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rizzoislandgame commented on a post in r/dreamcast
MairusuPawa 4 points

Kinda hoping we'll be able to transfer saves starting from Shenmue 1 HD to Shenmue 3

rizzoislandgame 2 points

I know Sega won't do this, but it would be awesome if Sega somehow made it so that Shenmue II had the original feature to transfer collectibles like the original Dreamcast version instead of the Xbox one with none of that. Maybe it's just uncommenting a bunch of code, or maybe it requires a lot of work, because it would be much simpler to just recompile the thing with better texture quality than to give it new features. I really hoped that they would try to actually pull a Shadow of the Colossus and try to Remake the game from scratch, but even though it's a well known game, it's still a really niche game and a lot of people don't get it.

anh86 2 points

I could see this working for Shenmue I -> Shenmue II on the re-released game. I highly doubt we will be able to port our saves to Shenmue III, however. The two sides won't work together on the project so it would only be possible if games are able to read save data from games released by other developers. I'm not sure if this is possible on the PS4.

rizzoislandgame 1 point

Yeah, I’m not sure either. I hope they have a Shenmue Movie though like II did! I got to the second disc of two but I accidentally corrupted my save somehow. I really don’t want to play that stupid stealth section again, so I’m just going to watch the movie so I can get the gist of the ending.

rizzoislandgame commented on a post in r/gamedev
rizzoislandgame 1 point

Adobe Premiere is pretty easy to pick up now. I know this is blasphemy, but if it’s just edits with some music and text, Windows Movie Maker gets the job done fine. If you have a Mac, iMovie is really powerful for such an accessible price and UI!

mrneo240 1 point

Always glad to see progress from you!

I've been excited for the project since our first correspondence.

Looking good!

rizzoislandgame 1 point

Thx! I’ve come a long way since I started! Levels are getting more and more complex now!

bushnrvn 1 point

Cool. What engine are you using?

rizzoislandgame 1 point

Makaqu port of the Quake Engine

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rizzoislandgame commented on a post in r/gamedev
rizzoislandgame 0 points

You can make any compiled program with C++. It’s just a matter of using different libraries to make a game engine, which is hard work. Most game engines use C++ or C#. Some have their own programming languages too though. The only thing you can’t use C++ for is web programming.

XeroPoints 5 points

You can use C++ for web programming.

rizzoislandgame 1 point

My bad

istarian 2 points

You can use Daemon Tools (2 week trial of Pro 8) to mount the disc image and then run Demul from the virtual drive...

I think the Alcohol 120% download site is sketchy and I dislike installers that even hint they might offer other crap installs... I tried burning a disc with DT, but the Dreamcast doesn't like it... Also it's a bit a unclear how to actually burn a disc with BootDreams.

rizzoislandgame 1 point

Sorry, I’ll get right on that tomorrow. Right now... rest. Had loooong birthday yesterday!

mrneo240 2 points

Exciting. Congrats

rizzoislandgame 1 point

Thx! I know I’ve been posting waaaaay too much on here, but I’m just so excited!!! I really need to start a blog website!

Edit: don’t want people seeing my alt-account so sorry about the deleted post!

VeniceJedi 1 point

Is it about rat puppet that talks to other puppet animals and puppet monsters? Do you sing songs with the puppet rat? Are there plans to put him in a hat with mistletoe at Christmas and reenact Charles Dickens Stories?

rizzoislandgame 2 points

David - Nope, a bit sadder. It's based on the music and hobbies of my late Uncle Tom Rizzo. He was a surfer dude who loved to make instrumental tracks, but didn't promote himself too much. My goal is to get his music heard around the world. :)

VeniceJedi 2 points

I am so going to download this. Excited to play!

rizzoislandgame 1 point

Thx! Hopefully you enjoy it!

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AmrlKJaneway 2 points

I downloaded it. Probably burn to Dreamcast and give it a whirl tomorrow. Keep up the good work, mate!

edit; I lied. I played it right now. Very well done. I'm impressed.

rizzoislandgame 2 points


ryanalexmartin 2 points

What tools did you use to build it?

rizzoislandgame 1 point

Kallistios, Maqaku Quake Engine, and bootdreams

rizzoislandgame commented on a post in r/dreamcast
dexter311 1 point

Soul Calibur, Virtual Tennis and MSR are €5 games, and JSR is probably under €10. The rest can be played with a copy if required.

rizzoislandgame 1 point


dexter311 2 points

Tell me about it! I've got most of these in my collection already, but I just spent over €60 on Skies last week and that was an okay deal...

I wish I kept my original games from back in the day!

rizzoislandgame 1 point

You pretty much listed all the expensive games except for a few like Crazy Taxi. God, I wish I had enough money for Grandia II!

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rizzoislandgame commented on a post in r/gamedev
rizzoislandgame 25 points

The only problem I have with it, Is that indie devs like me will have a hard time finding people to work with them if they’re union. We can’t afford to pay union wages and mostly rely on commission work, but what happens when commission work becomes too expensive for the guy working at Target who might have a good game idea, but no resources to get it off the ground? I think there should at least be a union waiting period to join, like the movie industry, where you need to work on x amount of movies to join the guild. Maybe you should have to put in a game or two or a certain number of hours to join the union.

burnpsy 4 points

Instead of just assuming they aren't approving more Vita games anymore, have you considered just asking Sony? They allowed PSP games to release in 2015.

rizzoislandgame 1 point

I tried, but got no response. Maybe because I didn’t have a company email or something. Maybe Twitter would be better.

IAmBloodBrother 2 points

I give you props man. I remember your first posts on here and Dreamcastlive, the fact that you taught yourself all this, with the goal of honoring your Uncle, really inspires me to want to learn how to program for the DC. If im being honest, I didnt expect you to come this far with your goal, and now that you are this close, makes me regret thinking that. Sorry for rambling...

rizzoislandgame 1 point

I should have said the game DEMO releases on the 23rd so I’m not out of the woods yet! But I am half way done! Just got around 5 more levels to go! I just learned enough programming to modify the code a bit and anyone with basic C knowledge could do. Then after I create the DC version, I need to use Unity to make the PC/Consoles version! So it’s going to be a long ride before it finally hits online store shelves!

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