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MCOCBurner 23 points

Think a miniature version of AQ. One boss and a bunch of linked nodes, but you can't take them all out. It's up to you and a friend to choose which nodes to unlink. Levels are short but dungeons can go on infinite, increasing in difficulty until it gets to a point where its impossible to progress.

PS. using a burner account as I can't technically talk about this. Cannot provide proof of my knowledge, so just take my words with a healthy dose of salt if you're a skeptic

roastedbagel 9 points

You interest me.

roastedbagel commented on a post in r/ContestOfChampions
JohnBiebe 23 points

My biggest issue is how the original AQ update introducing Sentinels was implemented. To me it seems like Kabam doesn't really know their own product. Recently we've seen time and time again where Kabam releases something they think will work well (Carnage, Sentry, Sentinels) and within hours of it being released to either the content creators program or the global community it's proven wrong.

I don't understand the disconnect. How does Kabam not have end-game players involved in the testing of these new changes. Any end-game player could easily tell you that Sentry was a dud or that Sentinels would be a much larger step up in difficulty than Kabam realized. Yet on both occasions when pressed about it Kabam states that they got it right. (Miike saying AQ changes didn't increase difficulty or that they didn't need to buff Sentry).

I don't support the insane levels of Kabam bashing that occur every time something happens, but there is more than a little merit behind the criticism they received for this update. They need to get better at testing things before they are released. It would save them a lot of headaches. At the end of the day I believe they are trying to create content that will excite and engage the community, they just need to work on their process.

roastedbagel 8 points

It's almost as if they should have a group of diverse members who have access to specialised areas of feedback that's directly read and interacted with the game team, maybe call it Summoner Sanctum Program... Oh wait...

JohnBiebe 3 points

Is that a thing they had in the past? Or something they have now?

I joined post 12.0 so I don't have a great frame of reference for how a lot of changes went down

roastedbagel 3 points

It still exists.

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Radiolint 7 points

I love baseball

roastedbagel 1 point

Seriously how come all these cool moments are caught, on the professional televised cameras, only in baseball stands? You never see stuff like this in the stands at football or basketball games.

All the funny stuff the audience does that's posted on reddit is baseball games and I'm curious as to why.

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saleri6251 52 points

Was puzzled by that too, we really didn't see him much this season, so confused by his motives.

roastedbagel 32 points

Gimple strikes again...

Sergeant_Erebus 62 points

Maggie you're making a terrible decision having with Dayrl he's going to ruin any plans you have like he did to Rick all season. Plus on the plus side it could mean the death of Dayrl and end a lot of the stupid decisions that get made.

roastedbagel 2 points

It's almost as if Scott isn't still single handedly ruining this show...

roastedbagel commented on a post in r/ContestOfChampions
roastedbagel -3 points

Wait there's people who use Stark and don't build 10 charges from the get go?

What is this insanity? It's like learning on reddit there's an entire population of people who wipe standing up.

Gamersco 7 points

Building 10 poise charges isn’t as easy as BG makes it look. I can build like 4 or 5 before I get hit

roastedbagel 3 points

Ok, there's a trick I want to share with you then to help you get there. I'm bad at verbally explaining it but I'll try.

TLDR: bait them into dashing back then towards you again so you can then evade it and build a charge

Do this, at the start of the fight, hold block and they'll usually dash back at the very beginning, if not, just do whatever you need to do to position yourself half screen back or so. From there, wait for them to dash towards you and evade, then as you evade immediately let off the screen for a second or so...DONT evade and hold your thumb down so you're blocking - I know this is a bit scary since you're open to them hitting you, but they'll dash back, trust me. Evade again, let off the screen, they dash back, put your thumb on the screen, then let off again, they should dash towards you again.

Rinse and repeat 10 times.

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radioactivejackal 1,754 points

I love my mom 10000x.

roastedbagel 572 points

My mom passed away very unexpectedly when I was around your age, shit like this might embarrass you or get you teased but I'd give anything to have a lunch packed by mom again..

Tell her you love her every fucking day.

roastedbagel commented on a post in r/ContestOfChampions
battlin_jack295 44 points

This Cap could actualy be good.I think that those shield gauntlets have sharp front so maybe he could do some good bleed damage (maybe not like gwenpool but still).

roastedbagel 42 points

It's adorable you think kabam would stick to the Marvel canon when designing a champion.

roastedbagel commented on a post in r/pics
n3ov 25 points

I was expecting an iPhone or a Samsung model. Huawei really upped their game. How are the other features, especially the battery, and do you recommend this phone?

roastedbagel -3 points

Samsung seems to be the "go to" representative for anything Android and it annoys me lol.

LG flagships are miles ahead of Samsung in the photography/videography department.

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ChipDangerCockoroo 16 points

So I was lucky enough to get a 3* PM off of 1 FGMC, decided to play around with her a bit and explore her utility. Some quick pointers about the video and where I can potentially see her shining outside of extreme high HP content.

  • Mainly focusing on her ability to gain "true accuracy" which is the same as true strike, but a bit worse since it doesn't ignore armor or resistance.

  • You get a 5 second true accuracy passive every time you complete a portion of each mission (able to get 15 of these if you complete the sub missions before hitting 100 combo).

  • The mission order is random. The Intercept mission is pretty easy vs aggressive AI, the knock down one is also straight forward since you can retaliate with your heavy vs Medusa's heavy or just hit a special, the parry one tho vs a stun immune can get you backed up against the wall.

  • Was trying to simulate an AW boss fight here vs a 5/65 Medusa, I didn't rank PM so that the blocked hits and parries actually hurt, just like they do vs the bosses.

  • She does have the base attributes of a glass cannon (low armor, low base HP, low block proficiency) so expect to take a lot of damage building up your missions.

  • once you reach 100's game over (unless if you get too excited and mess up)

  • she does also have some extra war utility vs regenerating champs (she can place a relatively long heal block with the sp1)

That being said here's how she compares to the other commonly used Medusa counters (specifically when it comes to countering medusa):

Midnight GP Killmonger Moriningstar Hyperion
Low base HP, low base defensive attributes Low base HP, low base defensive attributes High base HP and high defensive attributes Plus critical resistance in case you mess up Low base HP but very high defensive attributes with 4 souls High base HP and average defensive stats
no auto block after 100 hits and also every time you complete a sub-mission for 5 seconds No auto block after 50 hits No auto block after baiting specials Prone to auto block but able to bait heavies and retaliate with heavy due to high perfect block Prone to auto block but able to bait heavies and retaliate with heavy to build up furies thanks to high base HP
Great damage at the cost of paying attention to missions decent damage after putting on armor break with sp3 Extra safeguards build in with invulnerability, but average damage until Sp3 bleed stacks are put on (synergy with deep wounds) great damage and nullify of all buffs with unblockable sp2 (synergy with MD) Great damage if lucky with heavy fury build up RNG, also able to power gain to sp3 and get you out of the corner
Needs dupe Needs dupe No dupe needed no need for dupe, soul building required No need for dupe but it helps a lot
roastedbagel 1 point

Great info! Quedtik though!

What caused the True Accuracy to stay permanent? I noticed there was another mission up and thought that only happened when all missions were completed?

roastedbagel commented on a post in r/ContestOfChampions
fawz97 2 points

My brother has a duped voodoo and dormammu and he is constantly arguing with me that they are better then an unduped magik. Wanted to show him this. Can you tell me why she is better ?

roastedbagel 4 points

Duped DV is probably top 3 Champs in the game. Way better than unduped Magik.

roastedbagel commented on a post in r/ContestOfChampions
mlee182984 13 points

Ask everyone how many times they died?!?!

roastedbagel 9 points

Lol exactly.

"Hey who died" or just look to see who's KOd and didn't revive yet.

And OP - you're gonna have a hard time finding 30 individual people who can hold their own and not die as much as the top 100 alliances with your stance on piloters. Just stating the truth.

roastedbagel commented on a post in r/ContestOfChampions
FunGatsby -2 points

Nice try but you ain't putting me in the system.

roastedbagel 2 points

lol ignorance can be hilarious.

Gelovani 2 points

Why the gender question? Lol

roastedbagel 7 points

Gender is by far the most popular question for a demographic survey.

roastedbagel commented on a post in r/ContestOfChampions
roastedbagel 2 points

As someone who was really excited about them coming back, it just feels different this time around. Maybe it's because my first run ran on Master gave me a Mystic T4CC which maybe a year ago I would have been excited about, but where I'm at in the game personally, that's the worse prize in the pool.

I have 38 unopened T4CC crystals, it was a complete let down. I understand those are very useful for many people, but for the majority of people where I'm at in the game they aren't anymore.

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