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How did your meetup go?

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Original Poster2 points · 15 days ago

Sorry for getting back to you so late!

It went really well! A lot of people played it and really liked it besides it’s bugs! It really boosted my confidence in the project again!

One guy got stuck on the temple arena and quit, but then went back to play it again and was really happy when he finally beat it! That made me so happy to hear because it means the gameplay was good enough for him to go back too!

Yep! Played it years after it released and despite the graphics, it holds up pretty decently


Rizzo Island Release Changes

Hey there!

We are still chugging away at the game, but we have some interesting news. At the advice from a partner, I've decided that we will do a soft physical launch in the Upper Dallas/Ft. Worth on March 23rd, and if everything goes well, a full release on April 23rd in order to build confidence in the game and bring more success to the distribution network. We also hope that this will bring us closer to the dream of achieving a formal distribution network for homebrew and indie software around the United States.

This however, will not affect the online digital release of the game, with the physical release also pushed back to April 23rd, so as to not make any competition with the retailers and produce more sales of the game on their end to increase. The physical release will not be only for a limited time, but will have as many runs as necessary to meet demand.

I hope you understand our decision and we think it's the right choice to make.

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This sounds weird, but look at auctions for closing business’s that repair trucks or cars. They always have at least 5 of these things for programming the EPROMs of car computer systems.

Edit: actually, you can get eprom programmers for fairly cheap if you look up “car eprom programmers.” You might need to make a small circuit board adapter, but it should still work

Edit 2: found one for you here

Original Poster1 point · 28 days ago

Thanks for the recommendations, new to repros so anything helps.

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No problem!


Moved Release Date for Rizzo Island

Hey there! Our team has decided to move the release date for Rizzo Island from November 15th to March 23rd. This is due to Fallout 76 releasing the day before the former release date. Also, it will give us more time to finish the game and more time to ship the games.

Otherwise, the game is going well, and we hope to have more updates in the future! Thank you for your support!

How will you publish it?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Physical copies will be available online and in select independent game retailers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area and we hope to expand to Austin, Los Angeles Area, and Oklahoma. If any other game retailers want to join into the distribution network, we will send them stock as well. We will also have a Steam release using Darkplaces, and a later port to Unity as a free upgrade.

I can kind of understand where their coming from, with vectors being infinitely scalable, but wouldn’t this put even more work on texture artists to basically make all the textures entirely from scratch? Plus it’s really hard to make vectors look realistic enough as it is!


Best Hosting Service for Profile Creation and small file uploading?

So basically, I need a good hosting service that is very customizable and will allow scripts that let users upload small files (up to 10mb) and support scripts that let people create profiles. GoDaddy seems to have a huge security hassle to go though to do this, so I was wondering if anyone knows another hosting service that is semi-cheap that could possible allow someone to do this. They also need to be able to run scripts that create user profiles. This isn't some sort of social media site and the user base probably won't be that big. Any suggestions?

Edit: It should also be able to support very old browsers.


You can now 1 Time Donate to Rizzo Island Directly + Release Date!

Hey there guys! I realized that I should have done this a long time ago, but I finally put up a donation option on the page. I realized that people may not want to keep donating every month but might want to just donate one time to the project.

When you click the link below, select the download option and it will give you a way to donate:

Also, I don't think I announced this yet, but the Dreamcast version will be released on November 15th!

The Darkplaces PC version will launch that day as well on a yet to be determined distribution platform (hopefully either GOG, Steam, or both). The Enhanced Unity PC version will be launching early to mid next year and will be a free update to anyone who bought the Darkplaces version. The Darkplaces version will still be available, but it will not be integrated with Steam or GOG Galaxy specific features.

Thanks everyone and I hope you donate to the game!

P.S. Sorry about the funding updates mods! I don't mean to be spam, honest! I just need additional funds for the game and I'm trying to network the best I can!


Rizzo Island One-Time Donation System Set Up!

Hey there! I found out that a few people wanted to donate to me but not have a monthly Patreon subscription. So I was able to turn my page into a donation page as well! Just click on the download link to make a donation and download the latest version of the demo! Link to page: ( Hope you all continue to support us!


Rizzo Island is a good demo! But I might be a bit biased haha!


Radiant/Source Style Texturing Blender Models in Unity?

So basically, I want to try to save memory by painting model faces with textures like you do in Radiant or Source engine. I have semi-huge levels that I divided up into sections, but I would like it in 1 big level and not have to use a mega texture. Are there any tools out there that let me do this? Would they only work on Unity geometry?

Have you tried ProBuilder?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

It said it’s not compatible with newer versions of Unity?


Rizzo Island will Not Be Using Shouma’s new QuakeWorld Engine for Dreamcast... But we Are Excited for It!

Hey there! Lately I’ve been getting a few messages from people who are asking if I’m going to be using a modified version of Shouma’s upcoming QuakeWorld engine port. So here’s my response and my reasoning.

Rizzo Island will not be using Shouma’s engine for the following reasons:

  1. Still in development with no concrete full version release date

  2. QuakeWorld would need to be modified to run the standard Quake stuff and we just don’t have the time or money for that

  3. Everything we’ve worked on has been optimized for Makaqu.

Don’t let this make you think we’ll never use it though! We’ve got a few ideas of online games that would be very unique for the engine! Plus, if we get a proper C programmer, or get Shouma on board, we’d love to make a singleplayer game using a modified version of the engine!

Honestly, we are really excited about this new engine port! This could open up more possibilities for people to make their own 3D games more easily! I’ll probably even write an article on how to optimize everything for the Dreamcast Quake engine once we are done with this game!

So while we are very excited for this, this will not be the engine we will use to make Rizzo Island. However, it will definitely be used on at least some of our future games!

P.S. We are also currently designing our own engine right now, but we have no plans for networking support. While that engine is being developed in-house, we will continue to use the Quake engine for our projects.


I had this cart!!! I wish I didn’t sell it for a pittance when it’s kinda worth something now :(


IAMA Dreamcast Homebrew Developer David Croshaw! Back again to answer a bunch of your questions!

Hey guys! Sorry for flaking last time!

Anyways, I'm David Croshaw, head developer of the game Rizzo Island about my late Uncle Tom! I released a demo 2 months ago so if you have any questions about that demo, ask away! Otherwise, here's a link to the demo: Rizzo Island Demo

Also, here's my Patreon to support funding the game: Patreon

It's a 3D platformer, so if you like those, check it out!

Proof: twitter link

Still here till 2:00 AM CDT!

Okay guys that's it! Got some good questions! IF you have anymore I can probably answer them tomorrow morning!

Why has game development made a huge comeback for the Dreamcast but not for other old generation consoles such as the original Playstation and the Nintendo 64?

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

Because the Dreamcast is easy to pirate for, and it uses CD’s, which are easy and cheap to make, while cartridges are expensive to make and need custom hardware and boxes.

The Playstation has too little RAM for proper OpenGL porting, so someone would have to make an entirely new graphics language to make use of it, plus it has copy protection which can only be undone with a mod chip, and those are pricy and not user friendly.

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Or she.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Well I found out it’s a band so I was wrong anyways!

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What are some good settings to compress wav files without using standard wav compression?

Basically, I need to make wav files as small as possible so that they don't take up that much CD space because of certain reasons. Plus, the system I'm working for (Dreamcast) has very little memory for caching huge wav files. The engine I'm using (Quake engine) doesn't support compressed wav formats, so I need to know if there is any way I can edit the audio tracks or the settings to make it as low memory intensive as possible. I'm using Adobe Audition, but I can also work with Audacity as well. I know it kinda seems counter intuitive, but I also need the files to be under 2mb but still sound at least decent (a little hiss is okay).

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Why WAV? Just use OGG files.

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Original Poster3 points · 2 months ago

The Quake port I have for Dreamcast can't use ogg files

Compression is...complicated. Attack to low, release to mid, soft knee, those are the only things I can guess. Ratio and threshold are custom and depend on material. I was always taught anything above 3.9:1 ratio is considered limiting. Tbh if I were you I'd set ratio to 4:1 and threshold to -15db and makeup gain to 15db. Hard to tell though.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I’ll try those settings! Thanks!

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Is 10 FPS too small of an FPS for Unity Animations?

So basically, I'm converting some Quake models from blender to Unity, but all the animations are at 10/s! Can Unity use frame blending or tweening to insert the extra frames or do I need to change up the animation? I'm not that good with 3D animations, so hopefully I can use these animations as they are and not have to either redo them or extend the keyframes.

7 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

It's confusing but important to understand the distinction between the framerate of the animation data and the framerate it displays at. Long story short, the two are independent in the vast majority of 3D engines, and that includes Unity. Quake itself probably (technically I'm not sure) displayed animations at a framerate unrelated to the framerate they were animated at.

The framerate of the animation data really just determines where the keyframes can lie, not what images are rendered. Everything between keyframes is interpolated, and that doesn't change if the keyframes come at 10 or 24 or even 2 per second.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Ok! Thanks for the clarification! I just didn’t want a Halo PC situation where the animations looked choppy because they were capped at 15 FPS on an open FPS engine

yeah should be fine if you interpolate them

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Ok good! Thx!


What are some good settings to compress wav files without using standard wav compression?

What are some good settings to compress wav files without using standard wav compression?

Basically, I need to make wav files as small as possible so that they don't take up that much CD space because of certain reasons. Plus, the system I'm working for (Dreamcast) has very little memory for caching huge wav files. The engine I'm using (Quake engine) doesn't support compressed wav formats, so I need to know if there is any way I can edit the audio tracks or the settings to make it as low memory intensive as possible. I'm using Adobe Audition, but I can also work with Audacity as well. I know it kinda seems counter intuitive, but I also need the files to be under 2mb but still sound at least decent (a little hiss is okay).

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You talking file compression or dynamics?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Basically both because dynamic compression lowers the file size and makes file compression actually sound better. Just need to know some good settings for this

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Are you SURE about the audio format restriction? Can you link a source? Which engine/version exactly? Because I found references online that listed *.ogg (vorbis).

I did read about the original engine reading audio files in cd audio format right off the cd, but surely there have been updates.

Also saw this

So maybe that's your answer.

I also need the files to be under 2mb

Uh. Do you mean under 2 Mb per minute or?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I’m using the Makaqu engine, which doesn’t support ogg, and I mean 2mb period. The Quake engine won’t precache it unless it’s under 2mb

I basically need to know the settings for the dynamic range compressor and the bitrate.

I thought you were talking about Trails in the Sky which has that unfortunate acronym!


IAM Homebrew Developer David Croshaw, and Game Playtester Tim, Here to talk about our game Rizzo Island which just released a demo! AMA!

I am David Croshaw, a homebrew developer for the game Rizzo Island, which just released a demo! I'm here with my playtester Tim who has been with me since the beginning debugging and playtesting the game. For my birthday, I traveled all over the Dallas area to get independent game stores to sell my game with much success! Ask us anything about Homebrew game development or homebrew distribution or anything really!

Here's my proof for the mods:

Here's the game demo we just released!

EDIT: AMA's not dead guys! I'm still here! Will be here till 1:00 AM CDT before I go to sleep!

Can you tell us more about your uncle?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Haha! This is my old one! I don’t start the new ama till Friday! But here are a few facts!

He was an good surfer his whole life and he even had a couple of people as his surfing protégés! He was well known among the surfers in the Laguna Beach, California area as well.

He loved my Aunt Devin with all his heart and they had a dog he adored as well as two pet birds.

His funeral was a Hawaiian surfer funeral where all his surfing friends paddled out a little ways from the shore, gathered in a circle, and did a small ceremony.

He was a wonderful Uncle and inspired me to make my own music, and I wish we could have played together.

He wasn’t Jewish, but his band played regularly at a synagogue and was friends with everyone there.

For most of his life he lived a bohemian lifestyle, taking odd jobs and living in places until the rent came. Haha!

He has an adopted daughter from a previous marriage that he cared for even after the divorce.

His whole family misses him very much.

Thanks for the insight! Sounds like he was a cool guy.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

He was the very definition of cool lols!


Rizzo Island Head Dev David Here! AMA on Friday 6:00 PM CDT!

Hey guys it's me again! I've decided to host another AMA since the last one was a complete disaster! I'll be updating everyone on what's going on with the project as well as any other questions you guys might want to ask about the game or the demo!

For those who haven't discovered it yet, here's the link to the game demo: Rizzo Island Demo

Hopefully you guys can make it!


How did you learn Dreamcast development?

What's the "skill tree" for that?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

What mrneo said! I’m actually mostly a mapper but I’m slowly but surely learning how to use OpenGL to make an original engine for the Dreamcast! I hope to have it finished by sometime next year!

I have heard of this. I will definitely try it out, but i'm not sure I have any questions. Ill try to think of something.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago


Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

(Decided to repost this with an image collage to better show off my range)

My full portfolio can be viewed here:

Hi everyone, I'm a 2D/3D generalist currently freelancing in the Seattle area. have a BFA in Digital Art and Animation from Digipen Institute of Technology and I've been working on indie games for 3 years in a variety of roles.

I'm used to iterating quickly from concept to the finished asset stage and taking on many roles as an artist. I have also had a lot of experience working with people who are starting on their first project so if need be can quickly draft up or help with GDD's, asset lists and other necessary documents in order to stay within scope.

In the realm of 2D I can do concepting (character, prop and environment), visdev, UI/UX and art direction. Also have some experience with pixel art.

In the realm of 3D I can do everything up to animation sans dynamics/shader work/lighting and have worked with flat shaded, handpainted textures and with both Specular and PBR workflow. I am starting to teach myself custom rigging but know how to use the Maya HIK system to quickly set up a regular bipedal rig and add extra joints to it for better character variety.

I can hit a pretty big variety of styles but as far as personal preference goes I greatly enjoy working on low-poly, handpainted assets (Dreamcast-PS2 era looking stuff) and weird/creepy/horror aesthetics. I'm always up to helping you experiment with a look for your game before going into production and really enjoy helping worldbuild or just acting as a sounding board for any ideas/lore you have for your current project.

I'm usually more than happy to complete a small art test on spec.

My rate starts at 25/hr but I am totally open to negotiation, and will do commission based work/pay per asset work depending on what you're looking for. Feel free to message me on artstation or contact me over:

email: Discord: Curdles#5062

or comment here if you're interested in setting something up or want to ask me any questions.

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Hey! I'm currently putting together a game for the Dreamcast and PC and was wondering if you'd like to help me out! Can I add you on Discord? I think you would be perfect since you like doing low-poly designs!

Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

It definitely sounds up my alley, but just so you know I cannot take on any more unpaid work at this time. Added you on discord nevertheless.

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Ok! I’ll talk on Discord


How to stop renderer from blending material textures together in cycles?

So basically, I imported a BSP file into Blender and it is somehow blending the textures into eachother when I just want a straight line. How do I do this? Do I increase/decrease the margins? The model is really big since it's a map.


BSP to Blender Material Baking Help

So basically, every time I try to bake the texture from a converted BSP file for my map, the textures turn dark and have lines that seem to be like the former vertices. I’ll post pictures later because I’m at work, but what could be causing this? The map is really big so thought it might be a warped texture problem, but I increased the resolution to up to 5000 ppi but that only got rid of some texture pixelization. Could it be I need to increase the size even more? I really want an answer because my computer takes a long time to render the textures. I really don’t want to recolor the textures all over again. I also really don’t want to remake the entire map. What could possibly be causing this and how do I fix it?


Rizzo Island Game

This is the official account for the Dreamcast/PC game Rizzo Island. We post news and job offers on Reddit for the project and hope to have it out by next year!
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