rules. Some people enjoy things like flopping because it makes the game more interesting and fun to watch.

5 points · 19 days ago

I don’t care what you think about the press, but this was a mass shooting of American citizens. The fact that he isn’t giving them the most basic respect of lowering flags and putting aside politics for a minute is despicable.

3 points · 19 days ago

I mean I dont hate it, but do you know how few artists ever sell a piece for a million dollars? You have to be talented and already incredibly famous, and you still might not reach a million at auction!

So are you saying I can get smarter just by gaining a few pounds?

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