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Anthony817 3 points

Any reason you are going with Makaqu vs the hardware accelerated build of Quake?

That version is actually using DirectX and hardware accelerated where as Makaqu is 100% software rendered. So it is using the actual hardware a bit more.

Mankrip is actually a great friend of mine and I was a huge fan always anticipating his newer builds of the engine, but software rendering is really hard on the eyes when the DC can do so much more with that engine.

rizzoislandgame 2 points
  1. I'm going with Makaqu because it's easier to customize and has a few built in features that are essential to making the game work.

  2. While it's faster and better, the official devkit is illegal to use without a license from Sega, which they have no plan on doing.

  3. I want to do this as legally as possible since I'm both making it for Windows and Dreamcast. It's going to be a commercial product so I really don't want to deal with red tape even if Sega doesn't really care anymore. If someone can find someone high enough up the Sega chain to make an official statement saying it's now legal to use, I'd gladly do it! But as of right now, it's not going to happen.

I've actually been able to get Makaqu at a stable framerate at 600x400, but that required setting the graphics cvars really low. My aesthetic however,is great for low detailed textures since I'm basically using 1 color textures! I've also increased the heap size to accommodate the larger resolution.

One of the original goals was to have someone port Makaqu or vanilla GLQuake to KGL, but that's looking unlikely with most people being skeptical from the In the Line of Fire debacle. Everyone wants money, and it's not cheap to do a total conversion like this!

Bad_CRC 2 points

I thought that by now there would be a proper KLG quake engine :o

I did some DC development on 2003/04 and most of nehe's opengl demos worked with kgl.

It's awesome that kos is still used today :)

rizzoislandgame 2 points

A lot of people use the leaked Windows CE dev kit, but since that’s technically illegal, it’s mostly just used by hobbyists. There are some commercial releases, but I want to do everything legally since I’m going to be releasing the game on Windows as well. It kinda sucks because it would be easier to use it and port it reliably to windows.

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mrneo240 2 points

So you want us to pay for other people to create your game idea?

Get the fuck outta heree

rizzoislandgame 0 points

The engine in fact is already pretty much coded! It’s a modified version of the quake engine called makaqu that runs on the Dreamcast. It uses a software renderer though so it doesn’t look as crisp as a hardware renderer. I’ve talked with the coder of the original engine and he has been very helpful for understanding how the engine works. So I’m sorry you did not read the patreon description and assumed I was doing nothing but being a money man!

mrneo240 2 points

I read the description, looked at what the money is for and understand what you want.

This is a very personal project,

Why would a person other than yourself want to play it? That's a big question i have.

I like the idea and the sentimental value but still it feels odd.

rizzoislandgame 1 point

Sorry about that last comment at the end. :( I’m just kinda sensitive about it. (Didn’t mean to Chris-Chan it lols!)

I think people would play it because it’s a new 3D platformer on the Dreamcast. But I haven’t released any actual gameplay footage, which I should have done originally.

I also wanted to have people believe that a 3D indie game for the Dreamcast could actually be made, and be good. Right now there have been no 3D Dreamcast indie games that have successfully made it out of development as far as I know. I wanted to make it so that the engine used could power more Dreamcast games, and give new life into the community.

I’ve actually re-thought about the Patreon and have decided to close it until I have at least 3 full levels made. I’m going to pay out of pocket for most of the first part now, which, with my job at big name retail store, is going to take a lot of time. I started the Patreon so I would not have to extreme budget, and have more time to work on the game instead of taking more shifts and keep pushing the release date.

Again, sorry for the last comment. I’ll take down the Patreon in a little bit when I get back home.

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