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silk35 1 point

Binance is good but I would rather see it paired with fiat. :)

restate11 2 points

It’ll have to be eventually to be a true gambling coin. I picture even ATMs in Vegas supporting scanning QR codes and converting to cash.

LukasUKG 2 points


meant as a paradox, original answer still stands

restate11 2 points


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restate11 commented on a post in r/cryptotwenty
restate11 -3 points

Give hodlbot’s top 20 index a try. It’s pretty cool and works perfectly, seems to have a good and responsive team behind it, and has a lot more development planned.

restate11 commented on a post in r/EthereumClassic
Pvpmedics 2 points

My etc was in Jaxx mobile wallet, had been there for over a year. Jaxx support won't even resond to my support ticket when I told them I was hacked with there wallet.

restate11 1 point

iOS or Android? Do you have any thoughts on how your private key was compromised?

Overtorment 1 point

Share the site pls, Ill examine. Neo is ok, but deploying contracts is expensive. Eth is still the king. Waves recently released smart contracts support and claim they are super fast. Like thousands tx/sec.

restate11 1 point

Forgive my ignorance- when you say deploying smart contract on Neo is expensive, what do you mean? They charge a one time fee? Or every time the contract is used gets hit with extra fee in addition to tx fee?

Overtorment 1 point

I heard deploying Neo contract is like thousands of dollars equivalent. Transaction fees are cheap tho

restate11 1 point

Wow, that’s insane if true. I’ll look into it, thanks for the info.

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haggenballs 1 point

Yeah, basically a sell a certain % of your portfolio up to 100% into USDT or BTC. If you sell let's say 20%, the 80% will still remain balanced within the index.

restate11 1 point

Sort of gets into the point of, I had to create a new binance account because I didn’t want my holdings in there to get invested in the index. Will there be a way to allocate which get invested in the future?

haggenballs 1 point

Yeah account partitioning is on its way. But it's a bit later on the list right now. I'd still recommend multiple Binance accounts for now, since it's simpler and easier to reason about for the user.

restate11 1 point

Cool cool...binance doesn’t let me ID verify two accounts unfortunately, at least not with the same identity document/number. I submitted a support request to see if they could assist or change the policy. I’ll keep ya posted.

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elfbuster 1 point

Looks like a bunch of BS to me...

restate11 2 points

I’m testing it out with a new binance account and a small amount of crypto. Kinda cool to have my own lil robo index fund, and full control of it. Very well done UI/UX - my “index” was instantly purchased after importing the API and funding the binance account.

restate11 commented on a post in r/KinFoundation
MeddyD3 7 points

Only four of the T100 coins are in the red right now, everything else is in the green. The number of times this happened in the past always followed with a "bloodbath". The coins that went up 30% dropped 50%, so the best thing anyone should do right now is try to sell at what they think or believe is the peak for the day and then stock up on some more when the price goes down.

But again, given my luck every time I try to sell at what I believe is the peak, I end up fucking myself in the ass because the price continues to go up for the next couple/few weeks. So I did y'all a favour!

restate11 1 point

I think what you’re trying to say is timing crypto doesn’t work most of the time for most of the people, and HODL

restate11 commented on a post in r/CoinBase
Bardamu911 -36 points

I transferred $1,000,000,000 from my Coinbase account to my US Bank checking account no problem.

restate11 8 points

Lolz why such downvotes? Well done shit comment if you ask me..

Bardamu911 5 points

they hate us cuz they ain't us

restate11 1 point

Dayum -37...ruthless. It’s like you said something negative about bch on r/btc hahah

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restate11 commented on a post in r/helloicon
teamSpahr 4 points

I love going through their history and it's just 2-3 subreddits where all they do is shit on that subreddits coin. All day every day. Nothing else.

restate11 0 points

But they all said Koreans would shit their pants for ICX and us smart-money early investors based in the US would be rich off their national pride coupled with an unwavering hunger for cryptocurrency. Hmmmm interesting how they could give a shit now that it’s actually traded in Korea. Don’t get me wrong, I’m holding ICX and believe it will be a profitable trade. But we all fell prey to a very clever marketing campaign and good ole pump and dump.

restate11 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
l4wl1 1 point

I have 1.5k bobx in my wallet and I'd be happy to give them away, so yeah :D

restate11 1 point

Hahah I love this. What’s your eth addy bro?

l4wl1 1 point

A friend of mine told me that those coins might not be moveable. Other than that they aren't worth anything either and they will never be worth anything. So it might just be better if you don't send me anything lol

restate11 1 point

I just got the same airdrop :) BOBx to the moon!

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restate11 commented on a post in r/ethtrader
whiskey_pancakes 1 point

This is why I just don’t trust crypto wallets. I’m at the point where I need something. But news like this is what makes me think my crypto is better off where it is

restate11 1 point

Please see my comment on the thread-MEW is designed to be trustless. Anybody using it who got hacked was using it contrary to their recommendations.

restate11 2 points

If you follow the instructions that MEW gives, you generate seeds offline securely via a standard, open source algorithm. Likewise, if you send securely per their recommendation, you also decrypt your wallet locally offline. Nothing is sent to their servers but a signed transaction-never your unencrypted key or your password or anything like that.. if used properly, you ONLY send signed transactions. If you are lazy, and input your key while online, then this kind of theft can happen to you :) Edit: actually I’m not even sure a signed tx is sent to their servers.... it’s broadcast to the blockchain. Perhaps this is routed through their servers I’m not positive on that. Regardless it is RISK FREE if used properly as per their very very visible recommendations.

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restate11 commented on a post in r/Stellar
Dillonj97 1 point

Most people shouldn’t manage their private keys. More money has been lost to private keys than hacking of exchanges.

35% of Bitcoin will never see the light of day because people lost the private key.

restate11 1 point

Fair point and tbh I’m in favor of using certain exchanges for custodial service. My crypto is probably safer on Coinbase (with a properly secured CB account), than they are on my paper wallets. However hosted wallets lack the accountability that certain exchanges offer. If the hosted wallet gets hacked, you are screwed. With exchanges at least you can prove identity and ownership.

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