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relic2279 2 points

I missed the entire game :( I had a good reason though, I was with PabtsyLoudmouth at Reddit's Moderator Roadshow. Turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than I had expected. Hope they do it again next year.

bowhunter6274 3 points

So how did that whole thing go?

relic2279 3 points

Went pretty good actually. Mostly just everyone standing around talking/eating, but there was free booze. It wasn't super awkward like I had envisioned (everyone was properly lubricated thanks to the free booze). I'm extremely introverted and despite that I had a blast, so hopefully that says a lot.

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ArtemisRover 2 points

What's everyone's Favorite Astrophysicist? Or just anyone in the Space exploration field?

relic2279 1 point

What's everyone's Favorite Astrophysicist? Or just anyone in the Space exploration field?

In no particular order:

  • Alan Guth (developed the idea of cosmic inflation)

  • Max Tegmark (his theories are sometimes far out there but I love his enthusiasm, he does a lot for popularization)

  • Lawrence Krauss (Loved his book, "A Universe from Nothing". Highly recommend it)

All three do at least a little something for popularization of space/science as they are routinely guests in space documentaries and space TV programs. I do have a least favorite astrophysicist but I'm going to hold my tongue.

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dmoney544 1 point

Would it eventually be possible to use gravity waves like sonar to see things like dark matter and black holes that we can’t see

relic2279 2 points

We couldn't/can't create gravity waves ourselves, but there are predictable, naturally occurring gravity waves; like when two super dense/heavy objects orbit each other very closely. Examples include 2 orbiting black holes, 2 orbiting neutron stars, etc. If our resolution (of detection) increases in the future, it might be possible to use those incoming waves to detect other anomalies. But those anomalies would have to be quite massive themselves, to disturb gravity waves. And something that massive wouldn't be hard to see, unless it was a black hole.

SpaceBoyBlat 2 points

Since our universe is expanding, does that mean a galaxy that is currently 30 billion light years away might have extremely advanced life but we will never know of their existence cause their signals will never reach us?

This frustrates me massively cause right now at this very point in time, there could be all sorts of things living and going about their ways of life and we will never know.

Also if they do exist, it must frustrate them too because the fact is we exist and our signals will never reach them.

relic2279 3 points

Also if they do exist, it must frustrate them too because the fact is we exist and our signals will never reach them.

Unfortunately, our terrestrial radio signals become indistinguishable from background noise at only a couple light years out. So if there was an alien civilization just 10 light years away, they're not going to detect us via our radio/TV signals. And we're also not going to detect them.

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relic2279 2 points

If I remember correctly, weeks/days before the video aired, they kept teasing that face morphing scene (at the end of the regular, non-extended version). That effect was pretty cutting edge back then - I remember them talking about/explaining the effect on either 20/20 or my local news channel which is what got me to tune in.

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samdemmler4 5 points

My account got suspended saying I was “under 13” they told me submit a picture of my ID proving I’m 20 not 13 and they just haven’t gotten back to me. They’re in some bullllll shit

relic2279 1 point

Is that a real thing? I don't think I've heard of a website ever asking for identification as a result of the 'under 13' age limit; not even porn sites do that.

Though, I suspect some websites would benefit/improve immensely if they did in fact have age requirements (that required photo ID). Imagine a large subreddit where every user is 30+. Trolling would still happen, I'm sure, but I bet it would be significantly less than without the age requirements. On the flip side, some websites would die overnight if it had a 21 age limit. 4chan for example.

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relic2279 0 points

I'm kinda curious how you learned this; was it from a Japanese manga? Specifically, Chio's School Road? I realize it's a bit of a long shot but that's probably the funniest manga or comic I've ever read. I ask because the anime version is getting released any time now.

Windplanet 1 point

Naa, a friend showed it to me, he was translating the rules of the game to spanish to play it with his scout troop.

relic2279 1 point

One of the characters in that manga, a female, is always trying to play that game with the main character and whoever she's walking with; she genuinely loves the game but is also a closet lesbian and uses it as an excuse to grope/fondle the other girls.

It does set up some funny bits; like main characters running into her when going commando (without underwear) and wanting to play Kabaddi -- and her trying to convert another girl who is trying to be the king of Kancho over to Kabaddi.

aroundtheblocktwice 0 points

I feel sorry for youtube algorithm and your eclectic and pathetic taste in entertainment....don't link this shit here again, moron. Go post this on another subreddit or better yet just leave it for facebook or instagram or w/e yall children with ridiculously stupid taste in entertainment post shit these days. Stop dropping this shit off in r/videos Literally just go fanboy her youtube channel and leave us alone. God I hate these types.

relic2279 0 points

Bold move. Trolling a mod here. Though not a particularly good one unfortunately, 3/10 - it's amateur hour. I prefer my trolls to be at least a 7, but that requires spending more than 5 minutes on the attempt.

Why even take the time to write the comment in the first place? You spent a few minutes of your life telling me how you dislike this video (and me personally) over something so... boring & mundane. I've been on reddit long enough to have seen just about everything so I'm leaning more towards a lack of opinion on the actual video and more towards someone who has a problem with me personally. Probably a sockpuppet of a mod who I once worked with (perhaps still work with), but didn't care for me? If that's the case, you clearly didn't learn much in your tenure with me.

Just a pro-tip: This level of trolling is barely enough to cause an eyelash to flutter. You're playing with the big boys now so you need to up your game several levels. If you're incapable, you probably should head back to 4chan or trolling 50 shades of gray facebook groups.

potato0 2 points

I think you might be mad

relic2279 1 point

If I got mad at that, there's no way I would have lasted nearly a decade moderating on reddit. :D At this point, and at my age, I see it more as babysitting. Because, that's really what it is... And if you act like a child, I respond in kind and will treat you like one. OP was acting like a disgruntled 15 year old kid angry at his parents, the world, his priest, etc so I was trying to give him motivation to improve himself. If he's gonna troll, he needs to do it right. Otherwise, why bother? Mad? More like bored...

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nstarleather 393 points

I try to be pretty active on here when people ask about leather and leather quality, but I've put some of the things I've said together in a post fully debunking the "Grades of Leather" articles you'll find all over the net.

Feel free to hit me with any questions and feedback.

relic2279 1 point

Feel free to hit me with any questions and feedback.

As a mod of TIL for nearly 8 years, this part isn't remotely close to true: "one of the most repeated Reddit TIL posts of all time". Probably doesn't even crack the top 20. There are some reposts that are orders of magnitude worse - so bad in fact we had to make an automod rule to nuke them. I don't believe this one is on that list yet.

Otherwise, it's a pretty good article.

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buttlord5000 1,364 points

A few minutes? Lucky. :(

relic2279 1 point

A few minutes? Lucky. :(

Here in NE Ohio, there's the running joke that it has 4 seasons: Construction, Construction, Winter, Construction. Our highways/freeways and regular roadways are literally under continuous (re)construction -- largely due to the weather. We can have near 100F dog days in the summer, and then have -20F brutally cold winter days (Cleveland also has the worst winter weather in the entire country, according to Forbes). Those insane temperature differentials do a number on our roads thanks to expansion/contraction (as well as the salt & chemical spray put down to melt snow & ice, the plow trucks scraping the bottom of the roads with their massive shovels, etc etc).

I had to go to Midland Texas on a business trip and I was blown away by how nice the roads look down there. I asked a gas station attendant if their lot and the road was recently paved (still had a slick sheen to it) and he said no, the roads hadn't had any work done on them in the last couple years. As I left, I finally remembered the weather and how that was the culprit behind our shitty roads and constant annual repairs.

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wpm 1 point

Hah what was the name of that one user that posted like everything that made it to the front page of Digg? Gallowboob before there was a Gallowboob.

relic2279 2 points

MrBabyman? He's here on reddit now, though I don't know his name(s).

Wootery 9 points

I want the websites most relevant to my search, not whoever had the deepest pockets.

Google almost always provides way better results than DuckDuckGo.

It's a pity SEO exists though. A whole industry dedicated to subverting search engines.

relic2279 3 points

A whole industry dedicated to subverting search engines.

That's the black hat side of things. There's a whole industry focused on "white hat" SEO. Which is doing things correctly, the way google wants you too. Google has their own SEO guidelines on how to best optimize your website. The acronym isn't inherently nefarious, it simply stands for "Search Engine Optimization". That can be done in a way to subvert google's algos, sure, but I think it's unfair to paint the whole industry that way. And I say that as someone who has to fight those black hat SEO people here on reddit in the subreddits I help moderate. Been fighting them for nearly a decade now.

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[deleted] 50 points

This video is produced by a new age cult. It goes on to spew homeopathy garbage as well about the consciousness and "quantum" memory of water. It's called "What the BLIP do we know?" IIRC.

relic2279 [M] 6 points

It goes on to spew homeopathy garbage as well about the consciousness and "quantum" memory of water. It's called "What the BLIP do we know?"

While that may be true, the information contained within this particular video clip is legit; I just watched it and didn't spot anything that contradicts with what we know about quantum mechanics. In fact, it's spot on. I say this because a few people have reported it as "misleading" and "false information". The double slit experiment isn't false information. :)

Though, even if it weren't true, we don't have any rules against misinformation, incorrect information or outright lies. The post would be allowed to stay up regardless of factual accuracy (as would any post which does not break the rules of our subreddit - we don't arbitrarily remove videos we don't like or don't agree with [contrary to what some may think]).

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TimTheEnchanter34 1 point

The final 2 seasons he was basically Superman.

relic2279 0 points

I thought that they only showed him in the actual superman uniform in like just 1 or 2 episodes? And even then, it was only briefly. I could be wrong, it's been years since I watched the series. I remember originally watching the show reluctantly because of Kristen Kreuk, then stayed for the serialized story because they finally got rid of the monster of the week format. I hate when shows do that, I prefer long story arcs with an actual plot.

mavcon75 22 points

Regardless of the poll....kinda weird to see Reeve look that ripped and wearing the Brandon Routh type of “S” shield lol and considering Routh played the actual character of Superman longer than Welling (yes he’s the same character but let’s be fair....he was Clark Kent/Kal El learning to be Superman) surprised they didn’t put him on the list

relic2279 1 point

Routh played the actual character of Superman longer than Welling (yes he’s the same character but let’s be fair....he was Clark Kent/Kal El learning to be Superman)

Yeah, I'd classify Welling as "Superboy" instead of superman, given that he played superman in what, 1 or 2 episodes out of 10 seasons worth of content?

Mustang1718 21 points

Does this mean there is a high chance that we were the team that hired a private investigator to tail him?

relic2279 5 points

hired a private investigator

Alias Investigations perhaps? Jessica Jones Season 3: Cleveland.

jake753 36 points

Fucking love pierogis

relic2279 3 points

Same here. But I'm too lazy to make my own so I eat Mrs. T's Pierogies. I eat either the broccoli and aged cheddar, or the plain classic cheddar. Either boil them, then fry them up in butter with onions, or bake them. I prefer them deep fried but I'm fairly lazy so rarely get a chance to make them that way.

relic2279 commented on a post in r/modnews
imightbemary [A] 21 points

There are tons of Ohioans among the admins, and we're stoked to get to visit the Land!

relic2279 3 points

Clevelander here. I mod some pretty large subreddits and have been on reddit for a decade now. :) Super stoked. Hoping I can make it.

relic2279 commented on a post in r/Browns
relic2279 3 points

Kinda feel left out... :D

My fault though; I'm fairly quiet & hands-off... Most of my work is behind the scenes (css stuff, etc).

PabstyLoudmouth 3 points

I did not mean to leave you out, you are the grand master here, and did not want to bug you.

relic2279 3 points

Nah, it's my fault. :) I'm not the best at catching modmail messages due to the subreddits I help out in (my modmail is a never-ending flood of spam and to top it off, I have two separate modmail boxes to check).

and did not want to bug you.

I never feel bugged. :D Though, the best way to get in touch with me is via PM since I miss many/most modmail messages. Speaking of; I have gotten a couple PMs about changing/updating the CSS here. A few users thought it might be time. What do you think? Keep it as is, or update it? I'm fairly indifferent. And it doesn't necessarily have to be me to design the new layout if someone with some talent wants to give it a shot.

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relic2279 1 point

I don't mean to knock your photo in any way (it's a gorgeous shot), but I am starting to wonder if people are flying to Tokyo just to take pictures of alleyways. :P I see so many of them here in this subreddit on a constant basis. Not that it's a bad thing at all, I'm just a bit jealous I can't yet afford the trip there.

Here's one from a week or so ago.

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Pluto_and_Charon 280 points

The TRAPPIST planets likely still have a magnetic field, there will still be a molten core. It's just that core will be buried under a 2000km thick mantle of water ice, preventing geothermal activity at the surface.

Plus, Earth-sized planets like the TRAPPIST worlds can retain their atmospheres even whilst having no magnetic field- look at Venus, for instance. Mars just has too little gravity to hold onto an atmosphere without a magnetic field.

relic2279 2 points

Earth-sized planets like the TRAPPIST worlds can retain their atmospheres even whilst having no magnetic field- look at Venus, for instance. Mars just has too little gravity to hold onto an atmosphere without a magnetic field.

Just as a side note; The Japanese have a probe around Venus right now (coincidentally, studying its atmosphere) with the speculation that Venus's insane volcanism is responsible for its atmosphere. Mars, on the other hand, doesn't have volcanism (or if it does, it's so infrequent to matter) and thus, nothing there to replenish what has been stripped away.

relic2279 commented on a post in r/pics
julian_zin 0 points


relic2279 3 points

Guess you guys are comfortable being oppressors.

That's a tad hyperbolic, no?

The "No Politics" rule was /r/Videos very first rule, nearly 7 years ago. It was put in place because politics was completely dominating the subreddit. Literally (not figuratively) every other video was political. We didn't want /r/Videos to become /r/Politicalvideos so the rule was created.

When one type of content drowns out or dominates all other types of content in a general topic subreddit like /r/Videos, it significantly lowers the quality of the subreddit (and does so objectively) -- thus the rule. It's there to ensure a wide & diverse range of topics and different types of content. Making sure one type of content doesn't dominate or overrun the subreddit is one of the few ways we keep the quality of content high.

relic2279 commented on a post in r/conspiracy
AnonDocs 112 points

Imagine being a mod who thinks their non-job and their arbitrary rules for posting somehow supercede a video that fortunately got viral that was discussing bringing awareness to a serious pedophile problem. "Yeah I know fighting pedophiles is important but you know what else is important? Some text on the sidebar on a stupid website. Waaaaaay more important than fighting pedophilia. Rules are rules bro, I'm doing IMPORTANT work!"

relic2279 2 points

Rules are rules bro, I'm doing IMPORTANT work!"

We don't make exceptions to our rules, and for very good reasons. If you don't like how we run our subreddit, you're more than welcome to create your own, and spend 10 years of your life helping to grow and manage it. Our rules are the culmination of all those years of experience -- we didn't just throw darts at a dartboard and choose our rules at random.

Also, reddit isn't just some "stupid website". It's the 4th largest website in the united states. That's massive. And /r/Videos has nearly 20 million subscribers -- that's more than the population of a medium sized country (Netherlands, Romania, Chile, etc). That means we're in uncharted territory here. There has never been a forum like reddit before which means we're extremely careful in what we do, and we don't do things "arbitrarily".

For example, every one of our rules was debated and discussed to death, sometimes for years before being added to our sidebar. So I take offense to the implication that they're just words on a sidebar. They're the result of the evolution of our community. They're there to keep the quality of the subreddit high and each one of them is there for very good reasons.

relic2279 commented on a post in r/space
AresV92 9 points

It depends on the strength of the CME. We get hit by little ones all the time and all they do is cause communications blackouts on the side of the Earth facing the Sun. A medium strength one could induce currents melting long conductors and make everything hot and maybe set a few fires. A big one would boil animals, people and small bodies of water, setting fire to most vegetation. In extreme cases one could be powerful enough to strip the atmosphere off the earth and boil the oceans, but these are obviously very rare and I doubt our Sun will ever produce something like this. If you really want to be afraid of a disaster that may never happen look up gamma ray bursts.

relic2279 5 points

If you really want to be afraid of a disaster that may never happen look up gamma ray bursts.

The interesting thing about these is that they happen at the speed of light, so there would be no warning that something like that was on its way. Fortunately, no stars are close enough, and have their "barrel" pointed at earth so it's not something we should be worried about. I say "barrel" because GRBs are directional, like a massive laser beam.

kd8azz 1 point

Fortunately, no stars ..

I mean, you don't actually know that. It's true that we haven't cataloged any that are currently aimed at us, but nonexistence is really hard to prove...

relic2279 1 point

I mean, you don't actually know that.

Sure I do. This is an area that's pretty well researched. Giant stars capable of going supernova aren't exactly hard to miss in the night sky. So it's not really a matter of seeing them, it's a matter of knowing where its poles are pointed, the star's age (likelihood of death), and its distance from Earth.

A star would have to be close enough for a GRB to do damage (relatively close), and also, its poles would have to cross Earth's path (be pointed at us, like a gun). If it's on a tilt/axis/angle where its poles aren't pointed at earth, then even if it did go supernova, its GRB wouldn't hit earth.

Right now there are no candidates close by that threaten us. Though, there is/was some dispute about W104. Fortunately, even if it did shoot a GRB at the Earth, the damage would be minor (relatively speaking) due to its distance (8k LY).

This is also good reading, it talks about the likelihood of a supernova hitting the Earth: Will a nearby supernova harm life on Earth in 2012? Nah.

Relevant quote: "Given the vastness of space and the long times between supernovae, astronomers can say with certainty that there is no threatening star close enough to hurt Earth."

relic2279 commented on a post in r/space
potatomar 6 points

This is just a copy of a post I posted that was deleted:

How often does the sun come between earth and mars?

I supposed it would be more accurate to say "How often does mars move behind the sun", since the sun's not the one moving.

Argh, I hope you understand what I'm trying to ask.

I need to find this out for a school thing and have spent ages squinting at a crappy gif of earth and mars' orbits, trying to figure it out.

I would really like a source if that's possible.

Thank you.

relic2279 2 points

Another user already answered (solar conjunction) but I wanted to correct this statement:

since the sun's not the one moving.

The sun is indeed moving. It's orbiting the Milky Way Galaxy. It also wobbles as it moves, as the barycenter migrates around.

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