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YSK: Tattoo removal can lead to heavy metals poisoning from lead, mercury, arsenic and other toxic metals that are often in tattoo inks. (Tattoos can also interfere with MRI tests)

I wish I had known these things before I had a tattoo.

Toxic metals are not just from "cheap" inks, any ink can have these metals in them and the ink is loosely regulated even in the US, but especially so in less strict countries.

I found this out the hard way when I became ill after my first tattoo removal treatment. I went searching on the internet and that was the first time I learned that because tattoo ink has heavy metals in it you can get poisoned when the treatments explode the pigment and your boy takes over cleaning them out and then filtering them out of your blood.

I had at least 15 treatments and was ill each time with extreme fatigue and some flu-like symptoms.

Below are some articles and studies for anyone interested in something more in depth:

Complications of Tattoos and Tattoo Removal -

Metal Toxicity: Tattoos

Laser tattoo removal is very dangerous and can cause you health problems -

In the Ink: Do All Tattoo Pigments Use Mercury and Other Toxic Heavy Metals? -

Tattoo ink contains cancer-causing chemicals – so why isn't it regulated? -


I found this out the hard way today, when I replaced my car battery and then took my vehicle in for a state inspection.

When your car has been without electricity for too long, some of the sensors won't have readings for the testing machine and that will cause your car to fail.

You need to drive it long enough to get new data in the sensors to prove that they work or else they won't pass your car for vehicle inspection.

The mechanic told me to drive it for 100 miles and then come back.

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