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rhuevyk commented on a post in r/marvelstudios
NNATEE 6 points

Good catch, didn’t see that. Hope Clint’s still alive, antmans gotta be alive cause he’s seen in the A4 set photos I believe

rhuevyk 3 points

Also because Ant-Man and the Wasp comes out in 2 months.

NNATEE 1 point

Yes, though I think it takes place before infinity war and after civil war

rhuevyk 1 point

Interesting. I thought it would be during the events of IW and end with the world in chaos so house arrest wouldn't amount to anything anymore.

Snochew 2 points

I wouldn’t risk it unless you don’t mind potentially shorting out the board.

Are you able to connect it anywhere else or are you hoping to control the fan with the motherboard software?

rhuevyk 2 points

Yes I want to control it with the RGB Fusion app by Gigabyte. I opted to plug it into the 4 pin led header that was meant for the cpu heatsink. The heatsink I have is the am4 wraith spire with the light ring around it. I don't care to have it light up necessarily so I left it unplugged. Although if I could use the 5 pin led header for the fan i will plug the heatsink back in.

bendyamin 1 point

Fan headers on a motherboard typically have a "key" on them to make sure you can only plug a 4 pin fan on the correct pins. So long as your fan connector has a corresponding key it should be fine.

rhuevyk 1 point

It's not the fan power though, just to clear. It is the LED cable that is a 4 pin.

rhuevyk commented on a post in r/pcmods
rhuevyk 1 point

If I can piggy back on this thread real quick to ask you smart peoples a question. My mobo has a 5 pin header for led strips, I have a case fan with a 4 pin led connector. Can I plug it in and just ignore the last pin? From my understanding the 4 pin is 12v/g/r/b and the 5 pin is 12v/g/r/b/w so I would just be skipping out on the white.

rhuevyk commented on a post in r/hellblade
rhuevyk 1 point

I'm confused as to what the hell happened at the end. Did she save Dillion? Did Hela take over her body? I'm lost...

Anton14k 1 point

I think it’s up to your interpretation

rhuevyk 4 points

I think living with mental illness has created her own personal hell and she had to conquer it. So now she rules over her own hell and therefore she is Hela. Senua's sacrifice was Dillion. Letting him go was the only way she can continue her life.

rhuevyk 3 points

Players should be able to bury treasure. To protect high level loot from other players. Just dig a hole, pick up the treasure and stand over the hole to be prompted to bury it there. Then the game can generate a treasure map for that island for the player and all of their crew.

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