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Actually it was Jonathan "problems there" Legard

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I really enjoyed him he always sounded so surprised

Metsa is looking fairly nailed on to Envy from what I hear but not sure who he would replace.

What lag are you experiencing? I haven't had any

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Server lag. Half the EU servers are terrible. 2 games in a row and lost 23 mmr from it rip

I had it at launch and it ran very poorly, particularly in big towns. Now I came back to it a few days ago and I’m getting more FPS and it’s stable with no crashes, so I would say yes much better

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Thanks for letting me know dude, I’ll give it another go soon I think, as with most large games bugs etc are to be expected but I’m glad to hear that they have been somewhat improved upon :)

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No problem, just be warned I have an i5 4600 and 1060 gpu, the game only struggles now in big towns like rattay where FPS drops below 40

Try disabling steam cloud for rocket league, that's often the culprit for resetting settings.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Will do thanks

Psyonix need to really get their fingers out and put some plan into action, and fast. Talking to some people at the after party at lan and hearing the salaries the players are on was kind of crazy, no wonder orgs now want to get out. That isn’t the players fault of course, they just want to make a living. Psyonix need to bring in in-game items. Whether it be stickers, antennas, toppers or banners. There is such potential and people will throw cash at this. It will also help lower level and casual players to take an interest in the scene. The fact that the F3 founder has stated above in the comments that Psyonix has only responded once to a call shows how lazy and out of their depth they are in this.

And don’t forget hanging outside the O2 for 2 hours with a bunch of Irish guys 😉

I need more... for eh, research

They are much smaller on the insta


Rocket League is a game that I love, like all of you here who are subscribed to this sub and who turn on their PCs every day to play the game. We all want the esport scene & community orgs to grow and provide memories that last a lifetime for every player, so they can remember they were part of something special.

But the reality is something quite preposterous. Lately, the games esports scenes growth has become stagnant. It's humdrum, boring. Smaller community orgs are crying for support left right & center. They have the player base in their Discords, but not the financial support to grow and keep their tournaments exciting. Lots of these orgs are starting to collapse due to a lack of financial support, which is required to deliver bigger prize pools which is needed to attract a great number of players and aura around these tournaments.

When they ask for help, they either get blanked or ignored by those higher up individuals who are their to provide support or direction in the scene(Yes, unbelievable) or they have the audacity to answer with statements like "community orgs should be striving to hold bigger, better events". The farcical element of this is when they ask for help, these people making the above statements don't have enough interest to help them. The smaller orgs aren't asking for financial aid from these individuals, but rather guidance and help to develop themselves into a sustainable structure.

The point I'm wishing to make is this. Yes, we have great huge tournaments, like NARLI, ELeague, Dreamhack etc. A great top heavy esports scene, nice for the pro players. But the bottom of the pyramid has very little to offer due to the lack of support and respect from those with the power to affect change. And unless the foundations of our great game and esport are respected and supported, I guarantee this, it will fade away in the not too distant future.

So, I'd to start a discussion on my above argument and statement. Please remember to be civil. All suggestions are welcome.


Unfortunately not really. He’s one of a kind


Where do I start?

  • Randomly the game freezes for a few seconds and I continue to drive in the same direction while it's frozen(only started happening since the tournament update)
  • PS4 controller randomly disconnects if I either ALT TAB or use keyboard for chat and it doesn't reconnect causing me to get reported for going AFK.
  • We already know the servers are not great.
  • This ridiculous lag after alt tabbing back into a game for 10 seconds which never happened before the last stupid crate was added.
  • When I want to add someone to my party, I now send them a blank message on steam. Please remove this as this wasn't there before.
  • Finally, can you focus on optimizing all the in game items before adding more stupid crates.

I remember when this game focused on the competitive nature by adding features that improved and optimized the in game experience.


Question though, is 104 facing the players or 111?

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