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Oh I hope nobody ever gets my hands on me...and eats me strawberry smiggles!

27 points · 2 days ago

Yo momma so ugly her portraits hang themselves

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74 points · 2 days ago

Your mom is so ugly her vibrator needs Viagra

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shiiit that's good. that's like my new favorite

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Are you making a tastu burger reference, or a slut reference?

Edit: tasty

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a Japanese burger sounds pretty good right now

those legs are a little thin to be having that opinion, don't you think?

send this to her kids in 15 years so they can see how much of a bitch their mom is

I would unironically categorise necklacing as African culture. if you put a gun to my head I would say this is true

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white people may have invented tires, but they weren't creative enough to think of other uses for them!

god this would be the perfect troll food to snack on in front of anyone who hates christianity. I'm not even religious but I'd do it just to piss off some euphorics/god's chosen people/peaceful people

won't start believing in fantasies after their brains are fully formed.


but you know as soon as the camera turns off he's turning around and spitting it out

Unisex name doesn’t really help

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where's the 30 million number coming from? communism?

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Definitely a cult, just Google "TM cult" and you'll learn all about it. I know several ex TM-ers that were high up in the org.

The technique is valid (internally spoken mantra), but found elsewhere for free instead of thousands of dollars. In fact, someone did that years ago in a book called The Relaxation Response.

There is nothing special about a mantra given to you by the TM org. In the mystical Christianity of the Eastern Orthodox Church), they used the Jesus prayer and attained Samadhi that way.

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transcendental meditation has delusional goals, which are primarily transporting your consciousness to other planes of existence. In the same way that people who smoke DMT say they went to outer space or whatever, these people want to achieve the same through meditation. Basically an all-encompassing hallucination/altered reality. It's inherently psychotic.

That said, in the same way lucid dreaming sounds fun and people find psychedelics fun, I'm sure TM can be, too, if you understand that it's just a hallucination. Maybe it's an amazing way to learn about your own psyche in the form of an imagined inner world.

151 points · 11 days ago

when we win, do not forget these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.

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I've come to realize that the Juice want nothing less than the complete extermination of the white race. Are we allowed to say that word here by the way? I heard someone talking about shadow censoring or something.

I don't see why people wouldn't want kids. It gives your life a deeper meaning. In a way, even after your death a part of you and your spouse lives on in them and their children and so. The fulfillment that parenthood provides can't be replaced by hedonism.

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It lives on in them until (((someone))) starts a genocide and eradicates your entire bloodline. But they'll be spared if you race mix of course.

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laughed at last bit. Not typing it so when i run for president this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass. good day ya fucking weirdos.

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but your reddit account is public

No One Should Believe A Word Trump Says About [Sample Text]

I don't get it. I thought gay relationships had a dominant partner and a submissive partner, who is the one who might cross-dress as a sexual fetish. Why are they both doing it?

Human rights.

You have the right to liberal opinions, liberal politicians, and 100% income tax.

Good luck convincing China.

China? China? Good luck convincing 90% of the people in the real know faggot, that place outside mummy's basement.

You guys spend too much time online. Real world doesn't work like a bunch of freaks who met online holding a shitty gathering.

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China banned hip hop from being broadcasted on national television...

Chinese people will actually tell you you're fat if you are.

The overwhelming majority of Chinese people think homosexuality is weird even though it's legal.

China is very conservative, as is probably all of East Asia.

Torag's hammers for smithing when? Saves an inv space too

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