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So I missed the simple exchange swap. Downloaded the iOS app and, unlike VET’s YouTube instructional video, my iOS app is missing the token swap button. Can anybody shed some light on this? I’d like to swap before it’s too late...hopefully it’s not too late. Thank you!


Not really surprising- individuals have much more power to move prices on low volume exchanges/markets.

How do I get this 30 seconds of my life back? Will buying xrp help? Funny that my iPad autocorrects it as “crap” not even joking.

U just talk a lot of crap thats why 👍

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Spoken like a true future XRP billionaire!

“A look at a few low volume exchanges for bch cultists”

You were also told crypto was speculative and highly risky LOL. Hold man, people paid out the ass for neo in the past and there’s a good chance of it happening again with an overall crypto bull market.

so Kinit is pretty useless now...

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Goddddd no. What am I gonna do with my millions of KIN now?

I don’t think you can reliably track transactions on an explorer for exchange wallet addresses, because yes you’re probably correct in that they move funds internally and likely to cold storage or pooled wallets for liquidity. Exchanges are not the blockchain, so to speak.

Closely linked marginal groups with similar interests and goals with regards to political and civil rights. Plus, it’s common for homos to realize later in life that they’re also transgender, or also that coming out as gay is a stepping stone to coming out as trans. You could compare the grouping to “POC” or people of color. Sure different minorities experience different challenges but it’s perhaps convenient or more powerful to band together. In gay world you’ll even see “QPOC” these days, or queer people of color.

It will increase because it will be first coin the world will actually be able to use, and more - banks will use. You’ll be kicking yourself ;)

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Nope I won’t be kicking myself. I would love to be surprised and see it successful and broadly used by individuals and banks. If the direction of xrp changes and becomes not only geared toward individual use case but also decentralized, and if it becomes an actual transactional option that’s superior to others, I’d happily use it. That’s not the case currently and so I choose not to invest in it. As I said in my OP comment, I’d invest in a ripple IPO in a heartbeat.

Project has for the goal to allow retailers to accept crypto on checkout and pay them in fiat using XRP ledger.

How do you not get it, goal of XRP use is that many worlds transactions use XRP for few seconds. And that doesn’t exclude use of XRP to pay, just makes it no brainier to do.

Again it’s easier to comply to law and blame someone if it goes wrong since Ripple/Coil and other companies building on XRP ledger are standing behind their apps.

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None of what you said is a reason for exRP to increase astronomically in value

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I’d argue no, ripple is not designed to be a holding currency more a transaction enabler so having a value is of no consequence to its adoption. Don’t get me wrong I love ripple but it’s not a Lambo buying venture.

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It’s a good thing that you have plenty of karma to spare when saying anything critical about XRP. Cheers mate, I’m in agreement. Plus chances are banks will be buying OTC from ripple directly- not pumping prices by placing massive market trades.

Yeah that you for relieving me of valuable eth too!

I think that ETN wants to swim with the whales who have the technical know how but I believe the best people who know there shit are being swooped up by nike, google, governments etc. So when you try to get people to join ETN they laugh because they can't pay the employee pay. I've been apart of ETN since the ICO too! I'm firm believer in holding and I predict a big drop in November due to the team being able to sell off there coins. Best of luck to all the ETN people... I'm high on cocaine

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Made me lol #metoo

This sounds promising rolls eyes


Howdy! Please forgive the ignorance and this has undoubtedly been asked a bazillion times but- Anybody think it’s a good idea to store private keys on the platform? This brings up some questions- is the cryptography sufficiently secure? What happens if adoption drops to zero and no miners exist (or users if it’s proof of stake)- would you then be unable to access the once-distributed data?

Moderator of r/Oyster, speaking officially2 points · 2 months ago

You could do that. However, you would get an Oyster Handle instead and then you must remember that one (or not lose that one) - So I'm not sure if that's really solving the issue.

What happens if adoption drops to zero and no miners exist (or users if it’s proof of stake)

That's not how the tangle works and there aren't miners either.

would you then be unable to access the once-distributed data?

You are paying PRLs so the data is kept reattached by the web nodes (website visitors) to the tangle, so it remains at least for the paid timeframe on the tangle. In the core structure of the tangle transactions will eventually be pruned, that's why you need the web nodes in the first place - and that's not mining.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Got it, thanks for the reply. Is there a how-to resource you could point me to? Just generally want to know how to upload files to the tangle? I’m guessing there’s a piece of beta software?

Moderator of r/Oyster, speaking officially2 points · 2 months ago

You can test the Mainnet Beta currently for free here: - it's using the Oyster tangle.

We are paying for all the uploads right now :)

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Another question- how does the platform notify me if I need to pay to extend storage time? Is that even a thing it will do?

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Just for shits and giggles, let’s see how secure Le Tangle can be! I’ve uploaded an unencrypted image of a private key QR code to the tangle, for the following ETH address: 0x1b2AD88131cd52230B0aBcB67E64e3A09e8BE564

2 points · 2 months ago

No one Is gonna bother searching for it. Other than that its practically impossible to even look for chunks of your file right now since everything is private.

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Original Poster-3 points · 2 months ago

I know. I’m a dick haha More of a personal test of the system.

Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

exactly, small fee in the beginning and as users become trusted nodes they can book through a smart contract directly

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Wait! What?! The platform uses smart contracts to execute the rental transaction? That’s so cool if true.

Did you sign your wallet on a shady website, or did you only unlock metamask?

If the first, sorry for your loss, but if the second, that's a critical bug in metamask.

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Thought this same question myself.

I didn’t read it does the platform establish credit-worthiness? It’s one thing to do in USA as we have a standard. But the lending money to Africans, as the example they gave... how does the platform establish the good credit of an entity or individual in the developing world?

So cool! Are there any how-to resources available somebody could link here?

1 point · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

Freeze header row and header column would help viewing. Edit: really cool site and resource! Thanks for contributing and sharing :)

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Yeah me too - fucking sucks man! Got a painful ass whooping on the loss on that flaming bag. Sold off at $6 shit bought at like $12 WTF was I high on some White China or what? Fucking smack will do it to ya ever time I’m telling ya.

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What a puss

Lol no it shouldn’t be priced higher. Low liquidity is no trade off for zero trading fees, sorry

Your main point needs to be sooner lol alas, I am in agreement.

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