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robertdfx127 commented on a post in r/formula1
KaiBetterThanTyson 34 points

I know I'm in the severe minority but personally, I think its a great circuit and very challenging to find the limit and more importantly stay on it lap after lap, but obviously this is my experience from sims and F1 2017. It has low speed, medium speed, high speed sections, elevation changes, along with the massive straight. Its tricky to get a good setup and working to find just the right balance is hard but rewards one by a fast laptime to those who put in the work.

Hooking up a good lap feels immensely rewarding and some corners are very technical to get right, paired with it being a street circuit and not much runoffs means every lapse on concentration is punished severly (as we saw in the actual race too). This track is very mentally draining and easy to lose focus on when racing. I have great respect for each driver that finished the race yesterday, it's as much a fight for survival as it's a race for victory.

robertdfx127 3 points

Is your username a reference to Beyblade? A fellow lover of both F1 and Beyblade yeee

Aventine 1 point

do you have any of the first 2 seasons?

robertdfx127 1 point

I have both. I already had them moved onto my SSD.

froakiefroak 1 point

How do you have HD versions when they were produced in SD and were never remastered?

robertdfx127 1 point

I could have sworn the versions I had were HD. Hmm.. If you had a 480p version that'd be awesome too! Dubbed ofc

robertdfx127 commented on a post in r/RocketLeagueEsports
robertdfx127 9 points

No one cares about a mediocre org. EU is pretty stacked at the moment, all these guys do is pretend they’re coming in and never do. If they meant business they’d have done what Fnatic did and picked someone up by now rather than teasing. Their best bet probably won’t be in EU as all the best teams have been taken

robertdfx127 commented on a post in r/formula1
Basal666 19 points

Also Stoffel is considered young anymore he is already 26

robertdfx127 3 points

I think Ocon is highly overrated considering how much Perez outqualified him last season.

JALKHRL 18 points

Or Perez is a damn good driver.

robertdfx127 6 points

Yes he is, but how can Ocon be good enough for Mercedes when he got smashed? I don’t get the hype, I’ve watched this sport in huge detail since 1999 and there is so much unnecessary hype behind him. He’s a great guy don’t get me wrong, but Perez isn’t the quickest over one lap..

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