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If you guys freak out this bad over a few hour emergency maintenence for a game not even one week old (GA), you're in for a lot of disappointment. Some of you were literally freaking out calling for heads on spikes 😂😂

This happens all the time with big mmo/open-world style mobile games.

One thing I would like to see though is a bit of compensation which is what most developers do after emergency maintenance as a "we're sorry".


It's a horrible play. All the blood of an HOH with none of the rewards of getting someone out. I think she's just legitimately too nice and doesn't want to burn anyone else's HOH.

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The person doesn't automatically come back in though... They can, ya know, not win the challenge and not be able to return...

Looks like we are on a 1 week yatus

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Why does everyone think the power app is a guarantee the evicted comes right back? What if the challenge is actually challenging?

Original Poster-15 points · 12 hours ago

Well it is when you hate on that houseguest for doing the exact same thing that the other houseguests do but only call him out for it.

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It's idiots like you that move this entire progression of a culture multiple steps backwards.

You're also the reason people are walking on egg shells left and right on TV in fear idiots like you will cry racism when there's nothing remotely racist going on.

I think she would have had to use it right when Julie made her announcement or interrupted Julie during the reveal. I don't think they'd let her use it as Winston is about to leave the house.

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I was thinking about this, and actually think she would have had to tell them prior in order for them to be able to time the episode properly.

I heard that she slept with fessy before the show... but I have literally zero proof.

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And this is how shitty rumors start.

if i have time i'll do it

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Did you happen to get a code?

Original Poster1 point · 11 hours ago · edited 8 hours ago

yeah I was able to ^___^

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Did you give it out?

Me: finally home from work, let's put on the feeds!

sees Haleigh is eating

Me: nevermind, don't need my ears to be slaughtered by animal chewing.

That last sound was Fessy

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I didn't keep it on long enough to even listen to it, I know from history what the experience will be like lol

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What about the AA video killing him in like 19 hits. I agree, “gamebreaking” can’t really be an argument anymore. Diminishing returns helps to keep that stuff in check normally anyway.

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Link? Was something new discovered?

So how long till Trucos slaps his logo on a picture of them and gets considered as the official leaker?

What possibly makes you like one "bro" over the other?

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They're two different people ya know lol

The survivor tip... I thank you kindly.

And in my experience as a passenger on public transportation, stuff doesn't disappear at that speed.

25 points · 1 day ago

I will start with the guy in the video is an asshole. I will also say people who crowd surf are selfish and inconsiderate. My wife stood in place for hours to be near the front for one of her favorite bands at a concert. Halfway through there were so many crowd surfers she got knocked to the concrete, broke her glasses, and got scraped up. People are there to enjoy the music, not worry about carrying someone that shows up from behind. You become more focused on not getting blindsided by a shoe to the face or a body you weren't ready to lift to even enjoy the music.

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If she's there for the music she didn't need to be in the very front. Crowd surfing happens and getting that "perfect spot" comes with the territory.

I'm not happy your wife got hurt, I have sympathy, but don't blame the crowd.

708 points · 1 day ago

6'4" myself. At warped tour in 2010 i was towards the front of the crowd when a person kicked me in the back of the head crowd surfing. I did something similar to this and basically shot putted her a good 6 feet into a security guy on the other side of the barrier.

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Then maybe you shouldn't be towards the front of the crowd knowing full well that crowd surfing happens.

K ive been watching the feeds for a week now and still don't know who Angela is.

Also, what's the likelihood Sam uses her power?

THIS. Seriously. He'll cherish this so much. Leave something tangible behind. Go all in on voice notes, written letters, give your wife a letter to hand to him when he goes to high school, to college etc.

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This thread is making me cry.


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Like 90% of these online "journalists" are essentially blogging a post by taking a few sentences from reddit and turning it into a 'story". Daily Dot is the same thing.

84 points · 2 days ago · edited 1 day ago

Bay asked JC the difference between the terms dwarf and m$&?!t. JC explained by saying it’s like calling a gay male a f$@&#t, or a black person a n#$%@r.

Obviously Bay was offended.

Edit: Censoring

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17 points · 2 days ago · edited 1 day ago

Why didn't you censor d@#f and m@#$%t?

EDIT: to the dozen people who keep responding to this, the person I responded to censored 2 out of the 3 slurs so I asked why they didn't censor "midget" as it was hypocritical.

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If you're offended over *seeing* those words typed out, you are the very reason and sole problem in this country as to why so many people clutch their pearls now when a word like this is seen. JFC people..grow up...


Did you seriously just fucking type that?

OMG I dont want children coming into this world anymore.

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My favorite is the #butfirst hashtag they push every episode... Like who's honestly gonna make that tag trending??

Sounds like a challenge. Can we do it?

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I would try


I have to finish this report I'm building

Ugh, she’s still trying to stretch her fifteen minutes of fame when it’s been over for years

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Why does she even have a verified Twitter? I remember when that shit used to be given out only to actual famous people.

If you asked 100k people ago Chima is I'm sure maybe 1, if that, would know.

Original Poster33 points · 2 days ago

12.0 was not that bad compared to this.

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You're comparing apples to oranges. Plus that's not counting android.

Overheating issues are what's causing people not to spend.

123 points · 2 days ago

I'd like to see an AMA with a BB cameraman.

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The whole thing would be "well the director told me to do X"

This sub has a massive misunderstanding of the fact that there's a director and assistant director on the board directing the cameras on what to do.

Yeah but the bros have been calling each other sloppy bottoms and then Brett dressed as an 80s gay porn star. Its not the fans just making up shit.

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Don't forget Winston admitting to having a dream where he and Brett were naked together covered in BBQ sauce

Ugh you just know that lady with the short blonde hair in the b&w top is gonna be "that lady" who gets off and over-dramatizes the entire thing for every news camera around.

Its the people like you that become instant community heroes...please keep up this much needed, helpful work!

Brett needs to talk to Sam asap because she's probably gonna spill how it works and maybe she'll actually use it.

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That's what I thought was gonna happen the other night when she pulled breatt in the HoH!


I like sushi, and bagels w/lox (not that nova shit, the real lox).
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